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I like Windows Live Mail and have my main email account (Comcast) as well as my Hotmail account installed along with contacts and the Windows Live Calendar. Lately the Hotmail address is being flooded with spam. Should I delete the Hotmail account even though it is my Windows Live Id? Or should I create a new Windows Live Id with a address and use it to log in to Windows Live Mail? The whole Windows Live Id; Windows Live Mail; Windows Live Hotmail situation is totally confusing. Also does the Windows Live Calendar work without being signed in to Windows Live? I would appreciate enlightenment.

I have recently started using Windows Live Mail and can only see the option on the calendar to send meeting details by email rather than requests.
Is there a way that I can send and accept meeting requests in the calendar itself as per previous versions of Outlook Express?

I had to change my old motherboard which burned out, but could not do a complete reinstall on the new motherboard so I had to reinstall all my programmes manually.

That's OK, but I got a huge problem with my Windows Live Mail files. I found the email files and copied them from my backup.

But for the life of me I just cannot find where the Calender file(s) are. Should normally be easy to find a file like this, but intense search has left me without any clue...

Where are they hiding the Calendar file(s)????

[Bonus question and why is it not in the Calendar-folder??? I know MS logic...=]

Hi I am using the latest version of Windows Live Mail. It has it's problems but overall it seems to work pretty well.

I would like to be able to sync my Windows Live Calendar with Outlook but it doesn't seem to work. I downloaded the Outlook Connector but that doesn't do it.

I am able to sync Outlook with Google Calendar, so it's not a problem with Outlook, I don't think. Anyone have any suggestions.

I messed up and got this one in the wrong category. I can't figure out how to move it to the mail category. Sorry. Judy

Installing my Windows Live Mail went very easily and is linked to my hotmail account. I am adjusting to it just fine and like the way it syncs my calendar and contacts, providing me an online backup, so to speak.

Now my friend will need a new e-mail program, but I don't want her to have a, live messenger, or Hotmail account linked to it as she is not capable of dealing with the additional items.

For her sanity and mine, I would like to install Windows Live Mail on her new computer and opt out of any link to these online items. I can set it up to look very much like her old Outlook Express: Same preview pane, similar menu, similar type of settings. That way when she calls me I'll be able to answer her questions pretty easily. And she will call.

Can WLM install without this coordination to the online mail and messenger part? How? Thanks. Judy

I would like to change the default calendar in Outlook '07 to my Windows Live Calendar. Is there a way to make that calendar the primary?


I'm looking for a computer based mail program for Win7.I have been using eMclient,but the calendar search function went away with the latest version.It is also pretty much impossible to get any help or support with the free version.Until Win7,I always used Outlook Express,so I decided to try Windows Live Mail,but I remember reading about privacy issues with Windows Live accounts.
Privacy is very important to me.Does anyone have privacy issues with Windows Live accounts?

Help us collect the largest list of annoying RTM bugs for Windows 8 to help Microsoft create a better product before retail. These bugs in the thread should be able to be duplicated in a clean install environment.

Here's one:

Calender Metro App will occasionally not let you delete a pre-deleted re-occuring set of events from Google Calendar that still exist in the Calendar app for Windows. The program simply goes into the background and does nothing. Too bad standards for .ICS have been expanded without any teamwork on part of the international conglomerates.

Environment: Tested this with VMWare Workstation on a clean install with a Windows Live account using Windows 8 x32 and x64. Tested on existing main system. Simply doesn't work.

I am very new to Windows 8. I only downloaded and installed the developers preview 3 days ago on Thursday.

Many Windows users are talking about the new Windows 8 and are trying it out. So my curiosity got the better of me and I installed Windows 8. I did this by mounting the ISO file on virtual clone drive.

Windows 8 looks different from Windows 7 and Windows XP at first glance but it is not. The good news is that when you first set up Windows 8,like Windows 7 and Windows XP,you do not have to have a password if you don't want one. That is you don't have to log in with a password or have a password on your account.Which is sheer heaven. As I hate security settings and having to enter password every time I do some thing on my own computer.

And of course the first thing I did was turn off User account Control as it is very annoying.UAC does not exist on my Windows 7 so I don't want it on Windows 8.

I was able to turn off UAC on Windows 8 but there is another similar feature that I was not able to turn off. And that is the Smart Screen filter.

Smart screen is an additional feature added to Windows 8 that every time you install a program from the Internet. You get a pop up from Smart Screen telling you that Windows has blocked this download. And it then asks you if you want to run the program or not.And if you want to run the program you just click run and if you don't want to run it click do not run.

Smart Screen will also pop up if you open a program on your computer not recognised by Windows. Smart Screen although it is annoying like UAC does not stop you running or installing any programs you want to. And there are settings to disable Smart Screen. But when I turned it off it came back on again.

