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I've tried installing SP2 twice now. The first time I disabled norton
antivirus 2004. After the installation, my computer was extremeley slow. I
was also unable to enable the autoprotect of norton. I also couldn't see my
network connections. I restored my computer to an earlier date and
everything was fine. The next day I tried it again with norton enabled, but
I had the same problems. I have all the current updates for my norton
software. I've checked with gateway and they don't have any downloads that
must be installed before installing sp2. Does anyone have any suggestions?

This is how to Fix Windows 7 BSOD.

Restart the computer and keep pressing F8 until the "Advance Boot Options" menu comes up.

Use up and down arrow buttons to navigate the menu, select "Safe Mode" and hit Enter

This time you won't see the computer blue screen error.
When the welcome screen comes up select Administrator and enter administrator's password(if you have one).

Click on the START button and navigate to the Accessories folder. There you will see a folder entitled "System Tools," navigate to that folder and click on System Restore.

In the System Restore program, make sure "Restore my computer to an earlier time" is selected and click NEXT.

Choose a date on the calendar that you want to restore your computer and click NEXT.

The last page of the System Restore will pop up with your date that you have chosen and click NEXT. The system will reboot and the computer blue screen will be gone

Hope This Helps!

I'm not the only one who experinced this, but haven't found anything to help me solve the problem. Sound was OK one day, then the next----gone!! Nothing added or uninstalled. I uninstalled sound in device manager and rebooted. I also restored my computer to an earlier date. Still---nothing. I got Microsoft updates and checked all the settings. The computer shows all signs of sound ( levels and meter looking as though sound is playing), but nothing.
Maybe there is no rhyme or reason for this, but it is strange. Windows 7 build 7100. Anybody else figure this out? Thanks,

I got the information... SERVICE PACK 2 KILLED MY

Use any one of the following methods to remove Microsoft
Windows XP SP2 from your computer:
Use the Add or Remove Programs tool in Control Panel
Use the hidden $NtServicePackUninstall$ folder
Use the System Restore process
Use Recovery Console
Important We recommend that you use the following methods
in the order that they are listed.
Use the Add or Remove Programs tool in Control Panel
Click Start, click Run, type appwiz.cpl in the Open box,
and then click OK.
Click to select the Show Updates check box.
Click Windows XP Service Pack 2, and then click Remove.
Follow the instructions on the screen to remove Windows
Use the hidden $NtServicePackUninstall$ folder
Click Start, click Run, type
c:windows$NtServicePackUninstall$spuninstspuni nst.exe
in the Open box, and then click OK.
When the Windows XP Service Pack 2 Removal Wizard starts,
click Next.
Follow the instructions on the screen to remove Windows
Use the System Restore process
Click Start, click Run, type %SystemRoot%System32
restorerstrui.exe in the Open box, and then click OK.
Click Restore my computer to an earlier time, and then
click Next.
Click the date that you installed Windows XP SP2, and
then click Installed Window XP Service Pack 2 in the
Restore Point box.
Click Next, and then follow the instructions on the
screen to remove Windows XP SP2.
Use Recovery Console
Warning If you use Registry Editor incorrectly, you may
cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall
your operating system. Microsoft cannot guarantee that
you can solve problems that result from using Registry
Editor incorrectly. Use Registry Editor at your own risk.

If you cannot successfully remove Windows XP SP2 by using
one of the previous methods, follow these steps:
Insert the Windows XP startup disk in your floppy disk
drive or insert the Windows XP CD in the CD drive or in
the DVD drive, and then restart your computer.

Note When you receive the following message, press a key
to start your computer from the Windows XP CD:

Press any key to boot from CD

Note Your computer must be configured to start from the
CD drive or the DVD drive. For more information about how
to configure your computer to start from the CD drive or
the DVD drive, see the documentation that came with your
computer or contact the computer manufacturer.
When you receive the Welcome to Setup message, press R to
start the Recovery Console.

