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Hi.........Being informed by Secunia that there is a prog that needs updating I have tried three times to download the said patch but if fails giving the prompts shown below. What needs to be done to permit this download please? Regards Dave.

i am trying to install kb830000. i've tried online, full file, client. they start gathering info, then give "hotfix installer encountered a problem" or " update cannot be applied".

any ideas on how to make this work. any ideas are appreciated.

I recently received about 16 updates from MS for my XP Pro SP3 PC. Five of the updates failed to install. I tried again when MS presented them again, and two installed.
Despite several tries, three of the updates fail to install:
KB2264403 for Office Excel 2003,
KB2251399 for Office Word 2003, and
KB2279246 for Office Outlook 2003 Junk Email Filter.
Has anybody else run into this problem? If so, have you found any solutions? (I used to experience something like this occasionally, but it has been a long time, and I have forgotten whatever I learned at the time about solving the problem.)

We have Office 2007 SP2 on Windows Server 2003. When Windows update attempts to install Office 2007 service pack SP3, it keeps failing, with error code 0x686, but we cannot find information on this. Can anyone help with information on the cause and cure?

I just bought an upgrade of Office 2003 and installed the
main program successfully. The second disk was the
Business Contact Manager, but it failed to complete the
installation. It almost got to the very end and then
gave me an error message saying that "Setup failed to
configure the server. Refer to the server error logs and
setup error logs for more information".

I am running Windows XP Pro and do NOT have a server; in
fact, my only network is a wireless 802.11 network.
Reading the Microsoft support site almost seems to
indicate that a server is required, but neither the box
nor inserted materials mention this. The BCM was the
MAJOR reason that I upgraded from Office 2000.

Also, I tried both before and after getting the SP 1 update.

Can anyone help?



Is anyone else having trouble with installing this week's Definition Update for Windows Defender?

Every time it tries to install, it fails with "Windows failed to install the following update with error 0x80070643: Definition Update for Windows Defender - KB915597 (Definition 1.17.2437.5)." (in C:WindowsWindowsUpdate.log.). Googling doesn't produce much of relevance for 0x80070643, other than problems with updating Office 2003.



I have installed Office 2003 Standard upgrade. I then went to the Office update Web site and downloaded 4 updates. Office 2003 Critical update KB828041, Outlook 2003 Junk email filter KB832333, Office XP Web Services KB812708 (I use FP XP), and MS Project 2002 Security Patch KB822211. I then get a report that the installation was unsuccessful. I have repeated this 4 times with the same result. Twice I tried just installing the Office 2003 updates. This also failed. All Office applications were closed during the update, and I have restarted my computer and gone directly to the update site without starting any Office programs. This also failed.

Ironically, this update proports to prevent error 0x80070646 and other installation issues for Office 2003 and yet is causing this error. I have not had problems previously installint Office 2003 (or any other updtes)

I have tried all of the recommendations and have been in touch with MS support over this issue. The remaining recommentation is to un/re-install Office 2003.

My system is Vista Home Premium 64 bit SP2 with all other updates installed.

Anyone have an idea? I can't even prevent automatic attempt by Windows to install.

About that much, seemingly, regardless of the version one's running.

So many updates fail on a regular basis it's not even funny. More ridiculous,
recently I've been noticing Windows 7 doesn't even automatically check all the
updates it claims are important. Yes, I have it set to install Windows Updates
automatically, but this would still prompt me to "start" the updates.

I'm pretty sure it has something to do with my having Microsoft Office 2003
(the 2003 version of MS Word, Excel, PPT, etc.) but, that's not an excuse.
They're prompting me to install updates for my software they're JUST releasing,
and yet they fail seemingly almost every time? Do they even test the sh!t they
release to the public?

And how come sometimes they'll install if I manually do it myself as opposed
to when I try doing it automatically? Why should it be any different?

There have been a number of installation errors of the July 27th Office 2003 Updates and other Office version updates, particularly Office 2003 SP1 remedied by Office resource kit tools and other tools like the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility, and I'm pasting this information that has come up from Sloan Crayton [MS] who has been generously helping and providing some useful information on using these Office tools to help with install/setup problems. Because it involves information I have not seen anywhere, including MSKB, MSDN, Technet or Windows SP2/MSI 3.0 articles and good artifcles on System Restore, I'm pasting some of it he

__________________________________________________ _____

After running the Installer Clean utility to remove remnants of OfficeXP, now if I try to update Office 2003 Pro from the website, this is EXACTLY what I get:

The Office Update site is unable to check for updates on this
computer. This may be happening because of one of the following

You do not have administrative privileges for this computer.

