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I happen to be one of those guys who had problems running games in windows 7. I also happen to have found out that windows 7 really requires you to install everything in a specific order for games to run properly.

So if you are one of those guys who has problems running games, and you have tried everything to get it running, Maybe this guide will help you. see the attachment for the guide.

Hello everybody,

i have a problem with gaming on Windows 7.
when i launch a game everything is fine i start the game and play it but from the beginning the whole gamplay is red there are red dots everywhere.
i'v played a lot of games and almost every game had this problem some Games: Bulletstorm, Crysis 2, Splitsecond Velocity.
so my question; does somebody know what i have to do to avoid this or stop this because i can't really play a game like this.
Thank you,


Okay so I have tried playing a large number of the games that I played on vista before I upgraded to Windows 7 professional 64 bit. All the games install fine with no problems but when I actually start them they all start then stop, start and stop over and over again. I can ctrl+alt+delete my way to any of the main menus and get into an actual game play screen and it continues doing the same thing over and over and over again its starting to upset me a bit. The games I have tried are L4D, Supcom, UT3, and Roller Tycoon 3 (the list is longer than this but these are the 4 ones I have tried fixing myself). I have tried running them all in compatibility mode for Windows Vista where they all worked fine and I get the same issues every time. I'm currently running a core2duo E7300 at 2.66 ghz 4gigs of 1066 mhz of ram a 500gig hd with a 1000 watt thermaltake psu and a 6800gtx taking the place of a 9800gt while im waiting for an rma all on a gigabyte ep45-ud3p mobo. I don't know what could be causing this atm its boggling my mind. Any help?

Hello. I have problem with the game on windows 7. I install the game everythink is good. Then i trying to star the game on directx 9 or directx 10 I get error. Then i trying to star game on 9 directx get error this E_INVALIDARG : XLiveInitialize then i trying to star in directx 10 I get error this ERR03 : Failf to initialize Directx 10. Why ? whats is the problem ? I have windows 7 32bit. I install new directx, new video drivers, update Xlive, and i can't play resident evil 5. Can anybody help ? Big thanks.

hello Dear Community

i've got a problem with running one of the most epic games of all times: SW KotOR
here i upload some screens:
1. this is what happens when i use "Scan Hardware" option in SW KotOR config:

2. this window appears when i choose "Details":

so i've downloaded and installed the newest drivers (i think it was 196.14), it didn't help me.
3. and this is the report:

i don't know what are this "detonator drivers" all about etc

so i tried a few things to solve my problem - nothing helped; patching, trying older drivers, running in compatibility mode etc
do you guys have any idea what else could i do to be able to play this game on win 7?
i appreciate any help

i almost forgot: my PC config (well, it's on the screen above, too):
Win7 RC1 build 7100
AMD Athlon x2 3000 MHz
GeForce 9600GT(GE) 1024 MB
2048 MB (i have additional 2048 but temporary in service)
the newest graphic drivers

i think that'd be all
i can also add dxdiag if needed

Please help me. When i launch a game, any game, without a disc (using deamon) the screen blacks out, and after a moment all the icons on the screen are oversized. I dont know if thats windows 7 doesnt support such files, but from what i have read, many people have problems with games on windows 7.
Please help
Caroline x

as the title states i cant run any games on win 7 without it crashing

ive just installed windows 7 cause i couldent get used to xp after running windows 7.
everything runs smooth except for games.
i currently only have cod 4 installed and it runs for about 5 seconds before freezing the entire pc (its no only this game even the chess game that comes with win 7 has the problem)
ive tried running it in vista and xp modes no luck.
ive tried running it in administrator mode no luck
ive checked all my drivers using Driver Genius Professional Edition all the drivers seem updated to the latest version
checked the event viewer and it has a critical error in there stating eventid 41 task 63











need help getting this to run plz

im running a Intel E6600 core duo
MSI P965 Platinum motherboard
ATI 3650 vga card with ati catalyst 9-9 drivers
and windows 7 7600build

