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I found this link WD Support I loaded it on a virtual machine and it looks like a stripped down version of Acronis True Image. It looks like the scheduler and some extra tools have been removed. I recently bought a 2T WD external HD and their included automatic backup sucked. My sister also got one this should work for her. I already use the Paid version.

One of my clients has a Western Digital My passport (320gb) drive. They want to have more than one backup of their data - currently being backed up to tape via Symantec - and settled on this option as an alternative so they can remove it from the office nightly for safety reasons. Not a bad idea, but I still need to consider how I will get the data to the drive and how it will be partitioned. Especially since they will be doing the backing up on a daily basis, as I don't go there unless they have a problem. I considered using Symantec for this also, but considering the months of trouble we had getting Symantec to do what we wanted, I'm not anxious to make any changes to the way it is doing things.

Ideally, I want to be able to give them a desktop icon that they click to initiate the backup, as they are technology-timid and don't want to have to confront anything more complex; I agree.

Can Acronis provide this functionality? Click on a desktop icon and back up about 8gb of data via USB 2.0 to the My Passport drive. If it could also create a folder on the target drive specific to that day's backup that would be a plus, but I have the feeling I am dreaming on that one. A popup message indicating that the backup is complete would also be handy as they won't be hovering over the drive and won't know how to check on the progress anyway.

The server is NTFS format, and the WD drive is FAT32, so formatting the drive is a must before we begin anything.
And the client is a non-profit agency, so cost is always a factor - will the free Home version work with a server? There would be no networking involved - all the data is on the one server and the drive would be plugged directly into a USB port on the front. I know, for instance, that the newest Ad-Aware will not update when running on a networked workstation if it has to access the internet via a server, so I tend to worry about free versions of software and how they interact with servers as opposed to workstations.
Should I look at Acronis as a promising prospect, or should I look elsewhere?

I have 2 laptops on a wireless LAN that I want to backup to a WD World Book 2T external drive via ethernet connection to the router.

Folks here seem to like Acronis TI.

Will Acronis TI update the backups (eg. "Non-stop Backup) to the external drive if the Laptops have been removed from the LAN for a period?
Can one purchase of TI be used on my two laptops, or do I need to buy two for the licenses?

Should I partition the external drive or will folders suffice for the two laptops?

Might 2BrightSparks | SyncBackSE be a better choice for me?


I have been able to use TI 2010 successfullly in the past but now when I try to do a (full) backup it will start and then a dialog box pops up saying "I/O error". There is no further info available that I can find and I have tried everything I know to get past this. In my view, trying to get support from Acronis these days is next thing to an impossible dream unless you choose to use their fee-based support, which I DO NOT. Seems like with every new release that situation gets worse. I can't even seem to find the "Chat" function under Support which I have used in the past.

I am attempting to back up the C: drive on a Dell Studio XPS 8100 Win 7 computer (8GB RAM and 1TB HDD) to a WD MyBook 3.0 external USB drive. There is approx. 280GB of the drive space used on the C: drive.

A possible clue to the underlying problem is that when I attempt to use the native Win 7 backup I encounter a similar problem. The system image backup starts and then a message comes up saying "Cannot find the specified file: 0x8007002".

Any help would be much appreciated!

I have an old Dell XPS Gen 2 (2004 WIN XP Pro) which, for various reasons, I am trying to keep running.
Things seemed to be slowing down so I cracked her open and added some ram and because of some errors I've been seeing at startup (e.g. chkdsk running) I decided to get a new HD. Found WD IDE 320GB model at local PC Warehouse and installed as drive 2 in slave mode.

1. Found that current HD was identical model - original was a Maxtor - 80GB and I forgot that I had replaced that a few years back.This guy was still sitting in cradle but disconnected. (lazy).

2. I downloaded acronis true image software that I found on Western Digital site when I searched on the HD model #. I installed this.

I have tried cloning current drive to new drive and the process keeps freezing after running for anywhere from 1/2 hour to 1 hour.

I perused the existing comments about cloning but wonder if anyone might give me some quick suggestions.
Should I use another imaging product?
Should I generate a boot disk and then generate a backup and work from that?
What's the best approach?


I have posted this in another forum, but have received no responses. Hopefully Windows Secrets will be better!

Can't use Acronis or Easeus backup programs
I am having a strange problem using some backup problems. A brief(?) background first.
I recently purchased a WD 2 TB external hard drive. When I connected it to my desktop computer, the computer would recognize it as a 128 GB drive (this is after initializing and formatting it on my laptop, because I had problems doing that on my desktop). On my desktop, I kept getting messages to format the drive, despite the fact that this had already been done. With the laptop (also Win 7 Home premium), there are no issues. To try to solve the problem, I disabled some services, among them an Acronis service and an Easeus service. The drive then behaved normally and was recognized by Windows Explorer and in Disk Management as a 2 TB drive. I was able to backup folders from my desktop to the external drive, and to create an image of my laptop using Easeus Backup.
Now to the problem! When I tried to backup my desktop using Acronis TI or Easeus, I had to re-enable the services I had disabled earlier. When I did that, I went back to Windows not recognizing the drive - it said it had to be formatted. In Disk Management, the drive showed as a 128 GB drive.
I did manage to make a backup of the desktop using Windows backup, but that took several hours. I would like to be able to use Acronis or Easeus for the backup, but that seems to be impossible.
Any ideas about what could be causing my problems?

