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i am having a hard time getting getting my sound card (ECHO MIA) to work under windows 7.

i used the latest Vista driver, and echo appears fine under device manager. However it is not showing under playback devices, and my windows 7 defaulted audio output to some digital s/pdif output.

any ideas what can be tried to make it work?

Couple of issues I'm having with Windows 7 if anyone can shed some light;

Every time I restart my pc my default audio playback device reverts to the hdmi output of my 4870 card, I change it, restart, same story.

When I play a blu ray disc through powerdvd, Windows 7 reverts to windows basic scheme, why would that be and would it effect the picture quality?

Thanks lads!

I've read a lot of threads on this forum already by people who've had similar problems to this, but frustratingly enough none of the solutions that helped them seem to have fixed my issue.

I have a new install of Windows 7 (OEM Home Premium). The PC formally was used for Windows XP. The hard drive became corrupted and I figured if I was going to replace the HD anyways, I may as well upgrade to Windows 7. Under XP I had no issues with the on board sound card.

The install went very smoothly except for the sound.

The Playback Devices screen only lists Digital Audio (HDMI) and Digital Audio (S/PDIF) as possible devices. I'm trying to enable ordinary speakers.

I downloaded the Win7 version of the the ATI Hight Def Audio Device drivers (I was using the XP version before the corruption issue). They appear to install fine but after the reboot, there is no sign of the drivers anywhere.

Any new directions to investigate or suggestions as to the cause would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Hey, new to the forums, I'm Reciever80.

Recently Installed Windows 7. It took me about 14 hours to configure to all my hardware, and now i have one problem left.

The sound doesn't play at all from my computer, and I've looked around on the interent; figured i'd post my question here.

I have the speaker symbol in the bottom right of my screen, with a red circle and a white x inside of it. I put my mouse over it, and it says "no audio output device is enabled". I have the soundcard/on board soundcard that came with my Dell Optiplex 320 minitower, and i can't seem to find out how to fix it.

I have windows 7 32 bit ultimate, and when i was using XP, the sound was listed as something like "SoundMAX HD Audio"

The only device/hardware under "Sound, video, and game controllers" is "High Definition Audio Device".

I right clicked the sound symbol on my taskbar, and go to "Playback devices", and under it is a "Digitial Audio (HDMI)" Which i'm positive i don't have in/on my computer.

I've tried looking at that windows 7 driver list for speakers that is a sticky, and can't figure out if mine is up there.

help please?

And I have speakers attached to my monitor plugged in, BTW.

I want to be able to control what audio device any of my running programs use, but most applications dont have any option to change audio output device. Is there any way to control this in Windows 7, or with a 3. party program?

My practical problem:
I want to be able to play video+audio on my TV connected to my PC via HDMI, and at the same time play a game on my main PC monitor with audio in my headphones. But audio output is controlled only by the "Default playback device", and audio from both sources is only played back on what ever Default playback device I choose. If I change Default playback device while playing audio, all signals are switched to the new default playback device.

Any ideas or solutions are welcome.


I found another source where people are having similar problems. Maybe it can help to describe the problem and/or give ideas.
Output to more than one audio device simultaneously - Windows 7 Taskforce

Hi all,

for days i could not get the microphone on my headset running, i finally took some time aside to today to get it right, with strange results.

first of no program did recognize my headsets microphone. from the w7 sound options to skype .
w7 only listed sound-blaster devices, no matter what i connected.
strangely i do hear myself in the microphone and not just faintly.

in the end i disabled all devices, then enabled all device one after the other, to see, which one might be what. in the end it did not matter, because the microphone started working and had been recognized by w7 >>> by all devices ?!

but the microphone is always on and there is no mute option, it does not even appear in the "volume mixer". why is that anyway?
and >>> the microphone is always on, i disabled all devices, even the playback devices... i can still hear everything and it is still recording everything... and yes, none of the devices is set to "listen to this device", if i do that, i get a triple echo, pitching up to a high feedback scream.

w7 looks so versatile and flashy, but leaves you almost no choices or options, there is not even a option for "install (unknown) device", it just offers you something out of a list, if its not in there, well, screw you, buy something new, that we want you to buy.

my question is now (to anyone, who is still reading this and listening to my complaints), who do i get the control panel sound (options) to run correctly, how can i get my microphone running as it should be and how can i enable it, without hearing myself talking?

something that has been easy since dr-dos or ms-dos, ye know, green plug in green socket, red plug in red socket and there ye go. ;-)


Hi folks,

I don't really think this is a laptop problem, since I see an awful lot of folks with desktops having the same problem. Microsoft's help fora keep saying "well, did you go to the manuracturer and download new device drivers?... " and then do kind of a slope-shouldered shrug.

In brief: Sounds/General tab will not show the HDMI output device, thus, I cannot select or set up audio output on the HDMI to a HDTV.

