Intermittent Computer Lock-up

I am running Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 on a Pentium 4 laptop
with HyperTheading technology enabled. Without fail, the computer locks up
for about half a second, at seemingly random times. This happens every time
I use the computer, and continues to happen sporadicly throughout the
computing session. It is extremly annoying, not to mention when it locks up,
if I am typing a document, the letters I type when it locks up will not
register. All tasks on the computer are temporarily halted when each lock-up
occurs, including any music playing (it resumes immediately afterward). I am
running a 2800 MHz (actual speed) CPU, with 1024 MB PC3200 DDR SDRAM, and an
ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9700 Series (128 MB) card. My C: drive has 16266 MB out
of 38146 MB available, and I defragment often. Any ideas as to what the
problem is?

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I have had this issue for a few months now (around November) and I have tried almost everything i can possibly think of to try and resolve it, but to no avail. I have replaced almost every piece of hardware in my PC except RAM and Hard drive itself (under warranty), did a system recovery to manufacturer setting (I have a Dell so i cant reformat with the disk), but i still encounter the issue to some extent.

What happens is that while using my PC (usually watching video online or playing games) My computer will lock up and freeze. I still have control over my mouse, however any program I am currently using does not respond. I cannot exit them, I cannot CTRL ALT DLT, I cannot shut down and am forced to hard reboot. This issue only occurs maybe once a week. (Although when i had my PSU and motherboard replaced it used to happen every day. I thought replacing them fixed it at first, but it only occurs less frequently now, although the lock ups still occur).

After replacing most of my hardware components/doing system recovery, and still having the issue occuring, I figured that it may have been a software/driver related issue. So i did a clean uninstall of my driver, even using the Driver Sweeper program hoping it would fix it, and installed the lastest video driver. Tried doing a clean reinstall of Adobe Flash and Java (in a desperate attempt) Hoping for a fix, but to no avail. The problem still persisted. I ran programs like CCleaner thinking it was a registry error and hoping it would fix it, but it did not. I ran a CHKDSK maybe thinking their were bad sectors in my hard drive, there were 0 bad sectors detected and everything seemed normal. (I am using a RAID 1 (mirrored) if it matters). Ran stress tests on my hardware components for the hell of it, they all checked out fine. I dont think its overheating as i keep track of PC tempertures normally with HWMonitor and I am not overclocking.

I am in desperation to try and resolve this issue.

I attached a dxdiag incase it is asked for and i will post anything else that is required to try and resolve this issue. Any support towards this issue is GREATLY appreciated as i have no where else to turn. Not even the Dell Tech Support service seem to know what is causing this issue.

PS: I am going to throw my 2 cents out there and wonder, since prior to replacing my PSU and motherboard (since this issue occured more frequently with the ones that have been replaced) that maybe i had a surge issue with the old PSU and might have effected my RAM, which i have not replaced under warranty yet. But would a bad stick of RAM not show and issue for an entire week before acting up?

Also worth noting that ontop of my PSU and motherboard being replaced that i also had my video card, fans (cause why not?), and processor replaced under warranty as well. Attached Files DxDiag.txt (30.5 KB, 14 views) Share Share this post on Digg Technorati Twitter
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Join Date Mar 2012 Age 54 Posts 659 Re: Computer lock ups, need help. At wits end. What about the classic: heat? Core Temp will show you temps. You don't mention your CPU, but I know that AMD processors have a heat sensor, most probably Intel processors too, to close down the system if the processor goes too hot. By improving your system you may have increased the heat output while at the same time not improving the cooling.

This is quite a guess. But true hardware and software issues usually occur quite instantly, or suddenly, randomly. Your problem appears after "playing a while", or "watching movies", both rather rough on the video card, and the CPU as well = actions causing heat.

I'd say: do a "house mother vacuum cleaner" treatment.

I am using windows xp with msn explorer I have msn 9 with ie6 When i go to
open some pages the entire computer locks up. this does not happen with all
sites but it does always happen on these sites. I can go to my wife's
computer they open fine we both have the same service. She has pentium 4, I
have celeron. Thanks for any help.

The thread entitled Computer locks up
can now be found here.
Reason: it's about XP.

Computer locks up a lot when linking to some sites.

This is not my issue, rather another users issue that I helped them with. I am creating this thread because I know other users have had this issue and there is no good known resolution yet.

So therefore I am posting this thread to possibly attract other users to solutions for the issue.

