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Hi all
I have encountered a strange problem while trying to do a custom install of Windows 7 on an XP SP3 machine.Just as a note I have done this successfully more than once,but this particular PC will not get past setting up the temp files needed to install.I get the "Windows could not retrieve information about your disks" error.Now I know the fix for this is to enable "Virtual Disk Service" in services.msc,the problem being that there is no "Virtual Disk Service" to enable.Any thoughts on this?
The machine in should be able to run Windows 7 according to the "Adviser" so I'm stumped.
Thanks Pat

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I am trying to upgrade my son's laptop from Vista to Windows 7. My son's computer is a Toshiba Qosmio and I ran the Toshiba Upgrade Tool with no problems. The problem I have now is that the virtual memory service is not starting so when I start the install of windows 7, I get the error "windows could not retrieve information about disks on this computer". I tried to manually start the service and get the error "service failed to start". If I put it on automatic, it just stays on "starting". Obviously...this is not allowing windows 7 to see my disks. Disk management does not show my disks due to virtual memory service not being able to start. The computer is ready for the upgrade....just can't get passed this problem. I don't want to use the recovery disks if I can help it.

Hi all Guru's...finally decided to have a look and tried to install Win8 on a Virtual Disk (VHD) using Windows 7 disk management and following the instructions show here Guide to Installing and Booting Windows 8 Developer Preview off a VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) - Scott Hanselman

despite being able to attach the vdisk using the Command Prompt from within Win7 there was no way I was able to do the same thing during the install as required by the guide.

Other than creating a new partition and going that way are there any pointers to install on a VHD?

Have tried VirtualBox but obviously did something wrong because it spat the dummy big time.



Upon installation of Windows 7 check that your drives are visable by Disk Manager, if not you will have problems as time passes, most notable is the inability to do disk fragmentation either by the built in defragmenter or by programs such as Perfect Disk. The operating System will perform like everything is normal but it is broke.

This can be checked by:

1. Opening the Start Menu and right clicking on Computer and select Manage.

2. When the Manager opens select "Disk Management" and you should see "Connecting to Virtual Disk Service" and then the drive information should be displayed.

If it hangs on "Connecting to Virtual Disk Service" and does not display your drives you have a broken operating system.

Not sure if their is a MS hotfix or not but a reinstallation of Windows 7 fixed the problem on the two machines I have seen. BTW.. FWIW. Both machines were original loaded from a USB stick. and reloaded with the DVD.

I saw thread on similar problem and mentioned I need to make sure
services.msc -> Virtual Disk Service (VDS) to automatic and started. I made this change and click the install again. The same message shown again.

After message the VDS will stopped. I can restart and try install again. no luck.
I also try sfc/scannow and no luck.

My laptop is HP dv2000. Any help/hint is appreciated. I have been working on this since last night.

Hi. I have 5 hard disks on my computer (four SATA internal + one external). I was able to get disk management in W7 to work one time. It reported one of my hard disks incorrectly, telling me I have a 2 Teribyte drive when I do not have it. I attempted a reformat (NTFS, default). Anyway, after doing this, I decided to reboot, hoping that W7 would re-detect this and then correct the actual value of the disk (a 500 Gig HD). Since rebooting (I have done it several times), when I start Computer Management console and click on Disk Management, windows says at the bottom of the console "connecting to Virtual Disk Service..." but it never connects. It just remains in limbo. I checked system services and all the dependencies and they are all enabled, so its not a matter of some system service being disabled.

Has anyone else had this problem of not being able to use Disk Management to see the drives? Has anyone had an incorrectly reported hard disk volume? How did you solve this problem? What can I do to get W7 Disk Management to work again?


Hi! Anybody heard of Virtual Disks ? It's something they are developing for Windows 7: Windows 7 to add native support for Virtual Hard Disks - istartedsomething


Im trying to setup a Soft RAID 5 on my Win7RC install. Disk Manager hates me, it takes forever to connect to the Virtual Disk Service, and then it sits there and never loads the disk information.

