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I don't know when this started but i'm pretty sure it wasn't always like this. I've had trouble with vista but everything i've been able to fix even if it did take me a few months

I can't click on any of those links. and many other ones with the same shield on it.

what does it mean when there's a little shield on an icon?

I'm on dodgy ground here, since I'm referring to a PC to which I have no access, but here goes.

On a small network of PCs, there is one in particular which appears to have "lost" the systray icon for Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition, as well as not showing the Windows Update icon (presumably because none are outstanding?). I can't obviously do the "Right click on Task Bar -> Properties -> Hide Inactive icons/Customise" procedure because of non-adjacency, so my question is fairly general.

I installed Symantec Corporate Edition V9, plus its SP2 patch, but this did not restore the yellow mouse/shield-like icon to the System Tray.

How do these systray icons get generated, and can they be deleted (yes, deleted, I do not mean "hidden") by the user? TechNet is not wildly informative, and previous discussion in this forum doesn't really address my question, at least AFAICS.



I need some help. I'm unable to elevate on Windows 7 RC. When I click on a shield icon nothing happens. If I run a command line tool such as 'regedit' that requires elevation from a command prompt it displays a message box that reads "The system could not find the environment option that was entered". I have also noticed that serveral of the utiltiies that contain paths such as "%windir%system32" do not work as they are unable to resolve %windir%. It seems that WINDIR is no longer registered as an environment variable on my system. This is confirmed by using SET from the command line but without access to regedit I can't make any permanant changes.

The last time it was working, I had just changed some custom environment variables. My best guess is that something got corrupted when writing out the updated environment variables. Those custom environment variables are working as expected. I don't know have any idea why WINDIR disappeared or if WINDIR is the only thing preventing elevation from working.

The user account is on a domain, however when I tried a local account on this same computer it had the exact same problem so it must be a system setting, not a per user setting.


I'm new here and I'm sorry to have such a big first post.
I have a bunch of questions and this might become a bit of a complicated story,
but I'll try to be as direct as possible if you don't mind helping me out:

I just installed Windows 7 (64bit) a couple of days ago.
Everything seems to be fine apart from a couple of little things.
Such as some programs, after a day or two, suddenly lost their icons.
As in the shortcut/desktop-icons, but they're also not there on the actual .exe-file.
It's only with about 3 of about 13 icons I remember counting recently,
but it didn't even help to completely remove and reinstall one of the programs.

However, the icons do appear on the desktop of a newer Windows-account I made.
I just noticed they don't show on the actual .exe-files of the programs there either though.
I've also just tried uninstalling and reinstalling one of the programs on that account.
But it did not make a difference.
Now it occurred to me that in the Task Manager, the process of some programs indicate it's "32bit".
So I uninstalled the program (this is CPU-Z specifically by the way) again
and then installed it in the 'Program Files (x86)'-folder instead.
Now it did work, well it already did, but with the icons intact, also on the .exe-files
and also on the original account.

These programs also seem to have a shield on their icon though.
I guess that indicates something about the bit-version then or that there's an issue perhaps?
That would probably also explain why for example PC Wizard 2010 crashes
when I attempt to use certain features.

Which also gets me to another question:
Will I always have to install these programs (that I guess run in 32bit) in that 'Program Files (x86)'-folder?
If so, how is that for games, will some have to go into that folder, thus always on the system-drive?
Or, if necessary at all, would it then be possible to create such a "x86-folder"
on an alternative drive like I have one for games?

Also, still I want to ask if there are any indications of a broken account.
Which I thought would be the case at first.
Cause the internet (forums and such) make me feel like it's easy to get one.
Is there a way to move all settings to a new account?
By that I mean things such as desktop-icons, gadgets and their settings, taskbar-settings,
window-settings and their positions and views and such things even, other configuration-settings,
name it, you know, all those things you tweak to make it work for you personally.
So is it possible to find specific files for that to move
and a new account will pretty much show up as your "home" again?
This is of course in case I'd want to move to a new account if one is supposedly broken.
Unless the files that contain all those settings might have the errors in them, that would be too bad...

