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In a previous Good Boot I recommended Secunia PSI to XP and Vista users, but with so many upgrading to Windows 7, I want to recommend it again.


There is a new version of Secunia PSI available.

If you aren't familiar with it, this free product monitors software on your PC and reports any missing security patches or known security vulnerabilities. It does a great job of monitoring all those third party products that most of us forget to update.

Do others using Vista SP2 experience very slow startup when Secunia PSI software is installed? The Secunia community site has limited comment apart from programmes being slow to load.
CYa Ron

Under XP I happily used Secunia PSI to check for patches and every so often, an alert popped up to warn me something needed patching. Fine - except for an occasional false positive.

When I upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium, I followed best practice and (unlike my XP setup which just had 1 admin user), set up 2 users on Win7:- one admin user for restricted, occasional use; one non-admin user for daily use. I installed Secunia PSI again to check for necessary patches and set it to "Start PSI on boot". However, when I log in with my normal user, Secunia PSI is not running. I want PSI to run no matter which user I've logged on with.

If I log in on the admin user, PSI starts and is visible. If I log in on the non-admin user, PSI does not start and is not visible. I have NOT suppressed the PSI notifications in the System Tray.

When I check in Task Scheduler, the Secunia PSI Logon task security options say
- Use the admin user account.
- run only when that user is logged on
The trigger for this task is "At log on of any user".

I'm no expert on this, but the trigger and the security options seem to make no sense in combination. As a result, PSI does not run most of the time - which isn't much use for getting notifications - and possibly suppresses the auto full scan as well (not sure).

Someone on the Secunia forum said that Secunia PSI needs to run as an admin user and suggested I instead sign up for mail notifications from them and manually run PSI when something _might_ affect my set-up. This seems to defeat the whole point of an automatic scan and tailored notification.

Anyone know if it's possible to make Secunia PSI run in a useful manner - i.e. automatically, on logon of any user?


Please pardon the long post. I've done some looking around and not found a satisfactory answer. A link to a good answer would be a very satisfactory answer!

I am a big fan of Secunia PSI, and I'm looking for a program that does for device drivers (and possibly BIOS and possibly firmware) what Secunia PSI does for software.

I suspect the problem of finding updates for drivers is a lot more complicated because there are three sources for drivers. Note this is specifically for internal devices such as the chipset, audio, and network adapters; it's a bit different for external devices (peripherals) such as printers, scanners, and all-in-ones. (With these, the complication is that you need to decide if you want the big software packages -- suites -- or just the drivers. But that's another topic.) So, for internal devices, the driver sources are:
The original manufacturer of the device (such as Intel, NVidia, or RealTek).The computer manufacturer (such as Dell or Acer) or motherboard manufacturer (such as Asus), who buys the device from the device manufacturer and might tailor the driver.Driver web sites (like and I don't trust I used them a while ago and abandoned them. And their awards are all from 2004 or earlier (
Also, driver version numbers are sometimes illogical -- I've seen missing numbers or numbers concatenated in device manager.

I've seen the following driver update tools:

Driver Detective (plenty of negative reviews at,.html AND at
RadarSync (Cnet pans it: AND I had bad luck with it)
PC PitStop's Driver Alert ( which I have tried a year ago and abandoned. Many user reviews at say it's fine but the editor's review points out that you need to pay for updates and it's not always correct. They say it's better to check it's work rather than trust it (
I believe that right-clicking on devices in device manager and choosing "Update Driver" merely invokes Windows Update for that particular driver, whereas going to Windows Update (or Microsoft Update) and selecting Custom (I believe this is different in Vista and 7) scans your entire system for any driver updates known by Windows Update. More up-to-date drivers might be available at the computer manufacturer's support web site but in general you have to manually identify the version number currently installed on your system (using device manager, one by one). Computer manufacturers such as IBM and HP used to have online tools using activex controls -- or update programs installed on the system -- that would identify driver updates. I have seen the update programs state that there were no updates available when I could manually identify updated drivers on manufacturer support web sites.

So, it's a mess, and I bet that one of the high-value skills of experienced computer techs/repair shops is the depth of experience in doing driver updates, particularly if they concentrate on particular manufacturers or product lines.

Bob Stromberg (who should be outside enjoying the cool of the evening, taking a walk)
Saratoga Springs and Salem, NY

The thread entitled Secunia PSI (PC3)
can now be found here.
Reason: This is a security application.

Hi Loungers,

Is your version of Java vurnerable to attack ? The only way I know is to look in Secunia PSI, 'Secure Browsing' to see if your browsers are safe.

