Unable to open VB project? (Access 97 SR2)

i'm stumped. i checked the MS Knowledge Base, the WAW archives, the lounge archives, the Athree archives... i even asked the bloody paperclip.
Sometimes, when i go to open one of my databases (our weekly invoicing is done in Access databases, a new one every week, so i've got about 200), i will get the following error:

Microsoft Access was unable to open the Visual Basic project for this database.
Another user is saving the project now. Do you want to retry?

i can Retry or Cancel. i can Retry until my fingers wear down to stubs and i have to poke the keys with my nose, and it still won't open. Rebooting the host machine clears it up, and sometimes the file will un-lock itself (magically?) after what seems to be an arbitrary period of time. Checking the .ldb file shows that the only machine logged in is the server that the file is stored on. The only solution is to copy the file and use the copy until i can reboot the server and clear up the original, at which point i delete the original and rename the copy. This never happened up until about a month ago, and is now happening with increasing frequency (usually when someone is hollering at me on the phone), and getting old. Any suggestions on how to fixee?



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Attached is a 55 KB Word document of 8 pages that a friend sent to me in desperation because she is unable to open it. I am also unable to open it . I was wondering if anyone here can find out why it is unable to be opened, even though under Properties in Win Explorer, it appears OK and shows number of paragraphs and characters etc. It is part of an assignment she was doing at home and saved it direct to floppy disk. All other doc files on the same disk were able to be opened, just not this one.

If anyone can open it - please tell me why neither she nor I have been able to, and email it back to me at legglest@bigpond.net.au

(Edited by jscher2000 on 29-Jul-05 12:36. Edited subject line to be more descriptive.)After researching this issue on this forum and other sources, I have still not found an adequate solution to the problem.

I have numeruous Access queries(some very complicated including custom functions)- I would like to link these queries to an existing Word Doc. Using the Database feature of Word to link to the underlying queries. I have no problem with the basic queries and tables linking to Word. It is the more complex queries that give me the error: "Word unable to open datasource"

My current workaround is to change the complex queries into make table queries and link the updated table to the word doc. Which means I need to run Access first and then update the tables in word. If there is a solution to using complex queries in word Please point me in the right direction.


I have a Dell Smart PC 250N which was supplied with
Windows XP Home edition and MS Works already installed
amogst other programmes. I use AOL 9.0 to access the
internet. For some period of several weeks I have been
unable to open downloaded files arriving as e-mail
attachments in Worpad form. I receive a Windows
message "Insufficient memory to open this file". I have
512MB RAM and 83% free space on my hard disk.The
attachments are usually only 100 to 500kB size.
How can this be? Can anyone help me to open the

Good Morning,

Using Access 97 SR2

I've been tasked to determine user errors on a new timekeeping system (eBiz) that we are using. In one payperiod there are over 1600 records. I've searched the REPORT threads for using multiple criteria in Conditional Formatting, but have not seen anything that would help.

My problems: When I use multiple criteria in the OnFormat command, I can only get one of them to work, and I can't seem to get wildcards to work.

The fields that I'm analyzing are: (WC = WorkCode)
HourTypeCode, WC1, WC2, WC3, WC4, WC5

Example 1:
An employee enters LA (Leave-Annual) as HourTypeCode
WC4 should begin with GL (GL000)
WC5 should begin with GL (GL0007)

In the above example, I want a report that will highlight the three field in RED font and place a border around the field IF HourTypeCode begins with L and if EITHER WC4 or WC5 do not begin with GL. Something like this:

If Me![HourTypeCode] = "L*" And if Me![WC4] Not "GL*" Or If Me![WC5] Not "GL*" Then
Me![HourTypeCode].ForeColor = vbRed
Me![HourTypeCode].Border = 1
Me![WC4].ForeColor = vbRed
Me![WC4].Border = 1
Me![WC5].ForeColor = vbRed
Me![WC5].Border = 1
Me![HourTypeCode].ForeColor = vbBlack
Me![HourTypeCode].Border = 0
Me![WC4].ForeColor = vbBlack
Me![WC4].Border = 0
Me![WC5].ForeColor = vbBlack
Me![WC5].Border = 0

Hence, if HourTypeCode begins with L, and if either WC4 OR WC5 do not begin with GL then I want the report to format the appropriate fields as I've shown above. Note that even if HourTypeCode begins with L, WC4 could begin with GL, yet WC5 could have AB.