NoteMultiple options will appear on the screen.
Select the Windows XP installation in question.

Note You must select a number before you press ENTER, or
the computer will restart. Typically, only the 1:
C:Windows selection is available.
If you are prompted to type an administrator password, do
so. If you do not know the administrator password, press
ENTER. (Typically, the password is blank.)

Note You will not be able to continue if you do not have
the administrator password.
At the command prompt, type cd
$ntservicepackuninstall$spuninst, and then press ENTER.

Note After you complete this step, you cannot stop the
removal process.
At the command prompt, type batch spuninst.txt, and then
press ENTER.

Note The Spuninstal.txt file appears. As the file scrolls
down, you will see errors and files being copied. This is
normal behavior.
After Windows XP SP2 is removed, type exit, and then
press ENTER.
Restart your computer in Safe Mode. To do this, press F8
as the computer restarts.
Note After you restart, the system may lock up with a
black screen. (Your mouse will work.) In this case,
restart again by turning the computer off and then back
on. The second restart will let you to log on.
When your computer restarts, Windows Explorer
(Explorer.exe) does not run, and the Windows icons and
the Start button are unavailable. To resolve this
problem, follow these steps:
Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to start Task Manager.
Click File, and then click New Task (Run...).
In the Open box, type regedit, and then click OK.
Locate and then click the following registry subkey:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemCurrentControlSetServic esRpcSs

On the right side of the viewing pane, right-click
ObjectName, click Modify, type LocalSystem in the Value
data box, and then click OK.
Restart your computer
Use one of the previous methods to remove Windows XP SP2
from your computer.

Hi I'm really hoping someone here can help...
I am running 2 PCs, I with Win XP SP3 and 1 with Win 7 Home Premium.
Also running MSE, Avira Free and Comodo Firewall Pro on both. (I know some people advise against multiple antivirus but I've never had an issue with the two before) and Malwarebytes Antimalaware Free version.

My problem is that for the last week I have been unable to update MSE unless I manually download the full definition file of around 50Meg (and even that has failed to download at least once - it gets almost to the end then a problem occurs). If I try to automatically update I either get a message about it failing to connect, or the update connects, downloads almost to completion, then gives an error.
I have also tried going to update Windows and I get a similar error message. (But I can access the Windows update page)

All other browsing/downloading works fine, Avira updates fine, and Malwarebytes, Avira and MSE find no problems.

I have checked (as suggested elsewhere) that BITS is active, I can't see a block on it in the firewall (tried with Firewall deactivated even, same problem). I have even tried restoring my computer to an earlier date (before the problem occurred) and this too fails to give success - again a MSE update chewed 50-odd megs updating then gave an error (at this rate I will have blown my entire month's bandwidth on attempted MSE updates!)

Yesterday I downloaded Clamwin portable on another PC and ran a scan with that - also no problems found other that a reported Phishing email in my junkmail.

So if anyone can PLEASE help I would really appreciate it.
Incidentally I have downloaded SuperAntispyware onto the XP computer and am running a scan with that at the moment to see IF that picks up anything....

Thanks in advance...

Has anyone experienced & resolved the following problem:

I just purchased a new Compaq Presario R3000 with Windows XP Professional
and a high-speed T1 internet. Every time I go online, Internet Explorer
disconnects after a short time - from 5 to 15 minutes. When this happens I
see a "Can't Find Server" page. When I try going online using my old
computer (with Windows 98) using the same T1 line, the connection works fine.

Just to give you some background.... I purchased a new Dell computer last
month (also with Windows XP) and had exactly the same problem. My ISP
suggested that I had a virus or spyware. So, I thoroughly scanned my
computer using the latest Norton Anti-virus, plus Spybot, Adaware, Spysweeper
etc. No viruses found. Then I spent two weeks of "Dell tech support hell"
troubleshooting with no success. Frustrated, I returned the Dell computer.