The issue is, when installing Rosetta Stone V4 TotalE, once installation has completed and you run the program you get a grey screen and your computer completely freezes. (no ctrl+alt+del, no caps lock or numlock led responding). Reinstalling software does not help, and you may get random warnings to upgrade Adobe AIR to latest version even if it already appears to be the latest version. (I think this might be related to the lock up not sure).

Here are the things we have tried thus far:
MSConfig/Autoruns ran, no visible issues or rogue startup programs.
AVG, MalwareBytes, Kapersky, Microsoft Security Essentials ran, no virus.
Rootkit detectors ran, no virus.
Combofix ran, no virus.

(When running ComboFix we noticed pieces of AVG still remained and Combo will not let you continue until its fixed, so we had to run the AVG Removal Tool, and even it did not fix the problem, so after searching for AVG regkeys and folders, we finally got it out of the system)

Rosetta Stone Service Disabled (services.msc)

Noticed that we were given a Rosetta Service 1141 error without service started
And can exit program normally... so its normal until after it communicated with this service apparently, or maybe later after that.. not sure if its related.

With service started app locks up... as expected.

Cannot use Processor Monitor to look at the situation because the whole computer locks up (why does Process Monitor not have a real time log to disk option???)

After several attempts of removing Adobe AIR and reinstalling, we were no longer getting Adobe Air installation prompt..

Rosetta still locks System up

There are no updates for V4 that we could find at this time.

Backed up users data

HP Factory Restore initiated.. installed Rosetta first thing after the entire system recovery operation, works flawlessly.. I hate when a reformat fixes the issue... didn't learn much! But I hope this information helps other users to find this thread and contribute to the issue... as there are other users out there still experiencing this same problem.

Recently installed Service Pack 2 from disc sent by Microsoft. After
installing, computer started locking up for 1-5 minutes at a time, and became
VERY slow. Tried to uninstall by going to system restore. Still have the same
problem, only now will lock up if go to my computer or try to use CD drive.
Any one else having similar problems.

Hi all,

So I have a few issues in W7 this being my most serious and confusing and I feel that this is most likely hardware related but it in all honesty could be anything. I am running W7 x64 on the following platform:

Intel desktop Board (DG31PR)Intel Core 2 duo 2.33MHz3GB ram (2 modules 1gb & 2Gb running dual channel)500GB Western Digital (new)2 DVD optical drives one of which is SATA the other IDENVIDIA 8500GT PCI expressPCI Wireless Network CardA number of external USB things (Printer, HDD backup, Ipod... etc)

I installed W7 on 15/06/2009 it is build 7100 and yes it has run and completed all updates available. All drivers are up to date accordingly with the latest the most up to date being the NVIDIA(06/09) and Intel Chipset(06/09). I had a issue installing W7 where it blue screened on me but after reviewing my MB information I identified a bios update which fixed the blue screen issue which has something to do with post xp versions of windows and memory above 2GB.

I was running 3 programs the first time I noticed this problem; Itunes, Firefox and windows explorer. I connected my ext HDD and attempted to run a movie off the the external when:
The Computer locked up (no mouse function and no window movement)
Approximately 3 seconds later the computer screen when blank and then the pc rebooted.

I was prompted on reboot whether I would like to enter safe mode... etc but what would I do in safe mode, so I said start normally. On re-entry there was no dialog box stating windows recovered from a serious fault it just seemed to be happy.

This has happened a further 2 times the second time a 2 days later occurred after installing AutoCAD 64bit. I restarted the pc after the installation, opened Autocad and began setting up the settings within a 2minutes of the program running the problem occurred, no other windows applications or external drives connected.

The 3rd time (Sat 20/06/2009) I had 4 four windows open, firefox, itunes, photoshop and explorer. I inserted the installation disk for Nero to run an install it ran the CD's autoplay and began running the install shield. The program prompted me to set the install location and upon clicking “next” the problem occurred again.

My Conclusions (which may and probably are absurd)
There is some low level code problem with either a driver or the way in which this driver interacts with the kernel. I think it may relate to the blue screen problem which I already resolved from the bios update, but as this problem is more acute and less identifiable it hasn't quite been resolved by the update. I maybe posting this in the wrong forum maybe this should instead be in an Intel forum. Yet it seems that the most pertinent denominator within this problem is the new version of windows as I was previously running XP 32bit sp3 without the reboot issue and without the bios update.

