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I am running Win 7 Ultimate with an Asus P5E mb. The system recognizes all usb devices plugged in during boot up but will not recognize new devices which are plugged in after boot up. I have the latest bios update for this mb. This is really frustrating as I can not plug in usb devices without having to reboot.

Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?

I have a brand new Gateway NE1b laptop. AMD processor. The USB 3.0 port does not work with USB 3.0 devices. USB 2.0 devices work just fine in the port. I have seen on other forums where people had problems when upgrading to Windows 8. They had to go back to their Windows 7 drivers to get the USB 3.0 port to work. Gateway support is no help. They want me to send the laptop in to get a new part. I am sure it is just the Windows driver causing the problem. Microsoft won't help because it is an OEM version of Windows 8. This is not a big deal, just a perplexing annoyance.

So three weeks ago I installed Windows 7 RC, and I was happy with it. So happy with it, in fact, that I proceeded to install quite lot of applications on it.

Anyway, last night I was installing the Dreamweaver CS4 trial, downloaded officially from their website. All of a sudden my PC froze, task manager wouldn't open, so I hit the reset button.
After that, windows would normally take an hour to boot. It would stay at the windows loading screen for an hour, then boot into windows, and the first time it did that, I realized that it was no longer detecting my 160GB E:.
My partition configuration before this problem was this:

C: 15GB
D: 50GB
Remaining drive space lost due to partitioning
E: 149GB (which is the standard available space on a 160GB sata)

When my PC finally booted into Windows, I checked msconfig, and under BOOT it said "Windows 7(recovered); defaultOS; current OS".
Every time before showing the Windows loading screen, I also got a message saying some startup entry was preventing my computer from booting properly, and I should start the windows Startup Recovery from the disk.

I checked online, and on a few forums it said my MBR was corrupt. So I put in the Windows 7 installation disk, went in to Repair My Computer, waited, clicked on Startup Recovery, it ran for a few seconds, rebooted, and my problem was still there. I tried safe mode, and even safe mode took hours to boot. I tried Last Known Good Configuration, same problem.

Another solution told me to boot to DOS using the Windows setup CD and run the following command:
bootsect /nt60 /$something$
I dont remember the exact command, but I know it was right, cause it's an official Windows 7 command, like fixmbr in Windows XP.
Anyway, that didn't work either.

I finally found a utility called MBRFix:

I ran it's default command:
mbrfix /drive 0 fixmbr /yes
But that didn't work.
I also tried mbrfix /drive 0 fixmbr /vista, but that didn't work either.

As another forum suggested, I told MBRFix to CLEAN my MBR and then fix it, so that it would right a new one...

And tragedy struck...

As of now, Windows won't recognize any of my drives.
When I insert the Windows 7 setup CD in the drive, in the place where you're supposed to select a drive to install windows to, it shows C: 74GB UNCALLOCATED. It's showing my first physical drive as unallocated, its partitions are not showing up. And its not showing my second physical drive at all.
All linux live cds wont boot. Ubuntu and Knoppix drop me to a VERY LIMITED SHELL.

By default, if I dont insert any media and let the PC run, it comes to a NO BOOT DEVICE FOUND screen.

And now I have no idea what to do.
I obviously want all my data back.
BIOS is detecting all my drives properly.

I currently have access to a friends laptop, but I dont know for how long, so here's hoping you can get back to me ASAP.
I am sufficiently tech savvy, so I won't have a problem resorting to any amount of complicated instructions, I can only hope my data remains untouched.
I friend of mine suggested that installing Windows 7 to a USB drive and through it QUICK FORMATTING the original C: would restore it to normal usage without touching the data, but I don't know it this method would work with a drive hiding TWO partitions within it.

ANY amount of help would be appreciated,
Standing by for instructions,
Intel Core2Duo E4500 2.2 GHz
80GB IDE (two partitions) + 160GB SATA (no partition) HDDs
RJ45 Ethernet jack (LAN card unknown)

The model number of the external hard drive is: PA4096-1HF4
Its a 3.5 inch, 640GB external drive from Toshiba with USB 2.0 interface.
The OS is Windows 7 Home Ultimate (64 bit).
As per this URL : Windows 7 Compatibility for Storage Devices: Hard Drives, External Hardware: Download Device Drivers,
this model is NOT compatible with Windows 7.

