Erratic mouse behavior

In Win7 (desktop pc), I find none of the mice work nicely. The USB ones keep jumping all around. You click at one place but the result goes elsewhere. With a PS2 mouse, each one of them (I have three) stops after 10-15 minutes of windows start.

I even tried the wireless version, but of no avail. The keyboards normal/USB work well though.

The same mice work perfectly on my other desktops. I have tried many local/reputed manufacturers like Logitech, Qantum, iball etc. but found no difference. Also on the same desktop I have Win 2003 server, and no problems there.

Any ideas what to do? Thanks

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hi all....I wonder if anyone else has or had this problem. I've had this erratic mouse behavior problem for some time and it's so annoying. First I'll tell you I have a logitech wireless mouse, (optical, usb) it doesn't require any driver from what I've read about it.
the symptoms are clicking to a page or website usually is normal but rather quick, I guess nothing strange about that but if I click back out it will click two or more times to the original page I was at assuming I clicked into the page or site a number of times, example I click into the local newspaper, go to news section, from there go to local, to world, to out of obits, it will go to the original page or may even click out of the paper all together. This with only one click back. It will be erratic in 'cut and paste'...if I do this action sometimes it won't show the options when right clicking...where it should show 'cut or copy' it won't, and when it finally does, right clicking to 'paste' it won't,but eventually it does (usually). I tried to cut and paste a phone number (local paper ads) and it kept clicking this same number by it's side....the phone number eventually grew to 10 numbers side by side. Like just now.....I wanted to correct the last sentence I just wrote, I right clicked to highlight a word to 'cut it out' and the whole post here highlighted. Trying to highlight one or more words is difficult at times, and at times it will cut something out by itself, like when this whole thing highlighted, I try to correct and highlight just the one word it may cut the whole paragraph out or cut some part out. I can sometimes use "undo" but sometimes that won't show up.
Anyway....this kind of erratic behavior is hard to correct because it has continued when I've done a complete reformatt (such as with when I got a usb cdrom recently) reformatted and the mouse erratic kicked in. I've tried a bunch of different things like downloading a driver from the logitech site, even though it said it doesn't really need it, there is one I think you can use anyway. But did no good, so I don't bother with it.
Overall, it's buggy acting like this, is this a familiar problem anyone else ever have, what to do about it? thanks for any help.

After working relentlessly for days to cure an erratic mouse problem, I finally sent in a support request to Stardock Multiplicity. The jumpy mouse occurred at first only on the remote machine being controlled by the desktop through a hybrid connection to a secondary laptop. The Desktop is on a gigabit wired LAN and the laptop is on a gigabit wireless connection to the same router. Although I did finally receive feedback from Multiplicity, I explain the solution in the below quoted email I sent to them after solving the problem myself.

Email to Multiplicity Support:


I delayed sending the first request for support until I had tried everything in my own arsenal to fix the problem. I have used this configuration for years, with the PC being on the wired leg of the LAN and the laptop coming and going on the wireless part. Both are Gigabit Connections. The difficult part in analyzing the problem was that the erratic mouse movement was only present at first over the Multiplicity Connection on the remote machine. Even when erratic movements were being made with the main mouse, the touch pad on the laptop was smooth. Eventually, I started to notice the same problems on the PC on which the mouse was directly connected.

So between the time of my original request and this morning when I received your reply, I did a lot of research into the problem, including completely wiping the laptop OS and restoring the original factory configuration. Still no luck. Finally, on the Logitech support site I found someone complaining that the mouse transmitter/receiver had to be too close to the mouse pad for his liking. His mouse behaved exactly the same as mine. So I grabbed a USB hub with a long wire and ran it up next to the mouse pad. Presto, my mouse problem went away on the laptop. Then I realized the sudden onset of the problem was when I changed from a Logitech desktop mouse to a much smaller laptop mouse for the PC. The desktop version has a charger cradle designed to sit on the desktop, usually just inches from the mouse. The laptop mouse and its receiver would normally never be more than 12Ē from each other, but with the PC three feet from the desktop, the signal was just too weak.

What really flabbergasts me is how the problem didnít show up on the PC at first, just on the remote Laptop. Oh well. I do really appreciate your response to the problem. I would be truly lost without Multiplicity. I have used it for years and continue to laude its utility to friends and associates.


