Continuity check to 6rd BR

Does anyone know what that is? I am having no problems with my computer or modem, but I did a "connection check" for my modem and each and every category has "pass" listed next to it except "Continuity check to 6rd BR" which has "fail" and I have no idea what is is or if it is necessary at this time. I am thinking it might have something to do with the IPv6. Checking the IPv6 information from test-ipv6, it says that everything is 10/10 and my computer and modem are IPv6 ready. Thanks for any answers to my questions.

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Hi all, in the following code I would like to check for the existence of a query table in each sheet. Otherwise the code runs great. There are 16 sheets in the book which import text files, and 5 or 6 rollup sheets. The code below checks all the sheets in the book.
Sub PostFileDates()
'Loops through sheets returns latest info date
On Error Resume Next
Dim oSheet As Worksheet
Dim oBook As Workbook
Dim strInfDate As Date
Dim typInfDate As Date
For Each oSheet In ThisWorkbook.Sheets
'Check to see if QueryTable exists for this sheet
For Each cell In oSheet.Range("b46:aj46")
If cell.Value = 0 Then
If Left(cell.Offset(-42, -1), 4) = "Week" Then
strInfDate = cell.Offset(-42, -2).Value
End If
If Left(cell.Offset(-42, -1), 4) "Week" Then
strInfDate = cell.Offset(-42, -1).Value
End If
GoTo 10
End If
Next cell
10 MsgBox "Last date with information is " & strInfDate
Next oSheet
End Sub

Also, I have seen few posts here in the lounge which use line numbers in code. Is this not a good practice, or are there some situations which just require line numbers? (It may be a subtle leftover from 1982 and Fortran..)


Hi All,
In my DB I am trying to use the dir command to see if a folder exists in a certain location. I use this in other places to see if a file exists. Checking to see if a folder is there doesn't seem to work. What is the proper method?


Is there a way to check to see if a docvariable exist before I run a line of code in vba?

I currently do this with bookmarks using the following code:

Code: If ActiveDocument.Bookmarks.Exists("LumpSum") = True Then ActiveDocument.Variables("varProjCost").Value = .MostRecentProjDesc I do this because the document variable in the above code is within a bookmark that can be deleted if the person make a specific selection in a userform. So if the bookmark isn't there then the variable isn't there so I don't want to set its value.

So I want to do the same with another variable but the variable isn't in a bookmark but could have been deleted by the userform. Is there a similar .Exists command for a docvariable?

I'm trying to avoid errors.


Hi, I upgraded my computer from Windows 32bit to Windows 64 bit. I also installed 8GB additional RAM (a total of 12GB). Since then if the computer is idle for a bit then I get a BSOD with the following errors,

A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage
to your computer.

The problem seems to be caused by the following file: ntoskrnl.exe


If this is the first time you've seen this stop error screen,
restart your computer. If this screen appears again, follow
these steps:

Check to make sure any new hardware or software is properly installed.
If this is a new installation, ask your hardware or software manufacturer
for any Windows updates you might need.

If problems continue, disable or remove any newly installed hardware
or software. Disable BIOS memory options such as caching or shadowing.
If you need to use safe mode to remove or disable components, restart
your computer, press F8 to select Advanced Startup Options, and then
select Safe Mode.

Technical Information:

*** STOP: 0x0000000a (0xfffffa802bee8180, 0x0000000000000002, 0x0000000000000001,

*** ntoskrnl.exe - Address 0xfffff80002ad9c40 base at 0xfffff80002a5d000 DateStamp

I have installed XP Pro...ran all the updates from Microsoft....when I open
My Computer...right click on C:...choose properties and then tools to run
Check Disk
I get the message it will run after restart....I restart and a message shows
it can not access the disk to perform the check....then boots normal.....I
would like to run check disk...what options can I check to have check disk
access the drive to scan?

I have a worksheet from WB_01 that is copied to WB_02. The worksheet contains a "rectangle shape" which has code assigned to it. WB_02 has a module containing code which I would like to assign to the "rectangle shape" in WB_02. This is the same code which exists in WB_01. My challenge is that the "retangle shape" in WB_02 continues to reference the code in WB_01.

