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I'm running Win7 Pro x64, which is a fresh install upgrade from WinXP Pro x32, installed during the first weekend in November, just a few weeks ago. I've included more detailed specs in my user profile, though I don't think my questions are spec-dependent.

I just had the strangest problem. I turned my computer back on (from a full shutdown), entered my password, and saw the "welcome" screen... for about fifteen minutes, until I gave up and rebooted. The screen didn't freeze, as the blue circle kept rotating.

I rebooted multiple times trying various things in Safe Mode (which loaded fine) to get my system to boot normally. Nothing worked, and the Event Viewer showed no errors during the failed startups. I've done the virus scan thing, the malware scan thing, etc (not that either was likely, given my usage patterns and history). I turned off all startup apps (but not services) in msconfig, etc. Nothing worked short of a System Restore, but more frustratingly, nothing gave me any insight into what was wrong. No error messages, no error log, nothing.

If this happens again, how do I troubleshoot? Is there a way to get a more verbose welcome screen so that I can see what Windows is trying to do?

Then there's System Restore.. in XP, I'd commonly see quite a few restore points, but when I went to use System Restore, there was one restore point available, and it was from early this afternoon, about 4 hours prior. I'm not sure what prompted that restore point, since when I asked Win7 to tell me what programs would be affected, its answers was "none of them!"

It's certainly feasible that this system restore point from only 4 hours prior would not have solved the problem. Thankfully it did, but for future potential problems, how to I control Win7's System Restore behavior? Saving only a single restore point does not seem like such a good idea.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

I have a Dell Inspiron N5010. I went to a website. And then I shut down the laptop. When I log back in, it gets stuck on the welcome screen. Please note I have 2 user accounts. I went to the keygen website with the first user account. I also tried to go to the second user account - it entered into the desktop screen, but it hanged after that.
I looked in other posts - they talked about "clean install" - but this looks to be specifically for an issue when the laptop is upgraded from Windows Vista to Windows 7.

Can anyone please help?



hey, i had some problems with my internett connection and i got this D-Link CD wich i tryed to install, but when it came on 95% everything freezed, i waited, and tryed ctr+alt+del, but no respons, so i hitted the restart button on my computer, when i turned it on i tryed to do the normal way without safe mode, i got first stuck when i got on my account, afther i tryed safe mode and uninstall the D-link driver wich had been installed then agaon i tryed to go the normal, i got stuck at "welcome" then again i tryed to go into safe mode with internett, but im stuck again on "welcome"

the wierd thing is that when i run safe mode without internett it works well but with it just wont let me logg on, so in my teori is that the internett driver or something is ****ing up something, but i dont know what!

Btw im posting this with my school laptop (it sucks)

so plz help or give advice!

Hi guys,

I can't seem to shut down properly. It hangs on the shutting down screen and freezes (wheel stops spinning) I haven't managed to many BSODs but I have managed to get one, I've attached it. Any idea what the problem might be? I've tried restoring from previous restore point which then hung but windows said the restore was successfull...