Now I have this new Compaq & the same problem. I've thoroughly scanned the
Compaq for viruses, worms, and spyware. My computer is clean. I've also run
the following troubleshooting suggestions: uninstalled & reinstalled
windows, internet explorer & the drivers; restored the computer to an earlier
date; and in Power Management (for my Ethernet modem) unchecked "Allow
computer to turn off device to save power". My modem and cable are both fine.

After having the same problem with 2 computers, I can only conclude that
there is some conflict with Windows XP & the high speed internet connection.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Jake B.

(Win 7 - 64) I recently was hit with the DOJ "computer locked" hack. I followed the u-tube video instructions and restored my PC to an earlier date. This solved the issue, everything is back to normal, except I cannot make changes to the Start Menu props or unlock the Task Bar. I also ran the MalwareBytes program which removed three instances of malware. Also ran a Vipre deep scan.

I have checked the registry section regarding keys which might be locking these items, but found none. Would appreciate any ideas regarding how to approach this issue. Would creating another user account help? I thought about creating another account, signing out and signing in under that account. Would that boot Win 7 back to the default settings for the Start Menu and Task Bar? (so I could change them?)

Thanks for any ideas.

I have Windows 7 Ultimate, 64 bit.

I had a power outage at my house while my computer was on.

After I turned the computer back on, it blue screened a couple of times, but on the 3rd attempt it booted up. However, I noticed that my sound was not working. After trying a few things, checking device manager and reinstalling sound drivers - still no sound, I decided to re-boot once again. This time, it said it was installing some Windows updates. OK. When it re-started, it said it was "Initializing Desktop". Uh-Oh.

When it came up, it was the basic generic desktop with the Windows logo and minimal icons instead of my usual desktop.

I then tried to do a system restore to an earlier date, but got an error message saying that it was unable to complete and no files were changed.

I tried to do another re-boot, but this time, it almost got to the desktop, (meaning I knew it was about to get there based on amount of time of booting), when it re-booted by itself. Now it is in an endless boot loop.

I was able to stop the process with the F8 key at startup and tried to get into Safe Mode. It did the same thing, as it was loading the files, it rebooted in a loop.

Lastly, I was able to get into the Repair Mode (from the F8 menu) and again tried System Restore. I tried several different restore points, but none were able to restore giving me the same error as before that it could not complete and no files were changed.

Now I am not sure what to do. Any help would be appreciated.


I have windows vista on a dv9000 17" laptop, and my computer starts up normally, gets to the login screen, and then when I type my password and hit enter, it comes up with this message:

"Windows Security:
The system could not access the VeriSoft server.

If the problem persists, please contact your system administrator."

The computer still loads in safe mode, and I've looked up this VeriSoft fingerprint security thingy, but I can't figure out how to fix it. So far, I've tried to remove Verisoft program, turn the program off, and restore computer to an earlier date, all in vain. Anyone had a similar problem or any suggestion of who or how I can get this solved?

Hello Everyone,

MSI laptop - Windows 7 32 bit very recent fresh install (1 month). 320 GB Hard drive partitioned in two= C" & D" for data. The other night, I started my laptop and the first thing that appeared after boot-up was the windows utility. The message said: " Drive C has to be checked for contingency". Then it started checking the partition..... found corrupt index tables & files and deleted them and proceeded to remove every permission from the administrator group in that partition. This process lasted for about 55 minutes and the computer shut down. I re-started the computer and to my surprise, no password window, no desktop picture (black) but the program icons are there. Suspecting it could be a Windows issue, I shut the PC down and proceeded to repair Windows using the OS DVD. After following the prompts, I decided to restore to an earlier date; picked the latest date & went through the entire process only to get an error at the end of it basically saying it could not be done. Tried 2 more available dates but still the same error code before the end. Now I cannot access drive C: at all nor can I run any programs in that partition. Since the OS is installed in it, windows is giving me a message that my OS is not legitimate and the licence can't be validated probably because it can't access that data. Fortunately, mostly all my personal data is on partition D: and is still there. If anyone has an idea on how to fix this issue, please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks !

