Volume Tray Icon & Realtek Audio Manager

I just start using Windows 7 and wondering if there is a way to disable volume tray icon. Because my sound card already has a tray icon.

And another question, when i plug a headphone to front audio panel i can choose through Realtek Audio Manager to disable back panel or use them separately.
I was very fond of being able to choose when i was using vista. But it doesnt work on windows 7. Regardless of what i choose it always uses the default device (If the back panel is choosed back panel is always active, if i choose headphones, headphones are active when they are plugged and when they are unplugged back panel is active.).

Is there an option which is interfering with this?

Thanks in advance.

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I recently upgraded to Win7 Ultimate and my front panel jacks for the Realtek Audio Manager aren't being recognized. I found a solution to this problem online, problem is, it requires checking a box that doesn't seem to show up in my Audio Manager program. Here's some screenshots:

The first picture is a screenshot of my Realtek HD Audio Manager, the second pic is what it is supposed to look like. I need to check the box that is circled in the second picture, but obviously I cannot.

Anyone have any ideas how to fix this? I just want my front panel headset and microphone jacks to work and I have been working on this for many hours now; I'm frustrated. Thank you in advance for your help ^_^



I'm trying to get all my speakers to work but to no avail.

I have a Logitech x-530 system that I'm trying set up to my HP Compaq dx2400 Microtower computer. I've plugged in the three connectors to the pins - red in red, pink in pink and blue in black - just like I did on my other computer. However, it only plays sound from the front two speakers.

I make matters worse, I have NO Realtek Audio Manager, and if I edit my speaker settings from the control panel, then I ONLY have the option to choose 2.1 sound - no 5.1.

Is there anyone who knows how to fix this?

Thanks in advance,

Hi there, I've been all over the internet to find a solution to this problem but to no avail- I hope that actually asking someone will help!I have a Toshiba Satellite L30-115 (which is discontinued since it it almost older than my granny) and recently upgraded to Windows 7. After the install my sound is gone. The speaker icon bottom right of the screen has a red cross underneath it and no volume options. When I go to Device Manager it says under general that the device is working properly and under driver that it's from Microsoft. When I go to Hardware and Sounds it says that there are no devices installed. I have figured out that I need a Realtek Audio driver and have downloaded numerous versions as I'm not sure which one is the right one. I also had Windows Update drivers and it updated and installed a Realtek update but it didn't help (I can't even find it on my system). I have no idea what to do next.Please help or I'll have to throw this laptop out of the window!Thanks in advance!

I originally posted this message in the Sony VAIO Forum but got nowhere. If there is another section in the Lounge where this post should go, please let me know.

I've owned a Sony VAIO VPCL22SFX/W for a few months now & no one has been able to address this with the exception of an 'anecdote' by one L2 support tech.

My system relies on the Realtek HD Audio driver & controller for sound. However, there is one very crucial element missing from my system. That is the Realtek HD Audio Manager that provides full control panel setup & configuration for sound I/O on any system that uses Realtek's drivers, etc.

The L2 tech told me that Sony was aware of the situation & were working on it, but that was over 3 months ago.

Have other users here who own VAIO desktop PCs or other brands have this problem as well? If so (Sony-specific), how do you fully utilize the advertised "ĽSound System : Intel« High Definition Audio with S-FORCEÖ Front Surround 3D and Dolby« Home Theater« Technology v4" components? Unless I've totally missed the boat my only resource is the standard Windows Sound interface via CP, which for HD, etc. is useless?


PS: I'm running Win7 HP.

I am running Win7 64bit and I want to open Realtek HD Audio Manager (Control Panel Object) with a Microsoft Word Macro. I then would be able to switch between Speaker and Earphone outputs without goint to Control Panel. I have tried several Shell statements without any success. I would appreciate any help or ideas on how to do this.


I have some icons not showing up in the system tray.
These programs are running as evident by viewing in the
task manager. These are items that come up at startup.
If I end the programs and restart them, their tray icons
appear the way that they should. The only one that
doesn't come back is the network connection icon (even if
I uncheck show icon in notification area box click OK
then open the properties and recheck the box, the icon
still doesn't appear. Any way to correct this problem
under Windows XP? Yes I have all of the critical updates.

Hi, I recently got a laptop from school to use during my
school year. I looked around on my laptop early and I
found out that Windows automatic update detected that I
did not have service pack 1 so I installed it. Now I have
a very weird problem where my system tray icons (the icons
beside the time) are no longer showing, even though I know
the programs are running (e.g. using task manager).

Someone please give me some help on this problem.

Manage to solve this somehow. This problem is due to some optional windows
component (networking service). Everything seems to be normal after removing
these components.

"RayM" wrote in message
I have this problem with slow boot-up and missing system tray icons (from
"Startup" program group) every time Windows XP Pro boots up. Windows XP
just doens't seem to boot up normally. However, the problem will go away
I log out from Windows and log back in again. Everything appears to be
normal, the speed of boot-up and the icons in system tray. Does anyone has
any idea?

I have been running WinXP for a few months. I cannot get the system tray icons to stay put. Going into prpperties and working with hide/unhide Always/never etc show doesn't work. I cant even find the volume icon any more. I have tried the classic style and the XP style to no effect.
When I first installed XP, as I recall, many !#$$^&* sessions ago, It worked. I assume that either XP has a bug, something in the, gulp, registry is screwed up or I have set something I can't find wrong.
Notwithstanding this is a Mocrosoft product and s stupid assumption, logic suggests the Properties show always and never hide buttons should work.
I would love a few suggestions.
Thanks for them in advance.

