reliability monitor not keeping records

i noticed that all of a sudden the reliablity monitor is not keeping records ever since 2-14-10 on my laptop, but it is working fine on my desktop
is there a fix to this problem and events had happened on my laptop that should be on the monitor

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I checked out my computer's Reliability Monitor in Windows 7, and the results seem to be pretty poor.....You can find your Reliability Monitor by clicking Start>search > reli, then click on "View Problem History.

My reliability monitor in Windows 7 is not working and empty. It was stuck on Dec 12th and I followed what I thought was a reset procedure I found. Now it is just empty all the time. Any suggestions on fixing it? Thanks!

Yesterday I had a BSOD. I was looking into doing what I needed to do to ask for help here. Then I thought of trying out the reliability Monitor. It told me that at the time of the incident I had a Video Hardware Error.

The computer was running weird. There was nothing I could put my finger on though. It was just a little sluggish. I downloaded a new copy of my video card driver and installed it. Now it is running as sweet as it usually does.

I'm fairly sure I fixed it. My question is do you guys think I could rely on this or should I ask you guys to check out the crash dump?

The thread entitled Sony TFT Monitor Not Detected (Business)
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Is there any way to export the data from Reliability Monitor into a report. I looked at creating a custom report, and I managed to work out that I needed to create a Data collection set, but couldn't find what to include if I wanted the Reliability Monitor data. I got a headached just reading the help file!!!!!!!!

I have some beta software on test from a manufcaturer, and would like to demonstrate the number of crashes caused by this software. An analysis of this data would be best way to demonstrate this. I have amost zero software crashes on my PC from anything else, and I'm guessing that 98% plus are down to one beta prog.



I regularly check the System Stability Chart in Reliability Monitor, the Index is generally between 7 and 8, but one item has been regularly failing over the last few months.

Since 6 August 2009, svchost.exe_CryptSvc has stopped about 40 times, before that date it doesn't show at all (PC was new in May 2009).

I have no idea what svchost.exe_CryptSvc does and have Googled it to try to learn something, but most hits are about it taking excessive CP time or preventing Microsoft Updates. My updates appear to be fully up-to-date and I don't notice excessive CP time (except in my antivirus, AVG).

On 6 Aug, the first day it stopped working, there were 4 Software (Un)Installs listed:
Adobe Reader 9.1.3 (configuration change),
Adobe Reader 9.1.3 (appl. install),
Java 6 Update 15 (appl. install failed) and
Vista Services Optimiser 1.1.42 (appl. install)

Could one of these be causing svchost.exe_CryptSvc to stop? Should I be concerned about this?


Get help from the Windows Reliability Monitor

By Woody Leonhard

Windows abounds with special-purpose tools that can help in the care and feeding of the beast — if you can just figure out where to find them.

Today, I'd like to introduce you to the Reliability Monitor, one of my favorite ways to identify and exorcise the demons that lurk within.The full text of this column is posted at (opens in a new window/tab).

Columnists typically cannot reply to comments here, but do incorporate the best tips into future columns.

Hi there,
When I press the start button on the computer, it seems to start , but no peep signal and the monitor not showing any response. I have to switch the computer OFF then ON a couple of times before I hear the peep signal and see the booting screen on the monitor. My Operating system is Win XP Home edition-SP2.
Your help will be much appreciated

I like to keep an eye on my hard drive temperature, and I can in Windows XP, but on my dual-boot setup with Windows 7 x64 I have lost the ability to view temperatures. I've tried using Everest, Speed Fan and Active@ Disk Monitor and they all return the same result - that SMART detection is not available on my drives. My drives are SMART supported, and I have SMART monitoring enabled in my BIOS. I have tried running all programs with Administrator privelages, and my UAC settings are at default.

Right now I'm placing the blame on my motherboard's Vista x64 drivers (no Win7 drivers available), but if at all possible I'd like to see if anybody has experienced this problem and come up with a solution. After several google searches I have come up empty handed.

