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My Office 2010 install had recently started acting flakey, so I decided to run a repair install.

After selecting 'Repair', the 'Configuration Progress' screen starts, then stops and throws up the following message:

"Setup cannot find Office.en-usOfficeMUI.xml. Browse to
a valid installation source, and then click OK".

I installed Office from a single file which I purchased and downloaded from Digital River -- the file is 'X17-75058.exe', so where do I browse to, to get the file it's asking me for?

(i have a feeling I'd run into the same kind of problem if I try to do an Uninstall...but I'm not going there yet, I just don't have the time to go through the install-and-reconfigure-everything hassle right now.)

Does anyone have any ideas how to get the repair going? I'm running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, MS Office 2010 32-bit.