Is there any way for Windows 7 to recognize this external drive and allow me to access the files on this drive without problems?

Any assistance will be much appreciated.

Thank You.

I have recently begun to get notifications something to the effect: USB Device Not Recognized. One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and windows does not recognize it. For assistance in solving this problem, click the message.

In Device Mngr, the yellow "alert" indicates "unknown device". Further, "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems (Code 43)".


The pc (HP Pavillion) is my pro audio machine dedicated to recording & mixing audio. Win 7 Home Edition (64 bit). It is used exclusively for pro audio.

I have 4 USB ports in the back and 2 in the front. Connected to the back are two separate keyboards and a pro sound card (USB audio interface), all working properly. Today was a scheduled bakup, and I connected an external USB drive to the 4th port and it worked as usual.

Thus, I suspected the possible problem is with the front ports. I very recently bought a new flashdrive (8GB SanDisk Cruzer Facet) on sale at Best Buy which I used to successfully transfer pics between 2 other pcs. That same day, I plugged this flash drive into my audio pc just to check it out with the intention of possibly moving some older, large audio projects in at a later date. I used the safely eject to remove the drive. All was well.

I noted windows appeared to install drivers for the flash drive when 1st inserted.


***So today. to check the front USB ports, I again plugged the SanDisk into the right port and now it is not recognized in My computer nor in Safely Eject. I then plugged an older, smaller (2GB) flash drive in to the same port and it is recognized and operational.

I then took the SanDisk to another Win 7 pc (which received the pictures via the SanDisk) and this same flash drive does work there.

***Edit per RK, 647PM Cen: I again plugged the sandisk into my audio pc front port with the intention of uninstalling, but the flash drive now is working, perhaps I didn't get the little guy far enough in the 1st time today Thus I do not know what the unknown device is and what USB port in not functioning

So I suspect the issue is with the right front USB hub and / or the SanDisk. In Device Mngr for the unknown device, I clicked check for new driver button (checked automatically) and it says the driver is up to date. However, clicking on the "Driver Details" button brings up a dialog box which says no driver files required or have been loaded for the device.

Any help is much appreciated. My pc has been running wonderfully and with all my ongoing audio projects, I am worried about doing too much uninstalling all the drivers, etc since all my devices (except this flash drive on the front port) are working perfectly.

***Further RK edit, 651PM: If I uninstall all the USB hubs as i see commonly recommended, will that affect my devices (keyboards, audio interface, external HD) in any way? I, of course, have very specific drivers for the audio devices and would not want Windows to just install any old driver. As well, my external HD is not normally connected and one of my keyboards is not powered up normally. Will that affect the uninstall stack, I believe it was called? Thanks again!

Thanks much!

Robby K

Windows 7 x64 Home premium on Dell Inspiron N5040.

Windows disconnects Logitech usb headphones 9 minutes after plugging them in. I first noticed this working with Skype. I then discovered that they were totally disappearing from the available devices at the same moment. Unplugging and then replugging does not cause them to be re-recognized. Wiggling the wires around has no effect to either disconnect or reconnect (broken wire therefore ruled out).

If I just work with the built-in microphone and a normal headset, things work. After a few minutes (at least 15) replugging them in works, but now only for about, perhaps 2 minutes.

Has anyone had a similar problem? ... a solution?

I'm not sure whether Windows 7 is the right place to post this because I haven't a clue what the problem is. I am running Windows 7 SP1 64 bit and I'm trying to connect my IPAD to sync with iTunes.

When I plug in the usb line, I hear the sound the pc normally makes when you connect a device. However, the IPAD is not recognized by iTunes nor does Windows recognize the device as a removable disk (as it does with my camera or Walkman).

To solve the problem, I must uninstall iTunes which means I must also uninstall Bonjour Services, Apple software update, Apple Mobile Device Support and Apple Application Support and then re-install all of them. Once that is done, the IPAD and iTunes connect just fine and the sync-ing works as designed. I can then unplug the IPAD and plug it back in as many times as I want or stop and restart iTunes as many times as I want and everything works and connects just fine. But as soon as I shut my PC down and restart it, the PC no longer recognizes the IPAD until I do the whole uninstall/reinstall thing.

Because this is such a pain, I don't often update to new releases of iTunes but I would like to connect the iPAD to iTunes more frequently just so I have a recent backup for the IPAD.

