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(if this is already on the forum - I couldn't find it - please point me to it? thanks!)

I have a Dell laptop with OEM of Vista. Upgrading to Win7 SP1. Once it's done, is there a way/instructions for slipstreaming the final installation so if I have to reinstall I won't have to go thru the whole process of reinstalling Vista from the recovery partition, and THEN upgrading again?

I've seen posts for creating regular slipstreams if you have the full installation disc, but since my only DISC copy is the Win7 UPgrade, how will that work?

Thanks for any help, any redirections to existing information


Hi guys!
I'm hoping you might be able to help me!
I have just bought a new pc. No hard drive. im going to be using a hard drive out of my mac mini that has vista on the boot camp. Im going to take the hard drive out wipe it put it in the new computer and then reinstall vista with the hope of upgrading to windows 8 for their 25 offer. prob is offer finishes tonight and I'm trying to find out if i can buy the license at 25 just now and get the license key and then next week when my computer arrives and i've transferred the hard drive can i download windows 8 trail from microsoft and then activate it with my key or does it need to be the version that that finishes tonight?

thanks in advance!

I am trying to reinstall Vista Home Upgrade and when it gets to the final stage it dumps and reverts back to Xp. I have turned off the Internet security and such and it still ends the same. D0o I need to Uninstall the virus and Internet protection or what ? The only thing on the Compatibility Issue is Windows Messenger. Thank You

i read on microsofts website that you can buy an upgrade version of w7 for 50$ i was wondering if you can upgrade from the rc cd or if you have to reinstall vista or xp then upgrade to the new w7??

I'm having a problem installing win7 on an emachines t3604. I have everything backed up so I'm doing a clean install of a 32bit version. I ran the upgrade advisor and it says im ready to go. I booted from the disk and went through the whole process perfectly fine until the last restart when it's supposed to start in win7. Instead, I get a window that says "system restore" and it won't boot windows 7. I reinstalled Vista and downloaded all the updates, then I tried doing an upgrade install.. same problem. I've used this disk to install win7 on like 6 other computers with no problem, including an older one that was runing XP. Could the disk have reached it's install limit or something? ..I don't know I've been at this all day and it's driving me crazy.

I downloaded the Windows 7 RTM from MSDN, and after upgrading from vista, something comes up, like keyboard language,I press English, then a list of things come up like device manager, system restore, and all of that. Then i go to device repair, and says i plugged in a device, and there is an error code. I had to reinstall vista again. I couldn't go back to the log in page.

So I'm trying to upgrade to Windows 7 64-bit. I boot it up, do the clean install, works like a charm for a while, restarts a couple times. And then it just goes blank when the username screen should load up. I've tried repairing the OS, reinstalling Vista and then reinstalling 7 again. I dunno what else to try at this point. I've tried it a couple times now and always does it. I don't understand what's going on so any help would be greatly appriciated.

Edit: Don't have specific specs with me atm but I've checked and it's 64 bit compatable.

I have prebought the Win 7 "Upgrade" for 50 bucks that is due out in October.
I have 2 pcs, one XP Pro and one laptop has been reformatted and clean install of win 7 RC.
(love the win 7 btw)
My questions:
#1; will I receive a digital download? Or a disc in the mail? I ordered it thru Amazon and it says it will "ship", so I assume it's to be mailed October 22nd.
#2: The laptop originally came from Dell with Vista () but I did a clean wipe and install with Win 7. Will I need to reinstall Vista and THEN upgrade it over the Vista?
#3: Is this upgrade only for one pc? I mean, can I install it on my XP desktop? And, if so, can I upgrade over the existing xp pro?

I realize it hasn't been released yet and some of the ?? may not be answerable, but I thought here would be a good place to start.
Thanks for your help,

Hello, my windows 7 became corrupted, so reinstalled from upgrade disk. Had windows Vista on my Toshiba Satellite A505-S6960. when new, the computer came with a upgrade that was sent to me. I reinstalled windows 7 because of problems with my external WIFI adapter was not installing after a windows up date. I did not see a option for the 64bit. operating system on the auto run disk for windows 7 upgrade. I want to know how I can get the 64bit version back on my computer at this point.

I just upgraded from Vista 64 Ultimate to Win7 Ultimate. Just want to give you all a head's up regarding my experience. I had two failed upgrade attempts (got to the end and then Win7 setup would revert back to reinstall Vista).

