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Hello everybody,
I would like to delete 3 folders in "Windows live mail" under "Storage folders". They are Drafts,
Sent items, and Deleted items.
Is there a way to do that?
Thanks a lot,

I tried to forward a message to a tech support group at Webshots, a website where I have photo albums stored. My ISP, Cox, thinks that the message is spam and refuses to send it. OK, I can live with that. But the error message below now appears every time I try to sync my WLM account, and it won't go away. I can't find any way to delete the offending outgoing message - it's not in any of the mail folders. There's no delete option in the box where the error message is displayed - just "hide." The worst part is that I can't send any valid outgoing messages - the bad message seems to block everything. Where is this mysterious message that Cox doesn't like that is blocking all outgoing messages from WLM? How can I get rid of it? Stopping and restarting WLM doesn't help - WLM has a great memory and doesn't forget about it. The comment in the error message about size exceeded is not valid. The size of the offending message is actually quite small. I tried the "break messages into smaller parts" as a last resort, but that didn't do anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The message could not be sent because its size exceeded the server's limit. You can use the option, located in Tools | Accounts | Properties | Advanced, to break messages into smaller parts.

Subject 'Fw: You have a new Webshots Guestbook entry!'
Server Error: 552
Server Response: 552 5.2.0 vdGY1c00C4jhb5g04dGYQf This message was undeliverable. This message has been found to be a potential spam message, and has therefore been blocked. Please visit Welcome to for more information.
Server: ''
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC6D
Protocol: SMTP
Port: 25
Secure(SSL): No
Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection. Possible causes for this include server problems, network problems, or a long period of inactivity.

Subject 'Scenery Album'
Server: ''
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC0F
Protocol: SMTP
Port: 25
Secure(SSL): No

I use Mailwasher Pro as a filter for my e-mails and have Windows Live Mail set to not autonatically download. This has never given me any problems over the years whilst working with Vista and Outlook Express, but since upgrading to Windows 7 I find that WLM picks up some e-mails despite being set neither to send/receive messages at startup or to do any other checking for messages.

There seems to be no consistency in what is downloaded. Sometimes the messages are spam - the usual on-line pharmacies, etc. - but others are regular, acceptable e-mails. For instance, I receive 4 e-mails - cartoon strips - from an e-zine organisation daily. Sometimes one of these will come through, sometimes another. At the same time, Mailwasher will be picking up any other e-mails on the server, but these that have been downloaded don't appear there.

(Hope people are following my expanation !)

Another problem I have is that some of my e-mails are being sent to the Junk Mail folder ALTHOUGH I HAVE JUNK MAIL FILTERING TURNED OFF IN WLM !

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated ; at present these problems are nuisances but I want to solve them before it becomes a real problem. Of course, that's not t say I haven't missed something obvious myself in the settings !

I decided to install Windows Live Mail, WLPG and Movie Maker on my Win 8 Pro partition. I already had them installed on my Win 7 Pro partition.(Win 7 and 8 are on different internal hard disks). Result-disaster and hours spent cleaning up the mess. After installing the programs on Win 8 I set up WLM and imported my storage folders and messages from the Win 7 message store. The import succeeded but none of the messages would open.A couple of new messages downloaded and they opened normally.I then tried uninstalling and reinstalling WLM but the same thing happened. I then uninstalled WLM, WLPG and Movie Maker-I used Revo Uninstaller first, then the search program Everything which found many leftover items, and then manually edited the registry. (The registry editing took a very long time-so much for Revo and the WLM uninstaller!). Even worse, when I rebooted to Win 7 I found that although WLPG and Movie Maker were still ok all my messages and storage folders had disappeared from WLM, at which point my feelings about Microsoft were unprintable. I could have used my Macrium Reflect image of WLM to restore the messages and folders, but the image was a few days old and I had sent and received several important messages in the meantime. The one saving grace is that I had copied the WLM folder to a flash drive before starting this disastrous episode, so I was able to restore everything (although I had to recreate about 170 storage folders) and WLM in Win 7 works normally again.

To add insult to injury, when I rebooted to Win 8 and tried to reinstall WLPG and Movie Maker, the Windows Essentials installer (the latest web version installer) told me that those programs and WLM were already installed (despite the long winded uninstall procedure I described), so I am now stuck without WLM, WLPG or Movie Maker on Win 8. Microsoft claim to have spent over a billion man hours on testing Win 8, but they obviously didn't spend long enough testing dual boot scenarios.