I don't play many games on my computer, but occassionally I enjoy (or used to) playing Bejeweled or specifically Jewel Quest. I purchased the latest Jewel Quest game from Best Buy and it said it was compatible with Windows 7, and in fact in installed fine. When I attempted to play the game I got a gray screen, then a white screen then a screen that resembled a flat with red, white and green strips -- and these three screens just kept alternating. I couldn't stop them; I couldn't Cnt/Alt/Del out of it and I coluldn't get to the start menu to shut down. I turned the computer off manually. Upon restarting, the computer would not go past the "Windows" screen. I did this a number of times, but was never able to get it to reboot normally. I ended up having to boot in Safe Mode, uninstall the game that I had installed and do a recovery reboot to an earlier date (yesterday) in order for my computer to come back up normally. I had this very same problem when I tried resetting the screen resolution manually to play another game that I had installed. I ended up abandoning the idea. I am guessing that the problem that I am having has to do with the 64bit OS as opposed to a 32bit - but if the game says it is compatible with Windows 7 would it not automatically be able to run on a 64 bit OS.??? Any help would be appreciated. I am not so much concerned with the game as I am with other software that I may want to install in my computer. Any suggestions what might be going on or if there is a patch or a Windows update that I need to install to fix this problem?


Having looked at the many threads covered on the Blue Screen crash, neither of them had worked for me so i decided to post an image of the blue screen file you'll find it in the following URL:

I took photo of it and edited in photoshop so it looks clearer, and here are my specs of my computer, I have updated all my driver software, tried to fix in safe mode, core temperature was good, no problems with my motherboard, it's a little new aswell, and also i have 4 antivirus software packages 2 which are always on and the other 2 which i use just for scans.


Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GS
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7600)
System Model: MS-7345
BIOS: Default System BIOS
Processor: Intel Pentium Dual CPU E2140 @ 1.60GHz (2 CPUs), ~3.0GHz
Memory: 2048MB RAM
Page file: 1275MB used, 2819MB available
DirectX Version: DirectX 11

This only happens when I play on games, and that makes me think it too has something to do with the drivers but i've updated them.
Something tells me it's something to do with my computer overheating, it has been quite hot these few weeks but i have been getting these BSOD's ever since i have upgraded to Windows 7 from Windows XP which was over 3 months ago.

Good day guys, girls and gamers. I had a problem with lagging in Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. The one day I was so desperate that I activated my Memory Diagnostic Tool at the startup menu. I just wanted to see if this will have an effect on the problem.

Well I am astounded, my lagging has gone totally but in XP it is still present. Why is it still present in XP and not 7? I have downgraded my Nvidia drivers, no joy. FSX also seems to be faster when it loads. GRID is now lag free.

I am not saying that this might work for you, but it never hurts to try.

Good luck.

I have a problem with launching my online games, when i try to start them i get a black screen for 1 sec and then it dissapear like i didnt launch anything,plz some 1 help me fix this problem. My pc info: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Hewlett-Packard G5322sc Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E6700 @ 3.20GHz (2 CPUs), ~3.2GHz
4096MB RAM (im really thankfull if some 1 help me,sorry for my english is bad)

Hello Guys & Girls,

I've registered here because two of my all-time-favorite-games seem to have a problem with the Windows 7.

When i start playing Gothic I the game crashes and before the game crashes the screen flickers.The game crashes when i start a new game.

People have tried if Gothic II is working on Windows 7 but Gothic II isnt working on Windows 7 too.
Im not the only one who is having this problem, everybody that has Windows 7 has this problem.

I hope some of you can help me with this problem.

My Windows 7 is 32 bit.

I am gratefull for every advice that you can give me

Thanks a lot,


I need help, I recently upgraded to windows 7 ultimate x86 from Vista x86 version, everything worked fine, I installed the lastest drivers to my Nvdia 8500GT from the nvdia driver download page, everything ran fast and smooth until I tried some games, I tried counterstrike cs, I tried Crysis, I tried gtaIV, they worked but omg it laged so much I couldn't play any of them. this is both offline games and online games.

