Windows 7 getting stuck on Welcome screen, can access SAFE MODE

I have a Dell Inspiron N5010. I went to a website. And then I shut down the laptop. When I log back in, it gets stuck on the welcome screen. Please note I have 2 user accounts. I went to the keygen website with the first user account. I also tried to go to the second user account - it entered into the desktop screen, but it hanged after that.
I looked in other posts - they talked about "clean install" - but this looks to be specifically for an issue when the laptop is upgraded from Windows Vista to Windows 7.

Can anyone please help?



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I was running Chrome with quite few tabs open (17-25) on an ASUS Laptop. And then everything just stopped responding. I tried restarting the pc and was stuck at the "welcome" part of logging on for 1h+ before shutting it off and starting i safemode. It actually logs in, but when i click start it takes 1-2 minutes for the start window to pop up and when i click on anything in there (in safe mode mind you) it takes 5-10 min before it opens control panel or anything else. I dont know whats wrong. The only other issue i have is sometimes my computer would glitch out while doing something with graphics and the sound would sound like bass from a techno song and everything would go all choppy on my screen for 1-3 seconds but then it would go away. I honestly have no idea what could be wrong. Any help, tips, or tricks that you guys could help me with would help immensely. I do not have the money to take the computer in to get repairs and i definately cant buy a new one. But i do require my computer and i am completely lost and looking for help.

Thank you so much for you time and consideration.

I have a Gateway ML6720 with
1GB of RAM
Inter(R) pentium dual cpu t2310 @ 1.46 Ghz 1.47 Ghz
windows vista home x32

I have been trying for a month to update to Windows 7 but every time I try it stops me when its gets ready to load the Startup screen, its says "welcome", and then it says "shutting down", then it boots up to the vista recovery partition of my computer. I use the custom install, formatting the hard drive, and deleting all my information, and it continues to do this. I'm not sure where to go or what to do about this problem, can anyone help me?

I'm running Win7 Pro x64, which is a fresh install upgrade from WinXP Pro x32, installed during the first weekend in November, just a few weeks ago. I've included more detailed specs in my user profile, though I don't think my questions are spec-dependent.

I just had the strangest problem. I turned my computer back on (from a full shutdown), entered my password, and saw the "welcome" screen... for about fifteen minutes, until I gave up and rebooted. The screen didn't freeze, as the blue circle kept rotating.

I rebooted multiple times trying various things in Safe Mode (which loaded fine) to get my system to boot normally. Nothing worked, and the Event Viewer showed no errors during the failed startups. I've done the virus scan thing, the malware scan thing, etc (not that either was likely, given my usage patterns and history). I turned off all startup apps (but not services) in msconfig, etc. Nothing worked short of a System Restore, but more frustratingly, nothing gave me any insight into what was wrong. No error messages, no error log, nothing.

If this happens again, how do I troubleshoot? Is there a way to get a more verbose welcome screen so that I can see what Windows is trying to do?

Then there's System Restore.. in XP, I'd commonly see quite a few restore points, but when I went to use System Restore, there was one restore point available, and it was from early this afternoon, about 4 hours prior. I'm not sure what prompted that restore point, since when I asked Win7 to tell me what programs would be affected, its answers was "none of them!"

It's certainly feasible that this system restore point from only 4 hours prior would not have solved the problem. Thankfully it did, but for future potential problems, how to I control Win7's System Restore behavior? Saving only a single restore point does not seem like such a good idea.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

After reformating my hard drive I am left with very few programs on my computer: Panda Platinum Internet Security, Microsofy AntiSpyware, AOL Instant Messenger, Divx Player, and some other programs that should have no bearing on my computer. but a new problem has arose and not even the person who fixed my computer can figure it out. When I restart my computer about 70% of the time it will lock up on the Welcome screen, and the mouse is able to move (after loading into windows). A little Panda Bear is in the bottom right corner because for some reason Panda Platinum loads before it gets to the main screen.

I have no viruses on my computer and no spyware. I have so little on my computer that the choices of what can be causing this are very slim. What happens is most of the time it locks up on the welcome screen but I can use the mouse, other times it will restart before it gets to the welcome screen and even on other occasions it will go to the welcome screen and then restart. About 20% of the time I will be able to get into the main screen and everything works well (except the internet seems to be very shaky during these times, but I don't know if that's related).

If anyone has any idea I'd appreciate it because I really don't want to have my computer reformated again after all I've done. Thanks.


Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1.

Have 7 standard users created in the User Accounts. Only 5 user icons displaying on welcome screen. All 7 users are required to and do have passwords set.

