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I have an Acer Aspire 7535G laptop and a few days ago my keyboard stopped working. It works when I type in the password to log in to the OS, but after that the keyboard stops working. My quick fix is to uninstall the driver and let it reinstall its driver, which works and I can use my keyboard again.

But then again, when I turn the comp off and start it up again, the problem reoccurs. Oh and also, the touchpad mouse doesn't work either, not a great loss since I use an external mouse, but it could tell something on what the problem is.

So, to recap:

PROBLEM: Keyboard and touch-screen mouse don't work
COMPUTER: Acer Aspire 7535G
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit, 4GB RAM, AMD Athlon X2 Dual-Core 2.10GHz processor



I want to uninstall-reinstall a game from my computer. When I run the
uninstall program, I get a message that says the Uninst.isu is not
valid or the data has been corrupted, and that uninstall will not

How do I uninstall a program without the uninstall shield?

I use Windows XP Pro.

Each time we download a Microsoft update it is accompanied by an uninstal package. After a while these occupy significant space. How can they be removed? Can they simply be deleted? Do they place entries in the registry? Do they need to be uninstalled? Advice welcomed.

What is the best way to get rid of applications that refuse to uninstall themselves. I have two such programs. Norton Antivirus and Nero Burning ROM. Both apps function as they should except they won't uninstall.

I really like Windows 8 and am thinking of getting it, but I have one problem - I hate the desktop! Aside from deleting the tile from the start screen and not moving your mouse to the bottom left corner to show it, is there any way to uninstall the desktop completely so that when Windows Defender is opened up, there is nothing underneath it? I thought the point of Windows 8 was to have a pure tile experience without desktop exposure. I did try adding Defender as a tile to the start screen but it still opened up within the desktop - getting on my nerves! Anyone been able to solve this problem?


Hi all,

I just thought i might put up a post with some performance tweaks to get some more grunt from your vista RC1 OS. Overall I was able to get my a considerable perfomance increase and now vista runs as quick or quicker than XP and is just as stable (or as stable as one could expect from any windows OS, lol)

1. Disble Indexing

My god, the amount of CPU hogged by this feature in the first couple of days of having it installed. Turn it OFF. the end result is slower search speeds, but that is offset by a huge performance boost. To disable indexing go to computer, select your drive properties and uncheck "index ths drive for faster searching".

From what i hear, the indexing service will quiet down after a couple of days of use, but that can only be said for people wh don't move, install or delete alot of files on a daily basis. Unfortunalely i do, so i would rather be able to do that quickly than look for my files a bit quicker

2. Optimizing your appearance for speed.

Some people like eye candy. i choose to not bother with it until a final release when it is properly implemented. to give you the basic vista visual style without all the eye candy go to control panel->system->advanced system settings.

then go to the advanced tab then performance->settings. select custom and uncheck everything except for "use visual styles on windows and buttons" this will maintain the basic vista theme, but get rid of menu and mouse shadows, windows animations and all of that.

3. Startup and recovery options

While still in the advanced tab of the system properties, go to startup and recovery->settings.

If you only have vista as an OS uncheck everyhting except for "time to display recovery options when needed". If you have a dual boot system leave "time to display list of operating systems" checked otherwise you will only be able to boot into vista.

under system failure, uncheck everything and set "write debugging information" to 'none'.

4. Increasing performance on Nvidia cards

Vista installs a generic WDDM driver for your nvidia card on installation. These drivers are surprisingly better than the Nvidia 96.33 drivers. So here is the story on that. The Nvidia 96.33 drivers support both DirectX and OpenGL. As a result of the OpenGL support, the drivers aren't fully optimized for either. The windows drivers on the other hand do not support OpenGL, but provide better performance on DirectX games. I have heard of cases of 30fps increases on Half-Life 2 by uninstalling the Nvidia drivers.

So the bottom line is, if you want openGL and don't mind the performance hit, go with the Nvidia drivers, if you are willing to sacrifice your OpenGL games, keep the windows drivers and get performance close to XP on your DirectX games.

