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We are upgrading our firm from 2000 to XP/2002, and a number of users are receiving an error when attempting to use Out of Office Assistant (could not be displayed). The squirrely workaround is to go back to a 2000 machine, log the user in and create a rule (any rule), exit & log off. Then go to the XP machine, log user in and delete the rule, then exit & logoff. What a pain.

Cannot find any info on MSKB, FreeAnswers, Slipstick, can't search archives here... anyone dealt with this before?

many thanks.

Good morning everyone,

I am using Outook 2007 on Windows XP and Microsoft Exchange Server. I am reviewing a lesson for my first Outlook 2007 class and notice that the instructions state (pretty much the same thing as 2003 did) to go to Tools from the main window, and choose Out of Office Assistant. It is not there. Am I missing something?

Thank you,

In Lotus Notes you could set a timer for the Out of Office Assistant to activate. I know it is easy to turn it on or off, but sometimes it isn't possible to set it just before I leave the office and we aren't allowed to set it if we are in the office. Any ideas?

Greetings all,

I have one user for whom the Outlook Out of Office Assistant will not send replies, although it does appear to turn on properly. I added a different account to test (to see if it seemed to be account-specific), and the OoOA for the new account worked properly (sent replies). We deleted and recreated her Windows profile. When that didn't help we reghosted her machine. I've checked and she has no rules set, nor does she use OWA. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'll even take "what if you tried..."! Thanks for your help!


I do not have the "Out of Office Assistant" menu selection in the Tools menu when logged in as myself. If others use my machine logged into a different account, they can see this menu pick. Can anyone tell me why this menu item is being masked out?



I can't believe my eyes. The Tools menu is missing the 'Out of Office Assistant...' option. The menus are full and have not been modified. Any idea of a workaround to get to this feature?



I can't find out of Office assistant.



I have one user (out of 100) who we cannot get his "Out of Office" to work. when he clicks on it he gets: Your Out of Office settings cannot be displayed, because the server is currently unavailable. Try again later.
Outlook 2007 on an AT&T exchange server somewhere else. Windows XP Pro SP3 new computer and install.
What I have done so far:
Searched Google, only found Server side fixes. This is not an option for me.
Repair of office Pro 2007
Uninstall and re-install of Office Pro 2007
Edited the registry to add to Outlook security as per Microsoft KB: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/970123
Downloaded and install Microsoft Hotfix KB954574
Opened a Help Desk ticket, which has not been responded to yet.

Is there a way to make the Out of Office Assistant not reply to certain users? I know the assistant does an "autoreply only once to each user", but I am on some discussion lists and do not want to reply at all to this list with an out of office autoreply.

I created a rule to move messages from a certain user to a certain folder, but the out of office reply goes first.

Hello, why do some versions of Outlook have the "Out of Office Assistant" and other versions do not? Is there a way to add it into a version of Outlook?


Hi All

Is there an option or a rule that I can set up so that my out-of-office reply does not show up on list serves that I am part of?

Thanks - Nancy

I tried to set the out of office message and receive this error message. Any ideas as to why?


Hi all,

I am currently involved with a roll out of Office XP. As such I have to write a little application that will scan through Access Databases and identify problems both pre and post rollout. Adding to the complexity the server drive mappings will change twice during the rollout (yes server names are changing so UNC paths will break as well).

It is intended that this app be used for user hard disk drives. As such I don

Hi all,

I am currently involved with a roll out of Office XP. As such I have to write a little application that will scan through word documents and identify problems both pre and post rollout. Adding to the complexity the server drive mappings will change twice during the rollout.

My questions are as follows.

1. Is there anything special in Word 97 documents that will create problems when converting to XP that can be corrected pre conversion? eg removing references etc.
2. Is there anything in particular that could break when converting to XP that I could identify programmatically after the conversion?
3. Apart from linked documents and the source data containers for merge documents is there anything else that could be broken by changing drive mappings? I don't mean template locations or with the word application but document specific.

I have not done a lot of programming in word and as such I'm very worried about missing items and issues that would be obvious to a more experienced user of word.



We are using Office XP at work, and I need the capability of Microsoft Binder........which is not a part of Office XP. Are there any alternatives out there?


I have 4 partitions and Office XP Pro on "E." I got Office 2003 Beta 2 because I've heard it's pretty bug free and I want to try out some of its features, including One Note after friends said they were happy with it. I plan to put it on another partition, but I'm worried about the same applications from two different versions of Office on one hard drive. I saw Woody's discussions in the last three weeks in WOW (Mixing Office Versions Take 2 9 April 2003 and Tip: Mixing Office Versions 2 April 2003). There are a couple KB's I noticed:
290576 OFFXP: Running Multiple Versions of Microsoft Office and 274289 Word 2002: Cannot Start Other Word When Multiple Versions are Installed.
There is a simple enough work around in the second KB to get the other Word started, but I don't know about duplicate versions of all the components, mixed with XML, One Note, and Info Path in the same equation.

Can someone give me advice on the 'best practices' way--it might be don't--to use them both on one NTFS partitioned hard drive? Are there any down sides? Can I do it safely without getting another hard drive? People frequently dual or multiboot OS's of course, but I'm not sure in the cases of Office XP Pro and Office 2003.



A friend was given a copy of Office XP and told to install EXCEL so she could help out another person on a project. She has run into the ACTIVATION WIZARD which is saying that this copy is already installed on another system. The original purchaser of Office XP is claiming that she has installed it on several computers. I guess my question - is there any special process to uninstalling this from my friend's computer?

I am trying to create an Access database that will allow a user to click a button a form which will then scan in an image from the scanner and place the result in a field on the form. I had originally been looking at the Kodak Imaging controls, but as yet I have not figured out how to make them work.

But during my experimentation, I stumbled across the Microsoft Document Imaging feature of Office XP and I was wondering if there is a way to use this feature from an Access form. Ideally, the user would place the item on the scanner, click a button on the form and Access would scan the image and place it directly into the field without the user having to do anything else.

If anyone has any ideas, suggestions and/or examples of using either approach, I certainly would appreciate the help! Thanks.

Hi gang,
I am trying to set a rule that will emulate the Out of Office Assistant. Worked perfectly last year. Can't make it work this year. I keep getting the error that "A value in the Rule description box has not been set. To set a value click the underlined words". False. The Outlook template that I use for reply appears with the complete path in the rule. What else could be different from last year? BTW I have the French version of the software.


I have just received a 30 Day Trial copy of Office XP and I wish to try it out before I reinstall my OS.

Currently, I have Office 2000 Professional installed on my PC and I am running Windows 2000 Professional as my OS.

Besides doing the usual thing of having uptodate backups of all my email and documents, is there anything thing I should remember to do to help have a smoother installation of the Trial Version?
What are the problem(s) (if any and I'm sure there is) could I possibly encounter?

Thanks in advance for the responses.


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