There are a multitude of criteria that I've identified. Just wanting a report that details all of the error types I've identified and need to build criteria for.

Another example is WC2. It must end in FY03. It is a long string of text and numbers, but should end in FY03. Some employees are using FY02. If they do, I would want WC2 highlighted as above.

Every field has potential errors in it. Some employees are authorized to use a special code in WC3 that others are using, but not authorized to use.

This report will be run every pay period, looking for user timekeeping errors. And, before you ask...NOPE!! The timekeeping software does NOT have built-in edits to catch these errors at the time of input. Something that someone shoved down the Governments throat.

I can supply a sample DB if needed. I would probably send it in Excel 97 so that I could have the fields that have errors formatted as I would like them to be in Access, to illustrate the complexity of this problem (complex for me, anyway )

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated !!


I'm not sure if this is an Outlook issue or a Windows issue. I know
it is not the Outlook Security Patch. I've been receiving report from
people who were unable to open files with a double extension -
myfile.xls.lnk for example. They are getting the error message:

"Windows cannot open this program because it has been prevented by a
software restriction policy. For more information, open Event Viewer
or contact your system administrator"

Everyone thought it was a result of the Outlook Security Patch but I
get the same error and I have the security patch turned off completely
- for example I can open .exe files and use a script to send e-mails.

Further investigation showed me that if I attempt to open a file with
a double extension from any directory with the format Cocuments and
SettingsmyloginLocal SettingsTemporary Internet FilesOLK*, I get
the same restriction error. Does anyone know a workaround to this
problem? I checked with our admin and he hasn't set such a policy.


Ken Franklin

I did look in the Event View and here is the text of the warning. The
link they provided did not give any further information.

Access to Cocuments and SettingsmyloginLocal SettingsTemporary
Internet FilesOLK52Shortcut to 2004MarDocCnts xls.lnk has been
restricted by your Administrator by location with policy rule
{dda3f824-d8cb-441b-834d-be2efd2c1a33} placed on path Cocuments and
SettingsyourloginLocal SettingsTemporary Internet FilesOLK*

For more information, see Help and Support Center at

I stole this from http://www.access-programmers.co.uk/forums...hp/t-56579.html

I kept getting an error message when clicking on a textbox containing a hyperlink:
"Unable to open {your name here}. The hyperlink cannot be followed to the destination"

Here is my event handler with my old non-working code disabled, the new code working FINE!
[codebox]Private Sub tbDocuments_Click()
'''' On Error Resume Next
'''' Dim retval As Double
'''' Dim strDestination As String
'''' strDestination = Me!tbDocuments
'''' Call strSplitAt(strDestination, "#")
'''' retval = Shell("winword.exe " & strDestination)
If IsNull(Me!tbDocuments) Then
DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdInsertHyperlink
' Do nothing: the hyperlink opens automatically!!!!
End If
End Sub[/codebox]

Some help please from all you wonderful people.
This problem has far foxed our IT service providers.

Intermitant fault when saving file to network folder.

Sequence of events is that Word document is created from template using mail merge controlled by VB from Access 97 SR2. Code terminates successfully leaving user to complete Word document. User then work on Word document then clicks File Save followed by Print icons. Work freezes, does not complete save and does not print. On reopening Word the recovery file is loaded so not a lot of work is lost.

This occurs on different machines, all the same spec and build, and the machines have various degrees of rebuild. The temp files are stored on the server in the same directory as the documents.

Running on a 10Mbs network. One person has heard of a similar error occurring on a 100Mbs Network. IT have identified some conflicts on the current network and are dealing with them but this problem has only occurred since we moved to new machines running Windows 2000 - previously running under Windows 95 on P90 machines.

Any suggestions for causes of fixes would be very welcome.

Using Word 97 SR2 under Windows 2000 Pro running on Compaq P4 1.2 MgHz 256Mb RAM

Something weird happened with one of our sys. An employee forwarded an email to another employee that had an attachment which is a pdf file. He is unable to open it and in the browser window at the top of the email is the following message:"OE removed access to the following unsafe attachments in your email:markon.pdf"

I forwarded it to my sys and was able to open it. The employee that forwarded the email was able to open it to. It is just a graphic file from one of our designers.