I apoligize in advance as I am new to this forum if this is not the correct location to post my issue. I am currently working on my fathers desktop which is a Dell XPS 400. He had a recent power surge which killed his power supply. We ordered a new power supply installed it and now once we boot the computer it starts to load the windows logo and then reboots itself. Then it loads up to window error recovery and gives me the 3 safe mode options, last good known configuration and start windows normally neither of them work.I also tried repairing off of a windows 7 disk and restore to an earlier date but these did not work as well. I tried doing all the safe mode options and safe mode seems to stall for a few seconds on windows/system32/drivers/classpnp.sys and then it reboots back to windows error recovery. I have tried last good known config also. I disconnected all usb devices and any other internal or external hard drives connect. I also checked bios setting and nothing seems to be incorrect. When I put the windows 7 disk in it show I have a previous install of windows 7 but it shows it on the d:/ drive and the c:/ drive is the system reserve. I have a tool called EasyRE which has gparted and a few other things in it when I go to partition editor and it shows:
/dev/sda1 is fat 32 Dell Utility
/dev/sda2 is ntfs is the system reserve
/dev/sda3 is ntfs and I believe thats where the windows 7 install is located
When I right click on sda3 it shows that partition to be unmounted. Is there any way to fix this I would like to try and fix the startup this way I dont have to do a fresh install. I know I can also try and install a second OS on the same drive and just have the good install of windows and the old changed to windows.old and transfer data that way. But I would lie to try and do this without having to reinstall all my programs as well. Any suggestion would be helpful, I have searched everywhere on the internet for 2 days and haven't found to much to be the exact problem I am having. I did see a few post about going into command prompt and repairing mbr and fix mbr not sure if those will help or do more harm. I appreciate any ideas that may come my way.

Tried finding another post with this question but couldn't find one..

One poster said she installed SP2 and had problems and wasn't able
to use Add/Remove to uninstall it..

My question.... After installing SP2 and unwanted problems develop,
can you use RESTORE to reconfigure your computer to an earlier date?

I received my SP2 CD from MS but after reading several posts about
problems people are having, I'd like an out if problems do occur... If
I can't use Restore (if needed) I think I'll pass for a while until more
information is available..

Help!!!! My Compaq laptop computer has been invaded by trojan horse "Downloader generic7.kld". AVG 7.5 was able to find it and delete it, but not before, I believe, it made some changes to my op system. My desktop keeps changing to one with an annoying message about spyware infestation. Also, Windows explorer keeps popping up and sending me to porno sites and other undesired sites. AVG originally found changes in two sys operating files. shell32.dll and host. I have been unable to reverse these changes. I tried to restore the system to an earlier date, but it does not allow the restore program to complete. Now after a second scan AVG tells me that a change has also taken place in partition table (MBR), whatever MBR means. I do not want to start from scratch if I can avoid. Is there any way I can resolve these issues without radical surgery.


My mom's computer, an 8-yr-old Compaq Presario, quit being able to connect to the internet about a week ago. I connected her modem to my laptop and had no luck, so I contacted ATT. They had me download and install a modem update and I was able to connect with my laptop and her modem. I reconnected her modem to her computer and it still would not connect. Checking some stuff on her computer shows the following: The ipconfig command shows IP address as; DHCP is not started and cannot restart, error 1075; Communication Port (Port 1) has yellow exclamation point. According to a Microsoft Support article I have verified Network card is installed correctly and DHCP registry entry is correct. I have also reset the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) with the netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt command. I have also deleted the winsock registry entries and reinstalled them in the case that the winsock entries were corrupt. Finally, I did a System Restore to an earlier date, which seemed to work at first, till Microsoft Essentials detected
Trojan:Win32/Sirefef.G. I clicked to quarantine it, then it said it needed to reboot computer to finish. After the reboot I was right back where I started. I did a second System Restore from an even earlier date with the same result. A check on MSE site showed this trojan was only published Feb. 15, 2011. What do you think? Try running System Restore from Safe Mode? Run MSE from a disk? Any ideas? Thanks so much!

