CD-LabelPrint for Canon Printers

CD-LabelPrint is a program that comes with Canon Printers , in my case Pixma iP4300, for printing directly to CD's and DVD's.

Has anyone got this to work with Windows 7. I tried the Windows compatibility wizard and it actually worked once. It took about 20 minutes and the program opened. I was then prompted to save the settings by Windows 7, which I did. However, after I shut my computer down for the day, it would not work when I started it up again. Since then, I can not get it to work. I tried "Run as Adminsitrator", but with no luck. The program will install, and it will load, as it shows up in "Processes" , but the dialogue box is no where to be found. It's like it is minimized somewhere, but I can't find it. I checked the properties for the .exe file, and it is set to open Maximized. When I try to open it, it says CD-LabelPrinter is already running. I've tried running it in Vista and XP compatibility mode, but no luck. I know it does work in both XP and Vista. I have installed all the different drivers for Windows from Canon support, including two different ones for Windows XP/Vista , but no luck.
I am running 32 bit applications.
This is the first problem I have had with software installations, having installed over 25 programs so far.

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I cant believe that Canon have made a Windows 7 64-bit compatible version of the 'CD-LabelPrint' software for all its other IP models but not the IP5000.

So is this it? Is my Printer useless on Windows 7?

Check the link to see the list of printers that have been updated, why leave out the IP5000.


Its a joke.

If anyone does have a link or a soloution for us IP5000 owers.... please do share!!!!


I've searched various driver databases and of course Canon, for a driver for the SCANNER of my Canon ImageCLASS MP360. W7 had no problem in installing a driver for the printer but nothing seems to be available for the scanner (used quite a lot). So far I've had to keep and old XP machine just for running the scanner...

Bob Davies

how can I take exposure for Canon EOS Rebel XS 1000 D, sorry didn't know where to post this topic

We have just added our first Windows 7 pc to our XP network. I would like to connect to the Windows 7 PC to a shared "Epson lq-590" printer on one of the XP machines. According to the Epson website the only drivers available for this printer are through Windows 7 update in the "add a printer wizard". If the printer is directly attached to the Windows 7 PC the driver installation via "add a printer wizard" works without a hitch. When trying to add the printer over the network the Windows 7 "add a printer wizard" cannot find the driver for the printer. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Fixes an issue in which you cannot print from Internet Explorer 9 by using a Canon printer on a Windows-based computer. The XPS Print API is involved in this issue.


Hi there! I am sorry if i had posted in a wrong place! I have a Canon printer which prints coloured dots in grayscale mode. I selected all the options which are related to this problem and nothing solved the problem....I found out that if i check the duplex option this problem occurs and if i don't select this option the coloured dots don't appear in grayscale mode. Can this problem came from the Windows driver or Windows print wizard...? I have the Canon driver installed and i have Windows 7. Please help me... Thankyou anticipated!

Hi folks , my first post!

I have an R300 printer ( this is not a networked printer and is a direct connection using USB )
Now under Win XP it printed CD's using the built in tray and the epson software with no problems what so ever.
I recently upgraded to Win 7 x86 Ultimate and Windows loaded a driver for the printer. This driver would not print CD's as in days of old ( all other functions are OK ) so I downloaded the latest CD printer driver software from Epson for WIN 7...... but still no luck. When I try to use it it tells me that " the driver for this function is not loaded" (not the exact words but that is what it means)

Has anyone any idea what might be going wrong??

Look forward to any help as I print a fair number of CD / DVD labels

Does anybody know where I can find drivers for a Canon Pixma ip4000 printer?
If it's on the Canon site I can't find it.

Trying to help a lady with upgrading her WME system to WXP and re-installing printer drivers. Unfortunately, she didn't uninstall her Canon Multipass F50 printer/scanner prior to installing the XP upgrade. After upgrading to XP the uninstall (from Settings, etc.) would hang up and never complete. To their credit, we later found out that Canon warns of this problem.