I want to ultimately resolve this problem instead of down grading back to a Stable XP

All suggestions are very welcome and very requested

I hope this has not been asked before, I have been searching the internet for the past few days for answers to this problem and haven't found anything yet. Randomly in the past few days Windows 7 explorer/my documents folder/anywhere in my computer locks up and stops responding when I try to use my keyboard. No matter what I try to do, renaming documents, using ctrl-c, pressing shift, using any key on the keyboard, it locks up. I have tried running windows updates, running virus scanning, spyware scanning....nothing will work. Is anyone else having this problem and been able to solve it?

We are running Exchange Server 5.5 on Windows 2000 Server. Our staff uses Outlook 2000 on mostly Windows XP computers. We have been having frequent reports that sporadically while a person is typing a message and a new message comes into the inbox that the computer locks up. Also messages are not coming into the inbox as they are received. You might have to minimize Outlook or go to a different window within Outlook and then back and then a bunch of messages will appear. In a few cases the Outlook window has just turned completely white and the user had to end the program with the Task Manager.

Any one have any ideas?

I have a user who is having problems with her computer locking up/freezing when she switches between Word documents. Sometimes she is copying and pasting text from one document to another, other times she is just switching back and forth. She uses a lot of key strokes but does not notice any pattern of using keystrokes and the lock ups. She is using Word 2000 on a Windows XP machine. I've tried replacing her normal template and deleting the HKEY_CURRENT_USERsoftwaremicrosoftOffice9.0Word in the registry. Any suggestions? Thanks

Word 2000 in office has suddenly taken a dislike to me. Whenever I try to open a word document, the computer hooks up and I have to reboot. Spreadsheets etc I can open ok, I have had this problem before and I think it could be something to do with the data registry, any ideas please?

I realize this is a dumb question, but I'm trying to provide some clues to a third-party software vendor about problems I'm having with the computer locking up when I try to save a file. What I'm asking is -are there any "general, generic, common" reasons I can
give them, or are there so many different reasons it's impossible to pinpoint?
The computer is not overloaded (usually 80%free), not too slow (pent 11) and ran without problems for over two,
after a format, and even longer after that, it suddenly hit. Any clues will help, and thanks for past help.

I have an intermittent but ongoing problem with Outlook 2007. At least I think it is an Outlook issue. Perhaps it is an Explorer issue. I used to blame this on an over-configured and too many apps installed unstable set-up but I recently wiped the HD and started over from scratch.

Here's the problem. I am sending an e-mail message to someone and I need to attach a file to the message. Normally this works fine. The little explorer window opens up, I navigate to the file or files I wasnt to attach and send it away. With one particular folder which is a sub-folder of My Documents at intermittent times when I select that folder Outlook locks up. The only way out is to bring up Task Manager and force a shutdown of Outlook. If I restart Outlook and try again it just does the same thing. Sometimes if I shut down and restart the computer it will work fine again. Every time it happens I've "sent the error report to Microsoft" but I've never seen any improvement. This has been going on for quite some time.

For reference the computer is a Dell Inspiron Laptop running XP Pro SP3 and Office 2007 Pro. All patches and updates are current.

The folder in question contains images and the folder is reasonably large at 561 files and about 550 MB in total. The folder is set to display the "thumbnail" of the graphic and this usually works fine (many are JPG's but not photos) but I wonder if this is a contributing factor?

I've had not luck finding a solution anywhere else so I am turning to the WS Lounge which is where I probably should have gone first!

my mouse locks up for a few seconds after typing like if i press any key on my keyboard my mouse locks up for about 3-5 seconds and ive been through settings and that but i cant find the solution to my problem can some one help me ill put a few screen shots in. in addition to the screenshot my lap top is a acer aspire 1 intel atom processoe n450 (1.66GHz, 512kb Cache)

if you need any more info just ask Attached Thumbnails Last edited by ihavewin7; 03-04-2011 at 11:12 AM. Share Share this post on Digg Technorati Twitter
Operating System windows 7
Computer Type netbook
Computer Skill Level Self-Taught Expert
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Join Date Aug 2008 Posts 1,301 Re: keyboard causes mouse to lock up for a few seconds Have you installed anything or hardware? Do you have all the latest MS updates?

Seeing that this is a notebook/laptop...are your referring to the touch pad of notebook or do you have an external connected mouse?

Have you checked for any spyware, adware and malware...sometimes this stuff can corrupt such hardware on a computer.