If you want to uninstall your Nvidia graphics card driver just go to control panel->device manager. look for your display adapter, go to properties and under the 'driver' tab click on 'roll back driver'.

5. Disbling services

This is guaranteed to cause a flame war. People don't think it improves performance and many have killed their system by doing such things. I have had to reinstall XP a few times doing this until i figured it out of course. Your system might be different, so disabling all of these might kill your internet connection or something, but not your system.

Just to give you an idea of what I am running here are my specs

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3000+ overclocked from 1.8Ghz to 2.25Ghz
RAM: I gig generic DDR 400 overclocked to DDR 500
MOBO: Gigabyte K8 NSC-939 nforce3 250Gb chipset
GPU: Nvidia Geforce FX 5900 Ultra softmodded to 5950 Ultra overclocked from 450/850 to 490/980 running dual display configuration
2x Sony DRU-810A Dual Layer DVD-RW
Western Digital 160 GB IDE HDD
Western Digital 80 GB IDE HDD
Internet: Integrated Marvell Yukon Gigabit ethernet controller and D-Link DSL 502-T router
Audio: Integrated AC 97 7.1 surround

Pretty average overall, but if your system has a similar internet connection then you should be able to disable all of these services without problem.

If you are connected to a LAN, use dial-up, need a remote connection and/or use media center for TV or radio I don't recommend doing anything I have suggested, or if you are brave, read the service descriptions first and make up your own mind. I have disabled all of these services on my PC and the only effect for me is less windows notifications bothering me.


I won't be held responsible if you kill your computer or yourself in the process. But if it works, I will gladly take the credit

Open your services window by typing "services.msc" without quotes into a run box (windows key + R). disable the following services by double cliking on the service and selecting 'disable' as the startup type:

Computer Browser
Diagnostic Policy Service
Distributed Link Tracking Client
DNS Client
Function Discovery Provider Host
Function Discovery Resource Publication
IKE and AuthIP IPsec Keying Modules
IP Helper
Ipsec Policy Agent
Microsoft .NET Framework NGEN v2.0.50727_X86
Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider
Offline Files (can impact offline file viewing performance)
Peer Name Resolution (can impact some of the new windows live apps)
Peer Networking Identity Manager
Portable Device Enumerator Service (will impact connected devices, e.g mp3 players etc)
Protected Storage
ReadyBoost (ReadyBoost is meant to use removable flash drives as virtual memory to improve performance, but I can't get the option with mine so off it goes)
Remote Access Auto Connection Manager
Remote Access Connection Manager
Routing and Remote Access
Secondary Logon
System Event Notification Service
Tablet PC Input Service (unless you have a tablet PC)
Task Scheduler
Terminal Services
Windows Error Reporting Service
Windows Event Log
Windows Media Center Extender Service
Windows Media Center Receiver Service
Windows Media Center Scheduler Service
Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service
Windows Search
Windows Time

Overall this will reduce the amount of running processes and free up that all important memeory.

6. Disable UAC

This won't improve performance, but i get the shits with having to confirm nearly every action i do under vista. It gets annoying when your configuring your system and it is constanly going black and asking me if i really want to open the control panel. Of course i do, I just clicked on it!! Anyway enough of my rant, here's how to get rid of it

Open a run box (windows key + R) type "msconfig" without quotes. Go to the tools tab. scroll down to the "disable UAC" and click launch a console will open telling you it went well if indeed it went well. If you feel the need to turn it back on just scroll down to "enable UAC" in the same dialog and click launch again.

Anyway that's all for the moment. Restart your PC and you should see the difference. what you should expect is a faster, smoother running OS with less eye candy and intrusive windows notifications

Also if the mods think a thread like this is a good idea, could you please sticky it.