And from what I have read on other posts on the web.It seems that although there is a setting that is supposed to turn off Smart Screen it may have been disabled in this build of Windows 8. As other people have tried to turn off Smart Screen but they could not. As every time they turned it off in the settings,it came back on again.

Fortunately Smart Screen will not block any of your downloads or programs or stop you doing anything on your computer unless you want it to. But it is certainly not something I want on my computer. And I would disable this feature if I could. As I feel that such a feature is unnecessary. But Smart Screen has not stopped me doing any thing I want to on my computer.

And then we have the Metro theme.Which is enabled by default when you first set up Windows. But the Metro theme can be disabled with a simple registry edit. Or with software such as Metro Controller,which can do this for you.

Although I did not have much problems using the Metro theme I found it slower than using the Windows 7 start menu.And most of the apps did not work but I think that is because they are not active yet.

But my own software that I installed myself,such as Google,chrome,Windows Movie Maker which shows up in the Metro theme as an app did all work.So any software such as web browsers,chat messengers and media players that you install yourself.Will show up as an app in the apps menu if you have the Metro theme enabled. And all of your own apps will work when you click on them.

But most of the apps from the app store did not work. Except for internet Explorer,windows Explorer and Control panel,desktop and other settings.

But you can still pin short cuts to your desktop while in the Metro theme.And launch your software from the taskbar and Windows Explorer. By going to your programs file and launching the program from there,the same way you can on Windows 7 and Windows XP.

But I have disabled the Metro theme which most Windows users will do. As that is the way I am used to working. And I would advise Windows users that unless you happen to like the Metro apps and are going to use them. You do not need to have the Metro theme enabled. As Windows 8 run perfectly well and faster without it.

And as I am using my own software I do not need the Metro apps.

Once you disable the Metro theme you get the Windows 7 start Menu.that looks exactly like it does in Windows7 and Windows Vista.And the ribbon toolbar in Windows Explorer will also be disabled once the Metro theme is turned off or disabled.

You can also install Classic Shell in Windows 8 if you wish to have the Windows XP or the Classic Start menu in addition to the Windows 7 start menu. Classic Shell will also put the classic toolbar buttons in Windows Explorer on Windows 8. just like it does on Windows 7.

Also if you do not want to disable the Metro theme in Windows 8 but you still want to have a full start menu. Classic Shell also works with the Metro theme enabled. And you can then switch between both the classic or Windows XP start menu or the Metro start menu.Just by launching Classic Shell and you will also have the classic toolbar in Windows Explorer. As well as the ribbon toolbar.Which looks quite good actually.

Now we come to running software in Windows 8. I like most people want to run my Windows XP and Windows Vista software that I was using on Windows 7 on Windows 8.

Well the good news is that you can run most of your Windows XP and Windows Vista software on Windows 8.

Here is a list of all my software that I have tried that works on Windows 8-

Software that works on Windows 8.

Windows Sidebar-

That's the Windows Sidebar from Windows Vista or the Vista Sidebar. This works on Windows 8 without any problems. Windows Sidebar works both with the Windows 7 start menu and also with the Metro theme enabled.There are no conflicts.

Windows Calendar-

From Windows Vista,this works on Windows 8.

Windows Movie Maker 6 and Windows Movie Maker 2.6-

Made for Windows Vista but works on Windows 7. Both versions of Windows Movie Maker works on Windows 8.

Windows Movie Maker 2.1 for Windows XP-

This works on Windows 8 and so does the web cam feature. Windows Movie Maker 2.1 works on Windows Vista,windows 7 and Windows 8 as long as you have Windows Movie Maker 2.6 installed. As it runs of of the dill files of Movie Maker 2.6.

Windows Live Essentials for Windows XP-

That's Windows Live Messenger,Windows Live Photo Gallery,Windows Live Writer and Windows Live Mail for Windows XP. Works on Windows 8.
Some people like me prefer Windows Live Essentials for Windows XP or 2009 as it is sometimes called over Windows Live Essentials 2011. Well the good news is that this works on Windows 8.

Windows Media Player 11 for Windows 7-

Works on Windows 8.
This is Windows Media Player 11 that has been adapted to run on Windows 7 for people who want to downgrade from WMP 12 to WMP 11. WMP 11 works on Windows 8. But first you must turn off WMP 12 in turn Windows features on or off to disable WMP 12.
But after that Windows Media Player 11 works on Windows 8.

Gmail notifier for Windows XP and Windows 2000-

Works on Windows 8.

Advanced browser,Pink Browser,Green browser and other IE based browsers.

