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Is it possible to automatically view attachments, especially attached .jpg files in the preview pane, like is possible in Outlook Express?

I am interested in setting up some code that will allow me to save an attachment to a folder(to be prompted for by a dialogue box), then inserting a link to the saved file and finally deleting the attachment from outlook. I have noticed there is a reference to Outlook Attachment Removal Manager (OL 2002 SP-2) in one of the previous posts but the link fails. Can this link be fixed or restored? Otherwise can it be reposted?


In an html formatted message, is there a way to print a listing of the attachments (not the attachments, but just the list)

Some email arrive on my desktop at attachments. The message and the images all as separate attachments. I do not know how to view the email as it is meant to look. Any ideas?


Like most of you, I guess, I regularly get sent emails with large attachments and accompanying text. Usually I will save the attachments in project folders, but I then want to retain the email text because it contains peoples comments & observations that I will refer back to later.

Obviously, though, I no longer need to keep the attachment as part of the message, as I've saved it. But how do I remove such an attachment - there doesn't seem to be any way of doing it from within Outlook that I can see!

I'm quite happy to code, if that is the answer, but please bear in mind that I've only ever coded in Excel and Word (although extensively) and know outlook specifics like I know the far side of the moon (not at all). I don't want to save the emails individually to disk, as that becomes a nightmare of tiddly files after a while.

All appreciated! Thanks!!

I have a new DELL system with WIN 2K and Office XP PRO (which came installed from Dell). I can't open a vCard ( .vcf file) attached to a received email in Outlook -- I get the message "A required component is missing: WAB32.DLL. Please install Microsoft Outlook again. The specified procedure could not be found."
I've tried the "repair Office" route. My searches on Dell and Microsoft KB yield nothing that helps. Dell Tech Support (1 call) had no clue - the advice was to go to Microsoft and look for updates to Outlook and IE - generic advice, he admitted.
I'm baffled -- can someone just point me to this .DLL and tell me which folder it should reside in??

Just thought I'd see what I can stir up before going to bed
I have a cmdbtn with code that sends an e-mail with attachment to my carriers (truckers); (Thanks, and a tip of the hat to HansV). The carriers are then required to reply (not send a new e-mail) to confirm that they have received the order. The replies have their own folder in Outlook. The subject line has the Pro# for the order they were given, so it has always been a simple matter to find who has or has not replied. This worked just fine in my little one-horse carriage, but I'm growing a bit and it's harder and harder to track who has or has not replied (today a load was missed because the carrier claimed he never got the order). I have looked around the Lounge and MSKB and don't really see anything that guides me toward what I want to attempt (there's plenty on importing contacts, etc). I certainly wouldn't mind reading up on this if someone has some MSKB articles or posts that are even closely related (if they exist, I can't find them)

What I would like to do is have Access check Outlook for replies, and then (somehow) show in the record associated with that reply (the Pro#) that the order has been confirmed. Assuming the worst, I suppose I would also have to handle multiple replies for the same Pro# (carrier responds twice, responds but later declines and another carrier replies, etc.) Is this just a pipe dream, or is something like this even possible?

I wasn't sure where to place this post.
I have an Access db which I use as the data source in a mail merge Word document to
create a multipage document containing personal information as well as a .bmp signature.
The Access db contains an 'e-mail' field, which is included in the above document.
I would like to automate e-mailing the receipts information as an attachment.
I don't need to create a mailmerged Word document if it is easier/cleaner to do it directly from Access.
Any advice gratefully accepted.

For some unknown reason any file that I attach to an email in Outlook 2002 is being automatically compressed in zip format. For example if I attach image.jpg, it gets converted to image.jpg.zip and then sent out.
Is there any way I can stop this from happening, and does nayone know what the cause may be?

I have recently developed a problem viewing(opening) messages that were forwarded as attachments. The message will show the little paper clip in the message list pane indicating that the message has an attachment. When I open up the message, by double clicking, The "Attachments:" line is visible but no attachments are listed. At the right of the attachment line are two small up/down scroll arrows as if there were several attachments present, but nothing happens when I click on the scroll arrows. If I click on the blank "Attachments:" line, I get an "object could not be found error". This appears to only occur with attachments that are forwarded messages. Regular attachments like .jpg's go thorough fine. I have tried TweakOL to make sure that all extensions are allowed. I have relaxed my security settings and they do not appear to be the problem. I am using Outlook 2002 on a Windows XP machine. I use Active Sync with an Ipag PDA. I have used the RSS reader NewsGator which is an Outlook addin. Uninstalling it doesn't help. I have used Ornic's CSaveAtt to save some Outlook attachments. Uninstalling it does not help. I have tried to read the same messages with Outlook Express and initially experienced the same problem. However, I was able to solve the problem in Outlook Express by going to Tools/Options/Security and clearing the check at "Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus".