still no luck =/ Attached Files (32.0 KB, 49 views) Share Share this post on Digg Technorati Twitter
Operating System Windows 7 pro 64 bit
Computer Type PC
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Join Date Nov 2009 Posts 5,926 Blog Entries2 Re: Stuck on shut down screen Hello and welcome to the forum.
Looks like your USB driver
Code: BugCheck FE, {8, 6, 6, fffffa8008f19000} *** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for win32k.sys *** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for win32k.sys Probably caused by : usbhub.sys ( usbhub!UsbhHubProcessChangeWorker+ec ) BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER (fe) USB Driver bugcheck, first parameter is USB bugcheck code. Arguments: Arg1: 0000000000000008, USBBUGCODE_RESERVED_USBHUB Arg2: 0000000000000006, USBHUB_TRAP_FATAL_TIMEOUT Arg3: 0000000000000006, TimeoutCode: Timeout_PCE_Disable_Action - PortData->PortChangeListDone - Timeout trying to set Disable bit Arg4: fffffa8008f19000, TimeoutContext - PortData CUSTOMER_CRASH_COUNT: 1 DEFAULT_BUCKET_ID: VISTA_DRIVER_FAULT BUGCHECK_STR: 0xFE PROCESS_NAME: System CURRENT_IRQL: 0 LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER: from fffff88004a12a60 to fffff800030801c0 STACK_TEXT: fffff880`033bdad8 fffff880`04a12a60 : 00000000`000000fe 00000000`00000008 00000000`00000006 00000000`00000006 : nt!KeBugCheckEx fffff880`033bdae0 fffff800`03372633 : fffffa80`08d09050 00000000`00000001 ffffffff`dc3a58a0 fffff800`0321d2d8 : usbhub!UsbhHubProcessChangeWorker+0xec fffff880`033bdb40 fffff800`03089851 : fffff800`0321d200 fffff800`03372601 fffffa80`06a1b600 fffffa80`0ad26168 : nt!IopProcessWorkItem+0x23 fffff880`033bdb70 fffff800`03316e6a : 00000000`00000000 fffffa80`06a1b660 00000000`00000080 fffffa80`06a029e0 : nt!ExpWorkerThread+0x111 fffff880`033bdc00 fffff800`03070f06 : fffff880`03165180 fffffa80`06a1b660 fffff880`0316ffc0 00000000`00000000 : nt!PspSystemThreadStartup+0x5a fffff880`033bdc40 00000000`00000000 : 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 : nt!KxStartSystemThread+0x16 STACK_COMMAND: kb FOLLOWUP_IP: usbhub!UsbhHubProcessChangeWorker+ec fffff880`04a12a60 cc int 3 SYMBOL_STACK_INDEX: 1 SYMBOL_NAME: usbhub!UsbhHubProcessChangeWorker+ec FOLLOWUP_NAME: MachineOwner MODULE_NAME: usbhub IMAGE_NAME: usbhub.sys DEBUG_FLR_IMAGE_TIMESTAMP: 4d8c0c15 FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: X64_0xFE_usbhub!UsbhHubProcessChangeWorker+ec BUCKET_ID: X64_0xFE_usbhub!UsbhHubProcessChangeWorker+ec The good news is it looks like you are using the latest available native driver from Mirosoft
Code: lmvm usbhub start end module name fffff880`04a00000 fffff880`04a5a000 usbhub (pdb symbols) c:symbolsusbhub.pdb353A033184434AEB9C9196D2C276720F1usbhub.pdb Loaded symbol image file: usbhub.sys Mapped memory image file: c:symbolsusbhub.sys4D8C0C155a000usbhub.sys Image path: SystemRootsystem32DRIVERSusbhub.sys Image name: usbhub.sys Timestamp: Thu Mar 24 22:29:25 2011 (4D8C0C15) CheckSum: 00054F31 ImageSize: 0005A000 File version: 6.1.7601.17586 Product version: 6.1.7601.17586 File flags: 0 (Mask 3F) File OS: 40004 NT Win32 File type: 2.0 Dll File date: 00000000.00000000 Translations: 0409.04b0 CompanyName: Microsoft Corporation ProductName: Microsoft® Windows® Operating System InternalName: usbhub.sys OriginalFilename: usbhub.sys ProductVersion: 6.1.7601.17586 FileVersion: 6.1.7601.17586 (win7sp1_gdr.110324-1501) FileDescription: Default Hub Driver for USB LegalCopyright: © Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. The bad news is it looks like you are using the latest available native driver from Mirosoft.

So first thing check with your PC vendor or Motherboard manufacturer and see what they have regarding updated drivers specific to USB, especially EtronHub3.sys we've seen a couple BSODs associated with that driver although yours does look pretty current. And while you're updating drivers double check for the latest Chipset driver, as well as any recent BIOS updates that might look like they address the current issue.
The second thing would probably be to disconnect all USB perepherials for the time being and see if the current bad behavior persists or stops.
Finnaly, since we are only dealing with a single dump file, which doesn't actually provide anything in the way of a pattern by way of either consistently reporting the same offending driver or indicating other issues which might be present, I would say, for testing purposes at least temporarily uninstall your Symantec / Norton product(s) completely. Not turn them off, not disable them, remove them completely.
Use the programs uninstaller if available, otherwise use the Programs and Features (uninstall) applet in the Control Panel and follow that up by running this vendor specific proprietary removal tool from here
You can replace it for the time being by installing MSE from here Spyware Protection | Free Spyware Protection | Microsoft Security Essentials simple enough to reverse the process if Norton proves not to be at issue.
Then if Blue Screens persist;
Please read the first post in this sticky thread here How to ask for help with a BSOD problem
Do your best to accumulate the data required.
Run the SF Diagnostic tool (download and right click the executable and choose run as administrator)
Download and run CPUz. Use the Windows snipping tool to gather images from all tabs including all slots populated with memory under the SPD tab.
Likewise RAMMon. Export the html report, put everything into a desktop folder that you've created for this purpose, zip it up and attach it to your next post (right click it and choose send to, compressed (zipped) folder.
Additionally, if you haven’t already, please take some time and fill out your system specs in your forum profile area Help Us To Help You By Filling In Your System Specs. .
Good luck