When and if it ever loads I cannot create a RAID 5 set even though I have upgraded by 3 500 GB non system or boot drives to dynamic.

Disk 0: System reserved and System Installed.
Disk1,2,3: -> RAID 5....

Any Ideas?

You have a Virtual Disk Service (VDS) 3.0 hardware provider installed that supports “LUN NUMBER SUPPORTED” feature on a computer (HOST) that is running Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows 7. When you run the Diskraid command to list the LUNs on the...


Just recently i decided to partition about half of my hard drive so I could re-install windows vista to it so i could boot off of that when needed. All seemed to be going well, until just a bit ago. I Managed to partition 100gigs to dedicate to my windows vista files on the computer, but before i even had the chance to install to the new drive i started having problems with the explorer. When I try to access my C drive, the default drive which I partitioned from, I cannot. The window just shows the loading bar up top but never reaches the end, and the window becomes unresponsive. The strange thing is that i can access all my other folders on the C drive though shortcuts and other means, but not by going though "My Computer".

I am also having software issues, and many programs will not load or function when i try to open them, including my virus scanner. The partitioned drive works fine, but the disk management tool will not load when I try to start it and just says "Connecting to virtual Disk Service...", so I cannot delete the newly created partition and extend the volume back into the original drive.

Please help, my computer is just about useless because of this and I have resulted to using my laptop for everything.

EDIT: I also am forced to manually shut down the computer each time, I even have all the same problems while in safe mode.


[00:45] Windows Server 2012 RTM Dates Announced[01:50] An updated System Center Operations Manager MP was releaded for Windows Server 2008 R2 (and earlier)[02:35] System Center SP1 CTP2 is available as VHDs for several System Center 2012 components[03:45] The Windows Server 2012 licensing model has been announced[06:20] System Center 2012 "Self-Study" resource guides are available[07:20] Feedback is wanted on the beta version of the System Center 2012 VMM Infrastructure Planning & Design (IPD) guide[08:15] The beta for the Virtual Machine Servicing Tool (VMST) has been released
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I am trying to upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit from Vista 64 bit. When I put in the Windows 7 installation disk into the DVD drive and click "Install Now", it goes to a full-screen setup page, which reads: - Setup is copying temporary files...
- Setup is starting...
- Then an error message pops up which states "Windows could not retrieve information about the disks on this computer."

I have tried the to start the Virtual Disk on my computer by going into Services and get the following error: "Windows could not start the virtual disk on Local Computer: Error 3 The system could not find the path specified.

Then I started playing around with the Vista Device Manager. I went to my hard drive and clicked on properties and then to the Volumes tab. No data was populated so I clicked the populate button and received the following error: "Volume information for this disk could not be found."

I have updated the disk drive to the most recent driver and still have the same error.

Any information or help would be greatly appreciated.

Are Virtual Disks (disks that exist only in Random Access Memory) possible with Windows XP? In some earlier versions of Windows (like 95 and 98), a line like this in Config.sys would work:
devicehigh=c:windowsramdrive.sys 4096 /e
device=c:windowsramdrive.sys 4096 /e
It may be left over from DOS.


Ok i've not used a Hyperviser before and before I go any further with it I was hoping someone could help me out with a couple of queries that I cant find much information on.

The Setup:
I have an old server lazing around its a AMD Athlon x64 3600+ with 1GB of RAM.
It is currently running Windows Server 2008 however I need some support that it can't offer. Windows 7 can do what I want so heres the plan.

I want to install Windows 7 on VMWare Hyperviser ESXi but I want to be able to have:
1 - Virtual Disk with Windows 7 on it and 1 with Ubuntu server CLI only.
Allow Windows 7 direct access to 1 or more of the physical drives in the server seamlessly. (Not Network Shares) (Note: I do not need Ubuntu to access any physical drives)
I also want to have Windows 7 access a USB Drive for use with Readyboost

I know that ReadyBoost will not work in a virtual machine with a Host OS and neither will HDD direct access. Thats why I'm hoping VMWares hyperviser can do it?