Rant over, but if anyone knows of a fix for these problems I would be very grateful to hear from them.

Regards, Roy

Does anyone know of a way, an app, a program, a registry tweak that will let me collapse my 10 email accounts and hide their names in the left pane in Windows Live Mail? All I need to see in the left pane is: 1 inbox. 1 outbox. 1 sent folder. 1 drafts folder. 1 "deleted items" folder. And all of my 75+ folders and subfolders I have created beneath them.

I can use Message Rules to send some of the incoming mail to my own folders and subfolders. I can even create a single inbox and use Rules to redirect all mail from all the many inboxes in my 10 accounts to the inbox I created.

I can scroll the left pane so that all I see are the inbox, outbox, sent folder, drafts folder and deleted items folder along with my own folders and then work with everything important to me being close together in the left pane.

Has anyone figured out a way to accomplish this??

Thank you!!!


I have set up my wife's email account (TWC Roadrunner address) with Live Mail on our new Win 7 32-bit machine. It is receiving mail fine, but will not send. The attempted sent messages do not appear in the sent or outbox folders, but when I close the program I am asked if I want to send the unsent items. When I click on yes I get the following error message.

An unknown error has occurred.

Server: ''
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x80070057
Protocol: SMTP
Port: 25
Secure(SSL): No

Any advice on what I have done wrong based on this message? Thank you for any help.


I am using Windows Live Mail on a Windows 7 computer. I have used Windows Outlook Express and subsequently Windows Mail on previous computers for many years, so am very familiar with the program but this is the first time for this version.

When I try to sort my "sent items" by the "To" field, they actually sort by subject, not by the name it was sent to. I have multiple accounts, and this is true in the sent folders for all accounts. All other columns (including subject) sort as they should, as do ALL columns in the Inbox and Deleted Items (there isn't anything in the outbox or drafts folders to experiment with but those aren't folders I usually sort anyway). I don't remember noticing this issue prior to the most recent update, but this is a fairly new computer so it's possible that I simply didn't sort by that field until this week. I get the same result whether I am choosing the sort order by clicking the column title or by selecting from the menu ribbon.

Similarly, when I use the search function, if I try to find an item that was 'revised before (date)', it finds all items that were revised AFTER that date. The 'revised after (date)' field does what it is supposed to.

What is going on? A Google search brought up only instructions on how to sort, no other reports of this problem.

I have my own domain and use email forwarding. I use Windows Live mail as a client. So email is sent to but is actually hosted at
So Live Mail is set up with but of course logs in to Fastmail with its password.
When Live Mail sends an email it is merely sent from Firstname Lastname with no address showing.

Fastforward now to my new Gmail account. It is set up the same way with as the email and reply-to address, but of course with a login to Gmail.
When I send an email from Live Mail using Gmail, the email is sent from Firstname Lastname ( In other words it shows my real (cloaked) Email address.
I have a number of accounts an Live Mail only does this for Gmail.
I want my Gmail address hidden, but I cannot find out why Live Mail does this or how to prevent it. I have set Gmail to show as the sender but this is not the issue as it is Live Mail that does it. It even shows this way in my sent folder.
Any ideas?

Does anyone know or suspect whether Microsoft is going to make Windows Live Mail function like Outlook Express? Or give us OE in addition to that lightweight Live Mail? Has anyone heard any rumors?

Will Outlook Express work if I run my 32 bit Windows 7 Professional in XP mode?

If I have Windows Live Mail installed on my computer, nothing is sent to the Microsoft web site right? My address book for instance, or anything else? Comcast is my ISP and Earthlink is where my mail comes into so I did not have to change email addresses when I got Comcast cable. Both have web mail but I rarely use it..

Is there another board where I should post my questions about mail programs? I am not familiar with how the Lounge works.

I can't understand why they would take a perfectly good mail program and replace it with this "thing" they call live mail.

Most everyone today has multiple email addresses. Why would anyone in their right mind at Microsoft think that most people want multiple inboxes? Or a single huge 20 gigabyte inbox begging for corruption that can't be made smaller without deleting messages out of one's "storage" folders?

I read where someone said this new mail program handles large files better. I am not sure what they mean by large files, but if, by any chance they mean a large inbox, "sent mail", drafts, or large other folder, the answer was sooooo simple! Just move messages out of that folder into a new folder that you name, for instance, "inbox 7-1-2009 t0 12-31-2009. You can even make it stay at the top, in order, by naming it 1. Inbox etc. or * Inbox.