I've tried every combination I can think of including, plugging the IPAD in before powering up the PC but I've found nothing to solve the problem. I've tried contacting Apple support thinking that iTunes was the issue but they were useless. Their response was that this is not happening with all iTunes users so it must be a Windows problem. The fact that the IPAD is not being recognized by Windows at all makes me think that they may be right.

Can anybody suggest how to get around this problem?

(PS service pack 1 cannot be the issue as I had the problem before installing SP1)

PS again: One important item I forgot to mention. When I connect the IPAD to the PC, even when Windows does not recognize the IPAD, the IPAD battery still charges

I'm sure i cant be the first with this problem, but after searching for about an hour or so im just gonna ask directly, sorry if this is a duplicate request.

I'm Building a killer system for a friend of mine.

Windows 7 64bit Ultimate for System Builders
Asus Crosshair III Forumla 790FX
Quad Core AMD 3.4GHZ Phenom Black
8GB DDR3 1600OC
Dual Sapphire Radeon HD5850's 1GB DDR5 in Crossfire configuration
LG Blu-Ray DVD burner SATA
Lite-On Blu-Ray Reader SATA
Dual 160GB WD Blue in Raid 1
Single Seagate 1.5tb
WinTV HD TV Tuner

Here's my problem. Windows 7 Loads from the LG Blu-ray device fine. I click on Install Now and get the following error. "A required cd/dvd device driver is missing." It tells me that i can remove the windows 7 disc to install the driver disc that came with the device, but the device is not recognized to do that. Will W7 installer recognize a USB drive that i could load the drivers to?

I have tried using an older SATA Lite-on dvd burner with the same problem...
I have also tried using an IDE DVD burner with no luck

Thanks in advance for any help!!

My new D40x just came in the mail. I took a few shots, tried to connect to Windows 7.

It makes the normal beep sound like a USB device was just connected..

but then that's it. No folder, no options, no drivers try to be installed. When I tried to update a driver, it tells me that the camera is connected.. So I'm assuming it's seeing the camera, it just doesn't show it connected in the drives, nor can i access the SD card folder. I unplugged the camera, it stilll was saying it was connected.. so I restarted comp. Tried again, same beep, nothing comes up.

I think I have the drivers and everything installed.. USB works, I use usb mouse/ keyboard..

Any ideas?

(btw in Scanners and cameras, it doesn't see the camera.)

edit: When I plug it in, it beeps.. Unplug, it beeps (as normal).

edit#2: Nevermind... I feel like a damn fool. I just burned some old letters, took shots of my old house.. my cat.. And I didn't even put the SD card in the camera For some reason after each shot the camera didn't bother telling me "yo guy yo aint got a sd card, these aint goin anywhere"..

I feel like an idiot now, and i'm bummed. I had some really great shots.. especially of the letters, which are now burned up and cannot be done again.

Hi everyone. I'm sure this is going to seem completely shocking, but I'm having a problem with Windows 7 and my 1tb Simple Tech Simpledrive usb external hard drive. I've used the search feature on this forum and have tried the recommended remedies for this, such as renaming my dvd drive, and nothing has worked so far. I started having this issue about a month ago sporadically but have been able to work around it by just shutting down the laptop, unplugging and replugging the Simpledrive and starting it up again.

Some interesting facts:

- The Simpledrive is recognized by other computers.

- The Simpledrive lights up and hums when connected to this computer.

- From what I'm seeing, the Simpledrive is nowhere to be found under My Computer. I don't think the ST9500420AS ATA Device listed under disk drives in the device manager (pictured below) is my external drive, but I could be wrong about that.

- The usb ports are all functioning properly. I can plug other devices into the same port and all the other ports and the laptop will recognize them.

- Formatting my Simpledrive is not an option as I have data on there that I cannot afford to lose.

Here are my specs:

Dell Studio 1558

Windows 7 Home Premium

Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M33 @ 2.13 ghz 2.13 ghz

4g RAM

64 bit OS

Here is a snapshot of my device manager if that helps.

Any help would be appreciated. This laptop is a replacement Dell sent me because they failed to resolve this very issue along with my function keys not working. Protip: Don't ever buy a Dell.

Thank you in advance.