I dislike Internet Explorer browser. It is so slow and backwards in the world of software compared to browsers like Flock and Google Chrome which are far more advanced and better than IE. which a lot of people including my self dislike it enough to want it gone from their computer completely. turning it off in Windows features setting does NOT get rid of it it only disables it. But I have successfully managed to get rid of IE permanently. That is I have uninstalled IE by deleting the file,Internet Explorer 9 from my computer. This is what I did,I had to change the ownership of the IE file on c/program files( program files on my computer disk) from Trusted Installer to my name. Then I deleted the file Internet Explorer completely with the help of a tool called UNLOCKER downloaded from the Internet. This removes any file that is difficult or impossible to remove. Now Internet Explorer is gone from my system forever as even if some one else tried to download it again it will not work anymore and all they will get is an empty file WITHOUT IE browser. But all my IE files have been deleted by me,but nothing on my computer has been effected by this change. Everything on my 2 laptops that I have is working,Windows updates yes,I am still getting them,windows media etc all working good. And what is even more interesting is that Green browser and Deepnet Explorer that are said to run off of Ie are all still working without IE. So it seems that browsers such as Green browser and Avant browser do not run off of IE they run from a component in Windows,so are still working,on my computers anyway.But what I have done has definitely uninstalled Internet Explorer and I do not regret removing IE. There is nothing about Internet Explorer that I miss and as i have several other browsers installed,getting online is no problem. It has been said that if you do uninstall IE Windows could stop working. I have Windows 7 a netbook that I upgraded from Starter to Ultimate. And this method of removing IE by deleting the file on your hard drive works in Windows 7. You cannot uninstall IE the same way you can with Firefox for example as it is not listed in uninstall programs menu. But you can by deleting the files in computer programs,delete the file delete the program/browser.IE cannot even be uninstalled though updates,except if you upgraded to IE9 then if you uninstall IE9 update you get IE8 back. But when I upgraded to IE9 which I hated I could not even uninstall the update to get back to IE8. IE9 has more problems than IE8 as it is a beta version and I could not even revert it back to IE8 like it was supposed to do. Another reason for uninstalling IE completly. But I love windows software and Windows 7 is very user friendly. but as there are so many good web browsers that work with Windows and Windows 7 and some are made for Windows only. Such as Pale Moon which is Firefoxes open source. So why does windows have to be bundled with Internet Explorer anyway? As most people do not use it much nowdays,as we have much better browsers. I am posting this to let people know that it can be done I have uninstalled Internet Explorer from my system and my computers both of them are still working as the same as before. The only difference is that I no longer have Internet Explorer browser anymore. This method of uninstall works with Windows 7 but I do not know if it is all right to do it with Windows Vista or Windows Xp or older versions of Windows. As they may depend more on IE to run than Windows 7 does. Andrea Borman.

So I've been messing around with varrious drivers to try and get "RAGE" working and to make this tumultuous process more agravating I've somehow inadvertently uninstalled my USB drivers as well.

This wouldn't be an issue, except that my computer has no PS2 ports.

long version:

I used "GPU caps viewer" to check my driver version as I'd not noticed a change in my gaming performance and I was unsure if the 11.10 preview 2 drivers had been installed. "GPU caps viewer" said i was still running 11.8 which is what I had before I tried changing drivers last time. So I guessed that my drivers had not changed dispite the fact i uninstalled/reinstalled using the guide on the AMD /ATI site.

So on a bunch of sites I saw people were using "Driver Sweeper" to get rid of the registry files and hidden bits of the ATI/AMD drivers. I used this application, it found; stuff removed it and then asked if i wanted to reboot. Which I figured after Uninstalling the Drivers and this program tooling around it was probably required sooner than later to finish the uninstall.

At this point the drivers are "uninstalled" and the generic windows driver is working because my resolution/aspect ratio is stuck at 4:3 and wont go 16:10/16:9. AND more importantly my USB devices were all still working.

I restart the computer and It loads windows and I try to type my password and nothing happens, The mouse cursor is in the middle of the screen and I can not move it, and there are no lights on my keyboard. The optical sensor in the bottom of my mouse Also does not light up.

