Chrome Will Be on Windows 8 Metro Soon [Windows 8]

# windows8 Google's Chrome browser will definitely be available as a Metro app in Windows 8. It works in both the Metro and Desktop settings, but not on the ARM platform, since Internet Explorer is the only browser Microsoft allows there. You'll be able to try it out in the next Chrome Dev channel release. [ Chromium Blog via ZDNet ] More*»

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In a new post on the Building Windows 8 blog, Windows boss Steven Sinofsky confirmed that Windows Media Center will be in Windows 8. But the code won't be in early releases, and it's still not...

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Microsoft has confirmed to release free upgrade under brand name “Windows 8.1”. It was first called Windows Blue. But from now onward, Windows Blue will be called Windows 8.1. The announcement was... * * * *

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Want to see what a Windows 8 Metro-style app can do when it isn't constrained by the usual Metro conventions?

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There have been lots of rumors and leaks about what will be in Windows 8.1, Microsoft’s upcoming update to Windows 8. Now Microsoft has opened up about what will actually be in 8.1. Yes, the Start button is coming back — well, sort of. There will be the option to boot to desktop. Find ou

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Google on Thursday announced it would soon release a preview of its Chrome browser capable of running in the Windows 8 Metro environment. Chrome will be the first non-Microsoft browser to appear in Metro.

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Windows 8 Metro-style apps and Desktop apps are going to offer two different experiences. But both kinds of apps are going to be available on both x86/x64 and ARM PCs and tablets.

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Microsoft Studios has announced the formation of a new London-based studio headed by Rare's former production director Lee Schuneman. The new studio doesn't have a name yet - we'll get to hear it in the coming weeks, apparently - but we do know its job will be to "develop a long-term business with Entertainment as a Service at its core" (Microsoft's emphasis). It will "focus on Windows 8 tablet ...

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Microsoft seems to be taking a page from Apple’s iTunes business model, seeking a 30 percent cut for apps developed for its Windows 8 Metro UI. This cut, however, only applies to apps designed specifically for the Metro interface as opposed to apps made for the traditional Windows desktop interface. Apps for the Windows 8 [...]

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My manager is having an issue running a new copy of Outlook 2010 with POP3 on his new Windows 8 HP desktop. According to what I am reading there is an issue with POP3 with the Windows 8 mail client but I'm seeing conflicting posts on other forums that you can get it to work. Can someone please confirm that Outlook 2010 configured with POP3 will work on Windows 8? And if so ... are there any special tricks?

When the Microsoft update currently known as Windows Blue arrives, it'll be renamed Windows 8 .1.

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Google announced this week that it will soon release a version of its Chrome browser for Windows 8 Metro mode.

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Mozilla wants to occupy a square on your Windows 8 start screen. The company has released Firefox Metro Preview, a version of Firefox tailored to Microsoft's bold new Windows 8 interface. The Firefox Metro Preview is still a very experimental release, but it offers a glimpse of what Firefox will be like on Windows 8 tablets.

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There was never any doubt Firefox and Chrome would come to the Windows 8 Metro Start screen. Both Firefox and Chrome work fine with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview legacy desktop. We haven't seen Metro versions yet, but they're on their way.

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Skype Metro was first leaked yesterday. See below for the guide on 'how to':


You would need the following things

Skype Metro package which can be downloaded from here: Metro style Skype Preview for Windows 8 — WINHAX

An active internet connection not just for Skype usage but, for its installation also.
Microsoft Account for installation.

Now, when you have fulfilled the above requirements, follow the instructions below to install Skype Metro


First of all, extract the zipped files of the package.

Now, open the folder named as ‘Skype Metro’.

Here right click the ‘Add-AppDevPackage’ and select ‘Run with PowerShell’.

Your ‘PowerShell’ window would open. Wait for the commands to load.

After you have the commands, you would be asked; ‘Are you sure you want to execute the policy’, simply type in ‘Y’ and press ‘Enter’.

Next, after few more on-screen processes, ‘PowerShell’ will ask for the ‘Administrative Privileges’. Press ‘Enter’.

Tip: If, you are asked for the permission by UAC, simply give the permission by pressing ‘Yes’.

Now, your ‘PowerShell’ would open in Administrative mode.

Next, a pop-up window would open. Here read the license agreement and press ‘I Agree’.

In the next window, you would be asked to sign-in with your ‘Microsoft Account’.

After signing in, you would be showed a message that you have a developer license. Simply press ‘Close’.

You would be taken back to the ‘PowerShell’.

You would be asked again to continue. Type in ‘Y’ and press ‘Enter’.

Then, you would be showed that the developer license was successfully acquired and then, the installation of the package would start.

Wait for the installation to complete.

After installation, you would be showed that ‘Your package was successfully installed’. Press ‘Enter’ to continue.

Your ‘PowerShell’ window would close and your Skype is ready to use.

Go to ‘Start Screen’ and look for the Skype tile at the end of the list.

Enjoy using Skype Metro for Windows 8. Reference:

[Video] How to install Skype Metro on Windows 8

A brand new Microsoft-owned development studio has been created in London. It is being head up by the former production director at Rare, Lee Schuneman, and will focus on developing for Windows 8 tablet devices. Schuneman will report to Microsoft’s corporate VP of interactive entertainment Phil Harrison. The office will initially be based at Microsoft Studios’ Great Pulteney Street premises and ...

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Cloud storage provider Box wants to be one of the first third-party services with a Windows 8 Metro-style app, allowing users to save and load files online instead of on their hard drives.

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After only a few months Acer's Chromebook already accounts for 5 to 10 percent of Acer's US shipments and HP will soon be launching its own Chromebook. In the meantime, Windows 8 PC sales remain anemic.

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Windows Blue will be called Windows 8.1 and will launch as a public preview on June 26, Microsoft revealed today. While the company remains mum about what exactly we can expect from Windows 8.1 (boot to desktop? the return of the Start menu?), Microsoft says that Windows 8.1 "will help [it] to deliver the next generation of PCs and tablets with our OEM partners and to deliver the experiences ...

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News about the forthcoming Windows Blue update continues to trickle out ahead of its expected public debut on 26 June . Microsoft today confirmed that the update will, as predicted, be known as Windows 8.1. It also bought some more welcome news: there won’t be any charge for the update. More*» * * * * *

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