Creating a new user does not add that new user to the welcome screen.

Deleting a user does not move one of the other users onto the welcome reduced the number of user icons to 4.

All users have valid User directories and if I force the login prompt instead of icons, they can login successfully.

This happened about a week ago and may be the result of some software my son installed. Not sure.

There is not an "Other User.." icon...just 5 valid user icons with 2 missing.

Any help appreciated.

- Hank.

Hi there, i recently have bought a Acer Aspire 7552g laptop, and it was running just fine until a few moments ago. i left it on and took off for about 5 hours, and i come back and its stuck on a blue screen with a white bird and green leafs. i have never seen this before. ive tried manually shutting it down (holding the power button) and restarting it several times, to no avail, then i tried starting it in safe mode, it gets about halfway through i suppose and the flashes a blue screen and starts all over.

I have absolutely no idea what could have happened here. it was working fine when i left and i come back to this, ive only had it for 2 months or so, so to see it fouling up already is extremely worrisome. Please, any help you can throw my way would be great!

Problem Description

After booting, the computer freezes at the welcome screen after logging in as any of the users. Sometimes it will restart automatically, other times it has to be "hard shut down". It freezes at the same time, consistently.

Occasionally, through an unknown set of steps, I can get the computer to boot properly. It crashes after a short while of using it, and then once again crashes at the welcome screen. Every time it has crashed so far it was while playing a game (not necessarily graphics-intensive). Again, after this crash the computer returns to just crashing at the Welcome Screen.

Booting to safe mode works every time.

Attempted Solutions

Malware Scan with Malware Bytes (clean)
Memory test with Windows Memory Diagnostic (clean)
Ran Driver Detective (said I needed an update on my Video, Audio and Network Drivers)

Various System Restore and Last Known Good Configuration (occasionally works for a short while, but then computer freezes during use and problems return)
Clean Boot (does not work, still hangs at login)
Disabled network card, sound card, and display adapter through device manager (does not work, still hangs at login)
Reinstalled latest version of Video and Audio Drivers (no change in behavior)
Reinstalled Windows 7 completely (computer seemed to work fine for a while, then had same problem)

About my Computer

My computer is a newly purchased computer from (about 1 month old).

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-770T
Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 925 2.81 GHZ
NVidia GeForce GTS 450
700 Watt Power Supply
2 Hard Drives
Flash 64 GB Drive (has OS)
1TB Western Digital Drive (data)

Windows 7 64-bit

About 2 weeks ago, I had another problem where the computer would randomly freeze during use, after login. To fix it, I installed new Display Drivers for my video card. The problem disappeared and the PC has been running fine until now.

Personal Thoughts

I'm at a bit of a loss now about what to do. The next step for me is to try taking out all but one stick of ram and seeing if there is still a problem. If it were a RAM problem, it just seems so unlikely that the problem would be as consistent as it is. I would also think I would occasionally get problems in Safe Mode.

I also may reinstall Windows 7 again and be more careful about which updates/drivers I install. After the reinstall I started doing Windows Updates, which might have caused me problems. I may also install Windows on my Data Drive and see if that makes a difference.

Any thoughts or suggestions are helpful. Thanks for your time!

Other info

CPU-Z Screenshots

Attached - SF Diagnostic Tool Log Files Seven

Can a windows 7 computer turn on by its self connect to a wifi internet connection start itunes and go to a specific radio station play for a few hours and then turn off and be able to do it all again night after night?
I have a friend and she just cant get how to use a computer no matter how I try and teach her. She has a wifi connection and would like to listen to a specific radio station at night while she falls asleep. At present she listens to a station via itunes when I come to visit and I get the station for her.
I wonder can a computer that is off be made to boot or does it have to be in hibernation or stand by to come on and where in windows 7 do I make the settings as to what time of day to come alive or on from being off. And I assume the same place is where I will have to put in settings to power off or go into stand by or hibernation. So first off is this possible?
I am a Mac guy so not sure but I think I already know where and how to tell it if a particular wifi is present to connect with it also if it loses the connection will it automatically reacquire that network?
If the above is possible can I get itunes or Internet explorer or firerfox or other internet browser to startup and go and connect to a radio stations live feed via wifi without having to manually click on any button on the page?
Is what I want to do very complicated and could be prone to hang or freeze and she would have to be computer savvy to get it all going again which like I said above she is not. Could she just hold down the laptops power button shut down and then repress to restart and it would come back on and all would be able to pick up where it left off?
Do I approach this as have itunes always running connected to the station could the computer be made to go to standby or hibernation at a specific time and itunes would continue to run just not make noise so when it comes out of stand by or hibernation it will be on and connected streaming the radio stations music?

hi all

I have a Sony VAIO laptop that has entered a mode where it will only boot in SAFE mode. SAFE mode with Networking does not work - goes BSOD. We think a Windows Update caused the problem. Details are in the attached which was compiled using Captain Jack's utility (thanks CJ!).