I have a Tosh satellite L505D-ES025 that I purchased in May 2010. The hard drive ("HD") failed in June 2012. In checking the Toshiba forum for this model.I have noticed a number of owners have similar problems with HD failures . Toshiba wants $250 for a replacment drive. I have installed a Western Digital HD Blue 500G, which is win 7 compatible. Toshiba recovery disk would not install and If it did, it would eliminate all the critical drivers, among them, installing a display driver that causes the system to freeze. I took the tosshiba hd from my other toshiba notebook and it installed everthing to factory. I decided not to use toshiba's recovery disk because I believe it is doing things beyond restoring windows and is selective towards using Toshiba Drives that fail in less than two years.
I have downloaded and tried Windows 7 Iso. I could not read the product key on my notebook, and I tried getting it from Toshiba many times without success. I also have an HP notebook and I "borrowed" the product key, to see how windows7 retail worked. This allowed me to use windows 7 for almost 30 days. On install, windows did not have the modem and camera, and Fn function card reader drivers, which are Toshiba proprietary drivers. I have downloaded those drivers from Toshiba's website. A few days ago, I encountered problems. All my windows services started locking down and I could not enter any of the safe modes. I tried startup repair (with the win 7 cd) but had no luck. Also tried system restore, without any luck. I tried reinstalling windows, using a product key that microsoft support gave me. The reinstall, though, would not installl my HD sound driver or usb controller. My usb drives can power devices, but not read them. In addition I can no longer install the drivers I downloaded from Tohibas website, which includes (the modem, camera, and usb card reader)
This HD was under 30 days old, so I returned it for another WD HD. I reinstalled win 7 and amazingly microsoft remove the 30 activation to 3 days, Where is Microsoft info store? This is a brand new drive! I haven't even configuered my lan or internet!
I believe the product key I misused from my HP notebook has caused microsoft to "black list"my notebook.
What can I do to get windows to load the drivers and allow the toshiba drivers to be installed as they were on my initial install from the win 7 iso cd? I have paid for the use of windows and both Microsoft andToshiba seem to be Forgetting this

I've seen a few posts and some solutions to a similar problem where the driver signing was the issue.

My problem has similar symptoms but is not a result of signing and can't be fixed by deleting the filter keys in registry.

symptoms: new Acer Netbook. New LG External Super Multi DVD Rewriter (GP08). Plug in USB drive, but windows 7 declares a problem with recognizing the drive. (Same drive is immediately recognized by XP laptop, loads drivers, so the drive is okay - problem is with windows 7)

In device manager, a yellow exclamation mark shows beside a USB unknown device. I've tried uninstalling, restarting etc., but to no avail.

Has anyone else experienced this problem (which is not solvable by removing filter keys for CDROM class in HKLM)?

My conclusion so far is that windows 7 just doesn't have the device/manufacturer id in its driver database so it doesn't know to load the DVD/CDROM drivers....but if that's the case, how do I manually tell windows which drivers to use?

Helps resolve the error: “USB Device not recognized" when you try to access a USB external hard drive on Windows 7.


Hi all,
Old laptop had XP. Died. (no, the issue is not the hard drive).
Got a new laptop with Windows 7. Took out hard drive from old computer (Samsung model MP0804H, IDE PATA 80 Gigs), bought a generic enclosure (that operates of two USB ports for power and data).
Upon plugging it in I get the dialogue box which states “Installing device driver software” “USB Mass Storage Device” which eventually stops showing the pic I have attached.

I can hear it spinning and the red and green light flashes, soon remaining almost only red.
Disk management will not detect it nor does it appear in my computer. But it does appear in Devices and Printers as “Unspecified” (and some weird characters) (see other photo, with highlighted circle).
Cannot for the life of me figure this out, nor can other I had asked.
I thought perhaps I need to install the driver for the Samsung Hard drive but was assured by friend who knows more than me, that isn’t the problem as windows should install a driver automatically,
Please help! Driving me NUTS! Attached Thumbnails     Last edited by dumbfounded; 02-06-2010 at 12:59 AM. Reason: more specifics Share Share this post on Digg Technorati Twitter
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Join Date Jul 2009 Posts 7,900 Welcome to the forums, dumbfounded.

1. Computer => Right-Click => Management => Disk Management =>

=> do you see your Hard Drive there ?

2. When windows automatically installs new device, do you get the message that the driver has been successfully installed ?

Did you check the option to search internet for drivers ?