System specs below.
Code: Computer: Computer Type ACPI x64-based PC Operating System Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate OS Service Pack - Internet Explorer 8.0.7100.0 DirectX DirectX 10.0 Computer Name MAGNI User Name Marcus Logon Domain Magni Date / Time 2009-05-12 / 05:10 Motherboard: CPU Type DualCore Intel Core 2 Duo E6550, 2333 MHz (7 x 333) Motherboard Name ECS NF650iSLIT-A (3 PCI, 2 PCI-E x1, 2 PCI-E x16, 4 DDR2 DIMM, Audio, Gigabit LAN) Motherboard Chipset nVIDIA nForce 650i SLI System Memory 2048 MB (DDR2-800 DDR2 SDRAM) DIMM1: G Skill F2-6400CL5-2GBPQ 2 GB DDR2-800 DDR2 SDRAM (5-5-5-15 @ 400 MHz) (4-4-4-10 @ 266 MHz) BIOS Type Award (04/13/07) Communication Port Communications Port (COM1) Display: Video Adapter NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT (512 MB) Video Adapter NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT (512 MB) 3D Accelerator nVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT Monitor Acer X191W [19" LCD] (L950B0293913) Multimedia: Audio Adapter nVIDIA nForce 430i (MCP51) - High Definition Audio Controller Storage: IDE Controller Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller Storage Controller AML1O8XQ IDE Controller Storage Controller NVIDIA nForce Serial ATA Controller Storage Controller NVIDIA nForce Serial ATA Controller Disk Drive Kingston FCR-HS219/1 USB Device Disk Drive Kingston FCR-HS219/1 USB Device Disk Drive Kingston FCR-HS219/1 USB Device Disk Drive Kingston FCR-HS219/1 USB Device Disk Drive WDC WD16 00AAJS-00WAA SCSI Disk Device (149 GB) Disk Drive WDC WD50 00AAKS-00H2B SCSI Disk Device (465 GB) Optical Drive OPSXKF 6VKT2VKLI SCSI CdRom Device SMART Hard Disks Status Unknown

Hi fellow beta testers,

I have had an issue with windows 7 seems to affect all versions atleast for me. The issue is that my monitors 90% of the time will not go to power saving mode on their own after the computert has been idle. Occasioanlly the screensaver will not start either, in which case I am left with static images on my screens for hours.

I think the later issue may be due to media applications (vlc, winamp) not releasing their hold on the system to not start the screensaver.

I've also considered the fact that my mouse is very sensitive and maybe subtle vibrations are enough to keep the screen saver / power saving from starting. I've disconnected that for long periods with no change.

I guess i'm looking for suggestions for troubleshooting my issues. Or just to see if anyone else is having similar problems. My relevant stystem specs at the moment are:
Win 7 7077
geforce 260
One Dell 2208WFP connected via DVI
One Samsung Synchmaster 940n connected via DVI
Video Driver from nvidia's webpage version[/INDENT]


After upgrading to Windows 7 64bit after Vista Home Premium 32bit, every single time I visit a site, forum etc...where I have to type in my Username and Password, unfortunately Windows 7 OS does not hold in memory the Username, at least, which in many sites is my e-mail (quite long) and so I have to retype it again any single time! It is very frustrating and time consuming! I haven't touched anything in IE8 or Mozilla settings in Internet Options! It should keep the username as Vista & XP did!
Is any fix of this bug? I just installed Windows 7 and my computer is brand new!
Thank you in advance!

I have a monitor and a TV. My Monitor is my main display while my TV is my "attached' display. Ive had Win7 for a few days and have a few issues:

Issue 1# Items are sometimes moved to my TV display. Other times ill open them up and they will start out in my TV display (and this is a big headache for programs like Password Agent). This means I either need to go thru the entire process of moving it (tnx for making that harder btw microsoft) or I need to open up my TV (or switch to the HDMI input if im watching tv). How do I fix this? It was a really rare problem on WinXP that mainly only happened when I switched resolutions (because of a game) but this is only day 3 of win7 and im ready to go on a shooting spree :P

Issue 2# In Windows XP I had a single folder shortcut on my attached TV. I only used that particular path for TV. So every time I clicked on it the folder would open on my TV. That way if I didnt have a folder open, I could easily open it up and navigate to where ever. Problem: Win7 decides to make the folder "location" global across all paths and HDDs. So if folder A is in my main monitor, I close it, and open folder B in my TV, it will go to the same location as folder A. Its like I need to re-enable the "remember location for individual folders".

Issue 3# Ive switched the toolbar back to Win7 style. Problem is, if I had a fodler open, firefox open then I open up another folder, its not item #3, it injects itself with the other folders. I like having the ability to move them, but I want them to stay in there open order unless I move them....

Issue 4# Is it possible to get rid of the side bar and get the favourite backs on the folders? I do like that it saves me 1 click, but it takes up extra space...

im setting up an ITX jukebox PC for my dad and the CTX touchscreen monitor i got for it won't cooperate. im not sure if its Windows 7 or the monitor itself causing the issues. essentially the axises are totally screwy. its like the monitor is rotated 90o to the left. i tried letting Windows install the drivers and using the touchscreen calibrator built into Windows 7 but no luck. the driver disc that came with the monitor didn't work.

i know its a pretty specific question but any help would be awesome!