Make sure you have the latest drivers for your Acer notebook.

hey When ever I start up my computer it goes to welcome then freezes locks up so I would have to restart my computer. Safe mode works fine. So then I took the internet lead out then windows starts up fine. I think it could be AVG 8.5 thats keeps freezing it cause the firewall is not working for some reason its been disable and I cant enable it. Could it because its trying to update on start up and freezes my computer. Im not sure any ideas would be great. Also if I leave my computer on for about 2 hrs doing nothing it locks up too. any suggestions would be great.



I've installed Windows 7 build 7600 (32 bit) and within a couple seconds to a half hour the computer will freeze up and require a hard reset. It doesn't matter what I'm doing. I could just leave it alone and it eventually locks up. Running programs doesn't seem to make it freeze any faster.

Checking the logs reveals no pattern and there is no bluescreen or .dmp in the minidump folder.

I have a 2.2ghZ AMD Athlon processor, an ATI Radeon 9550 video card, 2Gb of RAM (two 1gb sticks) and a motherboard with onboard sound and NIC (Via chipset).

Here's what I've tried so far:
-Ran the memory test and chkdsk. No problems found in either one.
-Tried each stick of RAM individually and swapped slots.
-Used the verifier tool to check the drivers and received no blue screen.
-Made sure each driver is up to date.
-Kept tabs on CPU and RAM usage, neither of which ever come close to maxing out.
-Wiped the drive, did a clean install.
-Started in diagnostic mode via msconfig
-Booted into safe mode

Everything eventually results in a lock up.

Any ideas?

Edit: Just noticed my typo in the title. Could a mod please fix that?

Ok I've had this weird problem for about 9 months now when starting up, on the window loading screen ( where it shows the windows logo on screen) my comp could just lock up on it randomly. this has been happening from windows xp to now windows 7. at first i was told it was caused by my video card because since amd and ati partnered and nvidia and intell partnered, using nvidia cards on a amd MB causes problems like that, this was back when i had XP/vista. Ok so i was cool with it but a couple days ago i bought windows 7 pro and a brand new ati video card hoping these problems would be gone but, they are not! so does anyone have any idea what is causing this weird problem that has carried over from my old comp to my new one? the only thing that is the same is the computer case from when i had xp.

comp specs:
Motherboard: Asus M3A78-EM
Processor: AMD Athlon 7750 Dual-Core Processor
Ram: 2 x 2GB sticks of Corsair PC-6400 DDR-800
Video card: Sapphire Radeon HD 5770 Video card
Hard drive: WD caviar black 500GB
PSU: SilverStone ST65ZF 650W

I couldn't actually figure it out which one out of those three happens, I will try to explain as best as I can.

I get totally random lock ups. Happens during a game, watching a movie, browsing or just listening to music. Sometimes it lasts for a minute, sometimes 90 secs or so. But it's not a total lock up, I can move the cursor, click on things, even though clicking doesn't open anything during the freeze, however what I clicked on opens after lock up ends, as if it's lagging.

For example, whilst I'm browsing using mozilla firefox, I click on "open a new tab" then PC locks up and mozilla doesn't respond, I can open, say, msn messenger and type something to a friend, I can type but it is very laggy, I can click on a mp3 file but it doesn't start until the lock up seizure ends.

As the lock up starts, that HDD activity light on the PC case (normally blinking) lights up continuously without blinking, as if hdd using 100% capacity and computer can't handle anything else.

I did various tests for hdd, ram, graphic card, I did 3 formats and re-installs, virus scans with different programs, checked temperatures but couldn't find the cause of this problem.

Any help that could put me on the right track to figure this out would be much appreciated, it's been more than 3 weeks I'm putting up with this problem and I'm at the edge of throwing whole case out of the window.

win7 home edition 64bit
i7 920
4gb ram
1tb wd caviar green hdd
ex-58 ud3r gigbyte


I am facing a wierd issue on my just installed Vista RC1. At times the system just locks up and all i can do is restart the computer. The curor does not move and the hard drive stops responding. I have tried installing Vista RC1 onto two diff hard drives but with same results.

My system specs are:-

P4 3Ghz HT
Intel D101ggc
512MB ddr 400 MHz RAM
Nvidia 7300GS card
Seagate 160 GB and 20 GB hard drives

I did not face this issue on previous builds of Vista and my Win XP on another partition runs just fine. What i think is one of the critical device drivers of Vista either has a compatibilty problem or it just stos responding.

Any help in this regard is appreciated. I feel others might be facing an issue similar to this and that Microsoft needs to take care of this. Last words i guess Vista is still NOT ready.

Thank you