Any ideas?

When i try to launch homeworld2, i get this message: Unable to run homeworld2, administrative access to this folder is required. How to fix this problem?

Since installing MS Service Pack2, I have been unable to open .pps files. I
am referred to "Folder Options" in Control Panel however when that site does
not respond to the changes I make to creat a file association. When I follow
the instructions in MS Technical Based Advisory #307859 by right clicking or
double clicking ona .pps file then clicking on "Open with", I don't get the
dialogue box providing two options for creating a file association. Instead,
I get the box showing the Icon for my printer (Canon i860)that appears when
one clicks on "Print" under the "File" menu. Can anyone suggest a way to
remedy this situation. TIA, Scotty.

I'm currently operating under Windows XP Professional and
using SBC yahoo DSL. Booting up takes an abnormal amount
of time, and once Windows starts, I am unable to open most
applications, including my internet start-up. The only
thing that boots up after a long pause is Norton Antivirus
and the internet explorer(w/o connection. Even these
programs will not respond to commands after booting up.
When trying to restart in Safe Mode, it gets stuck on a
screen with a bunch of file names and will not start in
Safe Mode.
Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Guys... got a problem with a 97 DB. Before the weekend it was running good on NT4, after the weekend it was changed to Windows XP, still Access 97.
Since then i am getting a 2105 error... any ideas?
I've tried this optins instead of DoCmd.GoToRecord , , acNewRec -
DoCmd.GoToRecord acDataForm, "enterdonations", acNewRec
Works fine on my machine at home, same setup.....

I am unable to open some attachments. The attachments are NOT blocked and are visible on the messages. I remember there being an ambigious check box some where that blocks opening attachments but cannot remember where to find it. Any help??? Thanks!

I have a form with a studentID, name, etc. I want the form to open a report and only show the information for the student I enter in the form?

I have a database in Access 97 sr2 that I have secured using the currentuser feature in a query. This is great. The users can only view their associated employees and no other employees. I have one problem. I need for the administrator view all records. How can I do this and still user the currentuser feature.

I'm trying to set up a user with Windows 98SE and Outlook 2000 to connect to their Exchange mailbox. When I start Outlook, I get the message "Unable to open default e-mail folder. You do not have permission to log on." followed by an offer to essentially use Outlook as Windows Explorer. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Outlook; I've set the PC to not be part of the domain, then reset it to be part of the domain. If I logon as Administrator, I can open the Administrator mailbox, and open the user's mailbox as well, so Outlook itself appears to be OK. I've reset the user's passwords on the Windows PC and the server as well. If I logon as myself, I get the same result as the user's ID - I can't open my email account either. Any suggestions?
- Bob

When using the new Mail Merge Wizard I am unable to open (as a separate doc) my data source from the 'Mail Merge Recipients' button on the merge toolbar. If I use the Edit button and view the Data Form, the View Source button is inactive. The only workaround I have found is to bring back the Mail Merge Helper and Edit the data source through there - which is obviously not ideal.
Any ideas why this is happening??

The thread entitled Unable to Open Document (Word 2002, SP-1)
can now be found here.

Hello all.

I'm struggling with a couple of users who randomly are unable to open attachments in their e-mail messages. The get a message reading "the attachment cannot be found." In all cases, I (as the service administrator) can open the attachment, ruling out any possibility of the attachment itself being the problem). Also, a regular delegate (usually, the user's secretary) can also open the attachment.

Here's what I have tried:

(1) have the user log in at another machine.
result: the user can open the message and attachment.

(2) have the user log back in at their original machine.
result: negative.

NOTE: We have roaming profiles, so steps 1 and 2 were to ensure that it wasn't a windows profile issue.

(3) repair office on the user's machine.
result: negative, although we get that vgx.dll error message on the repair; MS claims this is irrelevant

(4) create a new Outlook profile for the user on the same machine
result: negative

There doesn't appear to be anything consistent with the attachment type (sometimes it's a htm file, sometimes it's the little "envelope" attachment). It does not happen to all of our users (these are brand-spanking newly-imaged machines). Users experiencing this problem are on both laptops and desktops. The attachments are sometimes from an internal (i.e., within our office or domain) source and sometimes arrive via smtp.

If anyone has any thoughts, they'd be greatly appreciated. This has been incredibly frustrating...