There is a network problem and the detection catalog used by the
Office Update site failed to download. Go back to the Downloads home
page and try running detection again.

Windows Installer patch files (.MSP files) from previously applied
Office updates are missing from the WindowsInstaller hidden
directory on your computer. MSP files are stored on your computer
after update installation completes because they need to be referenced
for future update operations. If the files are missing you will not be
able to apply Office updates. You may also be unable to uninstall
Office products as a result of the same problem. Please contact
Microsoft Product Support Services for assistance.

You installed Office updates in the past and then upgraded from
Windows Installer version 1.0 to Windows Installer version 1.1. For
more information see the KB article Windows Installer May Prompt for
Install Source if Unavailable.

Search for Office updates in the Download Catalog

The Problem With System Restore and the Windows Installer Corrected by Windows Installer 3.0

(Fixing the Problem but not Fixing the Registry Once It's Corrupted):

__________________________________________________ ____________

Windows System Restore will corrupt the Windows Installer registry
information for Office (and other applications). Windows Installer 3.0
(included in Windows XP SP2 when it ships) will fix this bug

The use of Windows System Restore is one of the known causes. Windows Installer 3.0 which is included in Windows XP SP2 fixes this problem (but will not fix it once it's broken).

You will need to use the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility to remove the
Windows Installer registry information for all installed Office products.
Then you'll need to install Office 2003 again and then install any service
packs and public updates.

This is documented in the KB article at;en-us;304498.

Sloan Crayton

__________________________________________________ _______________


Chad Harris

Last month I got a new HP desktop with Win 7 32 bit. I did a full install of Office 2003 professional and set up my IMAP account with Google. It worked/is working fine. Yesterday I signed up for another webmail account (1&1) and wanted to use Outlook to also pull down messages from it. I did the normal setup from within OUTLOOK and I know I have all the correct parameters but as soon as I click on MORE SETTINGS or NEXT, I get an error message "The requested operation failed". I then closed OUTLOOK, went to CONTROL PANEL/MAIL and set it up there. This time it accepted all the parameters. But when I come back into OUTLOOK it does not work. I then went to TOOLS, EMAIL ACCOUNTS to check it out but again I cannot do anything with it (same error message). I then installed the same Office 2003 on my laptop running Win 7 32 bit and was able to setup both the Google and non-Google IMAP accounts. So it has to be something on this desktop; I am guessing a bad registry entry or corrupt file.

I tried the DETECT and REPAIR option for OFFICE under HELP (but telling it to keep my settings). No luck.

Then, based on another suggestion, I created a new PROFILE for just the new account, and set OUTLOOK to "ask for profile" when OUTLOOK starts up. Well, even though there are 2 fully-setup profiles, I now get: "no profiles have been created. To create a new profile use the Mail icon in the control panel" (which of course I did). Then I click on OK and I get "Cannot start Outlook. Unable to open the Outlook window. The server is not available. Contact your administrator". Yet when I went back to the control panel and MAIL there are two profiles, with one being the 'original one' and it is first in the profile list. Once I removed the new one profile that I created, OUTLOOK worked.

I know I can completely uninstall, clean up the registry and install OFFICE again but I don't want to lose all the custom setups.

Any ideas as to what might be wrong and what to try? Thanks!

PS: I also tried to set up a POP3 for this account and it got created but failed several of the tests...

UPDATE WITH MORE FRUSTRATION: Even after completely removing OFFICE, and running the MS program to remove OFFICE components, and then re-installing OFFICE 2003 from scratch (full install), the problem still exists. And I have heard back from one other person who has the same problem so it is not equipment-specific...

I also installed OFFICE 2010 Beta on this computer and it DOES let me create a new IMAP account BUT I have had it crash several times so I do not trust it....

I have run into a situation with Office 2003 where I am no longer able to install any patches or updates and have not been able to find help or information about the error that was at all helpful so I'm hoping you might have had some other correspondence about the issue or can point me to some information that would be helpful.

I have Office 2003 Enterprise Edition installed on Windows/XP. For some reason, all attempts to install updates from the Office update site fail with no indication of an error. If I download the patch files and run them locally I get the following error:

Error 25090: Office Setup encountered a problem with the Office
Source Engine, system error: -2147024703. Please open ....setup.chm and look for "Office
Source Engine" for information on how to resolve this problem.

