Homegroup Library Share Settings NOT Saving

Tonight discovered that my homegroup randomly and suddenly ceased to work, after working previously with no problems.

After hours spent of my life I'm able to now leave the homegroup and start a new one, however I have a problem that continues to exist.

On the Change Homegroup Settings page, underneath where it says "Share libraries and printers", I select ALL boxes (Pictures, Music, Videos, Printers, Documents), and hit "Save Changes" at the bottom - yet the changes are never saved. It's as if I've never selected them.

The screen immediately exits me out after I hit "Save Changes", and when I re-enter the screen, all the boxes except "Printer" are blank again.

This is the screen I'm referring to:

How do I fix this??

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Join Date Feb 2011 Posts 2 Re: Homegroup Library Share Settings NOT Saving ahh problem still exists. I had it working, but I left the homegroup and created a new homegroup since it wasn't visible on my laptop, and now the problem is back! this is so unbelievably frustrating. this homegroup setup is supposed to be EASIER, not more difficult!

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Any advice / pointers welcome...
I set up my home server on Win8 (Pro N version) based on a Windows Secrets article last year and have been successful except... I was never able to get sharing working as I wished.
I set up local machine accounts on the server with the same user names / passwords as on (several) client Win7 machines that have the same user/password set, but could not get the Win8 server to share folders with specific users.
So as fallback I share all the folders with the Homegroup as read/write (not ideal but it's just a few trusted users).
But - every time the system reboots (due to Windows Updates, or a power failure, or just an administrative reboot), all the shared folder settings revert to read only. I have to Remote Desktop in and re-share each of a half-dozen top level folders as read/write to the Homegroup.
What a pain! My old WHS installation was much more maintenance free (until a drive died and there was no facility to rebuild the array)(off topic I know).
Am I missing something on the Win8 sharing setup???

Trying to help friend by email. Am in SE Asia with VERY slow connect. Sorry if someone asked this before but search gets timed out... :-(
OE 5 and Netscape 4.79 both having problem of email acct settings not staying set. Each restart of computer is defaulting to old settings and requires reentry of all acct info. I suspect a registry problem, but wanted some expert advice. Friend is ready to do a full format restore and I hate to see him go to so much trouble as I suspect there is a reason and a fix. Using Win 98 btw

Any ideas? thanks in advance!
"I hate to get beat by a machine."

Hello Win 7 x64
I think this is a form of networking but if I should be in sodtware, kindly switch me to that forum.
I have watched videos and read helps about the above but to no avail.
I want to be able to work on a file or folder on my win 7 x64 desktop while at my win 7 x64 laptop.
On the Computer page, it says,on the left, I have a homegroup.
I have set 'advanced' settings as enable for network discovery, file sharing and most of the items including password.
When asked for the password I enter the one I made but when I click 'join' it won't work. I checked on the password and it is correct. To be sure I used the one windows generated.
I have the settings for both pcs the same.
Can someone please help me get this started so I do not have to put data in a flashdrive and bring it to the other pc?
I know you need two pcs running win 7 and there are workarounds but would like to utilize homegroup and file sharing as a learning process and to work on the other machines's files.
My skill level above novice and maybe intermediate and I spent hours before coming to you as I took the challenge personally to no avail.
Thank you

Fixes a problem in which the Save As dialog box disappears and the file is not saved when you try to download a file in Internet Explorer 9 to a network share on which you have Change permissions.


settings not being saved in administrator account in XP pro.
I did a search at win update and only found 15 references that really didn't
hit the question.

I have 2 accounts administrator type, but don't need 2. I'm the only one using
this machine.
This machine seems to do exactly what it wants to do.
For the past few weeks I've been trying to make the admin account the main
account and just use that one and delete my 2nd one and just set up one of
those others that has to exist as the backup admin account.

I can't get the admin account to save the most basic settings. ie: every boot
you need to change the mouse settings. It can't add wallpaper from another
drive, it can't use the slide show screen saver cause the pix are on another
folder settings disappear immediately after you close and reopen a folder.
And the list goes on from there.

It has considered the admin account the default user and boot to it when it has
a problem. Trouble is I have to reset stuff then log into the backup account
cause the admin is worthless..

How do I make the admin account work like the 2nd account ?

more pix @ http://members.toast.net/cbminfo/index.html

When I use VBA to set the value of the tag property of a text box on a form, the value appears in the properties box (sometimes) and can be subsequently referenced by the VBA program as long as the form remains open, but the tag value is not saved when I save the form. The vba code is triggered by clicking a button. When I reopen the form, tag is blank.

After considerable fiddling I did succeed in configuring a new dial-up connection, and having it log in automatically.

However, in INTERNET OPTIONS|CONNECTIONS|SETTINGS, the name and password do not appear. And if entered there, they do not stick. Reopen the dialog box and those fields are blank. ???

Hi all,

I notice on my new installed Windows 7 Pro 64 bits that some programs do not save their preferences (options), as when I close and run them again the new preferences are still the old ones instead of the changed.

EDIT 20091122: I correct myself, only the file associations preferences the program can set are the ones that are not saved.

I try also on another fresh x64 installation with the same results.

Here is what happens with 7-zip file archiver (GNU-LGPL license), I am logged into an admin account, run the program, select Tools | Options | System (none are marked if new installation), press "Select all" button, then "Ok", close the program, run it again and recheck the Options to see if the file extensions are all still marked.