Is this possible?

''Windows cant retrive information about disks on this computer'' this is the text i get when on screen appears ''setup is starting'' anyone knows what is the problem I tryed with drivers and something with virtual disk but still nothing.If there is already thread about this im sorry i couldn't find it useing forum search.

Hi! Thank you for reading this. Here's my problem:

I get errors when trying to install programs. They seem to relate to the temp folders.
I have 4 partitions on my HD: a system partition of 100mb, c: 110GB with windows and programs, D: 8Gb for virtual mem, E: 800+GB data.
When I instal from E: to C: or from a (virtual PowerIso) disk to C: i get install errors. So the big problem is, i can't install anything from a (virtual) disk. The small problem is, it's just not a perfect install. The other big problem is that it's a PC intended for my mother and I don't want her having any issues with it down the line.... which I then have to solve ;-)

Two examples:
installing Partition Wizard home edition 7, double click setup, popup error: Setup was unable to create the directory "C:UsersMarjaAppDataLocalTempis-RIVB.tmp". Error 5: Acces is denied.
Installing Crysis 2 (illegal) it starts with trying to install VC++ 2008 redis. and immediately there's an error: The installation package or a needed file could not be opened. Verify that the package exits and that you can access it.

When it doesn't happen
When I copy the Partition Wizard setup, or any setup files for that matter to C: it installs perfectly. So basically it only happens when not installing from C: and the setup wants to put data in the temp folder.

What may have caused it
I have moved some of the special folders. Downloads, my pictures, my videos, my music, my documents, saved games and desktop.

What i tried to fix it
System restore to first pointCheck temp folders, they are there TEMP and TMP. (C:UsersMarjaAppDataLocalTemp)I am logged onto the (only) administrator accountI run the setup as administratorI've run sfc /scannow twice. Fixed some stuff the 1st time, but did not solve the problem. Second time it was clean.Ran the ms utility form Diagnose and fix program installing and uninstalling problems automatically but it didn't find anythingRan windows repair from USB boot but that didn't find or fix anythingSwitched of Avast (only security program active in bckgrnd)Unmarked 'read only' (right click on folder) from the AppData folder and subfolders plus itemsAlso tried to follow the steps in this KB arctile but when I get to step 4 (shift r-click open elevated command window here) i get a pop up saying: "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Please install a program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Program Control panel."
More info
I've attached some reports just to be on the safe side. DxDiag, Msinfo32 and CBS log

What to do?
A clean install is not an option at this point. So.... I don't know. Attached Files DxDiag.txt (33.3 KB, 49 views) msinfo32.txt (503.6 KB, 134 views) Share Share this post on Digg Technorati Twitter
Operating System Windows 7 32bit
Computer Type Homebuild
OS Service Pack SP1
Internet Explorer Version 9
DirectX Version 11
CPU Type and Speed AMD Phenom II 4 965 (3,4Ghz)
Motherboard Chipset MB= Asus M5A78L-M/USB3
Video Card Type and Speed Sapphire 9650 2GB
Power Supply Unit (PSU) OCZ 500w
Sound Card Onboard
Hard Drive Samsung spinpoint 1TB
Optical Drives none
USB Controller 3.0 enabled
System Install Date october '11
Computer Skill Level Average Ability
Favorite Application FireFox
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Join Date Sep 2011 Posts 279 Re: Trouble installing software This seems to be a duplicate of another thread. There is an answer there.

When installing a program with a setup file from my data partition (E:) or a (virtual) disk to C: I get error codes indicating installer cannot create files in the temp folder.
When I then copy the setup file to anywhere on C: it runs and installs without any problem.

So I can't install software from a (virtual) disk.