This error is displayed at the point where installation reports "Updating component registration" which sounds right given the description in the chm file.

If you look at the referenced item there are 2 things to try...I've done them both without any success. Looking at the services on the system there is an Office Source Engine", it is there but marked as "manual" .. attempting to start the service generates an error:

Could not start the Office Source Engine service on Local Computer.
Error 193: 0xC1

So I'm kind of stuck.

I've looked on the web and did find a reference;EN-US;827467 but (a) none of the conditions apply to me as best as I can tell and ([img]/forums/images/smilies/cool.gif[/img] none of the fixes corrected the issue.

I've also un installed everything from Office 2003 including going through the registry and removing anything I could find related to Office 11, then reinstalled but I still get the error.

I'm (more or less) sure that the issue is related to the Office Source Engine service error above but I can't find any information on how to correct the issue. One option I did find was to replace the OSE.exe because it was "damaged" ... did that, no change.

I've posted a question related to this on the MS community site related to Office but no response there either.

Hope someone can help or point me to some information that can help.


Hi all,

I have a ASUS P5K mobo, 4 GB Crucial RAM, 750W PS, WinXP SP3, Q9450 processor gently overclocked from 2.66 to 3.21 GHz. About 2 months ago I was instructed to upgrade the Intel Chipset Software from 8.x to 9.1.1.x.x because of USB issues. Since then, under heavy CPU load, the machine will freeze in when in kernel mode. Sound stutters, the mouse pointer will not move, network I/O comes to a grinding halt, and no disk I/O appears to be happening.

The easiest way to reproduce this is to either (1) run FSX with any add-on a/c, (2) run Office 2003 or OpenOffice 3.1 with four or five windows open, (3) have 2 or 3 FireFox 3.6 windows open with 4 downloads going and each window having multiple tabs. The move-into-kernel-mode and freeze rarely happens at the desktop level. I've seen unusual BSOD's twice.

Debugging attempts have included (1) disconnecting everything except the mouse and keyboard (Mouse is USB, keyboard is PS2); (2) attempting to go back to a system restore point before the INF "update" (yes, a waste of time in XP) (3) going into Device Manager, expanding System, and manually removing and installing all the ICH9 INF after cleaning out the usual cache locations; (4) de-overclocking the CPU; (5) de-overclocking the GPU (a Radeon 512MB 3780); (5) all internal disks & optical drives except the boot drive; (6) defragging the system drive and registry; (7) swapped around memory sticks; (8I) scanned for malware w/the usual tools plus GMER, ComboFix (renamed when downloaded), checked for alternate data streams. All nada.

I did try re-installing the Intel Chipset Software 9.x while watching the process in SysInternals' Process Explorer. It always hangs forever (well, > 9 hours) when installing the PCIExpress Root Hub at address 294A, and always in "Wait:WrLpcWrite". At this point I get lost: trying to figure out which thread the installer is waiting on gets ugly fast. A restart after this hang goes into safe mode and says 294A does not have a "device driver" installed.

I've asked at the MSDN, ASUS, and Intel forums, but received no replies, which was unexpected. Googled, too.

I have not been able to determine what hardware is "talking" through the 294A hub, other than it's an Intel PCI device (using the vendor and subvendor IDs from the Device Instance box in Device Manager), i.e. something inside the Northbridge chip. What it's trying to talk to, though, I've not been able to discover.

Any ideas on what to try next would be greatly appreciated. It seems that the Northbridge is really confused.

Thanks in advance,
p.s. other hw: add-in card for serial ports & 5 additional USB ports. 5 HD of various sizes totaling ~ 3 TB.

Need help on a problem that seems to have me spiraling downward. My PC has Office 2003 SP-1 (v 11.6ish) and Win XP Pro SP-2. My wife was having problems typing a Word file and every time we open an Office program, the Install window pop up for like 5 seconds and goes away, nothing else seeming to happen. When we go to the help function, we get a message saying that the files aren't there, then they pop up with our search if we continue. Today, I tried to go to the MS website since it appeared that nothing was happening with the auto updates. I had it scan for updates, it telling me I needed to files to update my system. When I tried to install then, it told me the install failed with no error message number. Also, a box came up telling me that Windows install was either missing or not operating right. I tried to insert my CD and reinstall, thinking some files were messed up, but got the same message about Windows install. Are all these related? How do I get them fixed so my wife can do her papers in peace?