I have tried using the following code but still encounter the reference to the other WB:

ActiveSheet.Shapes("Rectangle 1").Select
Selection.OnAction = "MyCode

If I check to see how the code is assigned in WB_02 it references "WB_01.xls!MyCode"

Your assistance is appreciated,

I created a form using protected text form fields (created form fields then used Cont' F11 to protect) then protected the file. While protected, the icon for Spell Check is greyed. Even when I unprotected the file, I was unable to spell check more that the Current Selection. Spell check would ask whether I wanted to continue checking the rest of the document but would not let me.
Is there any way I can spell check a protected file? If not, how can I do a spell check on my form?

I'd like a text box, containing the text 'continued...', to appear in a reprt group header whenever the group header has been repeated.
I've set the Repeat Section flag for the group header to Yes and this works great, the header section is repeated at the top of each page if the group extends beyond the end of a page, but at present there is nothing to indicate that the page the user is looking at is not where a particular group starts. Will I have to reset a flag each time the group footer on format event fires, or is there another way?


Tried on my own but have given up!
I have 2 very large files(5mega) see small attachment.
Attachment contains 2 sheets which represent the 2 text files
I want to search thru file 45after.txt for a cell which starts with if
the cell above "this found cell" starts with continue search -if the
above cell does not contain then then I want to search file

"45before.txt" for the exact same cell from beginning to end and if a match is found

and if cell directly above match contains then I want to copy and insert

the whole cell above the cell I used as a search in file "45after.txt".

Multiple occurrences in both files need to be checked!!
To put it in a nutshell cell# 3 of file 45before.txt should be inserted in file
45after.txt before cell# 4.
cell# 11 of file 45before.txt should be inserted in file 45after.txt before cell# 11
cell # 27 in 45after.txt shall not be changed!!!!
Hope I have made myself clear. A third sheet containing all required data is also ok. .

I want to write a macro to check if MS Word is already open and then open a Word Template

if Word Open
open Word Template
start word
open word Template


I am currently working on a project where I need to pass back data from excel to access.

The macro below move data to access by adding a new row into a table called data.

What I need is the code that will allow me to check to see if the ID is already in the database and if so delete that row out and then add the new row using the macro I have already built.

So it is basically if ID exists then delete row in access and then add new row with updated data. Or if ID doesn't exist then just add the data to access.