If you have a folder that you move stuff out of often, just compact that single folder every so often to keep it small and get rid of the empty space in it caused by moving messages out.

Why I wish I could use Windows Mail formerly known as Outlook Express, in Windows 8. *If* I had Windows 8. I don't have it. This message is a response to someone on another thread who wondered why I would want Windows Mail in the newest operating system, Windows 8.

From what I understand, Windows 8 has "Metro" Mail which at this point only allows IMAP accounts, not the POP3 accounts I think most people use. I suppose that'll change someday. Dunno. In an IMAP account your mail is stored somewhere on a server and a shadow or duplicate copy is stored on your own computer. When you send an email, it goes up to the cloud to that server first, and then is sent back to your own computer so (for me at least) there is a lag between when I send an email and when I see it in my computer email program's "sent messages" box. IMAP mail is nice for people who need to access their mail from multiple locations and do want to also be able to see it on their own computer when they are offline. For me, POP3 is fine and one benefit is that there is no lag time.

1. It has a single inbox and I do not have to mess with multiple inboxes, one for each account, or use an "all" inbox which is a shadow of all the real ones. Regarding Windows Live Mail 2011, it will allow you to change the order of your inboxes (one for each email address you have) but if you close the program and reopen it, everything will have switched back to its original location.

2. It has an image resizer so I can send small image files, in my choice of sizes, to people as attachments to the email. They can easily view these small size files in the body of the email. They do not have to connect to "Skydrive" to see the photos I sent them up there in the cloud on somebody's server and there is no time limit on how long they are available to be viewed. And, if I attach a photo to an email without skydrive, it does not appear in the recipient's box full size so that you can't make head or tail of it by scrolling down in the body of the email, you have to view it in an image viewer to see it all at once in the same screen. Photos are important to me. They are part of the way I make my living. I need to be able to send them to clients in small size attachments for quick viewing and attaching has to be click click click, not a roundabout method.

3. It has no Skydrive connection (not interested in Skydrive).

4. My "storage folders" are immediately beneath the standard non-deletable original folders: Inbox, Outbox, Sent Mail, Deleted, Drafts, Junk Mail and this order of boxes I just typed is intuitive and common sense, in its order.

5. The "ribbon" is simple and easy to use, rather than being an exploded mess like WLM. Nuff said about that because new WLM users know.

6. It is both Pop3 and IMAP so you can have both types of accounts.

7. Webmail isn't better than the email program. I have several webmail accounts and don't care for them for heavy duty use on a daily basis. I want my mail on my own computer where I can see it and access it whether I am online or not.

8. I don't care for Outlook.

9. I don't have to look around and find a non-microsoft email program such as Thunderbird, Eudora etc. I know many use and love them and that's wonderful. I like to stick with what I know in an email program that I have customized to suit my individual needs.

10. I can copy and paste a news story into an email in WM and then highlight the headline and drag it to the subject line and drop it in the subject line. No need to cut and paste it to get it into the subject line. I send a lot of news stories and I also save a lot to my own folders so I can use them for reference later when I am writing something. So this was a valuable thing to me although it may not matter to others.

11. I can forward any email with pictures I want to anyone else and it does not give the recipient blank boxes like WLM 2011 does (I hear there is a WLM 2012 that works ok in that regard, just wonder why the heck I could not get it in January when I had to switch over from XP to Windows 7 because my old laptop died. Why did I have to struggle with 2011 when 2012 existed? I didn't find any 2012 then. I wonder why not.

That's just 11 reasons I'd love to have Windows Mail (formerly Outlook Express) in Windows 8. I am sure there are more if I took more time to think about it.

I did try Windows Live Mail for 5 months and tried really hard to like it and work with it before I gave up and used the tutorial on how to install Windows Mail in Windows 7. I did it, it was scary because to me the instructions were confusing, but, it turned out to be easy and I am so happy with it now. In that same thread there is a message on thread page 125 by Endeavor in which he says Windows Mail can be used in Windows 8 and he provides a link to another post of his in where he describes how to do it. I do not have Windows 8 so I can't try it myself. The EightForums thread was written in January so something may have changed since then to make it not work in Windows 8. My email program is *extremely* important to me and whether the one I have to use does what I want and need it to do plays a large part in my OS choices. I recognize this is not so for many others.


Im using MS Windows Live Mail 2012.