Most of these browser were made for Windows XP but they work on Windows 8. Just like they do on Windows 7.

Pale Moon,Safefox,Firefox,Google Chrome and other web browsers-

Pale Moon,Safefox and Wyzo are based on Firefox 3 all work on Windows 8 and so does Google Chrome. Also the latest versions of Firefox work too.


A very handy registry cleaner that also has other settings to help you manage your programs. Works on Windows 8.

Media Player Classic-

Works on Windows 8. this is the old version of Media player Classic not the Home cinema version. But this works on Windows 8.

Programs that do not work in Windows 8.

Windows Mail-

From Windows Vista this works in Windows 7 after you delete the Windows 7 Windows Mail Program file and replace it with the Windows Vista version. But this does not work in Windows 8. Despite my best efforts Windows Mail is the only program I have tried which does not work in Windows 8.

There may be more software from Windows XP,Windows Vista and Windows 7 that will work in Windows 8. But I have not installed these yet.

But you can also import your software from Windows 7 that can be found in the Windows Old folder onto Windows 8. By copying the files and pasting them into the Programs file on Windows 8.

Even though I no longer have my Windows 7 operating system as the Windows 8 install wiped it out. I still have my Windows Old folder from Windows 7.That has all of my old programs from Windows 7.

Well I have got windows 8 now and before I tried it I was expecting it to be complicated and difficult to use. But now that I have Windows 8 I have found out that this is not true.

Windows 8 looks and is exactly the same as Windows 7. I have limited experience with computers. But if I can use Windows 8 anybody can. Andrea Borman.

Hi all:

I was just thinking how much potential Microsoft has by integrating with Vista and future OS releases. I think they can have something very "innovative" by doing this. They can do this as an option rather than a built-in feature to avoid any anti-trust suits. Anyway, here goes:

1) Integrate bookmarks on with IE's bookmarks and have them sync continuously. The current implementation, by the way, is very lackluster: no tagging, poor online interface, etc.

2) Integrate gadgets on Vista with gadgets on I want to be able to access my desktop gadgets on when I'm not at my desktop PC. And even if I have a notebook, there are still times when I can't get an internet connection and have to use a desktop pc. For example: I can get my RSS feeds (microsoft web feeds reader, anyone?) from my desktop but the same setting will be synced to my homepage.

3) Mail, calendars, contacts through Windows live mail and mail for desktop. I'm not sure if this is already done since I haven't gotten it to work. If it is, let me know please. The same can be done for messenger by having an online interface for when I'm not at my computer.

4) *****the biggest one here*****Live Office - the real thing:
Let me be able to sync my documents on the service and store my Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents both on my PC and on I'll be able to access my documents in 2 ways:
-Through my desktop Office application. I'll save the file locally and it will sync any changes up with like every 5 minutes.
-Through the Office Online interface. This can be like Google Docs/writely or Zoho office: an online web interface for documents, spreadsheets, presentations. It probably won't be as dynamic as Office 2007 but it provides convenience.

What do you think? All of these are very good candidates for "monetization" - especially the Office part.

First post

I keep getting n error when synchronizing Hotamil:

Unable to authenticate to Windows Live Calendar

I don't use Hotmail' calendar.

How can I fix this?

Chuck Billow

I have followed the directions, published calendar in Outlook 2007, sent invite to my Windows Hotmail/Live email address and clicked on the calendar. But all I ever get is "server is busy, try again later." Has anybody got this to work? Martin

Getting ready for the debut of the Windows Phone 7, I decided to check out WLM 2011, (I use Outlook'07) to see what it was all about.
So, I installed and opened it. I was surprised, no, more shocked than anything to see that it had downloaded over 200 RSS feed, as well as all of my new! e-mail. Now keep in mind here I did not even set any e-mail accounts up! That tells me that it is accessing my Winodws Live.I guess that that is why it is called Windows Live Mail....LOL! But seriously I think that is going too far.
Also under the contacts all of those that I had marked as personal, all of my Facebook, and all of my Messenger contacts were now in WLM, and to make matters more interesting, I saw that if I had a friend on Facebook, that was also using MSN Messenger, that person was listed twice! I tried using the contacts clean up tool, and while it did find a couple of duplicates, it left those on facebook that were also on messenger alone.
I also noticed that there was no reference to Outlook to import contacts? Weird!

I realize that it is not Outlook, and that there are just going to be things that cannot be done, like dragging and dropping an e-mail to the calendar, but oh well.
I was able to uninstall it through the control panel Add/Remove. Clicked on Windows Live Essentials 2011 and it let me choose which program(s) to uninstall.

Sheesh! all I wanted to do was to see how it worked and what I could do or not do with it.

I wasn't sure whether this would belong here or not, but...

