New tab in firefox opens blank page?

I would like to open my homepage (of which is Google but) it opens the usual (untitled) blank page.

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New tab opens to blank (white) screen. How can I get it to open in Google? I'm not talking about home pages, I'm good with that; when other tabs are open I want to open a new tab with Google displayed. I don't see anything in "Options" to do this.

Yeah, I'm gonna feel really stupid when someone gives me the answer.

Hello. Last month I installed Chome and liked it at first, but the glitch where accidently closing the broswer and not warning you and losing all your work prompted me to go back to IE. The problem is, now, when I click a link in OE for example it opens up a new window and I want it to open a new tab in the current window which it did before switching to Chrome. I want to keep Chrome being that I may want to use it in the future. I have gone into all the setting and researched online but I still can not get it to work. Thanks.

I've been trying to open the chrome URL of an extension (NewsFox) in a new tab in Firefox through a command line. I already do this for regular URLs and it works fine. I've tried the following:

firefox -new-tab chrome://newsfox/content/newsfox.xul

Despite myself, I am starting to prefer IE9; I like the way it renders pages and the overall look.
One thing I have yet to figure out as yet; when you try to open a site from your favorites list, it does not open in a new tab, it just takes your current page to the site.
What are the settings to get this to happen? In Firefox, it is just a right click to do so.

Something I picked up about the Main Index (Search for posts newer than ??hours). If I rightclick on any link in this page and choose "Open in new tab" (IE7), it opens in a new window?? This occurence is not the case in any other page in WOPR. Is this just my PC or has anyone else come across this?
Not a major issue, just thought I'd report it!

I'm on IE9, Win7 Pro 64-bit

When I click to put up a new tab, I get a blank screen rather than the New Tab page (which displays Popular Sites, re-open closed tabs, etc.)

Now, I know I can go into Internet Options and select "Change how webpages are displayed in tabs" , and then change the "When a new page is opened" option to "The new tab page" - but this is supposed to be the default setting anyway (if you click on 'Restore Defaults" at the bottom of that page). My problem is (and as I said, it's an annyance rather than a massive headache) that, whilst it remains at that setting even if I close IE9 and then re-open it, if I close down my PC completely, when I open up again the setting reverts to 'Show Blank Page'.

Any ideas ?

Just within the last 1-3 weeks (?) or so, I find that I can't click on links in other programs and have the URL load in Firefox, which is my default browser. They always used to load perfectly and switch me to the new tab in FF, but now they don't.

At first I tried disabling a couple of recent FF add-ons one at a time to see if one of them might have been the problem, but that didn't seem to solve it, though I may have missed one. Still, I can't imagine how an unrelated add-on could cause URLs not to load from other programs. I have tried loading URLs by clicking on them in Thunderbird, WordPad, MailWasher Pro, and even Libre Office, but all of them either just twitched the screen for an instant and then stopped, or else gave me a message such as "WordPad was unable to open the URL" or "There was a problem sending the command to the program" (Libre Office). However, when I copy and paste those same URLs into FF and hit Enter, those sites load perfectly.

I may be wrong in this, but it appears that something has changed within FF that now prevents links clicked in other programs from loading. My only other thought at the moment is that this may possibly have started about the time I upgraded from FF 10.0.2 to FF 11.0.1, but I have no firm evidence to support that theory.

This is really an annoying and inconvenient problem, so any help in resolving it will be hugely appreciated!


I run several simultaneous windows in FireFox, each with several tabs. (I currently have 11 windows open with a total of 92 tabs. A great A D D enhancer ) What addon can I use that will let me see all the tabs from all windows at once so that I can get to the correct tab?