Greetings and thanks for reading, I hope you can help me out.

I am running Windows 7 64 bit in a multiuser environment and one of the users needs 2 programs that, for some unknown reason, require administrative privileges to run. I am the administrator and when I am logged in I can run the programs, however, when the user attempts to run the program while logged in, he is prompted for administrative credentials. If I enter my administrative credentials while he is logged in, the program works correctly.

I thought this would be an easy fix. Using the compatibility tab for the executable file, I set Windows 7 to run this program as the administrator for all users. The icon for the executable file now has a shield on it, however the user is still prompted for administrative credentials when attempting to run the program. Also, when I installed the program, I ran the setup program using the "Run as Administrator" option

I researched the problem on the software developer’s forum and there were a number of others with the same issue. Unfortunately, the suggested solutions involved granting the user local administrator privileges or turning off UAC.

I was hoping someone here at the Windows 7 forum could offer a better solution.

Alright, so I did some looking through similar threads but couldn't find any with this exact issue. Hopefully this is not a repeat thread, I don't think it is.

It turns out that some of the files in the folder were "locked" (a little padlock icon appeared over the normal icon). In order to unlock the folders, I only needed to double click and confirm I wanted to continue. To unlock the files I needed to do the following:
Right+Click -> Properties -> Security -> Edit (Under Permissions Field) -> Add (Type in your Username) -> Ok

The Main Issue:
I'm unable to delete folders in my "Program Files", even as the Administrator (and in fact only account) account on my computer.

Here's what happens:
1) I click on the folder, then hit delete.
2) I get a pop up which asks if I want to delete the folder, I click Yes
3) I get a pop-up which says "You'll need to provide administrator permission to delete this folder" I click Continue (with the little shield next to it)
4) I get a pop-up which says "You need permission to perform this action" "You require permission from Administrators to make changes to this folder"

Suddenly I find programme icons with a shield on and I am unbale to install anything at all. Each time I am told that folder c:programmes is read only and will not allow access. It will not allow me to use c:programmes(x86) saying this has disallowed characters.

My otehr PC with WinXP has read only attirbute to c:programmes but allows anytihng to be installed.

I am logged on aS ADMINISTRTATOR but changing directory attributes is also not possible.

ASyatem ias 1 month old and was workign fine yesterday with no changes made by me to the installation.

Any ideas? ASyastem restore will not work iether as it states unspecidifed errors have occurred.

Factory reset only option now?

Apparently I've changed some setting in Windows 7 that have caused most of my icons, both on the desktop and within the program file, to show the administrators shield and not the actual program icon. If I click on properties and "change Icon", it is grayed out so I cannot change it.

How did this happen and how do I recover the actual program icons?

Hi, I've tried searching this forum and Google and even Windows help (maybe I'm not using the right search terms) but I've noticed after my W7 upgrade that some icons on my desktop have a little shield icon on them. Does anyone know what that means please?



after a fresh sp2 install on my xppro machine i noticed a tray icon (a red
and it tells me that my machine is not secure. well i found out that this is
the windows security center. but i dont need it and thus i disabled all the
features(not necessary for me) it provided for security purpose. i use a
third-party firewall and other security tools than the windows integrated.

So my question: how can i make the tray icon and the baloontip dissapear
from my tray, because it is very disturbing....
first i thougt i might be an registry entry and i am sure that this is the
way it can be disabled, but where is the realted key entry????

By the way, my os is a german release, it may be differs in some settings
from other languages...

Best Regards

Kerem G├╝mr├╝kc├╝

How to you remove the SP2 Security and Administration Center shield icon from
the systray? I couldn't find an entry in msconfig or startup. I must have
missed an option on install; I removed it from another computer a few weeks
ago, but can't remember how I did it. Thanks.