I have been experiencing slow shutdowns, with the shutdown dialog box offering to install an update.

A search of my update history shows many failed attempts at the installation of Update 919029

I decided to download the update and manually install, takes forever but finally I get the error message. "The update cannot be applied"

Can Office 2003 be updated in safe mode or are there any suggestions.

Windows Update successfully applied all today's updates except the Update for Outlook 2003 Junk Email Filter (KB914454).

Office 2003 SP2 on Windows XP SP2 (both fully patched and up-to-date).

Error messages from C:WINDOWSSoftwareDistributionReportingEvents.log:
MicrosoftUpdate Failure Content Install Installation Failure: Windows failed to install the following update with error 0x80070643: Update for Outlook 2003 Junk Email Filter (KB914454).
MicrosoftUpdate Failure Content Install Installation Failure: Windows failed to install the following update with error 0x80246007: Update for Outlook 2003 Junk Email Filter (KB914454).

I have searched the forums and as a result tried various fixes / workarounds as follows:
Deleted the downloaded file to force re-download.
Replaced OSE.EXE and checked it was properly configured and started successfully.
Deleted C:MSOCache.
De-registered and then re-registered qmgr.dll etc.
Deleted C:WINDOWSsystem32Catroot2.
De-registered and then re-registered softpub.dll etc.
None of these had any effect. This was a hell of a lot of work for a minor security update.

This update fails from Office Update also.

Downloaded and ran office2003-KB914454-FullFile-ENU.exe; failed with error message: "This update cannot be applied".

The only other suggestion I have found is to uninstall then reinstall Office itself, but I am not prepared to do this for a junk email filter update as the cure would be far, far worse than the ailment.
Would it be worth running a Repair on Office 2003?

Has anybody else had this problem?
What should I try next?


I was notified that 5 updates were available. I selected to install all that were listed:
KB951548 Excel 2003
KB921598 Office 2003
KB948988 PowerPoint 2003
KB955434 Outlook 2003 junk mail filter
KB954464 Word 2003All installs failed
I restated the PC and all failed again

The first time I post a problem here, found some sulutions for some other problems here.

Ad our work we installed 10 new PC HP Z400 workstations with windows 7 64bits, we installed Office 2007 small business and Autocad 2011, Sophos anti virus.

After our install every thing seems to work fine computers are set in network and login to server windows 2003, get mail from exchange 2003. and get windows updates from the server 1 day in the week, for the updates we aprove in the windows update service on the server.

but some how the 10x 64bits windows 7 machines dont hold themselfs to update shedul from ones a week from the server, on the client you can't adjust the settings for updating because its locked from out the server but it will update every day if needed we have 3x 32bits windows 7 machines who dont have this problem, the rest of our machines run on windows XP.

the updating shedule isn't a big problem but every time we get an update the programs we use wont work any more they fail in starting up especialy Autocad and Office 2007 wont start Outlook starts up and runs but when we open an other mail then where the program starts in the program fails to work and we have to force it to close reboot the machine 1-5 times to get the programs working, after that it works perfect till a next update from windows

in the reboot shutdowns the machine seems to do something for a few min but what is does uknown, when the reboot shutdown time seems normal, all programs work all programs work fine.

I have searched a lot for the problem but haven't found any thing that comes close maiby some one here knows.

added the system information from one of the machines as attachment Attached Files System Information.txt (481.2 KB, 163 views) Last edited by Harmeling; 04-16-2012 at 09:06 AM. Share Share this post on Digg Technorati Twitter
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Join Date Oct 2009 Posts 6,558 Re: Programs wont run after windows updates (few reboots solves it) If you have some Windows 7 machines that work and some that don't, can you compare logs to see what might be different?

I know some Windows Updates require reboots. Can you tell if those updates are causing the problem?

Hi, this problem shows up on an XP machine when logged on as one user (who can open other files normally), but not when logged on as another user who can open the file in question normally. When trying to open the file from the Open dialog or via a double click in Windows Explorer,. the message "Micorsoft Access can't find the database file [path to file]. Make sure you entered the correct path and file name". Then they get "The Microsoft jet database engine cannot open the file [path to file]. It is already opened exclusively by another user, or you need permission to view it's data".