Hi! I know one things to two but this has never happened again!
I did a format on my computer and reinstalled windows 7.they worked well untill they restarted with a high resolution. Yeah exactly. Every time windows update downloads nvidia drivers(gtx460) windows STUCKS at welcome screen. Actually it shows only welcome screen but you can use windows normally(I can hear the sounds and if you press ctrl+alt+delete you can actually restart or shut down) but you only see tha classic windows 7 wallpaper.

I tried to start with f8 in safe mode or in low resolution mode and it works. But I want high resolution. Why doesn't it work on high resolution EVEN AFTER REFORMMATING 3 times?

Hi there, I am having an issue with my windows configuration as usual when a Windows update comes along I click shut down and it updates and then once I power back on I get to the Welcome screen and it configures the new updates. Well right now I am having trouble because I run the update and then once I turn it back on the configuration stays at 0% and I have to power down and enter in Safe Mode so it reverts back to it's former updates. I don't want to have to go through this endless cycle forever is there anyway I can find out what these updates are? It is 4 of them and if I can find out what they are is there a way I can manually install each one individually to avoid this configuration freeze?


Sorry if i posted it in wrong place.

I have program that tells me that i have lots of bad trojans such as Trojan.win32/agent trojan-spy etc. Program is called Advanced system care 6 pro. I installed it today and when I ran scan it said scanning trojan.win32/agent trojan.win32/vunto trojan-spy backdoor.fraud and many other bad stuff but the most interesting thing is it doesn't find them as harmful software. I have also noticed my system loads slowly after welcome screen I get black screen and wait for approximately 15-30 secs to load desktop and none of my antiviruses are able to find it they seem to be stuck on one folder when they scan because the folder that they scanned doesn't change i waited for hours and folder was same. Programs i use are SUPERAntispyware trial, Malwarebytes free, avast! internet security pro none of them find the trojan horse. I ran scan in safe mode and I found some trojans but the software didn't scan any further than folder c:windows....amd64(not sure about whole path). I waited for hours and it still didn't change.After program advanced system care 6 made scan it didn't find them as malware I did delete them but they are not deleted I didn't find any suspicious programs in task manager I have screen shoots to show you.

Is there any way I can get rid of those bad programs ?

Thank you! Attached Thumbnails         Last edited by Lapiz; 12-23-2012 at 04:38 PM. Share Share this post on Digg Technorati Twitter
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Join Date Sep 2010 Posts 47 Re: Trojan horse on a computer. I did not see a screenshot of results. just progress of scanning for xxx. I know protection is needed but with the anti-programs you already have why one more. Was Avast running while you scanned? It sounds like to me you have so many high resource programs starting at boot the PC just can not handle it. I'm an Avast user and I trust it. Its good with spyware also.

It may not be able to delete the files because of user control or system restore. Avast has a boot time scan. Scans before windows even starts. I don't know about orbit but some anti-programs have a few false definitions just to trick you into believing that the software can find things others can not.

I have to trust the software. Avast has been doing it a long time. If I can't trust them to keep me clean. Mite as well uninstall it. Avast does, or at least use to say run Malwarebytes free but they have been adding Malware definitions to real time protection.

I've been having problems with my laptop. One day it randomly turned itself off and once I turned it on I went to log on and it just hung at the welcome screen with the light blue spinner. Let me keep in mind safe mode works. I've tried a system restore but it would leave me on a black screen with a cursor. I had tried again a week ago and I finally got past the welcome spinner again and once I started using my laptop the explorer would freeze and it locked up on me. Now I'm back to square one with the being stuck at the spinner. I've tried the startup repair but nothing seems to happen. I've tried creating a new account to see if that is what kept it locked up at the log in but no help there. I've scanned for viruses and had them removed and everytime I scan again it keeps finding new ones. Can anyone help me here?
I'm desperate. So sick of safe mode. Thanks :/

Hello Everyone,

First of all I apologize my first post isn't an introduction or something useful but I really need help bad.

