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I'm having a problem locating my DOwnload Manager. When I download a file the Download box pops up with the file visible. If I try to minimize this box it disappears rather than going to the taskbar where other minimized programs go. When I search for "Downloads" all I get is "Audible Download Manager". The only way I can find this elusive Download box with all my previous downloads in it is to download something else to get the box to appear. PLEASE where is this box? Thanks!

Hi all,
I just have a question that I've been having for weeks. I downloaded SP2
for Windows which took me like 30 minutes to download because it is a big
file, but it failed to install on my comp. So I ordered the CD from
Microsoft instead. Is the SP2 file that I downloaded still stored on my comp
and taking up space? If so, where can I find it and delete it? Please help!
Thanks all!



I would like to transfer some large files from a PC at work to a CD bit the PC does not have a writer.
I don't really want to go out and buy a portable storage device just to transfer the files as it seems a bit of a waste of money. Is there a site where l can download files to and then transfer the files to my PC at home?

Any help would be much appreciated.


I recently upgraded from Win95 to WimME and had a rough go at it . I tried several times to get it installed but it kept hanging up while looking for hardware on system . I couldn't get it to finish or return my old operating system back , finally out of frustration I got out my recovery disk that came with the computer and did a partial restore . Then I restarted the WinME upgrade , I think this is where I lost several programs but it at least completed loading and most things that were still on the computer work right . My biggest problem now is that I can't download files from either netscape or internet explorer . When trying to download from netscape it goes so far then gives an error box that says a library needed to run this program is missing then when I click ok I get several other errors then it stops trying to download . When the first error box appears the line at the bottom of browser says loading plug in . I get same error box when trying to download from internet explorer . I would appreciate any suggestions on how to correct this problem , Thanks in advance

I recently started connecting my portable to teh DSL line in the office that we have now. I'm not able to download ANY files of any type from the web. I tried dozens of times on different sites - where I know I can download the files on other machines/connections. Prior to this I used dialup with no problems on this machine. ie gives an irrelevant error message - (not using that computer right now but IIRC it was that the file did not exist on the server or some such).

What could be wrong?? This is my first shot at using the DSL connection.

I have installed IE9 (64 bit) and it works quite well with Win 7. It is much faster than IE8. The one thing I don't quite understand has to do with the downloading of attachments..with IE8 and all previous versions, I could tell it where to put the download - in fact, it asked me to specify where to put the download; however, IE9 does not seem to support this. When I download an attachment, it ends up in my "Download" file and then I have to move it to the folder where I could have put it in the first place under IE8. Is there any way to get IE9 to do this, i.e., ask me where I want to download the file and then allow me to specify the folder where the download is to go. If I can't do this, then it becomes a pain because it means I have to "download" everything twice - the first time when IE9 automatically puts the attachment in the "Downloads" folder, and then a second time when I have to move it to the folder where I would have liked it to go in the first place. Maybe there is a switch or preference to set somewhere and I just haven't found it (?). Any insight that anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



Im not sure where to even start but I have the Dell 630m with Windows 7 premium but after I install avg my c drive filled but leaving me 5gigs left. Then I compress the files causeing bootmgr to show on start up and then I use a start up disc to install windows 7 ult, and everything was fine until I saw my c drive was still filled with junk so I decided to to a clean install but after that everything went normal but I cant install driver for wifi access let alone install anything. Please tell me there is a fix to this and I dont have a useless computer. Is there a way for me to be able to install programs again?

I am running windows 7 on a HP Pavillion Elite m9040n PC. My first drive is saying it is full. With all of these folders (my pictures) showing up with pictures in them does that mean I have several duplicates on my hard drive? Are all of these picture icons in the items folders really pictures or icons? If they are just icons where's the actually picture folder so I can move the link to my second partition? Should some of those be eliminated? When I start my computer I have two options to enter at startup. The first one is the family icon on the screen in which it loges into automatically at startup. Or I can click the RICK icon and log into as an administrator. The * will represent a triangle at a 45 degree angle pointing down to the right from the folder.