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Please advise and help. Anyone having problems opening Secunia PSI free version. Suddenly cannot open. Have uninstalled and reinstalled but to no
avail. Just hangs for hours.

WS introduced me to Secunia PSI 2.0, which proved to be a favorite free download for my WinXP-sp3. After recently installing their newest version 3.0, I stared in wonderment and tried to understand why the upgrade. After much staring/bewilderment, visited their User's forum and learned I was not alone. Not by a long shot.

Just wondering if WS (my WinPC tech guru) has viewed same and has any comments/advice?

On one of my machines (HP laptop, Win7, SP1) Secunia PSI insists my Adobe reader 9xx and Shockwave 10 xx are end of the line and need manual patching. Both have been updated with the installation process showing "previous versions deleted". Neither of these old programs show on the hard drive, or via Control Panel uninstall.

Have rebooted twice and still no update in Secunia. What to do? Probably should go to their forum, but I like here first.


Is anyone else having problems with the latest version of Secunia PSI. I don't know if this is a Beta version but compared to the previous version it's a nightmare,. I had the old version on both my Desktop (custom made) and Vaio laptop using XP Home and Professional respectively for many years without a problem.

I have had problems with it booting up & asking for a scan. The old version used to boot up without this. When initially booting up and scanning it took ages. The automatic update is a nightmare. I unticked this option after removing PSI & reinstalling but this made no difference. I have a large number of folders & files but the old version gave no problems with scanning these. It seems Secunia has fallen into the Microsoft trap of issuing a new version for the sake of it without any improvement.

After refusing to load properly for about a week, Secunia PSI now has another problem: I have several programs that PSI brings to my attention that are out of date (end of life) but I still want to use them, so I right-click on the program icons and click on "Ignore updates to this program". This does no good. PSI keeps putting them back immediately and won't ignore them. So I can never get a 100% score! What's going on here, Seconia. A really good program is going down hill fast.


Secunia PSI has flagged Acrobat Standard 9 (actually it's version 9.5.4) as needing updating. Acrobat just gives me a message that no update is available, but Secunia tells me "This program is no longer supported by the supplier." It would be a $139 upgrade for a program that already gives me all the functionality I need in terms of my day to day work.

So my question is whether Acrobat might actually be a security risk, as I understand an out of date free Adobe Reader would be, or whether I can safely tell Secunia to ignore Acrobat Standard.

The for home use Secunia Personal Software Inspector has been released. See Download - Personal (PSI) - Vulnerability Scanning - for a download and other links.


Adobe Reader should be at 8.1.3, there are definitely security issues with version 8.1.2.x
Firefox should be at 3.0.4, if you really have 3.0 then you are definitely at risk.

Make sure that Secunia has done a scan since you updated these applications. It may simply be reporting the status at the time of its previous scan.


I installed Secunia Personal Software Inspector on my Vista Ultimate desktop last month and it's running fine. Today, I downloaded it and installed it on a notebook, also running Vista Ultimate. As soon as I try to launch PSI, I get the screen shown. I have Googled for this particular problem, but none of the suggestions work. I'm not using a proxy server, I've uninstalled and reinstalled several times, I've placed the Secunia site in my IE "Trusted Sites", but to no avail. Does anyone have a suggestion?

Just ran Secunia, no problems except it keeps trying to insert itself into my startup folder. Winpatrol appears every time and asks me for permission to let it run at startup.I say NO, but It persists on trying no matter what I do.

It seems the only thing left is to remove Secunia unless someone knows how to stop it. I could use the one that doesn't require installation, that's another alternative.

Download - Personal (PSI) - Vulnerability Scanning - contains a minor update to correct detection of Windows version.


Hello alll you in the Know:

I think this is a software question but not really sure but since I run Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit I will just toss it out here and say thanks to all in advance for any help on this issue.

For some time now Secunia keeps telling me I need to update Hp Photo Creations from current version to Not really sure what Photo Creations is but I never use it as far as I know. I think it came as a part of the software for my HP Photosmart scanner / printer which I really like.

So my question is if I uninstall Photo Creations will this have any effect on my printer / scanner????

When I go to all programs and click on the HP folder it shows a sub folder just for Photo Creations and when I open it it shows two options; Photo Creation & Uninstall Photo Creations.

There is also a folder for Photosmart D110 Seris which also shows an Uninstall which I think must be the printer / scanner itself. Is this correct??

Thanks to all for any help.

Gentlemen I am running secunia PSI 2.0 it is telling me that I need Microsoft update core services {MSXML} 4X I run windows update and it tells me I am up to date and no new updates I would appreciate opinions or an answer thanks ahead of time.

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