using autotext to insert a graphic word 2003 Results

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I have created an autotext to insert a graphic I often need in documents. What I can't get it to do is insert using the name I gave the autotext. Usually when I type the name, I get a autocomplete box and I can hit enter. Is there any way to get that for a graphic? My goal is to have do that or find another way to insert the graphic with a keystroke or 2 instead of having to go through all the toolbar steps to insert it. Thanks for any help.

Is that possible to use AutoText and insert using Bookmark or whatever instead of Selection.Range? If yes, How to do it? I search help and this forum and couldn't find it.
Ok, I stored the AutoText in a template. I'm using userform (checkbox and radio buttons) to determine which text to be inserted at a specific location. But I only know how to insert AutoText with the cursor placement. I use AutoText because my paragraphs have different formatting and graphics.

Anyone can guide me? Thanks a million!


I'm still having fun with this ruddy autotext collection - which consists of approx 468 autotext entries, ranging from a single line of text to pages of formatted text and graphics in each! So, in order to do a global find and replace on this collection, I've already ascertained we can't do it in situ - Word replaces not only the word/phrase required but the entire autotext entry with the first 255 characters and removes all formatting. Not good.

So - I'm looking at pulling each entry into a blank doc, doing a find and replace and resaving the entry back into the collection under its original name, presumably using a For-each loop.

My question, however (at the moment!), is this - when I recorded retrieving an autotext entry from the template and pasting it into the document, Word recorded it as:

Application.DisplayAutoCompleteTips = True
NormalTemplate.AutoTextEntries("010400 Our credit ratings").Insert Where:= _
Selection.Range, RichText:=True

Now, the entry is NOT in the normal template, for a start, and secondly, if I replace 'NormalTemplate' with 'ActiveDocument.AttachedTemplate' I get a very basic set of half a dozen options, none of which is 'autotextentries' and the debug crashes if I do it anyway!

How do I go about phrasing this, please?

Many thanks!