System Specs: Desktop, 3 GB RAM, Vista Home Basic, Intel 2.4 Ghz processor; Laptop HP DV7, 4 GB RAM, Vista 64 Home Premium, AMD Turion X2, 2. GHz processor. Router Linksys WRT310N, Mouse Logitech VX Revolution

This has been discussed before I'm sure (here and other forums) but I have continually been having trouble with the cursor jumping around erratically while typing (usually in a document or email - I use Office & Outlook 2007). While I noticed this problem with Vista, it seems to be more pronounced with Win7-32 bit (I did a full clean install several months ago). I have no other problems or complaints with Win7 and I'm not even sure this issue is related to Win7. I have the problem with 2 different laptops (one Dell and one HP) and I have done everything to minimize touch pad issues. I was wondering if anyone has found a lasting solution.


I was using a different keyboard, and in order to use the Function keys I also had to press a special key that looked like a magic wand. Now I have the following behavior with my mouse and keyboard. If I am in Windowx XP (but not in a program such as Excel or Word), and I press the right mouse button, instead of getting the usual drop-down menu the computer starts to run the installer for Counter Spy, I program that I do have and use. I have to press Cancel a couple of times to end this, and then I get the usual drop-down menu. Same thing with the Delete key. If, for example, I am in Windows Explorer and want to delete a file or folder and I press the delete key, I get exactly the same reaction.

Any ideas on how I can restore normal mouse and keyboard behavior?

Describes the irregular mouse behavior that occurs on computers that do not support USB or on computers on which the previous mouse software was not removed.


I have two, semi related problems.

I have 3 computer systems (the boxes are A120s from Iron Systems, the MBs
are Tyan with the 845 chip set, I think). They're all running XP Pro with

All of them, on occasion, think they have had a new mouse attached and
install drivers for the new mouse, even tho they've not really had a new
mouse installed. At the next reboot, the mouse is uncontrollable - the
pointer flys wildly across the screen in an apparently random motion. The
way to "correct" the problem is to boot into safe mode, delete the mouse
then reboot twice (while standing on your head in the corner with your
left thumb pointed due north).

So I figure can stop the *&*)(^(*&$% new hardware dude from checking, it
won't ever try and find a new mouse and things should be cool. I'm also
not likely to ever add new hardware to these machines anyway...

Of course a better solution would be to find out why the mouse goes nuts
but when there are statements in the MS knowledge base like those at;en-us;256043 (see the
"status" section) I doubt I'll ever solve the root problem...


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I have a mouse pointer issue. First Running Windows 7 Home Prem. Have a MS Comfort Curve 4000 Key board, LabTec 800 Mouse. Software is MS Intellitype Pro 8. Both devcices are USB connected hardware. Neither uses its "own" software but rather Windows.

Some times the mouse simply flys accross the screen seemingly to select some other program. Sometimes it goes to the start button sometimes to the task bar, sometimes to the browser (FF) tool bar. Does this running other programs as well. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the action. Anyone else experiencing this issue?

After uneventful installation of the mouse on my laptop, the mouse
works fine, but data entry is now screwed up. E.g. typing this note, the
data entry cursor will occasionally jump to a new place of its own
accord as I type. The new location may be in a different input area or
the same, usually within already-typed text.

This is a new problem, never encountered before installing this mouse.

* Compaq Presario notebook R3150US (P-IV 2.8 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 40 GB HDD).
* Mouse plugged in USB port; Batteries: good; signal: high.
* No other wireless devices.

* Windows-XP Home (SP-1, fully patched & updated).
* NAV updated weekly; SpyBot sweep weekly; ZoneAlarm in place.

* Reinstalled w/mouse software (IntelliPoint 5.0) from MS page.
* Cursor jump always coincident with a data key depression, never when
not typing. Not associated with particular keys as far as I can tell.
* Problem doesn't seem to be associated with particular applications,
but may be worse with this email client (Netscape 7.1) which, for
newsgroup composition, automatically wraps message text at 72 characters.
* I am not a power typist, so too-fast typing is not an issue.

I noticed that that place where the data entry cursor jumps is
related to the location of the mouse pointer, even to another open
window, which is then given focus. I tried setting the mouse option to
hide the pointer while typing, but that seems to have NO EFFECT -- the
pointer is not hidden and focus still follows the pointer. I have
learned to keep the pointer on my desktop to avoid data entry where I
don't want it, but it is still a major annoyance to have to restore
focus to the place where I was typing.
Further observation: The hide pointer option is SOMETIMES working, but
only if the pointer is within the window being typed upon. This seems to
be application dependent -- works in WORDPAD, but not in Netscape email

IAC, hiding the pointer doesn't prevent input cursor jumping, so is a
separate, unrelated problem.

How can I cure this nasty behavior?
Has anyone else seen this problem?


