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I know I saw this problem before but we don't have the Search anymore so I will post it again.
After restoring things after a virus infection, I seem to have lost my Office Shortcut bar (at the top of the screen). I have double clicked on the shortcut for it, under MS Office but the only thing that comes up now is an old one with my name that must have been salvaged. The normal OFFICE bar is not available and I can not add it.
Does anybody remember this post and how to fix it ?

Does anyone know of a program that will delay the appearance of the Office Shortcut Toolbar (Office 2000) by a few seconds when it is set on autohide? When this toolbar is docked at the top of the screen it is irritating the way it pops up when you aim for the minimise button or the close button; similar irritations if it is docked on one of the other edges of the screen.

Configuration - W2K SP4 (V5.00.2195), Dell Inspiron

Mistakenly, I clicked OK to restore a previous registry. However, when I rebooted the system, I chose "Last Known Good Configuration" figuring that it would restore the configuration prior to the previous registry restore.

Now, Windows boots, renders the desktop icons correctly, including an install I performed today, tells me that a Symantec link is not good and displays the Office Shortcut toolbar (which I had disabled before). The major problem is that neither the keyboard nor the mouse are responding - AFTER WINDOWS STARTS. During the bootup process, the keyboard works fine, i.e., I can use F8 to display the bootup options, use the arrow keys to move through them and press Enter to select one. After that - keyboard and mouse appear to be dead.

I fear that I have a hybrid registry configuration of the restored one and the LKGN.

Any suggestions other than the rebuild 2000 one - I hope, I hope.


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My Office shortcut bar often disappears, but I can usually restore it by running "Microsoft Office Shortcut Bar" from the Start menu. However, when this happened yesterday, some of the toolbars on it were missing, and I can't see how to get them back, in particular the Office toolbar. I tried right-clicking on the shortcut bar > Customize > Toolbars > Add Toolbar, but I don't know where to go from there. Under "Show these folders as toolbars", only "Desktop" and "Programs" are now listed, but there were several toolbars previously.

Our company is getting ready to upgrade our systems from 95 to 2000. Doing so will wipe everything out.

I can save everything I need but two things:
1) The Office Shortcut bar
2) Customized toolbars in Office Applications.

Is it possible to save the ones I have customized? Or will I need to build them from scratch again?

We are using Office 97.

I recently installed some Office updates--the converter pack, and a few others from the Office Update site. Now I see two toolbars running. I got rid of one easy enough, and was prompted upon reboot whether or not I wanted the bar to run on launch. I do. Several reboots later, the dual shortcut bar was back and I did the same thing--exited on one, said I didn't want it to run, and the single bar came back. Is there a way to make this permanent?

Any help gratefully appreciated. Thanks!

I have just moved to Office Standard 2003 from Office Professional 2000 and it seems that MS Toolbar is no longer a part of the package. I have found my old toolbars and the 2k version of MSOffice untouched by the installation process but I now have to double click the shortcut to this each day after Windows XP has finished booting to get my MSO toolbars constructed.

Am I missing something?


What is the keyboard sequence to invoke the new clipboard in Office 2000? I can always click on the toolbar and turn on the new clipboard during my 'session'. I know there is one because I invoked it accidentally (alt something). Thanks and have a great weekend!!!


I am using Office 2000 and Windows 98SE. When I click on an icon in the shortcut bar, for example Excel, I get an error message "C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOfficeEXCEL.EXE, This file does not have a program associated with it. Create an association in My Computer by clicking View and then clicking Folder Options."

Clicking the Excel icon in the QuickLaunch toolbar opens Excel no trouble. How do I reinstate the Shortcut bar to its former state? It was working perfectly yesterday! I have never had to manually create associations for it before and am not sure how to go about that. Do I have to do that for every single icon on the shortcut bar? I hope not.

I used to have an icon in my toolbar that would "paste formulas" only. Did the same thing as going to Paste Special and then clicking on Paste Formulas. Thought the icon was a great time saver. Since then, we got new computers and even though I had saved "my toolbar" and restored it, that particular icon button doesn't work anymore. I can't find the shortcut in "customize toolbar" either. I do have a toolbar icon for Paste Values and Paste Special but can't remember how I got the Paste Formulas in there. Can't find where the icon picture came from either. I had saved all my macros too but that wasn't one of them.

Any suggestions?

Thank you

Hi Rich:
One could probably write a book...or at least several chapters...about styles, reformatting, & templates. I'll give you some of my opinions, but note that others may differ.

