Size Columns to Fit ?


Every time I open Explorer I have to manually size all columns to fit which is a bit annoying, is there any way to keep all columns at full width, I have tried to tools view set all folders as this but it does not seem to work.



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Any one know how to set 'size all columns to fit' as default in Windows 7 Explore ?

I think this might be a real teaser....!

I use Excel to print labels for the spines of my filing. Because I use a 'template' (not in the Excel sense of the word) I enter all the text in one place which is then referenced elsewhere in the spreadsheet, with formats applied (change of orientation, colour etc etc) for printing for the spine etc.

I'd like to know if there's any fancy way of being able to AUTOMATICALLY adjust the contents of the cell to fit the column widths in these referenced cells where the column width has been set up to fit the size required for the spine etc. I currently size the font afterwards to maximise its fit to the column width.

Help please!


I have a form with some command buttons that run queries and then open a report in preview mode. The form is about five inches by three inches, and it opens in a window sized to fit it. So far, so good.

The reports open in a window that is too small to be useful - so the natural reaction is to maximize the window. However, when the user then closes the form view (typically after printing) the form loads again - but now it is in a maximized window, leaving the form in the upper left with an ocean of gray around it. The user MAY think to 'restore' the window (and then we are all happy) or he may try to close via the "X" close box (and then we are not happy). Either way, it looks very sloppy.

I have looked for a command that would re-size the window back where it should be that I could attach to the 'gotfocus' event - it seems available for controls, but not for the window. Does anyone have any suggestions?

So I've now got an embedded PowerPoint slide (OLE object) on a form in my database... It's effectively my "whiteboard" to draw out representations of data within the database..

The next step I'd like to try is to be able to resize the form and its contents (my "whiteboard") to the screen. I'm using it effectively as a "preview" mode, so I would like to allow for as much screen real estate as possible...

I've written some code to resize the window to some value slightly less than the maxmium screen size, but cannot for the life of me resize the embedded powerpoint slide. When I try to do so, it just disappears from the screen. (when I go into design mode on the form, it is there again, in its original size)

Any ideas?

Here's the code I've got so far..

Private Sub form_Load()

Dim sldPanelPreview As PowerPoint.Slide

Dim sglWindowWidth As Single
Dim sglWindowHeight As Single
Dim lngTwipBuffer As Long

' need a refernce...
Set sldPanelPreview = Me!pptPanelPreview.Object

' Remove all shapes on the slide to have a clean slate...
If sldPanelPreview.Shapes.Count > 0 Then _

' done with the reference
Set sldPanelPreview = Nothing

' window setup...
Me.ScrollBars = 0
Me.NavigationButtons = False

' we want to see the WHOLE thing...
' but we can only resize stuff in a 'restored' mode..
' so we'll maximize to get the screen size, and then
' restore to resize things..
' we need the TWIPS value...
sglWindowWidth = Me.InsideWidth
sglWindowHeight = Me.InsideHeight

' now let's try and resize this stuff...
' 1440 twips = 1", so we'll go 1" from screen edges to be safe
' and we'll center...
lngTwipBuffer = (1440 * 2) ' 1440 twips = 1"
DoCmd.MoveSize lngTwipBuffer / 2, lngTwipBuffer / 2, _
sglWindowWidth - lngTwipBuffer, sglWindowHeight - lngTwipBuffer

' Now... let's resize the slide to fit the new form.
pptPanelPreview.Width = Me.InsideWidth / 1440 ' width in inches
pptPanelPreview.Height = Me.InsideHeight / 1440 ' height in inches

End Sub

I am attaching a form with the "To Fit"command going into use. The problem here, is that I need each individual Last Name field (heck any field would do) to only be as wide as the entry of that last name in each persons individual form. When I choose the "To Fit" command, the field does nothing. It remains the same size no matter what I do....HELP What am I doing wrong, or not doing right...hehe..enclosing a pic of scenario

I have an Invoice report with three parts. The top part never changes in size. The middle section and the bottom section change according to the amount of information relative to that client. Is there a way to keep all three parts on one page? Basically, I need a print to fit page command. Quite often, the information forces the report to be 2 pages, when it could easily fit on one page. Thank you.

I know i can autosize a control to fit text size... but is there a method of autosizing text (changing font size) to fit neatly within the boundary of a control? Can Grow is not an option on this particular report because it is replica of a real fill in form that needs to be submitted and Can grow messes up the whole darn thing... As usual any suggestions are appreciated... Thank you...

I have a simple report that I want to present when the user clicks a button and enters some search parameters. It works just fine; however, when the report comes up in preview mode, it is at zoom level 100%. To get to subsequent pages, the user has to reach over to the mouse and click on the report to change the zoom level to "fit". From there, the user can use the page down and page up keys to navigate from page to page, etc.

Is there a way to have the report display in preview mode but change the zoom level to "fit" automatically? We are using Access 2000.


It there a way in Outlook 2007 to print to fit one page wide like the feature in Excel?

I have an associate that has a number of columns in a category layout of contacts but wants to fit the columns to one page wide.

Hello All

There is a spread sheet in use where I work that is used for reporting various accounting numbers. The sheet also has to contain information on actions in place to improve these numbers. The problem occurs when people print the sheets off. Due to the monthly variation in the quantity of text in each cell the height of the print changes to allow the print to fit on one page. Is there any way that VBA will allow me to alter the height and width of the cells I want to print to get the best fit for a page? If so I'll be a happy bunny, and a few more trees will be alive this time next month.