Recently changed
Recent Places
Recorded TV
*my pictures with 632 items (Looks like folders with pictures in them
*my pictures with 632 item folders
*my pictures with 632 item folders
*my pictures with 572 (?) items in folders "I have to log in as an administrator to do anything with these pictures"
>Factory_Image "D"
>HP Pavilion "E"
>DVD RW Drive "F"
>Removable Disk "G"
*my pictures with 632 items in folder
*my pictures with 572 items in folder
Recycle Bin
Is this kind of screwed up? Am I wasting a lot of hard drive space? Can you tell mehow to figure out where my original files are? Can some of those folders be aliminated?


how are you to load the WOW gaming program on to a system with Win 7? i have been at it for 8 hours now. if i use my 9 discs this is the error i receive during the 2nd disc load using Burning Crusade.
The file "FilesunconditionaluserDataenUSInterfaceCinematicsWOW_Intro_BC_1024.avi" in archive "C:UsersJeffreyDesktopWoW InstallerInstaller Tome 2.mpq" could not be opened, because an error 104 occurred. If this problem persists, please contact Blizzard Technical Support. (MPQFile::OpenFromArchive)

if i download it off the WOW website like every WOW tech support person has told me too and other players i receive this error message.

World of Warcraft Installer
Failed to create files for World of Warcraft Installer.
Please close all applications and try again.

Where is the proper file folder AKA area on the Win 7 operating system to load this game so i may play it on my new Dell laptop?

thank you for your help and time.

I am new to Windows7 and still learning. Had to get XP off my mind.

I downloaded an embriodery file and wanted it saved to either floppy or external hardrive, the pull down window in windows7 did not give me a choice. To me that is stange. How, what or where do I select to save my download not onto the C drive of this computer.

i just reformated with windows 7. i have a 500gb hard drive. 132gb is for my main OS partition. the other one was for my downloads ect. i chose IN SETUP to only install on my D:. BUT NOW MY OTHER PARTITION IS GONE!!!! IT DOESN"T SHOW UP IN MY COMPUTER! WHERES THE REST OF MY FILES!! I BACKUPED EVERYTHING ON THERE! WHAT DO I DO! my main partition is now under C: even though before (when i was under XP) my downloads was under C: and my main os partition in D:
I MADE SURE that i formated the D: then clicked on the D: and installed it on there!

OKAY i fixed it nevermind, i had to assign a drive letter to it which i have never done. thank goodness for this forum, it's where i found my answer after i thought of the right words to search.

Yesterday night I was in my friends house and he seriously needed help. Hope you genius people help him.

All his folders, file and shortcuts show as LNK file in Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.
I tried scanning his PC with avast!, MalwareBytes, Hitman Pro 3.5 and SAS, but the result was the same.

How did it come up?
My friend was chatting with his uncle in Skype, he asked him to download 3 pictures, the pictures where names as LNK file, my friend opened the file and after that all his programs, files and shortcut was defaulted to (file name).LNK. He wasted $35 to renew his windows, and he doesn't wants to format either.

So is there any way to revert to normal state rather than formatting or system restoring?

Hope you reply ASAP.

Thank You.
- MrX.

Hi all. I just finished a fresh install of Windows 7 64-bit on a brand new computer yesterday.

Here are the specs:

Asus P6T mobo
nVidia GTX 275
seagate 500 gb hard drive
6gb kingston ram

My problem is that my download/upload speeds have decreased significantly, on the same network that I had been using a different computer on previously. I used to be able to download things at at least 500 kb/s, but now I'm lucky if I can get it over 50 kb/s. Upload speeds have been throttled too.

