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I am currently using 7137 x64, and I am aware of the unsave username and password for ADSL dialer. Recently I think my ISP connection is rather unstable due to their maintenance exercise, so it have quite a number of disconnection. But I have one problem is that I couldn't completely disconnect the connection even when my modem is connected to internet after some disconnection/DSL LED is stable/Handshaked (Because after I restarted my PC I can connect using dialer).

At the network icon, it doesn't show my dialer name when the problem occurs, and yellow flag is there. Then I left click on it, click on my dialer name, and click disconnect. This is where it doesn't disconnect, because I try to create another dialer to connect but it mentioned that my broadband is not disconnected, but I can't use my internet at all.

I am using nvidia network controller and for dialer, I created one shorcut to rasphone.exe to my superbar for easy connecting. Any thought ?

The installation on a SATA hard disk [ Seagate SATA 11 500GB HDD :ST3500410 SATA] with Windows VISTA X32 on partition 1 (200GB) after paritioning the free space was very easy ( similar to VISTA and better than XP) and rather fast in my System built on a PCChips P55G Motherboard , Intel Dual Core CPU E2160 1.80 GHz and 4 GB ( 2x2) DDR2 667[PC2 5300] G.Skill heat-spreader RAM, Encore 802.11g Wireless PCI adapter ENLWI-G2 and Hybrid wired -wireless Buffalo AirStation model WHR-G 125 router. I anticipated problem with my Wireless PCI adapter and therefore did not accept the prompt to start my Wireless Network setup for automatic mode offered during the install and waited till the setup was succesfully accomplished at much faster rate than WinXP and probably equal to or better than VISTA x32. Although the setup had automatically installed all the drivers for the integrated devices like video, audio, LAN and IDE and sata controllers on my PCChips P55G motherboard, and even the Encore wireles adapter with its Realtek 8185 Extensible 802.1b/g Wireless Device driver , the Smb had a yellow flag. To my pleasant surprise the system was happy to load the x64 VISTA driver from PChips' Version N-5.00 Motherboard software CD by just dropping it into the optical drive and pointing the device manager to the drtive letter. It took probably less than 20 seconds for "Successful driver installation" and the disappearance of the yellow exclammation point from the Device Manager. The Wireless adapter although showed no problem in the DM ["device is working properly" in its Properties] and my Homenetwork name was seen as "connencted" in the wireless Configuration , [ Open Network and Sharing Center], Internet connection failed was the message and IE would not open any webpages when launched and IPCONFIG >>>>no IP address either. I attempted to update the driver using the ENCORE software CD I had although it had only VISTA x64 driver. To my pleasant surprise that too was easily accepted and installed by Windows 7 and suddenly there was spontaneous activity on the Taskbar ["system Tray] Open Network and Sharing Center icon showing My Network -"Internet access". Very soon the computers in my home network took their proper places along with this new Windows 7 system [ like the My Network Places in XP under Workgroup]. I had previously changed the Workgroup name of the new system to that of the existing one. IE 7 was launched and sudenly the "Send feed back " icon appeared on my desktop. I am very very pleased so far. I could easily connect to my EPSON Stylus Photo R 380 Photo Printer attached to a WinXP x64 PC without any problem . It used the VISTA X64 drv and its icon was promptly on my system tray. I am going to try and "stress" the system with additional hardware and software install to see what works and what does not and be happy to post my experience here for the benefit of others.

Microsoft LifeCam VX 3000 WebCam failed to install properly using the Vista x64 driver and also a driver the Windows 7 troubleshooter prompted me to download and install from MS. The Camera seems to install with the message "USB device installed and ready to use" appearing in the system tray ("notification area") but when the LiveCam icon is clicked I get the message "Camera is not connected" . After several repeated uninstall /reinstall routine I called it quits. I had no problem installing a logitech USB headset.

I had no problem installing the following applications:
7Zip 64 bits, Antivir (free) Personal Antivirus, CCleaner, Auslogic Defrag, Paint Dot Net, ImgBurn, Windows Live Messenger ver 2009, Yahoo Messenger, Adobe Reader 9. skype 4.0.

In article , Fleabus
I installed SP2 and have 1 problem I need help with.

I know zilch about networking/connectoids etc, so please excuse the
load of given info.

I simply used the bundled MS PPPOE to make the DSL connection to my
ISP as they suggested when I originally installed XP HE. SP1 also
worked fine.

With SP2 I now have a yellow flagged Local Area Connection icon in

l-click it and Local Area Connection Status dialog comes up.
On General tab, Status: Limited or no connectivity
Speed : 10Mbps
Activity: Sent/Received icon is yellow flagged.

Support tab: Connection status: Limited or no connectivity. You might
not be able to access the Internet or some network resources.
"This problem occurred because the network did not assign a network
address to the computer."
Physical Address 00-E0-18-97-B7-3D
IP Address
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway
DNS Server
WINS Server
Repair button Fails at renewing IP address

r-click icon open Network Connections General tab
Connect using Intel® PRO/100 VE Network Connection

Sympatico - Broadband Connected
LAN or High-Speed Internet:
1394 Connection - LAN or High-Speed Internet - Connected
Local Area Connection - Lan or High-Speed Internet - Limited or no
(Yellow flagged)
r-click on Local Area Connection Properties General

Client for Microsoft Networks
File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks
Qos Packet Scheduler
Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)*

*Notify me when this connection has limited or no connectivity is

I should add that I use the on-board motherboard LAN (Asus P4T533-C
s478/i850e) to an Alcatel Speed Touch Home external ADSL modem. No
other computer and no router.
I also have 2 external HDDs. One is firewire, the other is USB2
At one point I had Bluetooth installed but successfully (I think)
removed it.

My DSL Ultra Service allows for up to 4 Mbps down/800 Mbps up
I'm 6 city blocks from the CO
I get at best 2600 down/325 up
Maybe there has been a problem all along but wasn't reported until

Can you help me straighten this up?

Thanks in advance,

Fleabus ..............

Please remove the X from my address to e-mail me.

Are you able to access the Internet on that computer? If so, there's
nothing wrong, and you can un-check "Notify me when this connection
has limited or no connectivity" on the LAN connection to make the
message go away.

When XP uses a DSL service with PPPoE, it creates a logical PPPoE
network connection that communicates with your ISP and receives an IP
address. It's a "logical" connection because it doesn't correspond to
a physical (hardware) network adapter.

The physical (hardware) network adapter on your computer is the
on-board motherboard LAN adapter. The message that you're seeing
occurs because the LAN connection that corresponds to that adapter
doesn't receive an IP address from your ISP, which is normal with
Best Wishes,
Steve Winograd, MS-MVP (Windows Networking)

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