Bluescreen view tool shows that ndis.sys and ntoskrnl.exe ran into problems but I can't figure out how to proceed from there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Join Date May 2010 Posts 3,913 Re: windows 7 - after Windows Update. can enter safe mode but not with networking - ndis.sys ntoskrnl.exe Hey there.

This is the problem:

Code: athrx athrx.sys Wed Jul 08 20:49:13 2009 Update the Atheros (not Marvell Yukon one, although that would be great to update too) wireless driver from Sony's site. Use another pc and burn the driver to disc or copy it to flash drive. Then install in safe mode if needed.

While at Sony's site, also download the latest Firmware Extension Parser driver to update this old guy:

Code: SFEP SFEP.sys Fri Aug 03 01:35:53 2007 Once to normal desktop mode, install the latest HD Audio driver to update this:

Code: RTKVHD64 RTKVHD64.sys Thu Jul 02 05:42:36 2009 Realtek

Having successfully done a clean install of Windows 7 on my dad's laptop, we successfully created the System Repair Disk, so we then tried to create a System Image, and selected the DVD burner as the destination. It burnt a DVD-full, eventually, and then asked for another disk, but it became apparent that it was repeatedly trying to burn the first segment. Has anybody successfully done a Windows 7 System Image on a DVD? (I think, but I'm not sure, that it offered to format the DVD, which is a bit weird, because I'm sure one wants to burn an image, not UDF it.)

I believe previous Windows only allowed you to create a System Image on an external harddisk or another partition of the internal harddisk, but the Win7 help and the Backup and Restore wizard's GUI both imply that the DVD burner is an option. I suspect that the simplest option is for him to buy an external harddrive, but it seems an unnecessary complication, if we can get the DVD route to work. We did manage to create a System Image on the second partition of the internal harddisk, so another option is to burn that humungous file to DVD as a backup, but it would take more than one, and I'm not confident that the repair options would work from the resulting DVDs.

before installing I had windows xp ,but a new pc (1,5 years) and all were fine .I decided to install windows 7 .Always appeared on my screen blue screens .i understood that the problem was caused by the memory ,I have 3gb or ram installed on my pc ,which is 2gb +1gb.When i uninstalled the 1gb i hadn't blue screens .So I want to install again the 1gb memory but i would like not to have the same problem again.What I should do?

Frustrated Windows 7 users are facing 'black screens of death' after logging on to their computers, Microsoft have confirmed.


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dear All,

Windows7 Rc 7100 suddenly stucked on black screen.
Any suggest would so appreciate.


Hello everyone, and thanks for your time.

To begin, I'll explain more about my issue.

So, I have Windows Vista Home Premium, recently bought. I had a chance to upgrade to Windows 7, with a key, that was included in the Vista package, for free.
(, I did all the neccesary registrations on here.)
So, I orderd it on the 5th of October, and recieved it the 22th of October. After recieving it, I instantly wanted to instal it, which I tempted to.

I inserted my Disc, the installer popped up. I select
=> Instal now. Then again, I had the choice, between an Upgrade, or installing a clean one.
I chose the option 'Upgrade'. Then it started installing.
All the options were done, and it needed a last restart, which it automaticly did. But then, it started up, as Windows 7, and came on the 'Configuring Registration information.' & Then my pc suddenly shuts down. When I booted it up again after that, it just started up as Windows Vista again.

I seriously need help, asap. Thanks in advance.

My Dad was using one of my 64 bit PCs when a program froze up and he decided to force restart the computer (Pro move, I know). Now I restart and am unable to get to the login screen. Using both safe mode and normal mode gives me the same result. After I choose one of those options, I see the "Windows is starting" message and the icon. However, before I can get to the login screen the screen goes black and all I can see is the curser in the middle of the screen. I would like to be able to get to the login screen so I can access my computer. Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated as a lot of my work material is on this machine.

i had change the windows 7 branding logo on logon screen and its not appeared..

what must i do to restores its back??

my english not good..

I have Windows 7 Professional installed on both my laptop and desktop. The graphics on my desktop look a lot different and nicer than the graphics on my laptop. I don't understand why. They're both the same 32-bit operating system.