Both users belong to the correct workgroup. Fast User Switching is turned off. The file is definitely not opened already. The Default Open Mode option is set to shared, not default.

Can anyone suggest what I could look for?

The following may be relevant: The user of this database had recently attempted to upgrade to Office 2003, the database functioned fine up until that point., but after the upgrade they got some errors from incompatible code (details of which I don't recall) (hence me not wanted them to upgrade to 2003). So I uninstalled O2003, reinstalled 2000, then upgraded Office EXCEPT Access, which remained at version 2000. The database was fine at that point, opening normally. They then attempted to install Office patches from the Office Update site, and I believe that something went wrong in this process - perhaps a failed patch install? Not sure really. I visited them again, thinking that an uninstall of all versions of Office and a reinstall of Office 2000 would result in a fix. It did not fix this problem, perhaps there are some files in %Windows% or some registry settings?

Cheers, Roger

It all started about 4 days ago when a boot wouldn't complete because of a missing or corrupt windows file Windowssystem (I didn't write the file name down).

My thought was that a corrupt system file meant either the hard drive had a bad sector or there was a virus.

I should have tried a System Restore to an earlier point, but I didn't think of that. I did a System Recovery instead but without a hard drive reformat. Since
this is an old machine, the Recovery brought it back to its original Win XP state (i.e. before SP1). So I did the following

1) System Recovery (brought it to Win XP base)

2) tried to Install Windows XP SP3 but it said it needed SP1 present

3) Installed Windows XP SP1 (installed without error)

4) Installed Window XP SP3 (installed without error)

5) Since IE was now back to IE6 I tried to install IE8. It failed but wouldn't say why.

6) I tried to install IE7, but it failed without explanation also.

8) I installed MS Office 2003, then Office 2003 SP3. Both installed successfully.

9) I tried to install Trend Micro Internet Security 2010. It started but then said there was a threat so it did a complete scan,
which found absolutely nothing, then continued on with the install but failed saying the install was interrupted.

9) I was able to successfully install Uniblue's Registry Booster and ran it. It found over 200 Registry errors. I believe most of
these were due to the fact that since I did not do a hard drive format, all the programs were still in C:Program Files but
none except Windows were in the registry. I don't know if all the errors were due to this but I had Registry Booster to fix
the errors, which it did.

10) I was successfully able to use IE6 for a while but after about half a day it would stall and wouldn't run successfully.
Actually what it did was this
10a- Started IE6, then started another instance of IE6 (so there are no 2 IE6's on the task bar)
10b- Would start to fill out the screen then parts of it would disappear then come back. This would happen to both
10c- I was forced to cancel both instances.

11) Since IE6 was no longer working I did a System Restore back to before I installed Registry Booster. IE6 would work now, so I
reinstalled Registry Booster, ran it (found about 60 errors), and fixed them.

12) Tried installing IE7 or IE8 again several times. Always the same result, which was that it couldn't install but no
explanation was given.

13) I Started all over with another System Recovery and repeated the upgrade steps, (WinXP SP1, WinXP SP3, didnt do Office this
time or Registry Booster).

14) Went to the MS Windows update site to look for patches which came after WinXP SP3. It started scanning my system but just
sat there for several hours. The message on the screen said a scan/install was in progress but there was no progress bar and
other than the initial message about beginning a scan there were no messages. So after about 3 hours, I simply closed IE6.

15) At this point I don't know what I have. IE6 still works but I can't install IE7, IE8, or Trend Micro and I am still unsure
whether I am dealing with a virus or a hard disk problem. My intuition tells me if it was a hard disk problem, other flakey
behavior would be happening. No evidence yet of other problems.

So I looked at the WindowUpdate.log located in C:Windows. I found multiple instances of the following

2010-09-11 23:13:23:937 1112 230 AU ########### AU: Uninitializing Automatic Updates ###########
2010-09-11 23:13:23:937 1112 230 AU WARNING: InitAUComponents Failed, will restart AU in 30 mins, error = 0x80004002
2010-09-11 23:13:23:937 1112 230 AU AU Restart required....
2010-09-12 06:27:00:750 1112 230 AU ########### AU: Uninitializing Automatic Updates ###########

So my questions are

Q1) Anyone know how to interpret these Windows update log errors?

Q2) Are there other logs I should be looking at? If so what are their names and where are they located?

Q3) Anyone have any thoughts on the whole process?

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