Hi, appreciate if someone could give me some ideas on this!

At work, we have a small workgroup - 8 PCs all running Win XP Pro.

We also have a WD My Book network drive, one folder of which is accessible to all PCs, configured as Drive Z.

MY problem is this: I want a solution to allow me an automated daily backup of that Z drive to another similar drive on the network. Or to one of the PCs on the network, doesn't really matter, as long as we can get "Z" backed up regularly.

None of the software I've looked at (Norton Ghost, Acronis, Easus ToDo) seem to allow you to backup FROM a whole network drive, or even to backup specific folders FROM a network drive. They all seem to have no problem backing up TO a network drive!

So, if anyone can point me in the right direction?



I'm not certain if this has anything to do with Windows, or my motherboard, or overloading my system, or whatever. But I could use some input.

I built my current system in the summer of 2009. I tried to "futureproof" as much as I could by putting in a Corei7 processor (the low-end, 2.66 Ghz one), an Intel 80 GB SSD boot drive, a 10,000 RPM WD Velociraptor secondary drive, 12 GB of DDR3 1666Mhz RAM which I later learned my Gigabyte GA EX58-UD5 Motherboard DID NOT want to run natively any faster than 1333 Mhz, a 2GB DDR5 ATI 4870 Sapphire video card, and a BD-write drive I already had I'd installed in a prior system, as well as a DVD-writer and a card reader/writer with additional built-in USB ports and an E-SATA port.

This particular motherboard came with 10 SATA 2 ports and 10 USB ports (not to mention more I got with the Coolermaster Haf 937 case I used and that card reader, plus a couple firewire ports (I LIKE lots of connectivity). I never used all my SATA2 ports, although quite a few were hooked up, what with the connections for the case and card reader (which has since bit the dust)...

Anyway, a year or two later, after SATA 3 and USB came out, Newegg had 600GB WD Velociraptor SATA3 drives on sale for LESS than I'd paid for my 300 GB SATA 2 drive, and since I largely used external drives for a lot of my storage, and those were becoming available in USB 3, I found an ASUS card (U3S6 -- PCI-E 4) that had two internal SATA 3 connectors and two external USB3 connectors, and away I went. (I also added an additional internal SATA 2 7200 Hitachi 2 TB drive as a primary file storage drive at that time, with the first SATA 3 external a 2 TB SATA 3 to use as backup.) Those drives all show up FINE when I boot up, but often after a few hours, or a day or two, they'll just "disappear" from my list of drives. I find this QUITE disconcerting, as the 80GB Intel SSD has proven too small, what with the 14 GB WinSXS is now taking up, and I just ordered a 256 GB SSD that comes with Acronis True Image from Newegg to clone it to -- and of course it's SATA3. As I didn't have any more SATA 3 slots left, I also ordered another SATA 3 card. The ONLY slot I had left was a PCI-E -1 slot, which it appears that card is designed for, but as this new drive will be my BOOT drive, with Windows and all my PROGRAMS running off it, I certainly don't need the system "losing IT" in the middle of a session! (Note, the SATA 2 Hitachi drive NEVER fails to show up. Neither do the 300 GB Velociraptor nor the 80 GB Intel SSD, which are all on the built-in SATA 2 BUS).

Any thoughts? I've considered replacing this motherboard, as it's had some issues (BOTH of the two gigabit ethernet connections that came with it petered out, and I had to buy an add-on card to get my gigabit ethernet back (one WASTED PCI slot)! However, I've yet to find ANY other motherboards that have anywhere NEAR the connectivity this Gigabyte board came with. Or is that the problem? Did Gigabyte overload this board?

The other day I thought to update the BIOS on the board, and although it took two reboots, I haven't "lost" any of those drives since (been on, or in "Sleep" mode ever since), so maybe it needed a BIOS update. I also went into the BIOS "Intelligent Tweaker" and toned down any settings that warned might create an unstable system (I was already pretty conservative with those, but I went a bit more conservative).

Any other thoughts are greatly welcome, and I really appreciate anyone who's actually bothered to read all my blathering.

Jeff Hayes


My sister has a Sony VAIO VPCF115FM laptop with a Seagate Momentus 5400.6 SATA 3Gb/s 500 GB ST9500325AS hard drive and Windows 7. I was going to replace the hard drive with a WD Scorpio Black WD5000BPKT. I put the WD drive in an external enclosure and connected it to the laptop through eSATA. I cloned the Seagate drive to the WD drive using Acronis True Image WD Edition (free from WD and takes in to account the Advanced Format Drive) and everything seemed to copy over OK. However, after I removed the Seagate drive and replaced it with the WD drive the problems began.