Heres the problem: In SOME full-screen applications when scrolling, the mouse gets jammed into the lower right corner. It's able to be moved away, but if I'm using it to control my camera (FPS style.) I end up looking 90 to 180 degree's to my right. It makes a lot of this impossible like zooming the map or easily using menus on skyrim, or changing weapons on any fps. (Killing Floor and Battle Field 3 checked.)

On DotA2 however, the scrolling it fine. Also in the steam client overlay, I can scroll the browser flawlessly.

I have a feeling this might be because I have 2 monitors and the games listed are on the 1st (main) display. The other issue below might complicate it or be another different issue.

On some applications I cannot click correctly, and only 1 out of every 5 to 15 go through.

I used a different mouse and it seemed to click correctly, but the other problem was still there.

The thing is, the clicking only messes up in a few programs: Ventrilo and Launchy are confirmed.

When launching the options menu of launchy, the mouse seems to gain pen based behavior or at least tracking.

It's odd and quite confusing. I've tried to find a solution for months (Checking google every 2-4 weeks.) and cannot figure out why this is happening.

Thanks in advance for any help I may receive.

I recently purchased Windows 7 and for a few months it was great. Then I did a repair install because I kept getting the 'busy' blue circle around the mouse pointer which was very distracting when trying to do my accountancy tests from the CD ROM.
After the repair install W7 seemed to be working okay for a while.
The next week or so I found programs (i.e. Excel) would suddenly shut down after a single click on the 'Office' symbol (top left). Also controlling files became problematic because a single click would mysteriously open a file, instead of e.g. selecting it. This and other erratic behaviour, the latest installment of which is the mouse wanders randomly around the screen, led me to believe I was the innocent victim of a nasty "malware" attack.
I was surprised because I use Kaspersky antivirus and Malwarebytes and use them regularly; I also have Driver Manager installed.
I back up regularly to an external USB hard drive, both manually copying files I use/modify often (mainly Excel), and doing a weekly back up using Windows 7 proprietory back up program.
Apart from re-installing it please can anyone recommend/suggest another option that might fix my issues with Windows 7? I could try System Restore but since I am not sure exactly when the problem emerged this is problematic.
Thanks in advance! (Written on my older XP System.)

My mouse is very erratic when I left-click and drag to select anything including text om MS Word or on any websites but most importantly in PS CS4 image areas. It will either select nothing, or parts of a line or select something and then lose track of it or very occasionally work just fine. This issue is not specific to any software package, it happens no matter what I am using or doing. IE8 or Firefox browsers make no difference. Any help is appreciated.

New build with Windows 7 Pro full edition all updates installed.

ASRock A780GXE/128M AM2+/AM2 AMD 780G ATX AMD Motherboard w/
ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics card onboard
AMD Phenom II X4 940 Deneb 3.0GHz Socket AM2+ 125W Quad-Core Black Edition Processor Model HDZ940XCGIBOX
8GB OCZ Reaper HPC 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500)
Western Digital Caviar Blue WD6400AAKS 640GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive
Sony Optiarc DVD Burner with LightScribe Black SATA Model AD-7241S-0B
Rosewill Conqueror RPS-01-WB500 ATX Mid tower w/500W Power Supply
Windows 7 Professional Full version (no upgrade)
Logitech MX3200 wireless keyboard
Logitech MX Laser wireless Mouse


Odd issue here:

I have two Win7 laptops and a Logitec bluetooth mouse. When I pair it to Laptop 1, it works fine as long as I don't ever connect it to Laptop 2. (On rare occasions it will become unrecognized even if I don't pair it with the other laptop. While that behavior may be related to the problem I am posting about, I have not found a way to reproduce that issue on demand.) If I pair the mouse with Laptop 2 and then return to Laptop 1, Laptop 1 no longer sees the mouse and I have to go through the long exercise of pairing the mouse to Laptop 1 again. Once I have done so, if I retrun to Laptop 2, laptop 2 no longer sees the mouse and I have to re-pair it to Laptop 2. So, basically, whenever i switch laptops, I have to pair my mouse. This gets very frustrating as I have to switch between laptops all the time. It is my understanding that this is not expected behavior. Am I mistaken? If I am right in expecting the mouse to remain paired to both laptops as I switch, does anyone have any thoughts on what might be causing this?

Many thanks!

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Win XP Pro, have had patches kept up to date, virus/spy scans done.
Everything is squeaky clean.

So download 110 megabytes of SP2. Surprisingly, everything seems
to work, well I turned off the included firewall/virus because I
already had those products from Norton. But the various things I
tried all seemed to work. I'm impressed.