Last week my video card crashed. Few days later, I got a new one installed which is working fine.

However, some strange and troublesome things happened in that process which I discovered afterwords:

1 - all my Outlook email accounts have lost their passwords
2 - my 2 Excel documents with personal data which were password protected could NOT be opened. (I could open all the other files) When I typed in the password in the password window, I got a message: "the file cannot be opened as it is corrupt".
3 - before I took my PC to a shop for repair, I backed it up on my external hard drive. so I plugged in my hard drive and opened those files from it. Again, I got a message - "the file cannot be opened as it is corrupt".
4. I plugged in my external hard drive to my laptop, and opened those 2 files there. Saved them without passwords back onto the drive.
5. when I plugged the drive back to my PC, I got a message - "to use this hard drive it needs to be formated". No way Jose - that would wipe out all my backups!! what the...?
6. I used a thumb drive to transfer those 2 important files from my laptop to PC - that went ok (phew...)
7. I encrypted the file with a different password. Close it and tried to open it. Again, I got a message: "this file cannot be open as it is corrupt". What the....?????

It's not the file, but something happened with my PC that prevents it to recognise encryption, and so it deems an encrypted file as "corrupt".

As I need to have some files password protected, I need to get this functionality back.

In the extensive troubleshooting, I did all sorts of things like downloading a few "fixing" and "diagnostic" programs from the web, one of which had a Babylon toolbar installation which stuffed up my browser. I could not get rid of it so did system restore to an earlier date.

I ran a virus scan, including Norton Power Eraser, and a malware scan.

I'm not a computer gig, but something tells me that the corruption happened in the registry.

could someone help me please?

I have Windows 7 Home Premium, MS Office 2007


Basically I woke up this morning to my computer sitting at a black screen with the cursor visible
I'm able to move the cursor but do nothing else
I rebooted my computer my manually shutting it off and then it started up as it would normally but did this disc check:

from there it moves back to the black screen with the cursor

I again restarted and booted in safe mode this time
I was then able to reach windows and tried to do a system restore to an earlier point
When i did this i was greeted with this error

Finally here is my harddrive just in case

I exported my full system info so please let me know if more info is necessary

OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Professional
Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601
Other OS Description Not Available
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Name *****
System Manufacturer INTEL_
System Model DH67BL__
System Type x64-based PC
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500 CPU @ 3.30GHz, 3292 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
BIOS Version/Date Intel Corp. BLH6710H.86A.0076.2010.1115.1959, 15/11/2010
SMBIOS Version 2.6
Windows Directory C:Windows
System Directory C:Windowssystem32
Boot Device DeviceHarddiskVolume1

I downloaded/ran the latest edition of Firefox.
My computer appeared to crash: startup repair failed twice, would not start in Safe Mode, F9 Diagnostics all passed, F11 System Recovery failed.
Finally I used System Restore to return to an earlier date. The Firefox program was deleted.

It appears that Firefox caused this crash. I have downloaded the Firefox program again but have not installed it.

Any ideas on what happened here?

Hi everyone

I am having a major problem with my laptop (Dell inspiron 1520). The laptop starts up, whe the dell logo disappears I get some very quick beeps (there must be about 8 beeps in total). I then get a boot manager screen which shows windows 7 at the top, and windows memory diagnostic in the tools section at the bottom. When I press enter it goes to the password screen and then after entering the password it seems to boot up as normal. I can probably get 2 - 3 minutes use out of my laptop before everything freezes. From this point I cannot do anything and have to tur the computer off by the switch. This is all it does in a constant loop. I have tried everything I can think of but still the same issue.

A couple of weeks ago my daughter spilt a little water on the keyboard. I mopped it up but next time I booted it up again the beeping noises started on start up. I removed the memory stick from under the keybpard and noticed there was signs of water damage. I removed the memory stick and the beeps on start up continued every time I booted the laptop up. But everything worked. Last Friday I was browsing the internet and that is when everything froze.