Windows started up normally, found a driver for WD hard drive, then insisted on a reboot. After the reboot the UAC was acting up. Note: I did not change any UAC settings. Now all Microsoft programs that were previously cleared and didn't prompt for allowing changes- now they prompt to allow. For example: right-click Computer and select Manage. Previously it would open the next window without any prompts from UAC to allow and it showed the publisher as being Microsoft. Now UAC prompts to allow changes and it shows the publisher as Unknown. Everything in the Control Panel with the little UAC shield by its link now prompts to allow access when previously it didn't. I could switch off UAC all together but I'd rather not. Doing that would only cover up the problem and this is my sister's laptop.

Certain services aren't working properly. Windows Update no longer works. If I click on Check For Updates it just shows a red shield with an X on it and states that the Windows Update Service isn't active or working or something like that and suggests a reboot. A reboot doesn't fix it. Also, in Event Viewer I'm seeing errors stating that the Search service failed to start. I am guessing there are other problems that I haven't discovered yet.

It seems to be that something isn't working right in Win 7 as a result of Windows being cloned and moved to a different hard drive. Should I give up on using Acronis True Image WD Edition to clone the drive and try using the Win 7 built-in disk image backup system instead? I thought that using Acronis' software would be easier to use but that appears to not be the case. Any ideas as to what broke in Win 7 and how to fix it?

I have for several weeks recently been plagued by BSOD's which randomly attributed the cause to different culprits. Early in the events the graphics driver was fingered and I spent good money on returning my costly graphics card under warranty for checking. It came back with a clean bill of health. Cutting many hours of frustrating searching which included buying new DDR3 RAM, I concluded eventually after reading chkdsk results that the presence of a growing number of hdd bad sectors was an indicator that a 500GB WD hdd may be failing even though it was barely one year old. Two weeks ago I bought and fitted a new 1TB hdd and the BSODs stopped! However, yesterday I ran my Acronis 2011 backup software and the backup of a partition on the new hdd stopped telling me that it had "Failed to read from sector '502,405,961' plus a load of other text I won't bore you with.

So, I ran chkdsk and lo and behold there was a bad sector reported on my brand new hdd which two weeks ago when installed showed no bad sectors at all. Can anyone tell me why sectors go "bad" and what is known about causes of sectors becoming "bad". I do not want my cost of the earth new 1TB hdd to go the same way as the one it replaced and if there is anything I can do to protect it I want to know what that is please.

Originally Posted by RandySea I don't know anything about the Dell software. I do know that the WD backup software is very limited and not customizable. It decides what to back up, not you.

The Windows 7 software has, to me, a fatal flaw. It cannot encrypt the backup. Even if your hard drive or critical data is encrypted, say with EFS, it won't be on the backup of your data. Anyone who gets your drive gets your data. So I use Ghost on one machine, Acronis on another.

However, I just got a WD Passport drive a month ago. The new models come with built-in hardware encryption. As long as you use it, it eliminates my objection to Win 7 backups.

Just one reminder: If you deviate in storing data anywhere other than the Win 7 defaults, and some programs may actually do this without your approval. you must manually add those locations to any Win 7 data backup you set up. I believe this applies to Thunderbird email files, for example. Thanx for your reply...
The box says "Encryption with password protection..." That would imply to me that you'd need to use their software.
Your reminder is one of those "gotcha" things that would make life a bit more miserable.
Thanx again!

Hi All,

I finally got around to using the new USB 3.0 WD Essentials 1Tb Protable HD my brother gave me for Christams. Well to say the least it is causing the gremlins to come out of my Desktop computer with only USB 2.0 ports.
If it is plugged in at boot, the machine hangs at the "Starting Windows" screen w/o the windows logo. Unplug it and boot continues just fine. Plug it back in after boot it works just fine.Insert Acronis 2010 Boot disk restart machine and select boot from CD/DVD {I've tried both} and Acronis will not boot just hangs until you pull the drive. Then like the Windows boot it continues. Once you have the Acronis blue welcoming screen you can plug the drive back in and it functions just fine for backups and restores.None of this happens on my Laptop (also only USB 2.0 ports), slightly newer than the desktop and both are Dell's.
Go figure.

Have a Western Digital WD2500AAJS in 2 year old Dell Vostro 230. Replaced once under warranty. Dell Shipped me same model, and who woulda thought another failure.......NOT going to go WD again, even if I can get Dell or WD to ship me one.

I can boot into the old drive at this point. Purchased Seagate 500, partitioned it to two 250 gb drives. If I use Acronis to clone from the old failing drive to the newly installed partitioned one, will the disk errors follow? Seems to be sector errors, and after couple weeks of pampering and fiddling with disk repair functions, I don't have hope for the drive.

Windows 7 professional.

I do have recent copy of Windows backup files, just file copies and settings. I have older disk image,also Acronis, but I seem to miss the right way to restore the image while making the new disk bootable.............. just too tired to figure it all out. Appreciate any help and tips. tia