I keep getting synch errors from

17:35:10 Synchronizer Version 14.0.6123
17:35:10 Synchronizing Mailbox ''
17:35:10 Unable to authenticate to Windows Live Calendar.

I'm not using Windows Live Calendar or calendar -- at least not yet.

So isn't there a way to turn off the error?

Chuck Billow

I recently had to reload. Reloaded to Vista and then used my upgrade disk for 7.

Reloaded all my stuff. My contacts for emails were there as was my calendar entries.

But now my contacts and calendar items are missing.

I'm not sure if these files are on my disc or in the cloud.

Can anyone help?


I've read elsewhere on the Forum that WLM 2012 is an improvement over older versions.
I'm currently using WLM 2011 and would be grateful for any advice/tips on updating to the latest version.
Particularly, is it best to uninstall the older version and is it easy to retain emails, contacts and calendar.
Thanks in advance for any help.

It finally happened! On Wednesday, we finally got a glimpse at what Microsoft has in store for its next version of Windows and how it plans to compete in the tablet market. Yes, after months of some leaked screenshots and rumors, Redmond finally showed an early preview of what’s now codenamed Windows 8 — or what is perhaps better thought of as a mashup of Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7. While we expected to just get a brief glimpse of the OS, Vice President of Windows Steven Sinofsky demoed quite a bit of the interface at D9, and VP of Windows Planning Mike Angiulo showed off even more of the UI and some early hardware later on at Computex. We’ve taken a hard look at all the information that’s been released and come up with a primer on what we know so far about Redmond’s forthcoming operating system, so hit the break for a deeper look at what’s coming.

Let’s talk for a second about this new version of Windows and what kind of devices it’s meant for. At the most basic level, the new OS consists of a homescreen with large Windows Phone 7-like live tiles, and underneath that you’ve got classic Windows — what more or less looks like Windows 7.
We’re going to get into the specifics of that new “layer” or “shell” below, but Sinofsky and Angiulo stressed that while Windows 8 has been optimized for touch and tablets, it’s also meant for “hundreds of millions of computers.” According to Microsoft, Windows 8 will work well with touch-only tablets as well as traditional mouse / keyboard PCs. Angiulo said it loud and clear: “There are no different versions of Windows. There’s just one Windows. Windows runs everywhere.” That means there won’t be a distinct tablet version of Windows 8, like we thought early on.
It’s a bit confusing since much of the new UI is meant for finger input, but Angiulo showed a brief demo of it working on some regular laptops and how you’d use a mouse and some keyboard shortcuts to navigate the touch interface. How do you switch between the regular Win 7 desktop and the new homescreen? It seems you’ll just select a tile with the desktop and then hit the circular Start button to return to the new UI. It seems rather clunky, but remember this was just a very early preview and things will likely change.
Now that we’ve covered some of those basics, let’s dig into that new user interface!

It all starts with a lock screen that’s very similar to Windows Phone 7. You will be able to change the background, and alongside the date and time you’ll get some basic alerts — including messages, emails, and your next calendar event. Swiping up will take you to the new homescreen, although you can see in all the videos that there’s a brief user account screen between the two. It seems a bit off that the account user screen pops up after the unlock, but again this isn’t even beta software yet.

More Information : Windows 8: features, screenshots, and everything else you need to know | This is my next...

Email and calendar apps may not be much fun, but they're essential if you intend to live on the grid, interacting with other human beings. Enter Microsoft's new Windows 8 Mail and Calendar apps, each of which takes a prominent position on the new Start screen. Of course, plenty of competitors offer basic email and calendar functionality, so if Microsoft is going to enter this arena, it had ...

Source: Yahoo! News

Hello i am new in this on posting but this is my problem i had installed windows 8 pro and i have linked my microsoft account to my pc(hotmail account),everything was working fine,i was receiving emails,my calendars was working and all my people were synced,but the problem is the messaging app is had worked only 4 days(lagging of course).Since i turn off the services in the right pane the messaging app never conect to me,is always "getting info" and when is finish of that it says to me "we can't send a message rigth now",i made everything but i don't find anything that work , i like Windows 8 and the metro apps but that things is driving me crazy,i don't use the messenger and i only want the facebook chat.
PS:Everithing is working i repeat i receive emails,see my peoples and watch my calendars appointments from the live account,the only thing that isn't working is the messaging app. Thanks for reading me and sorry for my english

Microsoft has announced updates to its Mail, Calendar, and People apps in Windows 8 , making them somewhat more viable tools for power users. The updates go live on Tuesday.Mail received the most improvements: Users can now select to view only unread messages, flag emails as important, or manage them in folders — all critical features for email clients that seemed a rather glaring omission from ...

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