Code: Sub AppendRecord() Dim DB As DAO.Database Dim RS As DAO.Recordset strDatabaseLocation = "W:OperationsLondonUA & UST Shared DriveDevelopmentPFC & UFC Data.mdb" Set DB = DAO.DBEngine.Workspaces(0).OpenDatabase(strDatabaseLocation, False, False) Set RS = DB.OpenRecordset("Data") RS.AddNew RS![ID] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("A" & countera) RS![Date PFC First Created] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("B" & countera) RS![Date Completed] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("C" & countera) RS![UA] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("D" & countera) RS![Last Updated By] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("E" & countera) RS![Written Date] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("F" & countera) RS![Quote UW Initials] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("G" & countera) RS![Product/COB] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("H" & countera) RS![Skeleton Set up?] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("I" & countera) RS![New/Renewal] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("J" & countera) RS![QQ/MIT Reference] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("K" & countera) RS![Regional Office] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("L" & countera) RS![Insured] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("M" & countera) RS![Slip/Contract 'quick glance' Completed?] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("N" & countera) RS![Line Of] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("O" & countera) RS![Second Line Of Stamp On The Slip?] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("P" & countera) RS![Are All Values Entered Correctly on QQ/MIT?] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("Q" & countera) RS![Workflow Set Up By?] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("R" & countera) RS![2nd Line Complete?] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("S" & countera) RS![Ref No] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("T" & countera) RS![Bureau?] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("U" & countera) RS![Bureau Stamp] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("V" & countera) RS![System] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("W" & countera) RS![Reference] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("X" & countera) RS![Portfolio/COB] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("Y" & countera) RS![Written Line] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("Z" & countera) RS![SCOB] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("AA" & countera) RS![SSCOB/COB2 or Sub Portfolio] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("AB" & countera) RS![RI Code] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("AC" & countera) RS![Trade Code] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("AD" & countera) RS![RI Type] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("AE" & countera) RS![Country Code] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("AF" & countera) RS![Financed] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("AG" & countera) RS![Claims?] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("AH" & countera) RS![Broker Contact] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("AI" & countera) RS![Wording Status] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("AJ" & countera) RS![Policy Issuance Required?] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("AK" & countera) RS![Where Policy Issuance Details] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("AL" & countera) RS![Transaction Type] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("AM" & countera) RS![Contract Certainty] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("AN" & countera) RS![Benchmark] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("AO" & countera) RS![Rate Change] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("AP" & countera) RS![Fixed Exrate?] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("AQ" & countera) RS![LODRA] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("AR" & countera) RS![Wages / Turnover] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("AS" & countera) RS![LRC] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("AT" & countera) RS![Is Additional Genius Question Sheet Available?] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("AU" & countera) RS![Additional Notes For Information] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("AV" & countera) RS![Complete?] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("AW" & countera) RS![UA Query Raised?] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("AX" & countera) RS![UA Query Area One] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("AY" & countera) RS![UA Reason One] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("AZ" & countera) RS![UA Date Queried One] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("BA" & countera) RS![UA Date Resolved One] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("BB" & countera) RS![UA Query Area Two] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("BC" & countera) RS![UA Reason Two] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("BD" & countera) RS![UA Date Queried Two] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("BE" & countera) RS![UA Date Resolved Two] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("BF" & countera) RS![UA Query Area Three] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("BG" & countera) RS![UA Reason Three] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("BH" & countera) RS![UA Date Queried Three] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("BI" & countera) RS![UA Date Resolved Three] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("BJ" & countera) RS![Query Raised?] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("BK" & countera) RS![Returned To UWA Via Workflow?] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("BL" & countera) RS![Date Query Raised] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("BM" & countera) RS![Query Field One] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("BN" & countera) RS![Reason One] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("BO" & countera) RS![Agreed Value One] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("BP" & countera) RS![Query Field Two] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("BQ" & countera) RS![Reason Two] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("BR" & countera) RS![Agreed Value Two] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("BS" & countera) RS![Query Field Three] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("BT" & countera) RS![Reason Three] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("BU" & countera) RS![Agreed Value Three] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("BV" & countera) RS![Query Raised By] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("BW" & countera) RS![Underwriting_Presentation] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("BX" & countera) RS![Underwriting_Rational] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("BY" & countera) RS![Pricing_Methodology] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("BZ" & countera) RS![Slip_Contract] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("CA" & countera) RS![Additional_Discussion_Notes] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("CB" & countera) RS![Wording] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("CC" & countera) RS![Evidence_of_Referreal_Sign_Off] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("CD" & countera) RS![Evidence_of_Outward_Prot] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("CE" & countera) RS![Subjectivities1] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("CF" & countera) RS![Subjectivities2] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("CG" & countera) RS![Subjectivities3] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("CH" & countera) RS![Subjectivities4] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("CI" & countera) RS![Final_ADJ_Prev_Period] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("CJ" & countera) RS![Risk_Surveys] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("CK" & countera) RS![UK_Terrorism_Quote] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("CL" & countera) RS![Final_ADJ_This_Period] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("CM" & countera) RS![PPW_Date_inst1] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("CN" & countera) RS![PPW_Date_inst2] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("CO" & countera) RS![PPW_Date_inst3] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("CP" & countera) RS![Underlying_terms] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("CQ" & countera) RS![Wages/Turnover] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("CR" & countera) RS![Benchmark_Req] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("CS" & countera) RS![Rate_Change_Req] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("CT" & countera) RS![Other_Information] = Worksheets("Upload").Range("CU" & countera) RS.Update RS.Close Set RS = Nothing Set DB = Nothing End Sub



I need a VBA script or some ideas on how I can add a unique ID (UID) into a MS Word 2003 document.

