screen blanks no signal error Results

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OK guys..... I know that there are a lot of other threads that touch on the issues of video and audio problems but i see no solution's....

I have a fresh install of windows 7 RC that i installed yesterday and i am having very serious issues..

OK I hope Microsoft is Looking into these issues..

The video is not as it should be... it goes blank (BLACK SCREEN) powersave or No signal right after it boots and gets past the windows logo.
downloaded and installed the latest Nvidia Drivers from the web and still does the same thing.
also something funny that its doing is showing the refresh rate @ 59mhz instead of the 60 that it should..?? when i change it to 60 the screen goes blank and returns at the default of 59 after 30 secs...???

The M/B integrated audio card was detected automatically by windows and a driver was installed. its a Creative X-FI extreme or something like that, but the rear audio ports were not working
when i plugged in a set of headphones that i had into the front port, they worked to my surprise...
soooooooo ....
I uninstalled the drivers that window installed automatically and downloaded the windows 7 driver from the creative website.
upon installing the drivers it gives me an error and says that there no compatible hardware detected.
I went through about 5 or 6 of the drivers from there web site with no luck..8(

I even let windows 7 download the audio drivers from the net automatically and install them... no luck.

Now the audio device doesn't even show up on the device list and doesn't work at all.....8(

pleas See the attached Computer Report...

I'm currently trying to dual boot Win XP 32bit, and Win7 64bit. I have separate partitions on one HDD for each of the OS and I currently have XP pro installed without any problems. i've burned the Win7 ISO at x4 speed to ensure I get a good clean copy and I've booted from the DVD and stared installing 7.

Everything goes fine (it installed and expanded all of the files very quickly) untill it restarts to boot into 7. I am able to choose between 7 and XP and when I choose 7 the new flashy windows boot screen comes up for about 10-15 seconds and then it goes blank and the monitor displays a "no signal" and the computer just sits there. No DVD action, or HDD action going on at all. I tried starting in safe mode and it gets a little farther and shows the setting up for first use (something like that) but tells me that I can't complete installation in safe mode.

I've redownloaded 7 again and I will be burning another copy of it tonight to make sure that I didn't get some kind of error on the first disc but it really seems to me that there may be a driver or hardware issue going on that isn't letting windows finnish setting up.

Also when I boot into XP I can look at the partition that I have for 7 and see that all of the directories for windows ect are on the partition (well at least it looks to me like everything is there).

system specs:
AMD Phenom II X2 55BE
G-Skill 4GB (2x2GB) DDR2-800
HIS HD 4850
Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 500GB
Antec 550W PSU

Everything except for the PSU is less than a week old. The PSU is about 3-4 months old.

On boot up, the OEM splash screen powers on normally, but as the Windows XP load screen appears, the display flashes several times and then goes completely blank. However, the Windows XP OS continues to boot normally; as I can hear the standard startup
sounds. The monitor power light indicates a signal is present, but the screen remains black. Moving the mouse or depressing any key patterns has no effect on this condition. Yet, once I turn the monitor power light off, then back on, all is well. The scr
een displays perfectly and I encounter no further problems with the monitor until the next boot up. The video cable is firmly attached and the device manager says monitor and display adapter are working properly and without any conflicts. The built-in mo
nitor self-test also confirms proper functioning. No errors are listed during system boot in the event log. I have updated both my Intel Extreme Graphics 2 controller and my Gateway FPD 1730 monitor with the latest available drivers. I have also done th
e same with my Intel BIOS. I have run the System Configuration Utility and various other system diagnostics. I have used the Recovery Console, done an in-place Windows XP upgrade or repair installation, used system restore points and last good configurat
ion settings, and scoured user manuals, tech websites, and the Microsoft Knowledge Base library for possible fixes. But still the problem persists. I dread the very thought of possibly having to do a complete reinstallation of the entire Windows XP OS an
d other apps. And I know my frustration level would explode if doing so proved as much a failure as every other fix to date. So, any other possible successful solution to this problem would be greatly appreciated. I never anticipated such a problem with
a new computer system. My system information is provided below:

Gateway 510T:

Intel (Midway 2 GV) Motherboard No CPU R0

Processor Intel (Northwood) Pentium 4 Processor 3.00GHz with hyper-threading technology and 800MHz FSB

Power Supply:
250-Watt ATX Power Supply R0

Chipset: Intel 865GV Chipset

Memory: 256MB 333MHz DDR SDRAM (2-128MB modules)

Hard Drive: 80GB Ultra ATA100 7200rpm hard drive

Optical Drive: 48x/24x/48x CD-RW

I had noticed that on one previous occasion, when the system was rebooted, it claimed that it could not read the RAID files. When clicking "ignore", everything passed. AFter rebooting another day, that indication did on recur. The keystone problem occured when, while using word as the outlook email editor, the screen froze. The system then became unstable in the sense that the stuff on the screen was flashing in and out and the hard disk was making a loud click for each cycle. It would not turn off so I clicked the power switch. I then tried to reboot, checkdisk claimed that the disk required checking, but checkdisk was then aborted, but I had the same sort of behaviour: the screen kept going on and off. I tried switching to another user id. That worked fine. Next, I scanned with Norton anti-virus. No results. I then put the OS disk onto a new blank hd with the aid of Acronis. When that boots up, the original account keeps bringing up the MS screen that says that it is sorry that Windows Explorer has made an error and will turn off. The screen then goes blank for a moment and, a few seconds after it comes back, another similar message appears. The interesting part is that Windows Explorer is not shown on task manager screen as an active task. One possibly irrelevant thing: on the account where all these things occur, the display seems normal. Switching to another account that works ok brings up a message on the display saying "signal over range". I can find no reference to that in the display literature so quien sabe?

I also should mention that after I cloned the os disk to a new disk most of the programs that are listed on the desktop do not work on the original account. They start but poop out before coming up. Also on the cloned disk I tried to repair the operating system with the MS installation disk. That tried to repair and eventually resulted in a new installation that has the same characteristics.

The thing I really dont understand is how this problem can be limited to one user account. That must be a key clue, but not to me.

Obviously I need a suggestion re how to approach the problem since I have no more ideas. Anyone need a challenge?

I hope

I too am having trouble getting my hdtv to function as a pc monitor. I have a Nvidia card with a dvi socket. The cable goes from dvi on the video card to hdmi on the TV. When the computer is first booted, the TV shows the Windows boot up screen. But when that ends, the screen goes blank. I get an error message that there is no signal at the source. I've tried other cables with the same result. Suggestions, advice appreciated. Steve