They worked fine in Vista, no problems what so ever, I don't want to go back to Vista cuz I love windows 7 but I don't understand why I cant play any games First I tried the x64 edition No it didn' work, tried the x86 edition, no it didn't work either.

I have a intel core 2duo 2.66ghz
3gb ram
Nvdia 8500gt 512 mb

Windows 7 isn't slow it's WAY faster then vista, startup, response time but it's just the games that SUCKS! microsoft has ****ed something up ( sorry for my bad language but I know other ppl are having the same problems)

Ok so heres the overall breakdown of the problem.

Computer 1 Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit
Main desktop, games, music, TV shows.
Core 2 Duo E7500 2.93 GHz
4GB DDR2 800 Ram
GeForce 8800 GTS
320GB HD Main Drive
320GB HD Games
500GB HD Music
1TB HD TV Shows

Computer 2 Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit
Dell Inspiron E1505 Laptop
Intel Centrino Duo 2.0 GHz
1GB DDR2 266 Ram
ATI Radeon Mobility X1300
100GB HD

Computer 3 Windows XP Media Center 2005 32 Bit
Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.40 GHz
2GB DDR2 800 Ram
ATI Radeon HD2650 XT

I recently swapped out motherboard, ram and CPU on computer 1 from an old config to the current setup previously stated.
The tv shows drive hasnt changed from the old setup but now whenever I try to stream an episode of a TV show from this computer to ANY other computer, after a few seconds there is lag, it goes away and then comes back after anywhere from 30 secs to 1.5 mins. It happens whenever I try it on any other computer, Laptop, HTPC, other computers in the house etc. The desktop itself can play the videos fine with no problem whatsoever. They can even stream movies from the HTPC without any lag/problem whatsoever. This problem didnt exist whenever all PCs had windows XP installed (Laptop had media center, desktop had XP Pro and HTPC had/still has Media Center). I havent installed 7 yet on the HTPC for fear of the ffact that the problem may follow me there as well. I consider myself very savvy and able to fix almost all problems but I'm not sure what to do in this situation. I havent set up a homegroup yet because for some reason the functionality seems broken on the laptop, so I just made standard shares across my network. Any ideas/thoughts/inputs?? All hardware drivers have been updated to 7 verified 32/64 bit versions so I dont think that could be the problem.

I use windows 7 RC by double-booting with XP, whilst Windows 7 is installed on .VHD and booted with windows 7 boot manager.

I recently installed Primiere CS4 and it works well on XP but on Windows 7 it laggs.
I have 2gigs of ram which is the minimum requirement for both Windows 7 and Primiere.

I was wondering if the lag in Windows 7 is because of Windows 7 itself or because of the nature of boot from .VHD.

I want to know that because I plan to get rid of XP and install a normal Windows 7 installation without .VHD when it releases, and I want to be sure that Primiere will work for me.

So, anyone has a clue? (bear in mind that I watch videos and run games normaly in the current Windows 7, it's only primiere that has been doing problems)

Thanks in advance,

I've a Asus M4N72-E Motherboard, a AMD Phenom II x4 64Bits, Windows 7 64Bits installed.. WaterCooling system with .02 Liquid Nitrogen Solution from Thermaltake with it,

Processor is New
Memory is New
Motherboard is new
Hard Drives are new 2 VelociRaptors 200 GB.
4 GB Ram OZ Series with heat Sink.
2x Nvidia 280 EVGA Black Pearl (New)
Power Supply is new OZ Xtreme 800W with dual line for Video Cards.

The System Board is running at 37 Degrees
The Video Cards are running at 32 Degrees
Processor is running a 41 Degrees

Motherboard has the 750a chipset,
The system Bios is 802 (latest from 4/9/2009)

The system is running perfectly on Vista and no problems at all .

I decided last night to install Windows 7 . Installed all drivers, and installed everything, I had to install from the Nvidia Page the Nforce Drivers due some non detected nvidia parts..

the system maximun temperature is an averange of 47 degree . When playing game.
The maximun for the motherboard to automatically shutdown is 71 Degrees.. that is the processor max temperature.

told that the system is not overheating.