I had used it before with this computer, for a backup in January probably, but I went to use it to back it up again recently, and it did not work. It does not show up anywhere on the computer, though the drive lit up and started. It's a Seagate Expansion 500 GB USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive. It does not show on disk manager. When I plug this into the USB, it shows a yellow flag next to Intel(R) ICH9 Family USB Universal Host Controller-2934 and next to Intel(R) ICH9 Family USB2 Enhanced Host Controller-293A. These work with every other USB device I have tried, though. Seagate says if it worked before then it's not their problem. Does anyone have any ideas?

Can you please send me a link to a compatible driver, as with the original driver my laptop is not able to even recognize this USB device.

Many thanks.

I've got Windows 7 RC installed on a Dell Inspiron 6400 (dual boot with openSuse 11.1).
I have a 250 GB USB external SATA HDD in a NexStar3 enclosure recognized in ‘Device Manager – Disk Drives’ as ‘Maxtor 6 V250F0 USB Device’.
'Properties' tell me the device is working properly, although I can’t populate anything in the ‘Volumes’ tab (I get a ‘Volume information for this disk cannot be found’ error.)
The drive doesn't show up in ‘Computer’.
If I go to ‘Computer – Manage – Disk Management’, the drive doesn’t even show up in the list of volumes. So it’s impossible for me to just reactivate it or format it.
The drive was recognized just fine in my previous Windows XP partition on the same laptop.
The drive is currently recognized just fine in my openSuse 11.1 linux partition.
There is nothing in the BIOS that would allow me to tweak the SATA drive options.
I tried putting *another* SATA drive in the *same* NexStar3 enclosure. Same problem.
I tried connecting the *same* SATA drive in *another* external enclosure. Same problem.
I tried connecting *another* SATA drive in *another* external enclosure. Same problem.
I have an IDE 400 GB external USB HDD in another NexStar3 enclosure that is recognized just fine in Windows 7.
I assume it’s a Windows 7/external USB SATA issue.
What’s wrong? Can anyone suggest anything?
Thanks a lot.


My PC (Windows 7) has two internal hard drives (C & D) and "C" is reserved for the operating system;" D" for my Data.

For some time, I have also had two external "USB 2" hard drives (250GB & 500 GB), which recently, I have replaced by two "USB 3" One TB WD My Book 3 Essentials hard drives - this also involved installing a USB 3 PEC card.

These drives (the USB 2 and the USB 3) were/are recognised as drives "E" and "F" in "My Computer" (Computer, with Windows 7).

A problem I have regularly experienced with both the "USB 2" and "USB 3" drives is that frequently, only one of these external drives is recognized in "Computer" and in "Disk Management". Sometimes "E" and sometimes "F".

The missing drive is sometimes restored if I re-boot, or if I un-plug and re-plug in the drive which is not recognised.

Interestingly, if I open the Device Manager, only one of the drives is displayed (Even if both are present in "Computer".

Western Digital have been most helpful, but have not resolved the issue. They believe that Windows 7 is seeing two drives with the same signature (Identity) and hence thinks that there is only one drive.

WD suggested using "Disk Management" to delete both volumes, formatting and giving different names to each drive. I have done this, but the problem still exists .

In a effort to resolve this issue, I have re-installed Windows 7, but the problem still exist, without any other software installed; hence, I don't believe it is an incompatibility issue

I would be interested to know whether anyone else has experienced this problem and found a resolution


Every time Microsoft updates Windows 7 it causes new problems on what's been a relatively stable Dell XPS8000. The latest update causes my DVD / CD drive (HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GH50N ATA Device) to be inaccessible! By running System Restore I've brought it back from the 'bit-bucket', but I'd really like to update the OS without having the updates screw something up. Any ideas? Anyone??? Previous updates have caused printer problems; Mouse problems (both running on USB ports); etc.

I have a Sony ICD SX 46 USB recorder that I would like to run within Windows 7/64 XP mode. I have installed Sony voice recorder 2.4 software and the SX driver within XP mode. All went well. However, when I tried to attach the USB port, the attached function correctly recognizes my Sony ICD SX but when I clicked that option to attach it, I get the message "Could not attach the USB device. You can attach the USB device to a different USB port or restart the virtual machine and try again."

I have done all that several times to no avail. Both Windows 7 and XP have all current updates.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks Larry

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