Purging 'Remembered' Email Addresses (WXP SP-1, O2002)

Where does Outlook keep its history of previously-used email addresses? I have a few old, incorrect addresses that keep popping up as Outlook completes an address. I need to purge Outlook's history since other members of my family who aren't paying attention to details press Send and, of course, the message bounces. I have verified that these addresses do not exist in any of my contact folders. I think that I can circumvent this problem by unchecking the "Suggest names while completing To, Cc and Bcc fields" option but that's a kludge. I tried unchecking that box and restarting Outlook in the hopes that this action would erase the history ... it didn't.


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We have just changed our web address, and all our internal email addresses have changed accordingly. Clever Outlook remembers the original address and no matter how many times I change it, the next time up pops the old address. Can anyone please help?

I sent an email with undeliverable email address and received following error message:

Mail Devilery Error - Click Here

Task Tab
Sending Mail on Account - Failed

Errors Tab
This message could not be sent because it rejected you as the sender

The information in these Tabs don

Windows Updater advises me to install Security Update, February 14, 2002 to address issues discussed in KB bulletin MS02-009 (incorrect VBScript). Now, I am running IE6 with SP-1 (as well as XP-SP1 and Office SP-2) and wonder if I should, or should not apply this patch. I remember there was a 'no kill bit' issue but for the life of me, can't remember which patches not to install. Help? Thanx, drcarl.

The address book in Outlook has provisions for more than one email address, i.e. Email2, Email3.

When composing a message, how do you select addresses 2 and/or 3?

With Windows XP SP-1, Office XP SP-2, Outlook 2002 SP-2:
When I schedule a meeting, add attendee(s), and hit SEND, an email message goes out to the attendee(s). On the appointment form there is an "Importance" button, that I presume sets the field on the outgoing email message itself. I could be wrong about that. More importantly, I'd like to set the Action flag (reply required) to the message that goes out requiring Accept/Decline, etc. How can I get at the action flag for the outgoing message(s)?
I posted this to microsoft.public.outlook.calendaring, with no results. I assume no one had any ideas. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. THANKS.

When composing email and begin entering a name in the "To:" field, several name selections come up for the same person. Although it is not apparent at selection time, there is a different email address for each selection. These must have been stored somewhere upon replying to that person at that address at some point in the past, but looking in my address book, the valid name and address I want to use is there (it has notother email addresses in the properties for that contact, either), but the other 3 or 4 names do not appear in the address book.

How do I find and delete these rogue email addresses so they do not appear when composing emails?

First of all the 1st day SP-1 RTM was out for release this forum had a copy

because I'm home from work on Mondays I was probibly one of the 1st to download it

if I was part of the reason that it crashed I'm truely sorry

That being said


know I would do almost anything to get the rest of you a copy of it
but knowing where to upload it to, is not something I'm sure how to do
(and I might take suggestions)

I'm posting this to confirm

the 32 bit version Windows6.0-KB936330-X86 444,885 Kb file is the real SP-1 (at one point there was some question about that)

I had no driver issues after the install

If you do find a copy of this *remember to 1st un-install any RC version before installing this*


Recently I discovered by searching Google groups that there has been
numerous postings made to usenet groups using my two email addresses


I have searched the archives but could not find any relevant posts.

We have an MSAccess 2007 database of families. We have figured out how to email each family's own data (Surname, address, home phone etc) to that family based on the email address in the database. We can also receive their replies and update the Family record.

Our problem is in trying to update the individuals. They are in a table called Person. Often the individuals in a family share an email address. When we try to send an update form (for example to a family of 6 persons) only one email is sent showing only the first person's data (First name, mobile etc).

Is there any way to make it send 1 email per database record?