Hi all,

The other day I uninstalled/reinstalled my wireless driver via device manager. Since then, the system tray icon is missing. In the taskbar properties notification tab, Network is grayed out. Any ideas as to which registry keys might need attention so I can 'ungray' the Network tick box? Once I can put a check in the box, the option to display the icon in the system tray will reappear.



Hi all!

I just installed windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. Everything is working fine, except for my 5.1 audio system. the front speaker is barely making any sounds, you can hear something coming from it, even if i put the volume up its not making it lauder. all of my other speakers are working as they should( side speakers, subwoofer), it's just the center speaker. All the cables are pluged in correctly (triple cheked them). All the latest audio and video drivers are installed( from my motherboards official site,realtek audio manager's site etc.), all are updated! No errors of any kind. I know it has something to do with windows 7 64bit, but the thing is i had this problem before, about pne year ago,exactly the same thing, but theni managed somehow to fix it. I use the same hardware and software like back then.
I welcome any ideas and help!
Thank you in advance!


Hi, I upgraded to win7 RC 64bit from Vista ulti 64bit.

No problems except this ... (and start menu - I fixed that though)

(see image) - I don't have any tray icon icons ... they're all gone except sound (which doesnt open anything when i click it), xfire and pidgin (msn). If I end explorer.exe and restart it sometimes it helps, but more than often it doesn't.

Just wondering if anyone else encountered this problem and if so, how'd you fix it?

Ty, Beaverkilla

Hey i got a very weird problem!
I cannot LEFT or RICHT click, the Safely remove usb devices tray icon.

So its there allright, if i hover over the tray icon with the mouse, it even shows me a pop-up "Safely remove usb devices"
but i cannot click on it..!!!?

wtf is this? anyone ever had this before?
can i fix this.

USB flash driver can be ejected thru "this computer" but a usb HDD can't, so its very annoying!

maby it has something to do with a service i disabled? i allready checkt some things thru, maby i miss something here.. or maby its just an annoying bug.

looking forward for a solution, or a idea!

thanks in advance!

Optional information:

I have windows 7 profesional from MSDN
The icon workt before, but i did some service tweaking.

- Windows Firewall is completly shutdown
- I got Zonealarm extreme, i turnd it off also, still cant click the icon!
- Got no custom bars!
- Got no custom notifications.

Tried these thru run:

"%windir%system32rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL hotplug.dll"


"rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL hotplug.dll"

both show me the remove dialog.

why the hell can't i click on the sys tray icon?

can i re-add the sys icon somehow?

I have a Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit OS installed on a machine with 8 GB RAM on a quad core processor.
I find one very strange problem very frequently from past few days.

The number of start up programs have increased gradually and this means that around 15 to 20 system tray icons appear in normal course. However, from past few days, few of these icons DO NOT appear at all thereby also not starting these programs. When I go to customize what icons appear on the task bar clicking the arrow near the system tray, it shows me most of these programs in the list but they revert back to "Only show notifications" instead of "Show icon and notifications".

When I do select "Show icon and notifications" for these programs, it displays a message that the icon will be shown the next time program becomes active.

How do I resolve this ? Is there any upper limit on number of icons that can be handled by default by Windows 7 Home Premium 64x OS ? If so, how do I increase the same ?

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanking in advance,

Hi there, yesterday afternoon after unplugging and moving my computer the strangest happened, my audio stopped working, but the thing is its only from the onboard audio, being the rear jacks on the motherboard and the front jack by the power button. even the my speakers were set as default device and default communication device there was still no audio, but my devices manager does pick it up, and when i plug in a jack into any of the ports my realtek audio manager does pop up saying ive pluged in something to whatever jack it is and it does chose the correct speaker or microphone option. but if i run audio threw my graphics card via HDMI to my screen then threw the sound output it works. please help!

Hello Windows7 Forums.
I was wondering if anyone could assist me with a quick query that I have, my network tray icon isn't working, it was working fine one day and not the next, why is this and how can I fix this?

hi there...
My question is... Is there possible to have Windows 7 Firewall in the system tray zone...?

I mean... is there possible to have a Windows 7 Firewall system tray icon... to put it near my antivirus icon?

Thank you anticipated!

Okay, I just changed my router to a Linksys N instead of the the old WRT54g that served me so well for years and I set up my 18' Acer laptop and my 15 inch laptop and noticed that after they were up and running and I rebooted the small Acer 5100 x86 it had a normal tray icon (step bars) but there was a blue dot with what appears to be an initial of some sort in the middle of the blue dot that is on top of the tray icon. I have wireless with WPA2 encryption, but I have never seen that icon once I was up and running. It usually rolls in windows 7 and stops and reverts to either normal if it's hooked up or it keeps spinning. Anyone have a clue??


after a fresh sp2 install on my xppro machine i noticed a tray icon (a red
and it tells me that my machine is not secure. well i found out that this is
the windows security center. but i dont need it and thus i disabled all the
features(not necessary for me) it provided for security purpose. i use a
third-party firewall and other security tools than the windows integrated.

So my question: how can i make the tray icon and the baloontip dissapear
from my tray, because it is very disturbing....
first i thougt i might be an registry entry and i am sure that this is the
way it can be disabled, but where is the realted key entry????

By the way, my os is a german release, it may be differs in some settings
from other languages...

Best Regards

Kerem G├╝mr├╝kc├╝