Want to get rid of Office 2010 nag screen

I have Win 7 Ultimate with Office 2010. Nag screen to enter license key and it counts down the allowable starts. I have office 2007. I deleted Office 2010 and installed my Office 2007. Nag screen still pops up and resumes countdown from Office 2010 Any idea how to stop this or where in the registry I can kill this nag?

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Dont ask me how, but I ended up installing Windows7 twice on the same partition. I now have two "Windows 7" options when my boot screen comes up. I obviously only ment to install it once so I want to get rid of the second Windows 7 option on the boot screen (and the bootscreen itself aswell actually).

How do I go about doing that?


I've spent many hours trying to reserach what would seem a simple issue that many seem to have but haven't found solution.

In Word 2010 - NEW - I have 7 customized templates I select from - they are in "MY Templates" folder and in a separate drive/path so I know where they are.

But I don't need to see "Blog post" (I never blog and have no idea where it is - not with my custome ones and not sure why its even there) Sample Templates I could care less about, Recent Templates - don't need never use... or a few others. It seems Blog may have gotten stuck there since I looked at it once and now I have to see it there forever?

I tried the way via change Registery entry in the some Installation entry. It lists all the orignally installed templates but no clue how to get rid of the folders/templates listed in "Available Templates" It lists zillions of templates and seems can only delete one at a time...

I can ignore the ones below office.com templates but it would be nice to have a way to clean up available and get rid of those and folders that just are a nusiance to have there.

I keep thinking I must be overlooking something simple.. but I sure can't find how get rid of them.

It seems it was easier pre Word 2007 by checking somewhere what you wanted to see but now seems as MVP forum somewhere pointed out that option is no longer available. But other than the registery think all the MVP's had no good answers

One post says (another forum)
In the previous versions of Office, we can uninstall the Wizard and Templates from the control panel > Add/Remove Programs.

However, in Office 2010, we are unable to remove the feature currently. (that is not very helpful!)

I've got professional edition and home edition installed and I want to
get rid of home edition. It doesn't show up in the add/remove
programs list and I really want to get rid of it and only have
professional edition running. How can I do this? Is it possible to
get rid of home edition without disturbing professional edition?

I want to get rid of the bubble that comes up *in my way* when I open the
Start Menu that says "Not enough room to show all the programs on here".
Taking programs off is not the way I want to do it, so if someone can show
me the reg hack for removing this particular bubble I'd appreciate it.


Chad Harris


The screenshot shows (what I think are) tabs on the PPoint ruler.

The helpful says you can just drag them off to get rid of them, but when I tried that they didn't move.

They are affecting the indentation of text on my Notes Page so I want to get rid of them. Also just 1 slide out of many has them. How do I delete them?

Help!! TIA.

I am using Windows XP Professional SP3, 32-bit, with Internet Explorer 8.

I noticed that frequently a Suggested Sites icon appears in the Favorites Bar and I have been unable to permanently get rid of it...

Things I have tried:

1) Right-clicked the Suggested Sites icon in the Favorites Bar and deleted it many times. It keeps on coming back!

2) Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced tab -> Browsing section: Unchecked "Enable Suggested Sites". It keeps on coming back!

3) Went to C:Documents and SettingsFavoritesLinks and deleted Suggested Sites many times. It keeps on coming back!

4) Clicked on the Search box (top right-hand corner), selected Manage Search Providers, and then selected Disable Suggestions. It keeps on
coming back!

What else can I try to permanently get rid of it, short of using another browser like Firefox or Google Chrome??

I have picked up the malware/scareware above and can't figure out how to get rid of it. It is filling my screen with bogus warnings and is blocking access to my security apps. Have been trying to find a fix but all I get from the usual search locations is offers to fix it IF I buy thier SW. Now it seems to have attacked MS Office and I can't open any of the MS apps. Help please!

New tabs keep opening on my laptop when I'm online with Firefox. They are blank except for a tiny item in the top left corner. When enlarged, it is a Google + icon and an empty call out beside it.

I can't figure out how to get rid of it. I don't think I signed up for Google Plus, but do have iGoogle as our home page on both PC and laptop. This never happens on the PC.

Anything I could find via Search on line would have disabled iGoogle, which I don't want to do. Is there some way to stop these tabs from opening without deleting Google info that should be kept?

Any suggestions gratefully accepted!!