Thank you,

In Outlook XP, the full email address appears for everyone I'm sending email to in the To and the CC fields. How can I send email where only the name and NOT the address show? I know I can use the BCC field, but I want everyone to know who all is receiving the email. Distribution lists are not an option because the recipients change too often. All I want to show in the TO and CC fields is a list of names. Anyone know how to make this work? Thanks

After formatting C: and reinstalling WinME and all the apps and updates, IE connects and browses (witness this post); but I can't retrieve e-mail using Outlook. I checked the ISP servers by going to Mail2Web.com and saw my mail proving that the problem must be on my end. I have checked and rechecked all Internet and Mail and System settings via Control Panel. I even deleted my e-mail account settings and reentered them to no avail. ISP support suggested uninstalling and reinstalling Outlook; however the uninstall wizard list does not show Outlook alone. I think that means that I would have to uninstall OXP and go thru the hassle of a complete reinstall and SP-1 update. I'm fearful that this will hose ME again. Does anyone have any suggestions to address either Outlook/Win settings or how to uninstall Outlook without having to redo all of OXP?

All suggestions gratefully accepted and greatly appreciated.

Hello Outlook gurus,

I seem to remember that there is an option to automatically add any new Email address from your Inbox to your Contacts. I have looked everywhere in the application and cannot find where this is set. Can you help?




I run WinXP and Office XP, SP-1.

I have severe smtp/send time-out problems when using Outlook 2002, but not when using Outlook Express. Problem is only with outgoing email, not incoming email. It can takes HOURS for my mail to get out. I

Is there a way to actually edit an email address in my Outlook contacts? Everytime I try to edit, it deletes the old and leaves me with a blank. Sometimes the changes I need to make are only 1 character and it would be really helpful to just insert that character. Have I missed a setting somewhere?


I want to automatically resolve a name or ID to out Exchange directory and then get the email-address (I need that to build a DL).

The function below, takes a string and resolves it against the directory. I'm missing the conversion to the email address...

Function MailResolve(Inpt As String) As String
Dim objSession As MAPI.Session
Dim objNewMessage As MAPI.Message
Dim objNewRecip
MailResolve = Inpt
On Error GoTo NoMAPI
Set objSession = CreateObject("MAPI.Session")
objSession.Logon ShowDialog:=False, NewSession:=False
' Create new message
Set objNewMessage = objSession.Outbox.Messages.Add
Set objNewRecip = objNewMessage.Recipients.Add
objNewRecip.Name = Inpt
' Resolve address against the Exchange Directory
MailResolve = objNewMessage.Recipients(1)
' Update and delete message
Set objSession = Nothing
On Error GoTo 0
Exit Function
MsgBox "Cannot initiate Mail-system", vbCritical + vbOKCancel, "MailResolve"
End Function

I am using Exchange 5.5 with Outlook 2000 (Corporate Exchange Server Setup). I have 1 email account that will accept email for my 2 different addresses.

Ex. I login with the account "Joe". I receive emails that are addressed to both "Joe@me.com" and "Joe@me2.com"

How do I specify which account I want recipients to respond to? I want some people to see my 'Reply-To' email address as me.com and other people should see me2.com.

I have found a 'work-around' in Outlook Express, where I setup 2 different mail accounts, each having a different 'Reply-To' address. I would prefer to use Outlook 2000 for all of my mail funtionality.


I have a very strange problem. Regularly, but not all the time, when I place an email address in the TO line of an email, OL puts single quotes around it, as in:


When this heppans, the mail will not go out, but just sits there in the outbox. This often happens with cut and paste addresses, but other times as well.

OS is WXP. Any ideas?

I have a new PC with Windows XP and Office Professional XP. I've installed the WindowsXP SP-1 with no problem. Installed the OfficeXP SP-1 Monday night. Tuesday night Outlook seems to retrieve all my email messages, but it pops up an error message that it's unable to connect to the POP3 server. This is so annoying. What has happened? What do I do now?

I have a situation where an assistant is a delegate to her boss' mailbox, and has his contacts folder on her outlook folder list.

The boss is asking her on a regular basis to send 1 email to multiple people in his contact folder (not always the same group of people). Does anyone know of an easy way for her to select the necessary people? As far as I've been able to see, there is no mechanism to use the bosses' contacts folder as an email address book as you can with a public folder. And since we can't use it as an email address book, I can't automatically resolve the names or select the names from the pull-down menu (the one you get when you click on To).

We are using Outlook 2000 in C/W mode with Exchange 5.5.