I have my tabs set to open a new tab in the existing window, but new tabs are opening a complete new window. In looking at the settings I don't see anything amiss. Do any of you?
New Tabs.JPG

I use Maxthon alot for its mutiple tab browsing. Each time I click a link, I get a new tab. In IE7, it seems one has to open a new tab beforehand. Am I missing a setting that says Open in New Tab automatically? TYIA

Hey Guys/Girls,

I upgraded to the Windows 7 RC about a week ago, and I'm loving it. The one thing I have a problem with, however, is pinning web links to the taskbar. On XP, I could create a desktop shortcut to a web address (Twitter, Facebook, etc), and drag that icon to the taskbar and would open a new tab in Firefox/Chrome when clicked. When I take the same steps, all goes according to plan except when pinning it to the taskbar which forces me to pin the link under Firefox or Chrome. I want the link to stand by itself. I have my own icons for these links, and sometimes would prefer to just hit these icons then to 'right click' chrome and select twitter. i've seen help on adding 'my computer' and 'control panel' to the taskbar, but so far none for pinning internet links. Thanks so much!


Why does MSO2010 beta open up a new tab in Firefox with title like: file:///C:/Users/..myname../AppData/Local/Temp/OSCPP%201.html when one searches for a contact, or hits on a senders name? Any ideas...

Over Christmas I migrated to a new Win7 computer. All was well for a couple of weeks but suddenly IE8 will no longer open a link that should automatically open in a new window or new tab. Neither will it open a link in a new tab from the right click menu. The tab opens but loading never succeeds. If I go to the tab, get the focus into the address bar and press Enter, the page will load. Alternately, I can copy the link from the original page, paste it into an address bar and press Enter to get the desired page. These two methods fail, of course, if the link runs a script to open a new window.

I have looked for blocks in the security settings of IE and of my antivirus program, Avira. Nothing seems out of sync. Firefox and Chrome are handling these links as normal. One of my work-required sites is not completely compatible with those browsers, however.


The way Firefox works is that entering a URL in the Location Bar opens the page in the currently selected tab, and entering a search in the Search Bar works the same way. In both cases, however, you can display the resulting page in a new tab by pressing Alt+Enter instead of Enter.

I would like to reverse this behaviour for both situations. That is, I want to make the default behaviour to be displaying the resulting page in a new tab. (Conversely, pressing Alt+Enter would display the result in the currently selected tab.)

I've changed the behaviour for the Search Bar by entering "about:config" then changing "" to True, but I can't work out how to do it for the Location panel.

Does anyone know if/how it can be done?

Great feature of Firefox was option to launch home page when opening a new tab. Seems to be gone in 13.0.1. Anybody know how to enable it, or is it gone?

When I open a new window using a saved Favorite, I almost always want to open the page in a new tab. Since the default is to open in the same tab, I have to right-cllick the favourite then select "Open in new tab". Is there any way of changing the default to "Open in a new tab".

I thought this might be able to be done by altering a File Type definition (Windows Explorer, Tools menu, Folder Options, File Types tab, then select the appropriate file type then click the Advanced button). But, if that's the right approach, what file type would I change?

PS: I searched the Registry for "open in new tab" but couldn't find anything.

Any ideas?

Just recently updated to Firefox 3.6 & now when I go to open a page in a new tab it opens that tab next to the tab I'm on rather than at the end.

Does anybody know how to fix it so that all new tabs always open at the end like it used to for me?

For some reason, when I click on a link to an external site, here in the Lounge, the page opens in the same tab in my Fx browser.

I know about the setting; New pages will open in a new window or new tab (sorry, have to translate, don't know the exact wording in English Fx). It has always been set to new tab.

I know about clicking with "middle-button", or ctrl-clicking. But it has always worked before in the Lounge, without doing so.

Thought it maybe had something to do with the latest (more or less latest) version of the extension NoScript, but doesn't seem so.

So is this a change in the Lounge or something else. And my knowledge about what the web developers do behind the scene is zero, so at other sites it may work or not work that way. (But of course one can always force it to open with ctrl-click etc.).

Any thoughts?

When I click a link from a toolbar folder, it opens in the same tab that is active. I want to open it in a new tab. Under Tab/TabBrowser Extensions Preferences.../Use tab/Bookmarks, I have "Open in new tab" checked. Any ideas?