I restart again, and check the BIOS, all USB ports are enabled, so I try booting in to safe mode. I can use my keyboard to work in the BIOS, and to select "Safe mode with networking" (vs safe mode with out)

When safe mode loads, same issue. No power to USB devices.

I tested a bunch of devices; xbox controler; USB memory stick, external HDD etc. and none work.

I don't know what to do; the mouse and keyboard work in the recovery partition installed on my HDD, but I really don't want to lose all that data. Ill probably end up using a live CD of linux to get my files and then format the PC if I can't figure out how to fix this.

Any suggestions?

Thank you


I have windows7 64 and my wifi drops all the time. If I try to fix it I get the message saying that my default gateway is not available. I already uninstall the driver and installed it again. There are 2 strange things:
1) My Ipad and two other computers that I have running XP work perfectly
2) In the Windows7 computer this only happens in my house wifi...everywhere else it works.

I had this for a couple of weeks now...can anyone help PLEASE? THANKS

Consider the following scenario: You have a Windows 7 machine with a WSD (Web Services For Devices) MFP (Multi-Function Peripheral) device installed. You uninstall the WSD MFP device from the Devices and Printers control panel. You turn the device off,...


Windows Updates recently automatically installed two .NET 4 updates. Almost immediately my system began misbehaving: my Firefox Booksmarks toolbar disappeared along with all the bookmarks it held, the shutdown/sleep/lock/logoff button in the start menu changed selection each time the Start menu was opened, desktop icons moved and/or disappeared each time the desktop was opened.

I uninstalled the two updates (Kb2468871 and Kb 2533523) and the system returned to normal.

I hid those 2 updates and changed my update setting to "notify but don't download" so MS doesn't install .NET updates I didn't know about BUT I am concerned that those 2 updates are still stored in my system.

I know that Windows stores updates in C:WindowsSoftware DistributionDownload. My dilemma is that there are more than 30 folders/files stored there and I can determine the contents of only the 2 folders. I can't open the files so I don't know which of them to delete to remove the .NET 4 updates. I've been installing MSE updates manually for the past week.

How can I clear my system of those 2 hidden .NET updates?

I have a Compaq Presario V2000, which has only 512MB of RAM. I just so happen to have Windows 7 Ultimate as well, which takes twice that much. I've got a theory that Windows 7 can run perfectly with just 512MB of RAM, here's how I made my discovery:

I was given Windows 7 Ultimate for free by a friend, so I went ahead and did a fresh install. I started by installing all my software (Firefox, Thunderbird, etc.). Upon recommendation, I also installed three free pieces of security software:

AVG free

I noticed how terribly slow it was going (I'd have to wait five second to close a tab in Firefox!), and thought that I had a virus. I booted into safe mode, mostly just for the heck of it, and it seemed to run fine again. But after going back into "unsafe" mode, everything went slow again. It took me a while to figure it out, but after an OS reinstall and and some Wikipedia searching, I concluded two things were causing the slowness:

The antivirus software was consuming resourcesWindows was loading lots of services I don't need
I simply uninstalled the antivirus software and everything went much faster, but still left more to be desired. I also did several things to increase my speed:

Switched to Windows classic themeRan CrapCleanerRan Vista Services OptimizerEnabled HTTP pipelining on FirefoxVarious registry tweaksDisabled search indexingDefragment my hard drive on a regular basisDisable unnecessary processes found in the task manager
After all that, I get reasonable speed, yet it's not quite as good as when in safe mode. At one point I created a log of which drivers loaded when in safe mode, and which didn't. I was going to use it to aid me in disabling all the ones I didn't need to make it even faster. I can't seem to find the log though (I think crapCleaner deleted it lol), but I'll make another and post it up here.