Some details: two laptops, a Sony Viao 64 bit and a Dell Studio 32 bit. OEM built with VISTA, and when I got an HDTV and plugged in an HDMI cable between 'em, I would have to go to the volume control mixer, select Playback Devices, and there waiting for me was a nice shiny HDMI device. With that I could select whatever audio format I wanted the TV to play, and I was happy.

Upgraded both laptops to Win 7 Ultimate, full automatic updates enabled. I had not verified the HDMI outputs after the update because at that time I did not need them (don't ask why, that's another story, one that does need sad music). Now, a few months later, I am sitting in temporary lodging and trying to make the HDMI show my movies from the laptop on to an HDTV. Picture is great, but no audio. Yes, I verified with the tv maker (LG) that their HDMIs are video and audio input. Yes, it's the same HDMI cable that I had used before, and I have been very gentle with it and avoided kinking it.

I have double-checked and the "Show all devices, show disabled devices" boxes are checked. Device Mgr shows Displays as the Intel Mobile Chipset (only device showing), and Sound/Music has the Intel HDMI device. NO yellow flags on these drivers, drivers were all reported as working normally.

So, following everybody's advice... I reloaded all of the Intel 965 chipset drivers (since that's what Intel's chip finder said I have in these beasts). No joy. That is, drivers install normally, no errors reported, and while Device Mgr knows that the HDMI is there, the damned speaker mixer panel doesn't see it. Nor does Windows Media Player.

This is really frustrating me. Any ideas? I mean, short of falling back to Vista...



I had to replace the mainboard (with an Epox 8RDA3) and have gone through the pain of reinstalling all the drivers including the sound (onboard Realtek AC'97 audio) and the device manager says that everything is fine but I have no sound. When I bring up the multimedia properties it says that I have no playback or recording devices for audio. I have deleted the device and reinstalled using the W98 drivers and I've reinstalled using the drivers that came with the mainboard all several times with still no sound. I've searched my devices in the device manager and the audio is assigned to IRQ 5 and I can find no conflicts. The sound is enabled "Auto" in the BIOS. I've sacrified a goat but I guess I can't read the blood spatter pattern. [img]/forums/images/smilies/wink.gif[/img] If anybody has any ideas, please help.

I've since made some further changes. I turned off a few things in the BIOS and I've gone through the Device Manager again:
0 System timer
1 Keyboard
2 Programmable interrupt controller
3 COM 2
4 COM 1
5 1394 Host Controller
nVidia nForce MCP networking
nVidia nForce PCI System Management
Standard OpenHCI USB Host Controller
6 Floppy drive
7 ECP Printer port
8 System CMOS real-time clock
10 MPU 401 Compatible
11 nVidia video card
Realtek Fast Ethernet NIC
Realtek AC'97 Audio
nVidia USB 2.0 Enhanced Host Controller
Standard OpenHCI USB Host Controller
12 Mouse
13 Numeric data processor
14 Primary IDE
Standard Dual PCI Controller
15 Secondary IDE

I'm suspicious about the overload or IRQ 5. As there are no 1394 devices, I'm going to try turning that off in the BIOS next I also just realize that I haven't tested the networking yet. Given what I'm seeing I doubt it would work either. As far as I can tell, there is no way to force anything in the BIOS to a specific IRQ except for the COM ports. It seems strange that the "Standard OpenHCI USB host controller" shows up twice with different interrupts but deleting one or both always ends up with them getting recreated upon restart.

I did some Googling and there were some mentions of editing the win.ini files to solve this type of problem but I couldn't get any specific details.

Again, if anybody has any ideas, please chime in.


Michael C.

In the last couple of years I have produced about 70 tutorials and demos. The ones that are still appropriate I gathered (as hyperlinks) in a pdf. I skipped those that are outdated (e.g. a series of 10 videos for Windows 8 Consumer Preview) and those that had gathered dust and were not up-to-date any more.

If you are interested, you can have a look at this Skydrive link. With a pdf enabled browser like Chrome, you can read and operate the hyperlinks directly in the browser. Else right click on the box and download the pdf. Maybe you find something that is useful for you. If you have any questions, let me know.

PS: If you have problems with the sound level of the videos, do this: Check the "Loudness Equalization" box in your Playback device. It is under the 'Enhancements' tab.

I have win 7 64 bit and the sound stopped working. The device manager says the driver is up to date. It is a high definition audio driver and I have MSI K8NGM2 motherboard. There are no warnings on device drivers. When I click on sound in control panel, it shows 2 playback devices. One is speakers and it says high definition audio device not plugged in. This is not true. The speakers are plugged in. It also shows Digital Audio (S/PDIF) and says it is working properly. Bars show but I have no sound at all.
I have tried disabling and then enabling the device and I've rebooted. Nothing works.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

ok so I installed windows 7, and it installed all the basic generic drivers I think. Here's some stuff that I can't find (probably because of drivers?) in my windows 7 that was in vista.

when I went to recording devices when I right clicked my sound icon in the taskbar, I used to be able to (in vista) select an option to have the computer record whatever was coming out of the playback devices.

in dxdiag, there used to be more tabs up top in my vista. now there's fewer tabs, like no network, etc.

