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Does anyone know if it's possible for me to set up two separate Workgroup profiles on my laptop?

At both work and at home, there are networks with Windows XP computers, and the network at home also includes a Vista computer. I have Windows 7 RC on my laptop and would like to be able to use it at both home and work, including accessing the Internet as well as printing and file sharing between the other computers.

Thank you for any insight.

I have a desktop hard wired thru a wireless router to a DSL modem.

I have two laptops connected wirelessly.

the laptops can talk to each other. neither laptop can talk to the
desktop. the desktop can't talk to either laptop.

the laptops are single user. the desktop has multiple users.

I set them all up from scratch. all system have the same workgroup -
though at home it works fine with different workgroup names or the

no firewall on the desktop.

desktop is WinXP SP1
laptop 1 is WinXP SP2
laptop 2 is Win98SE.

all computers can access the internet.

one laptop is in the same configuration at home - except thru a cable
modem - and works fine
Desktop at home is WinXP SP2 with a firewall.

I think I have tried everything.

what did I miss??????????


For years I have used Internet Mail Only (IMO) option. Upon being assigned to HQ I now must use the Corporate Workgroup (CW)config to access office info via the network. I just converted to CW and it changed many features.... YIKES... It also has changed all users. (running WinXP Pro on a Centrino Laptop)

Our sysadmin and other techs are out for a long weekend. I can get my email, but can no longer choose which account I send an email from. It seems to only send from one of my email account identities. It is important for me to be able to send certain emails from certain accounts.

Is there a way to accomplish this using Profiles or some other magic? TIA!

EDIT: Ok... I found one way but it is cumbersome... TOOLS--SERVICES--DELIVERY and change the order so it will send from the top acct. Awkward but does the job.... Any others? [img]/forums/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]

Hi, I'm having problems getting windows7 and xp to network.
I've searched and tried most solutions that have worked for others but still having problems.
I have 2 xp (32bit) laptops, wireless connection.
1 Win7 (64bit) Desktop direct connect to wireless router (WGT624v3 firmware V2.0.26_1.0.1NA)

Problem: Win7 doesn't list xp machines in network. Network map will not show others until they are pinged or use ip in search. This will open the shared xp folders. Then can map but not access from map. They do then show up in network but can't access (error code 0x80070035). Can still use search Ip to open.
Xp machines can see and share between each other and win7.

Current configuration:
IPv4 only for all machines
Homegroup turned off for win7
Workgroup same for all
File and print share on
Folders set to share for all
Enable Netbios over TCP/IP all
Firewalls Off
No Static Ip's
AV off on all
Router has been restarted multiple times.

One strange thing, when first setup the xp names were First letter cap and rest small. Win7 could sometimes see but not connect (same error as above 0x8007...) Noticed that drive map was xp name all caps. Changed xp name to all caps and can now access by using ip.

Will appreciate any ideas to correct this.


I have been through multiple forums and tried everything I can think of to fix this problem. I am setting up a new home network with 4 computers (3 laptops and 1 desktop). 2 Laptops are running Windows Vista connecting via wireless, 1 laptop running Windows 7 connecting via wireless, and the Desktop is running Windows XP connecting via hard wire to the wireless router. My ultimate goal is to allow all 4 computers to print to one printer connected to the desktop.
Currently, the 2 Vista computers and the desktop with XP can see all 4 computers on the network and all 3 print just fine.
The problem, the laptop running Windows 7 can only see itself and the 2 computers running Vista. I can "Ping" the XP computer from the Win7 Computer, but I cannot get it to recognize the XP computer. I have changed my home/work settings on the Win7 PC to allow for sharing, lowered encryption requirements, turned off firewalls (for testing), verified workgroups are identical, made my wireless connection a "work" connection, and deleted any "homegroups". I may have done a few more things but I can't remember them off hand.
I am not sure what else to try. Any help would be appreciated.
Andrew G

This was the last week you could get a Dell preinstalled with Win XP. Too bad, because Win 7 is probably still a service pack or two away from actually being useful in a workplace network environment or on a consultant's laptop. That said:

Please, please, please...

Can anyone tell me how I can get the "Show Entire Network" functionality that was a standard function on Win XP in my copy of Win 7 Pro? I know this was originally screwed up in Vista and it seems to have carried over into Win 7. In the real world, work computers can often exist on networks composed of multiple domains and/or workgroups. Win 7's network view, even with discovery turned on, is so poorly implemented it is simply unusable.

I'd like to open up a window that investigates the network and presents workgroups and/or domains first, allowing me to pick one. Then, and only then, would it go out and find the computers on that one workgroup/domain. In some of the environments I work in there are hundreds of devices spread out amongst dozens of domains/workgroups. Win 7 has proven totally useless in these environments, forcing me to locate computers by their IP addresses. And don't get me started on Win 7's terrible search system (that's a post for another time).

So - anybody have any help to offer. Googling this has led to many dead ends and useless information.

At last I have been able to afford a new WIndows XP PC and I am having trouble adding it to my home network. At present we have my wife's WIndows XP laptop and my WIndows 98 desktop. We connect to the internet via cable broadband through a router that also acts as our network hub. We are happily networked on a workgroup called (of course) MSHOME. So far so good. I have now come along with my new Windows XP desktop machine. I plug its network card into the router and I am connected to the internet. I have given the computer a name IAN-STUDY, made sure the workgroup name is MSHOME. I have run the Network Setup Wizard.

When I run the network setup wizard, I choose 'This computer connects to the internet through another computer on my network or through a residential gateway'. The next screen tells me 'your computer has multiple connections' and offers the choice of letting the wizard determine the appropriate connections or let me choose.
If I let it choose for me, it wants to bridge the connections. The connections it shows are Local Area Connection and 1394 Connection. If I let it go ahead with this it creates a bridge (I'm not sure what that means, actually!). Then the internet connection doesn't work any more! If I remove the bridge, it does work again. I have tried selecting the connections myself, and chosen Local Area Network, but that doesn't help either.

The other two computers show the new one in the network, but if you try to view it from them it says IAN-STUDY is not accessible. I have enabled sharing of the new computer's C drive. I have made sure that the Windows XP firewall is turned off. Restarting the PC does not help.

What have I missed?