I have tried to restore to an earlier date but it won't let me complete the restore. I have run the various disk repairs that are offered when pressing F8 at the dell logo screen but to no avail (it doesn't seem to find any issues). I really just want to get my files/photos off and then try and reinstall windows but as explained my computer won't stay on long enough for me to be able to do anything.

The computer will stay on in safe mode, however, it will not load in safe mode with networking. Could it be something to do with wifi? Reason I say this is I have been reading various threads and this has been suggested as a possible issue for one person's similar problem.

I'm sorry if I haven't provided all the information that might be needed, if anyone can help I would be most grateful. If any more info is needed then please let me know. Thanks in advance.


I know this may seem a long essay...but please...have

I recently was forced to uninstall SP2 because of the
following two errors: a ntfs.sys corruption and an
ntoskrnl.exe suspected conflict. I replaced the ntfs.sys
file and the ntoskrnl.exe file by expanding the needed
files from the file in the 'c:WindowsDriver
Cache' directory, however my computer continually
rebooted mid-way through the boot-screen process.

(Also to add, I am aware of a specific driver conflict
with AMD 64-bit machines, however I have an Athlon 3000+
machine, so that problem is out of the question)

Safe-Mode also ceased to well as the 'use last
known good configuration' option. So uninstalling SP2 was
my last hope. After following the instructions given by
an MS Technical Suppport Engineer, I was able to boot
into safe mode after deactivating all SP2 files. From
there on, I was able to uninstall SP2 completely.

Once finalised, my computer restarted. And hooray! I was
granted access into Windows. However, the unexpected
appeared. After logging into my Admin account, and
loading the PC restarted. Yet another issue.
Continualy it occured. Then, after attempting to boot
into safe mode for this second scenario, safe-mode would
not boot, restarting mid-way through loading again! This
unbelievable happening didn't set me off, not yet. I
booted into windows, logged into my Admin account, then
quickly 'ctrl + alt + del' and ended the
process: 'explorer.exe', therefore ceasing my PC to load
anything, and allowing me to use 'Run'. In Run, i opened
the Microsoft System Restore program (%SystemRoot%
System32restorerstrui.exe) allowing me to restore to
an earlier point. This rolled back my drivers before the
date of the SP2 Installation. However, after successfully
restarting and booting into windows, an attempt to boot
into safe-mode failed. It continually reboots mid-way
through loading, as it did primarily. Also, bundled with
this is another problem...somehow System Restore turned
itself off, and after turning it on...I noticed that all
my System Restore Points have been erased! They cease to
exist! Therefore...restoring to an earlier time may not
be an advisable option.

(P.S: After a long and anticipated 2 year wait...I feel
as though i've become an 'extended' beta tester for SP2)

So after reading my essay...any thoughts on how to fix
this issue? I managed to type this essay while waiting
for an SP2 Online Chat Support Engineer to reply back a
solution...It seems as though nobody knows what to do!

In agony and pleading before you,

Alvin Chan.

After a crash, and a "professional" wipe and reload, I got back to work on my XP-SP3
and discovered several programs had been given to me: Mainly Office.
Since this computer is like a drawing board rather than an office, I uninstalled Office.
I don't know if that triggered it, but after doing that and reinstalling many many files that
I had before (most graphics and 3D stuff), I suddenly have a very large white rectangle
taking up about 3/4ths of the screen.
I have tried going to properties and changing the change
Itried not having any image on the change
I tried restoring to an earlier date, but the only date available to me was change
The big blob doesn't interfere with placing icons, or any other activity, but it's annoying as *******.
Any ideas on how to get rid of it - I'm a newbie with the registry, but I'm at wit's end (a short jounery, sorry to say)
thanks for past help, and I'll be looking for some help soon.
OH, yeah, it's a ViewSonic monitor, 19", and was working perfectly before the white square showed up.

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