Some time back I posted a download that would one could change the settings for the blocking of attachments in Outlook. Now I can NOT find it, can any one remember what it is?

I learned that my ISP (Adelphia) limits outgoing email to 3 Mb. They also sent me instructions on how to configure Outlook to automatically split large emails. Unfortunately, their instructions don't seem to apply to the version of Outlook I'm using. I have included their instruction below but does anyone know how I can do this in Outlook 2002? If it is not possible, is there a program that will do this easily and that will make it easy for the recipient to reassemble the attachment?

Adelphia instructions:

Instructions for Breaking apart mail messages:
First bring up your mail program.

1.) Click Tools on the file menu.
2.) Click Accounts.
3.) You will now see several Tabs, click the mail Tab.
4.) To the right you will see several buttons, click the Properties button [2002 DOESN'T HAVE THIS].
5.) Click the Advanced tab at the top.
6.) Look to the bottom of the screen for Sending. You will see a box that is labeled Break apart messages larger than xxx (where xxx is a number). Click inside the box to put a check mark in it. Now to the right of that box you will see another box with up and down arrows.
7.) Click the up arrow until you see 3000 displayed. Now click APPLY and then OK.


I wanted to write some custom stuff for Outlook - mostly to do with rules, deleting attachments on sent messages, that sort of thing - and I started looking into Outlook VBA. Yeuch!

This I understand not at all. Binding events and all sorts of other weird stuff (I think - I confess I didn't really take it in). I can do VB no problem, and Excel programs are coming out of my ears, but Outlook has me stumped.

Anyone point me at a good resource on this? Thanks.

Confused of Glasgow.

I was wondering if there is any way to say attachments that included in with Email that are setup with a rules wizard to be placed in a specified folder. I would like to have the attachments saved to a specified folder on my Hard Drive once the Email has been placed in the folder that the rules wizard has been setup for. Is this possible? Or do I have continue to manually save the attachments? Thanks in advance

I work at a law firm and we have word processors that transcibe digital voice transmissions into legal documents using MS Word 2002. When finished, they previously e-mailed (i.e., when we were on Office 97 and Outlook 98) a link to the document (which is saved on our master document server) to the attorney indicating that the transcription process was complete. The attorney would click the shortcut link and the document would open for review and editing if required. The attorney often then e-mails the document or authorizes its printing and postal mail. We are in the process of converting from Office 97 and Outlook 98 to Office XP (2002). Outlook 2002 appears to block all links. Is there a way to have "internal" e-mail (i.e., e-mail that never leaves our domain server) to permit the e-mail of the link to the document? Is there another work around? We have already started to e-mail the actual MS Word 2002 document to the attorney, but this creates an issue in that the document is stored in the Outlook temp file and if the attorney edits it, they are not proficient enough to save it back to the master document server. This has created issues when what we believe is the master document is NOT actually the master document as it was edited on the Outlook attachment and the server document was not updated. Any suggestions are welcome as this security "feature" has created an operational nightmare for our organization. THANKS.

I have 'lost' some of my Outlook rules. They show in the browser but cannot be amended or deleted. SHould I try to create a new on then I am informed that I do not have enough memory or that the feature is unsupported See the attached jpg file

I received an attachment via e-mail of an .exe file, and Outlook is not letting me open the blasted thing! I have searched help, online and this forum for any information, but there appears no way to turn off this "feature".

I recognize the issue with viruses et al., but not providing any way to get the .exe seems a wee bit extreme. Anyone have a suggestion. I am having the sender e-mail it to my yahoo account as a work-around.

I would like to set Outlook to accept Access databases as attachments. I read through the thread from last year about that subject but it appears to be for a preveious version of Outlook.

Is there any way to allow Outlook 2002 - SP3 to accept Access files?

A silly question.... WHERE in Outlook can I set a path for saving attachments. It automatically goes to "My Documents", I'd like it to go to my Client file on the file server.

Is there a way in Outlook 2002 to list the email attachment(s) when printing the email; i.e. the header would show From, Sent, To, Subject, and Attachments.
It works in 2003's version, but I can't figure out where the switch is in 2002.


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