I just thought this might help those who are trying to make Windows 7 go faster. I'm also gonna need help figuring out what drivers to disable, more on that later.

after i re install windows 7 ultimate i try to install youtube music downloader and it says:the system cannot find path specified,i try to run as administrator but it does`t works.i open troubleshot compability and it says:incomplatide aplication.i am using 64 bit windows 7 and i get this error on evry program i want to install,can anyone help me with this? Attached Thumbnails     Share Share this post on Digg Del.icio.us Technorati Twitter
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Try re-downloading the installation program and run it again.
It sounds like you have an old version or that what you are clicking on it a shortcut to a program that isn't there anymore.

Here's the link.

YouTube Music Downloader - Download YouTube Music
Before you re-install it uninstall the old one, preferably using Revo Uninstaller.

Here's the link for Revo...

Revo Uninstaller - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET Download.com


Everything is gone, my background, the Start button, date time in the right hand corner, the entire task bar at the bottom of the screen. I have uninstalled the AVG update and restored to just prior to the update but everything is still gone.

I can access the desktop from the My Documents folder that opens upon entering the password to my user account. ( It never opened this way before.)

The "desktop" screen is completely black and I have tried the Right click on the desktop to get to personalization but that doesn't work, it doesn't even respond when I right click.

When i right click from the My Doc folder that auto opens I don't get a personalize option.

Please HELP!!

My lexmark wifi printer wasnt working so I uninstalled the software thinking re-installing would solve the problem. Now, whenever I try to re-install the Lexmark software, as soon as it installs the uninstall option (part way through loading the application and I know this as it updates as installing) it starts to uninstall itself. I have tried countless driver sites but they all have the same issue. Is this a Windows 7 issue?

Hi all. I recently took advantage of the 30-day trial for Time Warner Mobile and installed their USB device and software. (They use the same WiMax network as Sprint and Clearwire.) After deciding I didn't want it, I uninstalled the software. However, when you click on the network icon in the bottom right hand corner that lists the wireless networks in the area you can access, it still has "Time Warner Mobile 3G" listed at the very top under Dial-up and VPNs. Can anyone tell me how I can get rid of that listing since I no longer have the device or the software? Thanks in advance.

My friend was having trouble getting WMDC to work on his Mac, so I installed it on my PC (running win7 x64 pro) and let him use it to get what he needed done. Of course, no longer needing the program, I uninstalled it. However, I still noticed a process running at startup under the description of Windows Mobile Device Center (wmdcBase.exe). When I went into the system configuration, I noticed two windows mobile startup programs were still listed and enabled:

Windows Mobile Device Center | Unknown | %windir%WindowsMobilewmdc.exe | HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun

Microsoft(r) Windows Mobile Device Center | Microsoft Corporation | %WINDIR%WindowsMobilewmdcBase.exe | HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun

I do not understand why these starup entries are still present on the list. I uninstalled the software yet it's still running/trying to run on startup. Of course I can't seem to find any way to remove the entries completely to get rid of the unnecessary clutter. It's no wonder Windows machines tend to get slow over time. MS really needs to come up with a better software management system. I'm sick of programs spreading stuff all over my computer (not to mention the registry) and just leaving it over after uninstalling.

Hello. Sorry for my bad english...I'm Italian! I have a Radeon HD 2600 XT (AGP version) and I have installed Windows 7 build 7100 RC x64. Windows has installed its driver automatically without ask me what driver I want to use. The video card is recognized as Radeon HD 2600 XT AGP but the 3d performances are not so good. Now I want to uninstall the Microsoft driver (Microsoft corporation WDDM 1.1) and install the Catalyst 9.5 suite. How can I replace the Microsoft driver with the Catalyst one? Thanks!

Well, after I did a registry clean with CCleaner, the "Uninstall a program" didn't display all the programs, but only 2..
Or it was because I deleted 2 restore times..?

I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate.

Well, this is my problem:

I started MS Word and keeping it open, when i try to uninstall it in Win 7, it does NOT give message "File in Use" and uninstall MS Word.
Here the main concern is Why the "File in Use" message is not displayed before uninstalling the software????
This behaviour happens when you uninstall any software in Windows 7.

Any information about it is always welcome....

Thanks in Advance!!!


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