The problem was that I needed to update my Intel Chipset drivers and my Intel Storage Matrix Manager. Once this was done, my upgrade was flawless. I was impressed since I have a dual boot system with Vista on Raid 0 and XP on single Raptor drive. Win7 setup handled installing to the Raid just fine (once I had upgraded the Storage Matrix Manager).

That said, it is disappointing that NEITHER the "Upgrade Advisor" or the "Compatibility Checker" prompted me to update the Intel drivers.

Just as I was going to throw in the towel on the upgrade, I Googled up a driver checker site and it was how I discovered the need to update those two items. Pretty sad that the Microsoft checkers only told me I needed to update itunes .

There is apparantly a blog from Microsoft indicating that upgrading from the Beta version of Windows 7 is going to be problemattic, including the need to reinstall Vista as one of two tortuous possible upgrade paths !!!
Has anyone any definitive information on this? If it is true you just wonder what the heck it is about Microsoft that they just can't avoid taking something that is working well, and well liked and making some aspect of it really 's.....y'.
Do they have a, " can we piss the customers off?" department there, or what?

A while ago i acquired a copy of windows Vista Ultimate (64 bit) and went to install it.
Every time i went to do this, my computer would either shut down, or the display would just go black.

The copy of Vista was from a mate and so it definitely worked, but for some reason it just wouldnt install. For the first time it happened, i presumed it was just part of the installation, but after waiting for 20 minutes and nothing happened, i restarted my PC. The second time my computer would get a little further in the installation before dying again. This happened four of five times before i gave up and reinstalled XP.

A while later, i got my hands on a 32bit Vista Ultimate, and the same thing happened. I did manage to finish the installation though. But when i was setting everything up, it died yet again.

Now i am looking at buying my own copy of Vista, but because of my past experiences, i wanted to make sure everything was ok, so i downloaded Microsoft's Windows Vista upgrade advisor.

Once the scan completed, it told me almost everything was ok, other than a few incompatible programs (such as activesync and symantec anti virus)....Then i read on and it said my Video card wouldnt support Windows Vista.

My system is:
Mobo: p35-ds3r
Video Card: 8800GTS 512mb Galaxy
CPU: q6600 2.44ghz
RAM: 2gb 800mhz DDR2 Corsair
HDD: 1x 250gb 16mb

Any help or advice would be great. I dont have another card i can put in to test it though.

I have read on other forums that people have had problems with their 8800GTS and vista, but nothing to tell me how to fix it.

ok i have an asus p4p800s-x motherboard. i updated the bios bought 2 1gb sticks of ram. my cpu is a p4 2.8ghz dual core processor with hyper threading got a new video card an ati saphire x1650 pro agp 512mb video card cause i thought upgrading my pc from 512mb of ram and a 128mb ati radeon 9200 would stop these blue screen erros from popping up so i downgraded from vista to xp with my drive formatted and xp seemed to run with no problem so i re upgrade to vista and got a memory_management blue screen error during installation. which now it seems to install fine right now. it just bugggs me i do all this upgrading and still get blue screen errors on vista before downgradeing to xp. so im hoping formatting my drive and reinstalling vista will work. if not i dont know what is causing the blue screen when my pc is full of new hardware. aside from the cpu which i had in there for a awhile now.

i jus got a less than equal blue screen and theres this wiritng somekind of boot ini before windows starts its real quick but it has somethin to do with the boot ini i guess.
im starting to think my pc dont like 2gb of ram its the max it can take but when i take one out it works better. anyone know why that would be?

Hi, I have recently been using Vista (RC2 Build 5744) pretty often on my main PC, it has actually been very good and hasn't given me any problems until recently. I just upgraded my computer (motherboard, RAM, video card and processor) and now Vista won't boot. It gives me a Blue Screen and tells me to try scanning for viruses and remove any newly installed hard drives. Also, it has the Stop Error: 0x0000007B. I did do a few googles of this and nothing came up to help me out. I have attempted to run the Vista Repair option on the install CD and have had no luck. Is there any way I can simply reinstall Vista without losing any of my data? Or am I going to have to do a complete format and fresh install of the OS? Thanks for you time.

I have a vista computer and wish to install Window home 7 premium but to a new and larger hard disk. How can I do this? Must I reinstall Vista on the new hard disk then upgrade to Windows 7?