Then I clicked on the recycling bin and found I couldn't select a
file to delete. Odd. In fact I couldn't click to close that,
couldn't click anywhere in it, every attempt just beeped at me.

Did a little digging, found control panel behaved the same. More
digging, anything that uses Windows explorer refuses any mouse
clicks in the window. It doesn't crash, like so many here have
reported. The show desktop button in the quick launch will minimize
them, so they haven't simply locked up, they respond to outside
requests. But mouse and keyboard input are refused/ignored.

I've now search Microsoft's web site for any suggestion. Nothing.
I've googled microsoft.public.* for any hint in any newsgroup. Nope.
Lots of people reporting theirs just crashes. But nothing like this.
Did find a few postings where people said something, like control
panel, didn't work and they might be seeing this same behavior, can't tell.
I don't think I have any Divix crap installed or anything else that
has been mentioned as a problem.

So, how do I fix this?

I have a WORD table with text form fields defined inside some of the cells. When I key text into a field, then use the mouse (or arrow keys) to highlight/select a portion of the text to edit it, the entire field starting at the position of the cursor to the end of the field is highlighted. For example, if the text I enter is "Fourscore and seven years ago" and I click the mouse with cursor positioned on the "s" in "seven", all of the text "seven years ago" is selected. I can't find any table property or other setting that might be related to this behavior.

My boss just received an excel worksheet from our Corporate office and when she clicked on another spreadsheet tab, her mouse pointer turned into another pointer that we have not seen before. If you put your pointer over the "new" icon in the toolbar, that's was the cursor turned into on the spreadshee. She also couldn't navigate anywhere else. When she put the funny new curser over any of the toolbars, the cursor would change to a circle with a slash that didn't allow her to do anything.

We closed the worksheet and Excel (using Ctrl-Alt-Delete) and brought it up again and the same thing happenned. She finally rebooted her computer and now it seems to be working fine. Anyone ever see this behavior before? or know what these cursors mean?


Weird Form Focus Problems With the Mouse

Here is a weird behavior;

VB6 SP5 and Windows2K

I have a form with the form MouseMove event set to Me.Setfocus; when the application runs, if I click on a blank space on the windows taskbar, the form still is the top window but its taskbar button is no longer pressed (form is no longer focused); now, if i move the mouse over the form, the form flickers rapidly about 20-30 times, settting itself to focus and unfocus alternatively before it stops and remains in a focused state; occasionally, this behavior will happen just when I start the application and not unfocus the application first.

Anybody have an ideas what could be causing this? Is this a bug with VB6? How might I fix this? My current workaround is to do a loop in the MousMove event that will set the focus about 20 times so that the flickering is less noticeable (it ends quicker); Is there something I am overlooking when dealing with MouseMove and focusing a form?

Thank you!


MIcrosoft as replaced this mouse 4 (repeat, 4) times due
to an erratic pointer. I have two other models of Microsoft
mice that each work as good as new after more than 5 years.
Do others out there also have this problem with this model?
I use it on a laptop and with the touch pad disenabled.


I have an unusual problem. There's this user who's mouse from time to time acts up and does wacky stuff. It'll jump around her screen or seem to select things when she's not using it. Her Windows XP SP3 workstation has been scanned repeatedly for virus and malware, none found. I've reinstalled the mouse drivers several times, no luck. Most of the time we can get it back under control by unplugging and then replugged in her mouse. Or rebooting. I've tried replacing her mouse (an optical mouse) and even tried a wireless mouse. No difference. I tried different USB ports. Nada.

So earlier this afternoon same call. Mouse gone wild. She rebooted but it didn't help. I went in and did the unplug/plug. No change. I switched her to a different mouse. Same effect. It was almost time for her to go home so she did. After she left I unplugged the mouse entirely to get the cursor to stop its bad behavior but the, strangely enough, the behavior continued even with the mouse unplugged! Analyzing the machine remotely I disabled the mouse drivers and reboot. The problem was still there!

That's when I saw the spoolsv.exe process was eating up 50% of the processor, even though nothing was going on and the machine had just been reboot. I disabled the print spooler and reboot. On reboot the wacky behavior was gone.

I next used msconfig to disable everything in startup, re-enabled the print spooler, and reboot. I hoped there was something in the startup effecting the spoolsv. On reboot the problem was back so I guess I can rule that out.

I tried reinstalling the mouse drivers and restarting the computer with the print spooler disabled but was still having difficulty, though not as wacky as before. Still bad enough to make the computer useable.

I'm so tired. I don't have a replacement machine for her to use tomorrow. I'll try to get up o-dark 30 and try again when I'm more awake. Suggestions on what this might be or how to go about troubleshooting it?