On the left hand side panel I have all my email accounts showing, then below that I have various folder displayed like this;

__________________________________________________ _
Quick Views
Unread email
Unread from contacts
Flagged items
Unread feeds

Sent emails
Junk e-mail
Deleted items

Sent emails
Junk e-mail
Deleted items

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Storage folders
Sent items
Deleted items
sub folder01
sub folder02

__________________________________________________ _

All the above is good, however on my wifes machine, also running the same programme though an earlier version (2011). Unfortunately shes done something and can no longer display the email accounts and storage folders together (like above), she can only display the email accounts (with Quick view etc.) *OR* the Storage folders, but not together.

I've tried setting my wifes machine the same as mine, but I still can not get both Email accounts and Storage folders to display together. Can anyone guide me to make good please?

Thanks in advance for any help

What is the purpose of the Drafts and Sent Items folders in the WLM Storage Folder?

I'm setting up Windows Live Mail on my new Windows 7 PC. Under the Storage Folder, there are two folders with the names Drafts and Sent Items, which cannot be deleted. But messages are sent from the folders under my primary email address, and any Drafts or Sent Items are stored in the corresponding folders there. What is the purpose of the Drafts and Sent Items folders within the Storage Folder when messages are apparently never sent from there? Thanks for any response.

Without exception... a question mark (?) suddenly started appearing in front of any text message using the latest Windows Live Mail in Windows 7 X64 (just one question mark at the beginning of a message without space).
In addition, a picture file is added to any mail with attachments, faint_grain.jpg 1.46 KB, is sent out.
These additions to my mail are not seen when the mail is created but is shown when the mail is checked in the sent folder.
The jpg is not found any where on the hard drive, all system and hidden files are always shown. There is no reference in the registry. Checking Google, there are many references to the file attachment being normal in the program Incredimail... it appears the file is indeed the same. I have never used the program.
My computer has been checked with Windows Security Essentials, Spybot S&D, Malwarebytes and Trojan Remover... all report clean. I also sent the file to Virus Total and it matched a previously sent sample and it checks totally clean and benign.
This problem appeared the 15th of September, as I checked my sent mail folder, mail before that date is clean.
Where does WLM save configuration files, I could do a test string check. Where is the jpg file coming from... I've used Windows search and Agent Ransack, to no avail. Is there a programmer here that can clue me in how to fix this? I would rather find out how it is done and fix this rather than doing a system restore or go back to a saved HD image.

Outlook 2010 Version 14.0.6112.5000 (32 - bit) running in Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 (64-bit) on i7-2630QM CPU w/ 16GB RAM.
When synchronizing (Send/Recive all folders) I get an error:
Outlook 2010 "Task 'RR Mail - Sending' reported error (0x8004010F) : 'The operation Faled. An object cannot be found'

This behavior started around the beginning of May 2012 after running w/o errors for 16 months. Mail synchronization done daily or more often.
Outlook is configured with 2 accounts: Road Runner (RR) POP, and Windows Live w/ Outlook Connector, the latter used only to sync calendar and contacts with Win7 phone (mail never sent, only spam received).

The error is cast with or without messages in Outbox -- any messages present in Outbox are always sent successfully. The Outlook Send/Receive Progress box reports "3 of 4 Tasks have completed successfully" while it retries the failed Send, then reports "0 of 1 Tasks have been completed successfully. During the send 'retry' the Tasks tab of this dialog box shows 4 tasks (send and receive each for the two accounts) with all except Road Runner Send successful, afterwards only the failed "RRMail - Sending ...".

This behavior is just a nusiance since all mail is sent and received. But, it would be nice to get rid of the "error."

Any suggestions about further troubleshooting, better yet the fix, would be appreciated.


John Montague, IEEE Life Senior Member
Retired IT Consultant

My daughter has Internet access via Bell/Sympatico. She uses Eudora 7.1 as her desktop email client. Her mail comes through Bell/Sympatico via Windows Live Hotmail. The problem is Hotmail is filtering her mail and some is being sent to the junk folder where it is deleted after ten days. Most of the messages labeled junk by Hotmail are ones she wants. The only filtering options given by Bell Hotmail is Standard - Most junk e-mail is sent to the junk e-mail folder or Exclusive - Everything is sent to the junk e-mail folder except messages from your contacts and safe senders, Bell Mail service announcements, and alerts that you signed up for.
Note: You should occasionally check your junk e-mail folder to make sure that good messages don't get put there by mistake.
I would like to find out if anyone knows how to get all filters turned off in Bell Hotmail. All help would be appreciated
Frank Murphy