What i did to cause this?
The only thing I can come up with is moving some of the special folders to the data disk; my documents, my music, my videos, my pictures, desktop, saved games and downloads. I did this by creating a folder, for example E:Desktop and then going to C:UsersMarja, r-click on Desktop folder and selecting Move... Then pointing to E:Desktop and included all files when moving.

Good to know:
- It installs windows updates without problems.
- Clean install is not an option
- Different errors occur for any setup.exe from any program and always indicate not being able to write/create data to temp folders. For example; "Error 5 Access denied", bla bla was not able to create temporary folder, NSIS errors.

What I tried:
Switched of Avast (only active security)Took ownership of the setup file and took ownership of the temp folders.Check if the Temp folders were set to the right location. They were. Though at the moment I can only find: C:UsersMarjaAppDataLocalTempLogged in on administrator account Marja.Ran the setups as administratorUAC is on lowest setting. No notifications.Ran SFC /Scannow twice. Found some issues first time, fixed them, didn't solve the problem. Second time no issues found.Ran repair from USB windows install 'disk'. Found no problems with windows.Went to temp folder and r-click removed the 'read only' mark from the folder and sub folders and files.
What to do?

DxDiag.txt Attached Files msinfo32.txt (503.6 KB, 88 views) Share Share this post on Digg Technorati Twitter
Operating System Windows 7 32bit
Computer Type Homebuild
OS Service Pack SP1
Internet Explorer Version 9
DirectX Version 11
CPU Type and Speed AMD Phenom II 4 965 (3,4Ghz)
Motherboard Chipset MB= Asus M5A78L-M/USB3
Video Card Type and Speed Sapphire 9650 2GB
Power Supply Unit (PSU) OCZ 500w
Sound Card Onboard
Hard Drive Samsung spinpoint 1TB
Optical Drives none
USB Controller 3.0 enabled
System Install Date october '11
Computer Skill Level Average Ability
Favorite Application FireFox
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Join Date Mar 2010 Posts 959 Blog Entries1 Re: Installer issues? Temp folder issues? Try this article and see if it works Why do I get NSIS Error - NSIS also try the part using /NCRC command switch. But in my experience most of the installer should be local and recommend to be in local rather than virtual , cloud or network drive.

I have just purchased a new machine with Windoze 7 64 bit OS.
I must say everything is pretty much running perfectly - more than happy.
I use a lot of industrial software and generally the manufacturers are way behind the times with operating system compatability. Drivers and programs are generally way out of date - some have just gained Vista compliance!! Drivers left running etc and interferring with other software.
Hence I need to run Virtual Machine for most of it.
I set up XP mode for a program. Had to go in and rename the Virtual Machine and the Virtual Disk to reflect the program I wish to run.
Now when I click on XP mode, the Virtual Machine I set up bfore runs automatically.
I really wanty to set a XP mode for another Virtual Machine for a different set of software - the 2 do not get on together at all.
How can I set up a new Virtual Machine in XP mode without having to set up a clean Virtual Machine and load the OS?
Any help appreciated.

Found this out on the web for those interested...This is a specific tutorial on installing Win 7 on a Virtual disk...
Virtual PC Example

However..keep in mind the Windows 7 Beta and Virtual PC 2007 - Additional Info:
Microsoft Virtual PC

• USB is not supported, although standard peripherals that make use of USB on the host OS are recognized as otherwise

• To facilitate exchange and sharing of files, folders and data between the host operating system and the guest operating system, Virtual PC supports installing Virtual Machine Additions

• Host operating systems
NOTE: Some operating systems that are not officially supported, including Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows XP Media Center Edition, , XP Home Edition, or the Windows 7 Public Beta also work

• Guest operating systems
Virtual PC 2007 supports virtualizing the following operating systems:
Windows 7 Beta (32-bit versions of build 7000)

More @ »

Virtual PC 2007 SP1 Release Notes

• Support for 64-bit host operating systems
This release of Virtual PC 2007 supports 64-bit host operating systems. However, there is no support for 64-bit guest operating systems.

Thanks to Kabanos over at