7-zip 32 bit version
On the second run all the file extensions are still marked
7-zip x64 bit version
On the second run none of the file extensions are marked !!!But if on the first run I execute it with "Run As Administrator" (right click) then on the second run (just double click) the options are preserved.
A similar issue happens with Notepad-plus (only x86 compilation available), but this time the options are preserved only if on the second run I "Run As Admin" again.

It seems more or less that the options are stored on a place were a user logged as admin cannot write on, and were the "Run As Admin" configuration is not located in the same place of an admin user.

Thanks in advance.

I have 5 hdd drives,( g, e, f, h, i, k) each with a movies and tv shows folder in each, i have made a TV shows library and a movies library that includes folders from 5 drives respectively.

when broswing to my Windows 7 machine via the network, i see..



Tv Shows1
Tv Shows2
Tv Shows3
Tv Shows4
Tv Shows5

this is all well and good but when i try to access g:movies directly or i:shows for examlple via my media centre 05, it says "shortcut not available"

Basically when i have any directory listed in a Library it stops me accessing it via Media Centre, is there any way around this issue, or have each Library shared... ie i browse to me pc and get

pc name


Help PLZ!!!

Hi! I'm having trouble sharing my files between two Windows 7 computers, one 32-bit and one 64-bit but both build 7100. I've got the comps connected in a LAN with a Linksys WRT54G ver. 6 router (updated firmware).

The two comps are in the same Homegroup, with the network discovery, file sharing, etc. turned on and password protection turned off. I can see the homegroup libraries of one computer from the other (i.e. the 32-bit homegroup/libraries is visible from the explorer window of the 64-bit comp).

However, I cannot open any of the library folders. I double-click but it does nothing.

As a test, I shared a random folder (Contacts) on the homegroup. The folder is visible from the other comp, but when I try to access it Windows gives the error "The network path was no found (error code 0x80070035)". Diagnosing the problem does nothing.

The same error appears when I try accessing the other comp from the Network explorer. I tried using user accounts and passwords to connect instead of using the homegroup, but the network error also appears.

Any help?

I'm trying to setup file sharing between a Windows 7 and Vista. In Windows 7 I go to Network and Sharing Center > Advanced Sharing Settings and check Turn on Network Discovery and Turn on File and Printer Sharing, however whenever I click save settings it doesn't apply. I go back to Advanced Sharing Settings and everything is back to the defaults. I know these are the settings I need to change, I just can't change them. Any help appreciated.

hi, i've got a microsoft sidewinder X8 with intellipoint installed.
what i've did is, i've created a custom mouse pointer scheme, only when i reboot my mouse pointer is just the normal windows 7 aero pointer.
however, when i go to my mouse settings, the scheme i made is still set.
so i've to select an other scheme, and then select mine again.

i'm not having any driver issues or whatsoever, does anyone know how to fix this?

I have a 17inch monitor, on startup my screen resolution
is set at 1024*768 pixels, however all four edges of the
display is cropped, i.e. it is as if XP thinks I have a
19inch monitor. If I select display properties=settings
and change the resolution to 800*600, press apply, then
change it back to 1024*768 and press apply and OK, the
display fits perfectly fine. However, the same problem
occurs next time I start up XP or when the screen power
saving cuts in.

I am using a Fujitsu plug and play monitor on ATI
technologies 3D Rage Pro AGP 2X graphic card. Has anyone
encountered this or similar problems? How do I resolve

I'm helping a friend setup a number of POP3 accounts using Outlook 2000. I entered the passwords in the account properties but they are NOT saved. So when we do a Send/Receive we get a window asking for the password. Enter the password, check the "remember password" box and email is received. But if we do another Send/Receive we get the same window asking for a password.

I tried setting up Outlook Express - exactly the same problem. In addition, in Outlook Express, the "remember password" box is greyed out.

So my conclusion is that there is some file that has been set to read only, or permissions have been set to deny write access. But I'm not sure which file/folder. I checked in Local Settings/Applications/Microsoft/Outlook and Application Data/Microsoft/Outlook. Can't see anything wrong there.

Many thanks for any help.

Hello All,

Re: Setting the "save as" name, from text in a table

I have a need to pickup and use text which is sitting in a table, within a Word docs header

The Header contains a two column, three row table

The first column has the following text
Commodity Code:
Commodity Description:
Recipe Code:

I need to produce a Macro/VBA code to enable the word document to be saved as the "Commodity Code:", i.e. The text which resides in the second column, first row.

Is this possible?

I have tried to record a macro to do this, but I am not having any luck.

Any help would be appreciated.

Many Thanks

Since receiving a German Word document (2003 version I think) and editing it, Microsoft Word fails to save the settings - e.g., to view tabs, paragraphs etc. - and reinstalling Word makes no difference (it's running under Win XP Pro SP3). I can't readily see anything relevant in the recent forum messages

Any suggestions or ideas would therefore be much appreciated.


Hey all,

I'm having an issue with Firefox not saving/auto-completing my passwords for websites. They all seem to save/auto-complete in IE, but with Firefox I need to manually enter the username and password every time I visit a website that I'm registered with.

Anybody have any idea how I can fix this with Firefox and Windows 7?

I hardly use the bar at the top of WinExplorer which starts with the entries

Organize, Include in library Share with...

How can I hide this toolbar completely?


We are using a voip Shoretel phone system. When I installed the Shoreware Director (voip software) in compatibility mode, it installed correctly. Now when I go into Control Panel > Phone and Modem Options > Advanced Tab, there is a "Shore Tel Remote TAPI Service Provider" None of the settings will save when I enter in voip server...etc...

I know this is probably an issue with Shoretel, and they wont support it for a while, but just seeing if anyone has any experiences or suggestions with it....