The unique ID would consist of a 4 char string prefix followed by an integer number. The 4 char prefix is set once for the document. The integer part would start at one and be incremented upwards each time a UID is added.

Example UID: RTED1, RTED56, RTED781 etc.

The general scenario of use is as follows.

The user places the cursor at a location within a paragraph where the UID needs to be inserted.

The user would then select either a toolbar icon or a short-cut key which would check to see what was the last integer number used, increment this and then insert the UID into the cursor position.

The only specific font settings would be that the colour of the UID is red and bold, everything else such as font name, font size can be inherited from the paragraph style.

The prefix and last integer number used needs to be retained with the document so that subsequent UID's can continue to be added in later editing sessions. Using existing document property fields to store the prefix and last integer number used would be OK eg: Keywords, Comments; but if there are any hidden meta data fields that could be used that would be ideal.

Thanks in advance.

I am working on an Inventory/PO system. I have a form that creates a Purchase Order (PO). I now want to receive the PO. I do this by popping up a form (frmReceivePO) with a subform (frmReceivePODetails). One of the fields in tblPODetails is a checkbox, PODetailReceived. There is also a check box in tblPO called POReceived.

I want to be able to do 2 things here:

1) When you click POReceived, it changes all the PODetailReceived in the continuous subform to make them True,


2) When you have clicked all the PODetailReceived, it changes POReceived to True.

I've tried counters, and ANDs and ORs but I just can't seem to get this one.

Any help is greatly appreciated. . .


I have a sub form (continuous) that displays contact information. Next to each record is a button. Similar to the "OnFormat" event in reports, is there a function to do this in a form?

The only way I know is to have a text box behind each button with an iif statement or something. However, the button in question needs to check to see if the contact has been entered on the form that it opens, and if it is, make the text red, but if it isnt, leave it black - which i dont think will be possible on a textbox control source - but I haven't tried it yet. Any help would be much appreciated - if more info is required please reply and request it.

I have a main form that contains one text box and a subform which is a continuous form. At certain times I want to force the display of the continuous subform to begin at the first (top) record. Am I correct in remembering that the only way to do that is to use the RecordsetClone to position it there? I know how to use that technique but I'm just wondering if there is an easier way to just go to the first record?


We use both Netscape (4.76 ) and IE (5.5, SP1). I currently have two instances where the Properties, Program tab option for "IE should check to see whether it's the default browser" is checked, but the pop up window asking if you want to make it the default browser doesn't come up. So we can't get it to switch to IE as the default, without uninstalling Netscape. Anyone have any ideas of maybe a registry setting that is controlling this?


We have a user that has set their default spell checking to English U.K. When she runs the spell check procedure over "certain" documents it seems to revert to English U.S. France, etc. What might be causing this behaviour? How can we stop this from occuring?


In early summer, Microsoft started offering a promotional price on Windows 8 Pro to anyone buying a PC running version 7. But there's a slip up.*The $14.99 price is available to anyone willing to take advantage of the company. Several users have already tested this, ah, workaround and verified that it works. But don't expect the loophole to be open for long. However, Microsoft hasn't closed it yet, which I just verified for myself. To get started, head over to the Windows Upgrade Offer website and click the "Continue" button to begin the rather quick process. *It's the next step… [Continue Reading]

Source: BetaNews


Windows 8 has stopped showing thumbnails, or a preview of images in the preview window.
It was working fine a couple of weeks ago when I was working on a job with a lot of pics in it.

I did a system restore back to June 29 and it didn't make any difference.

I've checked to see that "Always show Icons" is not checked.
And I have the folders set to display Pictures in customize.

But I can't get it to display thumbnails of a preview in the preview pane.

I think this may have something to do with a utility that I downloaded that would let Windows display Photoshop files that I had installed and then removed when the trial ran out.

That may have disabled thumbnails in Windows 8, but I don't have a clue as to how to get them back.

Anyone have any ideas?