I've used VBA lightly in Access, but never in Excel, other than altering the occasional recorded macro, so please be gentle with me.

Thanks for the help


Someone told me that they thought there was an Automatically Resize to Fit Contents option in excel in that when I type in a cell and the text is longer then the column width, Excel will automatically widen the column. Sort of like an automatic autofit selectioncommand. I know MS Word has the option but we can't find it in Excel if it does exist.

Is there such an option. Thank you,

I'm having problems designing images used as backgrounds to fit the 21" - 25" monitors.

When most screen resolutions were in the 800x600 or 1024x768 range, I never noticed any problems with the default tiling properties, but now the larger screens are repeating my 1024 x 768 images both horizontally and vertically. This becomes a difficulty, especially when I do any image-mapping with links.

How can I get a "universal" size that fits all monitors? This has become a critical issue for me with a couple of new clients' web sites, and I would appreciate an emailed answer in addition to whatever interest this might generate in the Lounge.

Most elements in HTML seem to expand to fill the entire width of the page, tables being a major exception. I recently discovered the FIELDSET tag, which creates a "frame-like" box around form elements (and using CSS, you can style the legend with a semi-3D look). So far so good. However, the FieldSet extends across the entire page by default, as there is nothing to "contain" it except the FORM element. Hmmm... I could embed the form in a single-cell TABLE, but I was hoping to find another way. On an Italian discussion board, I found a tip that seems to work well in Firefox. The tip is to add a style setting of display: table to the FORM element, which causes the form to change its behavior from an implicit width=100% to shrink-to-fit, thus shrinking the FieldSet along with it.

Search by Client


of client name (prefix)
Anywhere in client
name (letter string)
Exact client code (e.g.,

The corresponding CSS is:
#frmCliSrch {padding: 5px 0px; display: table }
fieldset {border: 1px solid #566370}
legend {font-weight: bold; font-size: 90%;
background: #D2D8DD; padding: 2px 8px;
border: 1px solid #ccc;
border-bottom-color: #566370;
border-right-color: #566370}
#frmCliSrch table {margin: 8px}

But not in IE. The translation site seemed to show that the people in that thread also could not make this work correctly, so I am not alone.

Does anyone have any other ideas for a magic "shrink-to-fit" solution for IE? I guess it's okay if my site looks better in Firefox than in IE, but it's always nice to make more people happy.

Working with a mail merge in Word 2000 and several times the text for a particular cell is too large and wraps below what is visible (the cell sizes must remain constant). I've been pulling may hair out looking for the equivalent of shrink to fit in Excel or Publisher's Autofit which automatically adjusts the font size so that all of the text fits within the predefined boundaries of the table cell. This would seem like a fairly straight forward requirement but I can't for the life of me find a way to do it. Thanks a million for any help!

I have a webpage I am working on that has three frames, one for content, one for images, and one for navigation (menu). Menu selection drives what goes into the target frames.

I know how to resize images using HTML to a specific size but how do you code it such that the image willl automatically scale to fit the frame and, hence, look right on any screen size or resolution?


I created a docx from an html file and broke the links and embedded the images in the docx. Now, I have a continuous document with images that are too big. First, is there a way to insert a page break after each picture, so that it appears on a separate page? Inserting a page break after each images does not work. The document stays in continuous mode, much like a PDF. Second, is there a way to resize the images all at once so that each image fits a page? I only want to make each image fit, but not shrink those that already fit the page. Thanks.

I have been recording movies from TV in WMC. I have converted some of them to MPEG only to discover that most are too large to fit on a DV5 disc.

I have searched the net and downloaded and tried countless programmes, both free and trial versions and have not achieved a thing. Most refer to compressing from a DVD itself.

Should I have converted to DVD instead?

Can I convert from MPEG to DVD?

Can MPEG be compressed further to achieve my aim? (Most are around 4.5Gb on disc.)

The ones in MPEG I have successfully burned to disc are very high in quality.

My head is spinning at the myriad of programmes out there and what's worse, the amount of different formats there are for film/video/moving picture.

The latest Nero is one many point to and I cannot make head nor tail of how to use it. They have lost the plot in my opinion by simplifying and giving no instructions.

I think I will take the advice of some and that is not to record TV in WMC due to these very problems and use a programme that will record straight into either DVD or MPEG. Whicheve is the easiest to get onto disc.

Any sensible help and preferably simple solutions will be much appreciated.


Life was so much simpler in the '60's.

Can anyone help me to resize images (shapes) to fit the single cell that they are in.
The images are currently smaller than the cell
(but I would like to have code that could handle it if the image was bigger too, maybe something that identified the image in the cell using just it's topleftcell.address)
there are many images on the sheet to resize
I would like to keep the proportion of the image, and they come in all different proportions (some short & wide and some tall & skinny)
but all the cells are a standard proportion

Word has for some reason decided that the table feature "automatically resize columns to fit contents" option is now activated, not only for my PC but also my users.

I've tried editing the Normal template and turning it off, but it just turns it's self right back on again. I've even taken the desperate measure of deleting my Normal template... but it comes right back again with the default turned on. HELP suggestions please.