Here is all (hopefully) relevant info that may help you guys:

Mobo: Asus P6T

CPU: Intel Core i7 920 (stock)

Ram: 6GB DDR3 1333mhz (xmp profile #2)

GPU: Nvidia GTX 260

Internet: Linksys WUSB600N -latest driver-

OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate RC Build 7100 (64-bit)

Antivirus: Zonealarm Extreme Security beta 9

System condition: Windows update on and newly updated, antivirus updated and scans run regularly. System was finished in June and there is no dust in my computer. My CPU idles @ 35C and my video card idles @ 42C @ 40% fan speed.

*While in safe mode one of those times I manged to get into it fine I ran my anti virus / anti spyware and malwarebytes anti malware and both found 1 infection. Zone Alarm found a high rated trojan and quarantined it and malbyte found 1 thing and deleted it.

*My friend who is using Windows Vista is having this same problem all the sudden too. He can't get passed the welcome screen normally or even in safe mode.

*I have ran CHKDSK and "Error Checking".

*The Hard drive is not failing as I used western digital's data lifeguard diagnostic and it said the HD was fine.

*I ran CCleaner to fix the registry.

*I have the latest chipset drivers from intel for my motherboard dl'd from asus's website for my OS.

*I have the latest Nvidia drivers from Nvidia's website and even uninstalled and reinstalled.

-----And my story begins------Coffee Alert------

I have been using windows 7 rc 7100 since June with 0 problems. No blue screens, nothing. Until...(dun dun dunnnn...) 2 days ago. I was using my computer like normal, I was on ebay and playing gta 4 and browsing forums (not all at once!) and all the sudden windows notifys me it needs to install 2 updates (1 patch to the actual release candidate(kb972407) and new network adapter drivers provided by Ralink). As I restart I go to restart I get a blue screen and all I could read before the thing dissapeared really quick was "BCC CODE 135".

So I restarted and when I typed in my password my computer hangs at the "Welcome" screen. The blue circle thing spins but nothing happens.

I restart again, this time I boot up safe mode. I type in my password , same thing hangs at welcome screen.

So then I restart once more and this time I try booting up normally. It works! So I use my computer for a little bit.

I restart again, try to login normally again and this time it goes passed welcome and I get the "BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH"!. Which basically was my desktop all black with my cursor being able to move but no reaction from my keyboard (not even sticky keys worked).

So I restart once more and go into safe mode this time it actually loads! So I perform a system restore to the 24th.

I restart my computer and login normally and it works, then windows decides to re-install those 2 windows updates that caused me those problems in the first place and I am back to square one.

So I restart again and boot into safe mode I disable all things from starting up (using msconfig) with windows and in the services section disable "Windows Event Log" and restart.

So I login and get to my desktop woo hoo!! I think all is well and upon logging in windows tells me it has another updated for me to install (I am dreading this as the last 2 got me stuck here) but I feel adventurous and install it then I do another restart and I login sucessfully!(making this the2nd time in a row since problems started).

I think I finally got it and to make sure I restart.

So I login normally and it hangs at the welcome screen and I dont even get the black screen of death.

I restart once more and try safemode and it does the same thing.

Feeling overwhelmed I think maybe it is a video card driver possibly (I say this because before I disabled event log I had an error for my nvidia drivers like stop @ 32 or something like that) and I load windows into "Low Resolution Video" mode and here I am talking to you guys. Before posting I tried uninstalling my video card drivers and reinstalling the most updated one from Nvidia's site for windows 7 64-bit and that didn't help.

So I have come to the conclusion that I need help from anyone at this point LOL. Everytime windows decides to boot up fine I can't ever seem to re-create it. It's like its a hit or miss thing.

Any help what so ever will be greatly appreciated because I am stuck. I can always re-install my OS but I feel like its fine because it lets me boot to windows sometimes and EVERYTHING works. I get no errors or blue screens it just doesn't stay working for long.

Hi everyone, I have quite a trivial problem, but it's really annoying me! I brought my laptop with Windows 7 64-bit preloaded onto it. The welcome screen and the screen where it shows all the usernames was black and my laptop came with a wallpaper preloaded onto it (black background with old school beat boxes on it). However, my hardrive crashed and I had to reinstall Windows 7, but now I am stuck with the classic theme (i.e. blue background) and there's no sign of the theme I had previously! Does anyone have any idea how I could go back to my cool black theme?

Oh and also, there used to be a taskbar at the top of the screen, which is no longer there. How can I get that back?

All right so first ill give some of the basic specs of my system.