If you find that you being prevented from using the internet and you are getting pop-ups stating your pc has been attacked, then you need to get rid of this thing fast. It will infest your pc's registry. Basically it is a name changing rip-off rogue application that deliberately reports false system security threats. It can run under a few guises such as XP Antispyware 2011, XP Guard or XP Internet Security 2011, XP Home Security 2011........all these are FAKE security programmes. The loons that are sending out this scam ware are after your money by telling you to purchase their XP Anti-Virus 2011 .............but DON'T.
However, there is a fix so don't panic, you can get rid of it by running any good spyware prog like Spybot or similar. If you are running Windows 7, they have made it so that it will also attack this OS too. So be canny and get a good anti spy/bot installed before this thing gets you.
Keep ahead of this loons !

I have win 7 working well on a partition, now when my pre order disc arrives it will be used to upgrade Vista on C drive and I want to get rid of the 7RC can I just delete it or do I have to uninstall ? I would like to keep the files and programs on the partition so dont really want to reformat
Thanks Guys

I don't remember when this started, but whenever I boot my laptop it asks for my permission to run update.exe just after the start-up. When i click on Yes to allow it, it shows the following error message:

"Run-time error 339: Component 'MSWINSCK.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registerd: a file is missing or invalid."
But when I click on No, nothing happens.
It happens so every time I boot my laptop,

Below is the information about my laptop:
Dell Studio XPS 1640
Windows 7 operating system
Mcafee Antivirus software
I am a newbie to these technical terms. Please help me to get rid of this Update.exe.

Is it a malware? or, a normal application to update windows? How can I be sure if it is a malware or not? and if yes, how can I remove it?

Assuming that to be a malware, I tried to run a number of protection softwares like Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool, A-squared anti-malware, Solo technology anti-malware, Mcafee Virus Scan etc. but in vain.

Also, I think I should write it too here. When I allow the Update.exe to run initially after start-up, I can see the process running in Task Manager. When I try to see the file location of this process, it shows the location as "C:Windowssystemupdate.exe" (Not C:WindowsSystem32 though I have both folders viz system and System32 in Windows folder),but C:Windowssystem is an empty folder in my laptop.

So, I do not know where to find this application so as to delete it.

Please help me.

I've paid for XP previously -> i have the disk), and have the release candidate downloaded, which i'm trying to install from a virtual disk application since i don't have a dvd drive.

the virtual disk application isn't the problem in trying to get rid of the Win7 Beta nonsense (that's how I installed it), this OS just started freezing up after the download & support was discontinued a few weeks ago. So i tried to get back to XP, but it won't allow it of course. Other operating systems are easier to get around than this.

I keep getting the BSOD "A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer".

Stop: 0x0000007b (0xFFFFFADFD6C323C0, 0XFFFFFFFF,C0000034)

I don't have any viruses so let's no go there, and i've run the chkdsk thing to no avail.

How do I get rid of this retardedness & get back to XP or the x64 release candidate?

I have HP CQ56 laptop, with 64bit windows 7.

Sometimes, when there is no web page, I have a device which pops up telling me I need ways to connect (CDMA, broadband, mobile, etc). This thing won't let me use the browsers (I use IE, GOOGLE, and CHROME). Tells me I have to into tools and uncheck work offline. I'm wired into Wild Blue satellite internet. It's available 24/7.

Please tell me the simple solution to how to get rid of this problem.

Hi All
After installing Service Pack 2, I have had a Security Center Icon in my
systems tray and I would really like to get rid of it. Has anyone out there
figured out how to do this yet?


I'm just using a table to format some text. After it's formatted, I want to get rid of all the borders. If I try turning off borders in "borders and shading...", I'm still left with a faint gray borders. How do I hide them completely?



Actually, I don't want to get rid of it, I would just like it to go away when I go from Design View to Form View, when designing a form. If I remember correctly, it only showed up in Design view in A97. I've looked but don't see a setting to turn it off, am I missing something or is this the way it is supposed to work? Thanks.

The thread entitled How to get rid of PPoint tabs? (XP SP-1)
can now be found here.

Reason: Has nothing to do with Excel.

There's a little Access 2000 app for the internal use, nothing too fancy, but it's important to work automatically. A procedure that keeps track on some external linked tables, which can be changed (this app is char conversion utility built to work on assorted MDBs). So, it's automated to refresh an internal table, and when some records are to be deleted, I get a well known message:

You're about to delete (n) records....

And it turns on three times on every linked table, and those can turn to dozens...

First, I thought that something like VBA/Excel method will do:

Application.DisplayAlerts = False

but to no avail, because Access doesn't recognize that method.

Is there any equivalent to DisplayAlerts or any other way to get rid of those messages?

Any help is most appreciated!

Dragan Grbic
Kikinda, Yu

Could you help me? A "Hotbar Premium" advertisement appeared on my screen...I pressed some buttons to try it out. NOW it seems to be on my upper bar all the time. I want to get rid of it. HOW?