My network adapter is a Realtek PCIe GBE family controller. This is a hard-wired connection, so no wireless card. I've tried the command prompt line I've seen in other threads concerning similar issues, disabled QoS, tried starting in safe mode, tried rebooting a thousand times, uninstalled the network adapter and installed the newest one from Realtek. None of these things has helped. I even tried using a different ethernet cable.

I'm so confused. It's taking insanely long times just to download small files. I live in a dorm where we plug our computers straight into the ethernet port in the wall, so there is no router to complicate the issue.

Furthermore, when I view the details of my network connection, it says the speed is 100mbps. It just doesn't behave as if that's the case.

Can anyone help?

Dear all,

I just upgraded to 7022 (yes, it's zippier and all)...and have a really weird problem to report and seek help.

As with my Vista to 7000 upgrade, I did not do a clean install; the upgrade went smoothly back then. For the record, these are all 32 bit installations and I am running a Dell e1405 with 2Gb RAM and 1.8 Ghz Dual Core processor with a 60 Gb HD.

Now, here's my issue...hope someone can shed light. After I upgraded from 7000 to 7022 I noticed that all of my docs were gone! My Music, Downloads, Documents, etc ONLY DISPLAY THE DIRECTORIES; every file in the root directories is gone. I also noticed that the settings of most my programs are not accessible.

I know my files are somewhere in my hard drive; they are not deleted judging by the fact that the capacity of my HD remains the same after the installation. This new filing system is a little intimidating for me and I gave up. I just cannot find my docs and settings.

Please help.

Thank you for your suggestions.

I want to learn how to read these. I rarely have to deal with BSoDs so I am weak in learning how to deal with them. I know a pretty decent amount about computers, but there is always plenty to learn...

So attached is the dmp file for someone of epicness to read and help me figure this out. If anyone can tell me what is wrong or what to do, it will be greatly appreciated. If someone could point me in the right direction on learning how to read them for future reference, that would be awesome too!

While this BSOD ocurred, I was merely surfing the web and downloading TF2 on steam.
This is the laptop I purchased: Newegg.com - Acer Aspire Timeline AS1810T-8638 NoteBook Intel Core 2 Duo SU7300(1.30GHz) 11.6" 4GB Memory DDR2 667 320GB HDD 5400rpm Intel GMA 4500MHD - Laptops / Notebooks

Excuse my being new to this website. I actually come here often to read about problems people are having and their solutions, but I rarely register for websites.

EDIT: I figured it was a given (or the person reading the dmp would figure it out anyway), but I guess I should mention that the stop error was 0x000003B. I also did a memory diagnostic, that checked out.

My windows 7 install is using about 13GB. I want to keep all (as much as possble) my data out of the Windows install partition. If I view the properties on the USER->MY-ACCOUNT folder, the dialog says 2GB. If I navigate into the folder all the subfolders (Contacts, Desktop, Downloads, Favorites, Links, My Documents, My Music, MY Pictyres, My Videos, Saved Games, and Searches) are empty. I can't find any option to view hidden files (like they had in XP). Where is the 2GB of data? Thanks.

hey all, i just got a computer with windows already installed and am already hating life. first of all, when i download music files from the internet they go straight to my desktop as a shortcut, i tried fix this by going to "default programs" and putting it on windows default settings, but it always goes straight back to "custom settings" when i never even set custom settings.

also when i got back on my computer after a day literally 4/5's of my music files were completely gone! anybody know where they could have gone?


I really don't get this!

If a computer can do anything it should be able to find files.

Today I needed to find a file that I did for my niece a year ago.
I don't remember what I named it or where I saved it.

After trying a few things I decided to narrow it down by just getting a list of the Indesign files so I could go through the list.

The extension for InDesign is .indd

Since I'm in the graphic design business I have a lot of them but the really old stuff is on my external drive so looking through the ones from the last couple of years isn't too bad.

The problem is that when I run a search for .indd or *.indd Windows search comes up and says "No Items Match Your Search".

How can that be, I'm looking at a whole bunch of them on the same drive I am searching on right in front of me.