I have an HP desktop with Vista and an 18 month old HP Notebook (Vista ready) with XP SP2 . HP provided me with a Vista upgrade when it became available last year. After reading many tales of woe on this and other forums I have been in no hurry to ugrade to Vista. My desktop Vista has been relatively trouble-free but I have yet to install SP1. However, it's time to wipe the notebook and reinstall Windows. With MS support for XP ending next April (?) I'm considering going directly to Vista. Any suggestions?
I have a checklist of apps and drivers that may need upgrading, and backups of my data.

Hi everyone,
In a week or so I'm going to help a relative reinstalling Vista (Home Premium) on his laptop.

The reason is: the laptop has two partitions (and maybe still a small recovery partition for the old OS (WinXP), see background), and he would like one partition only. He says he has tried to reinstall to change this, but the partitions remains.

Background: it is an upgraded Acer 4005 and it came with Windows XP preinstalled and the HDD was divided in two partitions, apart from a small recovery/"service" partition which was used, somehow, to burn a recovery CD when he started to use WinXP. After some month he used a Vista Home Premium upgrade DVD to upgrade the laptop.

After initial setup problems; old file system being FAT32 (probably due to the method Acer uses for recovery partitions etc.), disabling/uninstalling AV software installed under WinXP; the laptop has, as it seems, been running fine.

When he initially installed Vista he didn't take the opportunity to re-partition. It is an upgrade DVD and he took the "normal" route. So Vista replaced XP on partition labeled C, and the partitions remained. Under XP they were:

120 GB HDD
([PQSERVICE] some kind of recovery partition ~5 GB)
C: ~53 GB
D: [Acerdata] ~53 GB

My question(s): I have not installed Vista myself, though I think I have a quite good understanding of XP setup, and I have no doubt that Vista setup can do the same as XP. An initial quick search tells me that during setup on the "Where do you want to install Windows?" page there is an option "Drive options (advanced)". The typical use is for those who want to add more partitions during a clean install, but since his laptop was partitioned from Acer, skipping this (add/remove step) installed Vista on the first partition every time he tried. Correct?

When I talked to him today he said he has two partitions and wants one. Using third party tools isn't an option this time. I guess he still has the small PQSERVICE partition; in XP it was only visible under Disk Management, so I guess he has forgotten that.

Can you see any problems removing all (three) partitions and make one single of the HDD? The only method would be to use the "Clean Install with upgrade media" method (mentioned by Thurrott et al). I don't know if installing (downgrading) XP would work in the future with only the burned recovery CD and no service partition, on the other hand that is not an option.

Of course he has to take care of data backups before, and maybe burn some drivers. Apparently he has problem with Bluetooth/mouse, guess I'll have to look at that also.

Any comments appreciated!

Now where was I, back to reading and writing.

I have a laptop running windows XP. I would like to upgrade to Windows 7 without having to reinstall all of my programs. I am wondering if it is possible to upgrade from XP to Vista and then to Windows 7. I have a Vista upgrade disk which I never used and thought maybe I could do the upgrade in steps thereby eliminating having to reinstall all my programs (I said that twice did not?).

Over the past two months my HP computer will suddenly crash. No specific program involved. Have gone through many programs and utilities to find the cause with no success. The crashes do not appear to be due to hardware failures. The most I ever get back using the windows repair disc is informing me that automatic repairs are not possible due to unspecified changes to system configuration. My pc is updated to the latest updates from Microsoft and all drivers are up to date. I may have to reinstall windows from my original purchased Windows 7 DVD Home Premium-Upgrade Version 64 bit. I upgraded from Vista. What I would like to know is the following:
1. Did Microsoft put a limit on how many times one can reinstall from the original OS DVD on the same computer?
2. Since I upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 will it let me do a clean install again without having to reinstall Vista first from the original recovery discs I created when the Computer was new?
3. Will the Product Key transfer over automatically or do I need to go through authentication like the first time?
I am somewhat confused on this and would like to get your opinions on how to do this.

This problem bugged me for months. After the upgrade, only some of my gadgets appeared on the screen. If I tried to reinstall or upgrade the ones that did appear, they vanished too. Thanks to Flattery on the microsoft forums for the fix:

You need to delete your settings in your users app section.
For example if your user name is "Jon" then go to
Then delete the folder called "Windows Sidebar"
This will delete your users gadget settings so when you go to use a gadget it will reset the folder and settings.

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