So, I spent nearly two hours with the Canon tech support people cleaning out the old printer software. I downloaded the latest XP driver software onto a CD. Finally, I connected the Canon to the computer, the plug and play wizard found it but couldn't find a driver. So I directed it to the CD, but it couldn't find the necessary file there. Next I tried running the Canon install program -- it hangs looking for the printer. I finally discovered that the Canon installation CD actually copies itself to C:Temp and executes from there. So unplugged the Canon and reconnected it -- the Wizard found it and I directed it to the Drivers folder in the Canon installation folder on Temp. It loaded the driver and indicated that we had a successful installation. However, the printer doesn't show up in the Printer and Faxes window, and it doesn't appear when I click on Add Printer.

As best as I can tell it looks to me like the Canon installation sofware cannot detect the USB connection -- even though the plug and play wizard does. Also, it looks like the printer needs some of the software in the Canon installation stuff before XP recognizes it's there.

Sorry for the long winded explaination, but it is a very difficult problem. Any and all suggestions would be most welcome.

I'm going to throw this out to you guys because Roxio and HP have me all confused.
I just bought an HP All-in-One 8180 printer. It has a lightscribe CD/DVD drive and a card reader as well as an touchscreen control pane that allows it to work independently of the computer.
The printer is installed via ethernet cable to a netgear router and so is my Dell desktop.
I had Roxio Creator Premiere installed on the desktop as OEM software, but before the printer was installed, it hadn't been working since I re-installed Vista way back when. I never needed it, so I never bothered to fix it.

When I installed the printer, it came with a basic version of Roxio. From what I can gather, the install defaulted in favour of the OEM software that came with the computer. It did fix the issue I had with Roxio, however, which now works fine except....

The CD/DVD drive doesn't come up on the computer anywhere under 'my computer', and I am unable to get it to come up in Roxio in order to record to, or print a label on a CD. The computer and Roxio only see the drives on the desktop. I can use the basic lightscribe functions from the printer touchscreen, but can't do any designs and I have to burn the CD first on the desktop then change it to the printer to do the lightscribe thing.

Roxio says that I need an HP driver, and HP says that I probably can't do anything about it because I had the OEM software installed before I tried to load the basic version which came with the printer.
I would assume if I needed a lightscribe driver, the printer install would have taken care of it?

Anyway, I hope this makes sense. What do I do? Do I need the driver? Do I upgrade to Roxio 10? Is it because the printer is attached to the compter via router? It's fussy, I know, but one of the reasons I forked out the change for this printer was the lightscribe.
Highly recommend the HP for printing pictures by the way.. they are gorgeous!
Thanks in advance

I am looking looking for a printer that can print on the surface of a CD. Here is my tail of woe. I read a review of two Epson printers in Tom's Hardware guide, and it really sounded like the thing for my office. However, when I talked to my CDW rep [1], he told me that the two printers mentioned in the article were discontinued. When I asked for the replacement models, he told me about the R800 and R300M. These models were not available yet.

That was back in January , and I'm still waiting for avaiability. Last I heard was 3/30

Does anyone know of any other printers that are setup to print on a CD. The CDs are specialy made to be able to soak up the inkjet ink, and the real requirement for the printer is a straight-thru printer path.

Thanks for any ideas

(What I'm really looking for is a print on anything/print from digital camera card with preview/IR enabled/flat bed scanner/photo printer/fax/with fast print spped and cheap ink. For

I am trying to connect my Canon 5250 printer to print wirelessly but it keeps telling me that the printer is offline. So far I've set up the printer using a USB cable and then the wireless connection, but without success. I entered my SSID and Pre-Shared Key during the wireless setup and it tells me it's connected and sees the access point. The Wi-Fi indicator lights up.

In spite of this when I try to print with Wi-Fi it tells me the printer is off-line. I can print using the USB cable but not Wi-Fi.

My guess is that, in my ignorance, I'm missing something simple, but for the life of me I don't know what! Any help you guys can give will be really helpful.

Thanks in advance.

OK ... so I have inherited a Canon ix4000 printer.

It's a good printer ... does A3 & A4, colour, photo's etc. It's USB not that that should make a difference.

I have a Windows 2003 server upon which I wish to "hang" this server so that everyone on my home network can use it but there don't appear to be any acceptable drivers for it ... XP seems to be the latest available (can't even find Vista ones) which is a pain.

More than a pain it almost feels like Canon might be deliberately not making a driver available because they don't want such a printer used as a network one.