Memory are tested on other system, on vista and work perfectly no problem (similar system with vista) Same system with the difference of only 1 hard drive instead of 2.

After certain point while playing game the system suddenly shutdowns... like i took out the power supply. I am thinking on going back to vista, since the problem is pretty anoying. And some times, i have to restart the computer 3/4 times in order to get it back to work. Some times when loading. The system automatically shutdowns

Mostly happens when I am playing games that has to use Direct3D (Wow, SWG, Age of Connan)

I am assuming is a proglem with the operating system.. since the same machine ran Vista W/O any kind of problem for an entire week.

Any Sugestions?

Lenovo Y460P running windows 7 home premium, 750gb hdd.
Ok, so I just bought one of the 120gb Intel 330 series SSD's. I also bought a notebook HDD caddy so I could replace my dvd drive with this ssd. I was successful in replacing the dvd drive with the ssd, and was able to install games and play from it.

Then I decided to format the ssd and install a fresh copy of windows 7 Pro on it. This also was done successfully. So I have two copies on windows 7 on my laptop. Somehow my ssd booted by default after restarting, and i started to install drivers for my laptop. I had successfully installed the wifi, graphics card, realtek audio, touchpad, and a few other basic drivers. I also updated the bios.

During this entire process I restarted my laptop many times, no problem. But I shut down the laptop last night and this morning it refuses to boot up. there are a few different errors when trying to boot up. Sometimes, it shows the windows is starting and the windows logo before BSODing. Sometimes, it says something about being unable to start because a required drive is inaccessible. So I went into my BIOS setup and looked at the boot order, then noticed that my ssd was not listed. I could see my hard drive, and a few other devices. My sata mode is switched to AHCI (mentioning this because some other thread had a similar problem but was fixed after switching IDE to AHCI). I tried disabling my HDD from the boot order so it would use my SSD, but when i restarted my laptop it simply said operating system not found.

So I tried booting from my USB which contains the windows 7 pro installer, and went through system repair and restore (to the point before i downloaded the windows 7 pro installer), neither of which helped.

I used the CMD in startup repair, and list disk listed both my HDD and my SSD, as well as my usb drive.

I have absolutely no idea what i'm supposed to do now. My laptop wont even boot into windows. I'm just a Polytechnic student and I have some projects on my laptop which I don't want to lose.

Is my SSD broken? is my HDD broken? are they corrupted? Everything was working before i went to sleep.

I know my case is quite confusing, so Thank you everyone for your help. I'd really appreciate it.

Hello folks I'm having a puzzling problem after upgrading to Windows 7 from Vista (clean install). Certain games are now completely shutting down the computer. The games in question are Dragon Age Origins and The Sims 3. Both of these games ran with no problems in Vista but now after about 5 or so minutes of playing my system completely powers off, no blue screens or anything. I've tried reinstalling video drivers and running the games in administrator mode with no changes. I don't think this is a heating issue seeing as my computer ran the games in Vista with no problems. Other games seem to be fine even after long game play and even minimized with other programs running. Any ideas what's going on here? Suggestions?

Thanks for any help.

Hi look at this image ..

Image - TinyPic - Gratis foto's delen en afbeeldingen & video's hosten

You see i have 2 black sides...
I installed Windows 7 , 64-bit drivers correctly.
Resolution is 1280*1024 (on game)
Full screen.

I have the problem with the black sides with all steam games.
Got latest drivers for mainbord and graphics card so..
I have tried to turn off SLI and try then but that doesnt work

My setup :

Evga 750i SLI
9600GT SLI
Windows 7 64 bit ultimate
Samsung spinpoint 500gb
+Good cooling

I had vista and there worked everything good but on windows 7 not

I want to install a PC game on Windows 7 RC that was meant for Windows XP or earlier. The game is called Ai Yori Aoshi and it is a Visual Novel from Hirameki International Group Inc., KID (Kindle Imagine Develop), and Anime Play.

The problem is: I cannot install the game.

I can run the setup.exe file; however, the installer for the game will not run.
I cannot run the game from the disks. I have to install the games on the Hard Drive to run.

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