The security center firewall icon located in the system tray indicates that
the firewall is turned off. When I open the security center control panel
the upper bar that is for Firewall indicates that it is "ON". If I go to
the bottom of the security center control panel and open "windows firewall"
I see that it is checked "On (recommended)". I don't have any other
firewall program installed. Why won't the Microsoft Icon in the system tray
indicate that the firewall is enabled? It shows the red shield with a white
"x" in the center.

Thanks for any support

I selected and started the download of a set of critical patches today, based on the WS patches skip/wait/install table, and that's the last I've seen of them. I never got any messages, when hovering over the yellow shield, that a download was in progress. When I clicked on the shield, I got (as expected) the list of patches I had not selected. I waited for an hour and a half, and never got a message saying my selected patches were ready for installation, or saw the "patches" shield on my Turn Off icon. I finally rebooted, but the patches are still MIA after a good 3 hours (and they did not show up on the list offered patches). My Windows Update is set to notify but do not download/install.

I am trying to install the latest Microsoft patches using the custom option. However having downloaded the patches there is no icon to inform me that the patches are ready to be installed. I know they have been downloaded because if I try to turn off windows there is a shield on the icon informing me that updates will be installed. I do not want to install all the patches which have been downloaded, but regardless of re-starting my pc, without installing, I cannot get the icon which is usually shown in the task bar giving me options. I have update options set to inform me only and let me choose when to download and install.
Any advice appreciated. Thanks

I just installed an app on my new Vista machine that causes a message: "An unidentified program wants access to your computer" when I click on the icon. I can click "Allow" and the apps starts and works fine. When the app installed, the icon has a shield on it much like the security shield. I have tried changing the compatibility properties in the icon to include run as an administrator. No luck. I have used the app for some five years at least without difficultly. Any suggestions?

I installed a new application today. It placed an icon on the desktop with the annoying "shortcut arrow" in the lower left corner. I noticed that it also placed a Security Center shield in the lower right corner. What does this indicate and should I be doing anything about it?



Noob, here.......was wondering if I could get any advice about MS Update KB2656351 for XP.

I received it as an Automatic update from the MS Update site. It seems to be in a state of not installing,
and continual download. The yellow shield icon is always in my sytem tray, and it ALWAYS installs the same update, KB2656351. It's a security update for .NET Framework 4, for Client Profile, and Extended.

I checked my update log from the MS Update site, and so far, I've succesfully downloaded and installed the same update 5 times now.

When I turn off my PC, I get a message that 'Important updates are being installed, and the system will shut down when completed'. The system shuts down, and when I turn on, the same update is in the system tray, ready to be installed.

I noticed on the net that KB2656351 is also a problem update for Win 7 X64, and seems to be a problem due to untrusted certificate verification. I'm not sure if it's the same problem on XP, but it's p***ing me off, BIG time.

So far, I've tried :

Deleting all MS Certificates, and downloading and installing the current update for XP Root joy.

Uninstalling KB2656351 from my joy, as it won't uninstall due to install log not being found.

Running a complete sytem scan for Malware/Virus with Security Essentials, and Defender Offline....totally clean.

Shouting at my PC and cursing Microsoft......while this did nothing for the update, it made me feel a whole lot better.

I take my PC security seriously, and I'm not too happy that important security updates are'nt being installed due to forces beyond my control.

But it does'nt drive half as mad as the yellow shield update icon permanently in my system tray. I click it to install, it installs, and 20 seconds later, the shield icon is back to install the same update.

How do I cancel/fix this update?

Any help and advice would be gratefully received.



ps: I'm using XP, SP3.

pps: Sorry if I've posted in an inappropriate place....I am the noob.

ppps: Thanks for the Defender Offline tip in the Newsletter...nice one !!!

I have a little Wamp Apache server which I use to learn php and MSql. Last week, some switches were changed and when I booted up., there is a security shield on the Icon. I forgot how to fix this. I can't get my server to come up. What do I do? Also what happened to system restore?

I am using Ultimate 64 bit.


how do i remove the run as administrator shield/icon on a program even though the 'run this program as administrator' button isn't selected?

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