I managed to install a Windows 2000 driver but I can't make the printer print ... it just errors.

Any ideas? Thoughts?


This error came out of the blue. When the On button is pressed, the green light flashes and after a time both the Resume button and On button flash alternately. No amount of un and replugging the power and USB cables makes any difference. Drivers reinstalled.

The 6C10 error has been variously described as both a "Reset Canon Printer ink absorber" error or a "Valve Cam Sensor" error. I don't know where the valve cam sensor is located and I've found little info on the net. They say this sensor could be blocked by paper debris but I have no way of telling.

This printer was bought new, has had relatively little use and mainly serves to print CDs/DVDs.

There's a foam strip running almost the full width inside the printer and it looks 95% clean. I don't know if that's the "ink absorber".

There is a button-push sequence designed to place the iP4600 into service mode, where you can reset the ink absorber but so far this has done nothing.

If anyone here has some know how, your input is much appreciated!


I recently bought the best buy package of a desktop, laptop, and netbook and I am having problems installing my printer on the desktop. It installed fine when connected to the laptop. I have called Canon support for the printer and they referred me to HP which was of no use. Here is what it looks like is going on. I have no existing printer ports showing up. If you click on add printer and select use existing printer ports, there are none there. If you look at the printer properties for the microsoft xps document writer and look under ports, there are no ports listed there. On the netbook, which I have not tried to install a printer on, there are existing printer ports. HP would not even listen to this as a possible problem for the printer install. They kept insisting that the printer is not compatable with Windows 7 even though I told them I have it connected and working on the laptop running the exact same operating system. Is it possible that somehow something happened to these ports while using the windows transfer cable. How do I get them back without restoring the entire system.

I have just moved to the Windows 7 x64 and have connected the above Canon printer. Although the installation process found a new Win 7 x64 driver for the printer it seems to have to problems:
a) The system cannot see the printer status (i.e. how's the ink levels etc) and possibly related
b) Photoshop CS3 cannot seem to print photos using the supplied Printer Profile - it prints images with dozens of thinhorizontal lines - I have run all the head aligment utilities and head cleaning options etc.
Any advice gratedully received.


I got an HP DV9000 laptop that came with Vista Home Premium on it, so will my drivers cd work for windows 7 because my graphics and aero and all that **** isn't working on here.

I found the real answer to the windows 7 additional printer driver problem for network sharing. It is in the name windows 7 names the printer. The INF file has it listed as a different name, there for it does not see it as a driver for your printer. You can change this in the INF file to match the windows 7 name.

My printer is attached to the Windows 7(64) PC and I can now access it from my Laptop Vista x86.

Example: Windows 7 calls my printer "Canon Inkjet iP4300"
In the INF file the printer is called "Canon iP4300"
The difference is the word "Inkjet"

Open the INF file with notepad and edit it and save then go ahead and add additional drivers.

My original INF
"Canon iP4300" = CNM_0294XP, LPTENUMCanoniP4300F404, USBPRINTCanoniP4300F404, CanoniP4300F404, CanoniP4300

"Canon iP4300" = CNM_0294XP, LPTENUMCanoniP4300F404, CanoniP4300
"Canon iP4300" = CNM_0294XP, USBPRINTCanoniP4300F404, CanoniP4300

My Modified INF file
"Canon Inkjet iP4300" = CNM_0294XP, LPTENUMCanoniP4300F404, USBPRINTCanoniP4300F404, CanoniP4300F404, CanoniP4300

"Canon Inkjet iP4300" = CNM_0294XP, LPTENUMCanoniP4300F404, CanoniP4300
"Canon Inkjet iP4300" = CNM_0294XP, USBPRINTCanoniP4300F404, CanoniP4300

This printer I'm trying to install is a Lexmark X83. It installed seamlessly in the beta. Search for the printer, load the driver, and done. Now it doesn't. And whats with checking windows update every friggin' time I search for a driver? How the hell do I turn that off? I just spent half an hour not finding a button to turn that off every time I try and install a driver. Oh, and an hour not installing this printer.

Is the install process for network drivers crippled, or is there some way I can install a device without having to wait for W7 to search Windows Update for a proprietary driver that it doesn't have? Even if I can get this machine to just stop searching windows update, I'd call it a day well spent.