I recently built a new computer (specs below) and have no problems with it except that whenever the computer goes to sleep and I wake it up, either with the power button or keyboard, the monitor does not wake up. I can fix the problem easily enough by cycling the power on my monitor. After the monitor boots, if I left my internet browser or any other windows opened they would be re-sized, like the computer changed to a smaller resolution. But it will be at 1920x1080 like it should be.

I have updated my bios, I am running the most current version of video drivers, I really don't know why this is happening, and it isn't breaking my computer by any means, but it's kind of frustrating when I just built a brand new computer and its not working properly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

ASRock Z77 Extreme 4 mobo
i7 3770k processor
16GB G.SKILL Ripjaw DDR3 1600 RAM
MSI Nvidia 660Ti 2GB Video Card (Manufacturer Overclocked)
Windows 7 64 bit

And the monitor is an Acer S231HLbid

Thank you,

Hello All,
This is my first post, so here it goes. I'm working on my first DB form. My newest pet peeve in life is how the "next record" button will go to a new record once it's reached the last record in the db. Is there any way to get this button to act as a navigation button only and not create a new record?

My code Sir (or Ma'am):
Private Sub HelpdeskBack_Click()
On Error GoTo Err_HelpdeskBack_Click

DoCmd.GoToRecord , , acPrevious

Exit Sub

MsgBox "Beginning of database", vbOKOnly, "First Record"
Resume Exit_HelpdeskBack_Click

End Sub

I've attached a picture of the form for good measure.

Thank you for you time,

I have a distributed front-end MS/Access database that users enter and update items to backend tables (on a LAN) and then add any new entries and update any changes to an Oracle table.

The records in Oracle are updateable through the Web for a few fields that are not updateable from MS/Access. (I use OpenRecordSet and update the fields via code to prevent updating these fields by the users of the MS/Access database.)

This is working well except for two incidences.

My problem is that on two different occasions I have gotten this error when I try to update the items to Oracle:
"The Microsoft Jet database engine stopped the process because you and another user are attempting to change the same data at the same time. (Error 3197)"

The records are not locked by Oracle and can be updated via PL/SQL or the WEB.

I have used the 'Compact and Repair' option and tried the Jet compact utility on both the Front-end and Backend. Neither of which worked to correct the problem.
I dropped (deleted the links to the Oracle table and re-linked.)

I was able to delete the items from Oracle and then Add these back from my upload process without any corrections to the data.

Frontend has links to the backend tables and ODBC links to the Oracle tables.

Does anyone have an idea of what might be causing this to happen and is there a way to reset the records?

Hi I am working on an inherited application. On a form there is the one side with customer details and a number of tabs with the various many tables that off shoot. I am adding to this "monster" and have a customer, to account, to transactions so main form, sub 1 then sub 2. I have put this on a tab to keep things consisitent for the user but oddly on sub 2 where there are not exisitng records I am unable to put any in, indeed there is no row ready to accept data entry and the record navigation buttons are greyed out. I have enclosed a screen dump to illustrate.

Mnay thanks, Darren.

Every few days my pc seems to update all my software programmes under an item called 'Application Configuration change' which can be seen listed under Computer Management/Reliability Monitor. However the pc (HP Laptop dv6525ea/Vista SP2) otherwise seems to be functioning OK.

What I get in the Event description is :
Windows Installer reconfigured the product (Product name etc ...) and it seems to be all my installed programmes.

I have searched the net and find some references to this problem under Event 1035 so its 'not just me'. But I can't find any solutions listed.
Any experts/ other users with these problems who can offer suggestions please?

(JUST FOR INFO TO OTHER HP SOFTWARE USERS ... in case any similar problem)

Hello gurus...we have a relatively large (20MB) database that is very "calculation-intensive" that produces some fancy looking reports complete with graphs. In Access 97, it worked well without a hitch. However, we have recently made the leap to Office 2000 and when it got converted, something strange is happening. When I print the report, it appears that the graphs cannot keep up with the raw data displayed. For instance, the numbers may range from 4-5 on the report, but the graph MAY show the numbers from the previous record, which could range from 65-75 (the report is ~700 pages). I say MAY show previous data because I could simply close the report, open it up again, and the same page could be correct this time. So, page 2 and 3 could be wrong one time, but right the next time when page 7 and 8 are wrong. Sorry for the long note, it's a tough one to explain.