I have the following hardware:
Phenom II x4 955 CPU
ASRock 870 Extreme 3 motherboard
Corsair vengeance 8gb RAM
An 850 OCZ PSU
a HDRadeon 6870 GPU
and a basic optical drive

also, i am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit OS

And here's the problem:
A while ago, my brother was playing some hardcore HoN on my computer. When the game ended, the screen turned black and i was forced to restart the entire thing. I get past the windows logo just fine and even hear the "welcome" sound as the OS starts up. Then, nothing. The screen just turns black with nothing but the cursor. I am able to move it around and everything but cannot do anything. Ctrl-alt-del doesnt work either.
So, i restarted again and this time went into safe mode and tried to check things out. I updated my graphics drivers (which were in no need of an update) and then restarted it again. Still nothing! I tried this multiple times, uninstalling, reinstalling and getting very frustrated with it, took a break. When i came back, i decided to boot from the disc and start afresh. I went through the process of setting up the OS and all the motherboard drivers (and the GPU drivers)... i was able to login and download firefox and a couple of other security programs that i hoped would help stop the problem. I thought i had done enough and windows needed to be restarted to finish its update so i decided to restart again... AND guess what?! the same black screen with the cursor! back to haunt me again!

So, i plead to you windows 7 forums! please! please! please! help me with this nonsense! i have tried everything i know and i dont want to be stuck in safe mode forever!!!

hello everyone
i really need help
the other day i was looking in the registry to make a back up but before that i accidentally deleted wow6432node
later on i restarted my laptop and it just hanged on the welcome screen and the welcome word dose not even show up some missed up letter do though
and it just sits there
i tried system restore but for some reason the laptop didn't have any restore points
and i tried startup repair but it say startup repair cannot repair this computer automatically.
and i tried to boot in safe mode and boot in last know good config but they both just get stuck at the welcome screen like in the normal mode
is there any solution for this problem if not
what is there that i can do please i need help
thank you very much.

Hey guys! I have a problem with windows 7 clean install
I had windows XP and I mounted Windows 7 iso onto my J drive with poweriso. I tried to install it but after i chose "home network" it told me that there was no disk in harddrivedr1 or something. I pressed try again 3 times and took me to a screen that said "welcome," but then led to "shutting down." I've also tried cancel and continue, same result
Every time i turn on my computer now, I'm greeted with the HP load screen, then the black screen with a blinking cursor, then back to the HP load screen. My computer does this in a loop unless i reformat it with XP.... any suggestions on how to get windows 7 up and running?

gday I'm using version 7057 Beta, it looks very good and high def is brilliant, however Windows 7 is very slow loading to desktop getting stuck on Loading welcome screen for 2 to 3 minutes before loading desktop with pauses when loading devices and software, these pauses cause system to not respond when trying to open other files, but once desktop has fully loaded [4minutes] then everything is quite fast, then when i try ti install something, the Installer pauses while loading program for a couple of minutes, system freezes, then it will release all of a sudden and start Installing the program quickly then freeze again 2 minutes then finish Installing, once completed everything returns to normal, and is quit fast, the system freezes only occur while desktop is loading or when I Install another program, the [Rate this Computer] function doesnt work, and I have tried the Win7-Explorer-Fix and other registry fixes including turning off the windows Experiance program which I doubt was on to begin with, none of these things have worked! I have installed 7 on an Intel pentium 4, gigabyte motherboard dual core cpu 2gb ram 8600gt video card. any sugestions or fixes would be greatly apreciated thank you.

Suddenly the Restart option on my PC has stopped functioning. After logging off and shutting down, the PC starts the process of restarting but gets stuck on the welcome screen of the motherboard. I can see the light showing had disk drive activity but no further progress takes place. I have to then forcibly stop the PC by pressing the start button long. After the PC stops, I can start it notmally by pressing the start button again and then it starts normally.

Whether the restart option is used mouse Start/Restart or clicking on the option after updates, the problem is the same.

I have checked all options in BIOS and Googled it but there has been no solution.

I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit and Intel Core Duo 2.66 GHz CPU.

Windows 7 64bit
Asus P7P55D-E LX
8GB Crucial SDR DD3
Samsung 470 SSD 128gb (Startup Disc)
Seagate 2TB

i have a ECS Elite Group black series mother board
500gig harddrive and a 320 gig harddrive
amd phenom triple core
2 gig ddr3
600watts powersupply
gforce 8800gt 512mb
i was playing game online when my pc suddenly stuck n restared...then it says sata slave S.M.A.R.T capable status bad. backup and replace.
then i restarted n it started up till the welcome screen n restarted again....then gave the same problem. but its saying it for both partitions i have very sensitive information on the partition and do not want to lose it any advice on what to do to fix this problem?