Do I need to install sound drivers and company made drivers for all the hardware for my computer or is using windows generic drivers enough?

Hi everyone!!! i have a broblem using my headphones by Nokia... as i plug them to the front jacks of my PC, i hear the sound (music, game sounds...) but with 'stereo' problem... for example i hear the beats or bass, but i dont hear the voice of the singer...
but if i partially plug (not to the end) to the jack it works ok... i tried at the 'playback devices' right clicked on the audio icon near the clock but there is no 'headphone' name...

Hello everyone. I downloaded and installed windows 7 release candidate yesterday and I have a problem with my surround system. Only my left and right speakers are responding currently. On windows XP I used to install the motherboard's software and they used to work perfectly. My motherboard is Intel DQ965GF, and the audio software is Intel Audio Studio. I tried installing the same driveronto windows 7 but did not work of course. Unfortunately windows 7 does not have this sowftware for now. I was able to manage my speakers in any way in that software. But now it installed its own driver which is High Definition Audio Device version 6.1.7100.0. I try updating it but it says it is already up to date.

I have read the another thread about this but it did not help either. I tried right clicking on the speaker icon on bottom right corner and then playback devices. There, on the screen there are 2 devices which are Speakers and Digital Audio (S/PDIF) which i dont know what it does. Well i clicked configure at the bottom left then it says choos your configuration. I only have stereo option on the list no 5.1 surround or anything else, just stereo. So the windows does not see my speakers. Please help what can I do? My system is Logitech X-530 5.1.

I use Windows 7 OS and I have a Creative 2.1 speakers. When I click on the configure option in my Playback devices I see an option 'Select Full-range Speakers' and under that a check box against "Front left and right". What difference will it make if I check it? Is it advisable to check it for 2.1 speakers.
Please help me!

Hey everyone, I'm having a very strange problem that I can not for the life of me seem to figure out. I use my Xbox 360 hooked up to my monitor to play games. And I plug the audio into my computer to play it through there and out the speakers. I have an official microsoft converter that came with the 360's VGA cable. Basically it takes the two left and right audio plugs and you plug them in, and the other end is a microphone plug. You just plug it into your microphone jack and use that. This worked perfect in XP. In Vista, it was a bit tougher and I had to use a 3rd party program to get it to play the microphone. In Windows 7 now, it works for a bit, but then mysteriously stops working.

For some reason, I plug it in just like I said above, with the speakers in the speaker jack and the converter in the microphone jack. I go into the Recording Devices window and click properties for the microphone jack, and check "Listen through this device". Boot up my 360 and the sound plays beautifully. However, after about anywhere between 5-20 minutes later, the sound will randomly stop. I go to check my Playback Devices window and it says that the speakers are not plugged in. The only way to get the speakers to work again is unplug the converter from the microphone jack and restart the computer. If I plug the converter back in, the sound will eventually stop working again, even if I'm not using my 360 or playing any sounds.

Anyone have any ideas? I've tried updating all my sound drivers, but no dice.

I have mixed optical spdif/analog external jack on FS Amilo notebook. So windows 7 have installed high definition audio device driver and detected two playback devices Speakers (internal atapi jack) and Digital Output Device SPDIF (rear panel optical jack). So if i plug my headphones to external jack i don't hear anything, optical out is active.
How to enable analog output (and disable optical) through external jack?

I'm trying to set up my sound system to use headphone but playback devices does not list headphones, only speakers and digital audio interface. Any suggestions?

Hello there,
I've been having this problem for a while now and just cant figure it out. I have the Logitech x540 5.1 surround sound system, plugged into the back of my PC. Green(front), black (rear) and orange (center) are all plugged in.

Here is the playback devices window:

Notice in my audio manager screenshot (below) none of the front, rear or center cables have been detected.
The only way I can get audio is if I check the checkbox "Disable front panel detection", but as you can see in the screenshot below its detecting it as "front panel" and therefore I dont have surround sound as the center and rear cables still arnt detected..

Infact, only my right speaker is working with this "fix".. I just dont understand why its detecting "back panel" as "front panel"

What ive tried:
- Reinstalled audio drivers 100 times
- Formatted my pc
- Removed the front panel audio cable to my motherboard
- Tried another speakers (2.1)
- Flashed bios to "last good settings"

This is driving me nuts, I just bought these speakers..
Could it be a hardware issue? Is it worth trying to flash the bios again to "default settings"
Really appreciate any help here!

i have a ASUS Mainboard with a VIA HD Sound Chip on board.
I installed the drivers from VIA. But it seems like the system didnt find my SPDIF out.

The HDVdeck Program from VIA didnt work and i cant see the spdif at the playback devices.
Only the analog output works.


i have bought new MW600 headset and the sound quality is the worse...i thought its headset problem so when i connected it to my phone it was amazing..whats wrong with the a2dp in windows 7? when i check in playback devices it shows hands free audio and not stereo audio..i dont know if thats the problem or not..please someone tell me a solution

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