Why doesn't Microsoft fix this, I was hoping that it would be better after Service Pack 1, they must know this is a problem?

To be truthful I do think it is a little better, but that may just be my imagination.

In Windows XP I could type in something like this and it would find every InDesign file on my computer.

I hope that in Windows 8 they will at least come up with a search engine that really works.

Actually this is the biggest flaw in Windows 7 for me, I have found the same thing when searching for .avi files etc.

It just seems that nothing is more basic to an operating system the the search function.
You have to get that right!



OK, on the positive side, this prompted me to look for another alternative.

I had another search engine installed before my recent re-install but I hadn't put it back in since then.

I found this simple little search engine app that is so fast I can hardly believe it.

Not sure if it's the answer to everything but it found a list of all my .indd files in about 1 second. so I tried with .avi zap there they are.

Next I tried .jpg, 18,680 files in one second.

There are some drawbacks from a practical stand point, it does what it says it searches everything.

It always searches all 3 or my internal hard drives, the only reason it stops there is because all 4 of my external drives are turned off.

As far as I can see you can't tell it to search only one drive or folder.
But it you want to search you whole computer then this really works, I found my nieces file in a few seconds too, by typing in things I thought would be in the title until it popped up.

Here's the link...


Windows 7 wont boot, says NTLDR is missing on startup...

So I recently upgraded from windows xp to windows7, I went about installing well the wrong way. I Installed windows 7 from the downloaded file onto a empty hard drive I had attached to my computer. I did this all while xp was still running. Anyway it worked and windows 7 always booted up and worked just fine. But NOW!! I removed the attached hard drive where xp was installed and I try to use win 7 but it says NTLDR is missing at startup .
I cant repair with a windows 7 disk because I have problems with my cd rom too!
So I need a solution to repair windows 7 without windows 7 disk .Any Ideas?
I also cant repair it with USB because I cant boot from USB.
Any Ideas?


I have posted this problem on hard drive groups thinking I had a hard
drive error. Now that it seems the drive is fine, I really need some
help from Windows XP Home experts.

I have two hard drives on my computer. One (drive C) is a 40 gig drive
where I keep the operating system and applications, the second hard
drive (drive F) is where I keep MP3 files, video files, digital
photos, etc. it is a 60 gig drive.

Both drives have worked flawlessly for a few years and I use both
every day. About a week ago I turned the machine on one morning and
all seemed fine until I went to open a file on drive F. Windows
claimed the drive was not there as if I had removed it. I hadn't, of

When I went to My Computer and click on drive F (which is shown) it
tells me drive F is "not accessible". When I click on properties it
tells me the drive has 0 free space and 0 used space!

HOWEVER, when I run utilties (such as from FirstData) I can see all
the files and folders just as if nothing has happened. I have also
downloaded a couple file recovery programs and same result.. all the
data is there and intact as if nothing happened.

I have been told to restore the boot sector. Nope, the two utilties I
have tell me the boot sector is fine and won't restore the backup copy
claiming there is nothing wrong with either one. I have also been told
to fix the MBR (master boot record). No to that too, I am told it is
fine when I try and fix it. These utilties tell me there is nothing
wrong with this drive to be fixed!

However, I return to Windows XP and it refuses to access the darn
drive it has used with no trouble for years! Disk Management says the
drive exists, but there is nothing there to access. It also has no
format under that column (the drive has one partition and it's NTFS
but I am told if I force it to show NTFS, I will loose the data
already on that drive.. so I have left it alone.

I have read elsewhere that this may be a permissions thing that went
wrong in XP. But, I am the only user and am the adminstrator and I see
nothing for permissions at all, to fix or not. It is as if XP has
simply turned off this drive for no known reason.

I am not a hardware expert, but I have done everything I have been
told and XP refuses to read this drive. I know the drive is fine and I
know the data is there. How on Earth do I correct this?


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