I have a computer with xp pro. Upon startup it goes right into the secondary user. I am trying to figure out how to reverse this. If I hold down the shift key during boot process it does go to the welcome screen as I would like it to regurlarly, otherwise
it boots into the user that is stuck in the auto logon section of the registry. This user has no password and is not the administrator, but the situation still causes me an issue with a computer time use control system I am installing. Any comment on how t
o reverse the auto logon process would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks John B.

For years I have used my own sound scheme and have come to rely on my
machine to make certain sounds for various events. This began with Win 95.
I've recently installed Windows XP SP-2 and of course, my sound scheme is
part of the setup and also now includes sounds for logging on and off. This
is my problem:

Log Off profile - returns to Welcome screen - hear "Exit Windows" sound
(fine I can live with that)
Log On profile - returns to desktop - hear "Log On" sound
Log Off Restart - hear "Exit Windows" then reboots and everything is fine.

Switch User - returns to Welcome screen - hear "Log Off" sound
Log On again - returns to desktop - hear "Log On" sound
So far - so good.

Switch User - returns to Welcome screen - hear "Log Off" sound
Log On new profile - get new desktop - hear BOTH "Log On" sounds (this
profile and previous)
(if no sounds enabled here - still get last user's "Log On" sound.)

Ok...this is not a big problem in itself - I'm just not sure if this is
"normal", and I don't have access to another Win XP to compare.

The much bigger problem, (not sure if related), is most of the time -(not
always)- once I'm in that second profile - I'm stuck there. I cannot Log
out, I can't Switch user, I can't Shut down. CTRL-ALT-DEL will not bring up
Task Manager. But I can type "taskmgr" in the Run box which does start the
app. However, this doesn't help much because I still can't get out from
there either. No matter what I do - I keep getting returned to the desktop.
I can end processes and I can log off the other profile but I'm still
stuck. The only way out is the Power Switch.

Have searched MSKB and found reference to something similar Norton AV
2003 regarding CCAPP. My Norton is 2004 and is totally up-to-date. The MSKB
mentions nothing about the sounds mixmatch that I've observed. Again, I
don't know if the two are related. If the sound mixmatch is "a feature", I
can live with it. Can someone check this out please and let me know? It's
hard to troubleshoot in two directions at once.

~john aka: jopa

I have a client's computer that is FUBAR !!!! I've never run into one that stumped me like this one has. I spent a few hours at his store today and thought it was a System Guard 2009 infection. But the computer would not allow me access. The only way in was Safe Mode and once in AVG was crippled and the system would not clear the infection.

I then tried what I thought was a utility to remove it and ended up installing Spyware Doctor. Useless program !!! It comes without any virus data and must be updated to run. Not an easy task in Safe Mode !!! I ran the System Guard 2009 removal tool without success and ended up removing it via the uninstall option in the program. Still no joy. Ended up bringing the box home, pulled the drive and slaved it to my system and ran Avast! Removed 20 odd trojans and BS .dll's with Avast and also ran Malwarebytes and removed another 19 items. Installed Spyware Doctor on my system and found that there was no option to scan anything but the computer it is installed on and not any of the USB connected or slaved drives. USELESS !!!!! Then fouund Spyware Doctor a PITA to remove from my system. Finally got things back to normal on my system and searched for the processes associated with System Guard. None found. Running Avast again found 3 more problems in the System Restore files and removed them.

Now I'm stuck. I reinstalled the drive in it's box and tried to start it, but the result was the same. It's set to boot to the desktop, but flashes the Welcome screen and then his wallpaper and then back to the welcome screen after a few long moments and then presents him with his profile name to click. Clicking that brings a quick log-in and then it logs out without getting past the Welcome screen.

My plan is to reinstall the drive and start in Safe Mode and maybe do a System Restore back to the middle of March, before he noticed problems, but am reluctant because of all the trojans and other infections I removed and not knowing when they got onboard. Otherwise, I suppose that the best course might be to try and manually remove any registry entries and other files related to this nasty. But I can't be sure what the real problem is and that is the main roadblock to getting the system clean.

Any and all thoughts gratefully considered. Thanks !!! And, pardon the rant. It's been a long day.

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