1. I think it's best to use a custom template for every type of document that you create. That way you can easily make changes to one type of future documents by changing just one template. You can also store Autotext, macros, styles, toolbars, & shortcut keys that are peculiar to just one type of document.

When you create a document, it inherits its styles from the attached template at the time of creation. After that, the styles are contained in the document & are NOT affected by the attached template. HOWEVER, if someone receives a file & checks Tools/Templates & add-ins/Automatically update document styles, then any styles in your document will be changed to their attached template, PROVIDED they have the same style name.

There is a greater chance of having the same style names as another user if you use the normal template, since most people use Word "right out of the box".

2. As a result of the above, you should give unique names to all your styles to prevent other users from accidentally changing them.

3. Word documents do not have a high degree of secuity, so if someone wants to deliberately mess with your documents, it's possible. You might be better advised to send the final version as a PDF file. I suppose that you can email a copy of your lease & then compare it to the original when you get it back (using the Compare Documents feature). While this feature is not always accurate, it should detect whether there are NO changes or not in a document.

4. is more prone to corruption than a custom template because it is targeted by macro viruses more frequently.

5. When you use a custom template, you only need to keep toolbars, etc. that are used exclusively with the attached document. Other toolbars, macros, etc. that you use for all types of documents can either be stored in OR in a global template (my preference). A global template is one which is in the Word or Office startup folder.

Every time I have to reinstall Windows, I lose the Office toolbars that I had configured. Is there a file or group of files where this configuration can be captured, backed up and restored so I don't have to try and remember what I had set up last time?

I really like the simplicity of creating a personal form for repetitive email messages. However, I would like to bypass the FILE/NEW/CHOOSE FORM/LOOK IN PERSONAL FORMS LIBRARY/SELECT process and just put a shortcut on the toolbar for the two or three forms I use several times a day. Any ideas?

We recently got a Win XP./Office XP machine. With Office 2000, we installed from the Office 2000 CD, a toolbar that could be loaded with shortcuts and docked at the top of the screen. I have used that toolbar everyday since. Does Office XP have a similar feature that is not auto-installed? I checked both Office XP OEM CD's we received with the new PC and found nothing similar. In fact, it would not autorun so I could check.

I'm using Office 2000 SR1a on Windows 2000 Professional SP1. Is there any way to prevent Windows from adding an Outlook Express shortcut to the Start Menu and Quick Launch toolbar when a user logs on to a workstation for the first time? We have lots of students who don't have fixed computers, and we use Eudora Pro, so we don't want the Outlook Express icons to be created.


I maintain a mailing list for people in my organization. I answer light-technical questions re: MS Office, document the answer in Word, then send to group. When new people are added to group, they get a welcome letter listing prior articles so they can reply back to request a copy.

The prior messages are stored as Outlook message templates. Each template includes introductory text re: the problem and the Word file is attached to the template. Works OK.

Wondered if anybody had ideas for a better way to do this, as I have to do a lot of work to maintain this (creating the template, adding a shortcut to it on my toolbar, updating welcome letter to reference the newest article, etc.) and the number of templates will eventually get really large.

Have very little programming experience. Thanks for all input - just looking for ideas. Outlook 2000 SR-1.


I use XP & a month-old Viewsonic plasma screen. Software & hardware firewalls. Clean virus scans. I am the ONLY user.

It seems like my Windows fonts went invisible: No desktop shortcut labels. No Explorer filenames. No text in toolbar menus, or Start button/Program features. Text and options are invisible. Drop-down lists expand, but show various white spaces. Unfortunately this is true for most text in Help, Troubleshooting, and Control Panel sections. All icons and shorcuts, or folder symbols are intact, even with flyover labels opening--but with blank 'text' areas.

Most text within applications is fine. In Outlook 2000, unread message titles (bolded by default) appear. Read ones (normal text by default) have a long blank row . Message header info is blank for *open* messages. The message text is OK visible.

I adjusted the following--Refresh Rate, Theme, System Reset to a few days, and a few weeks, before the problem, run a virus scan. Most options are sets of blanks. My browser works OK, but Microsoft Knowledge Base has "invisible fonts" so I can't choose categories.

With a friend on the phone, we succeeded in getting a font to appear in SOME areas (shortcuts, Explorer folders). This was by poking around in the Advanced section of Display Properties (up to that point, the tabs are readable). Beyond that, it's blind again. The bad news is, the only font that seemed to work is a teensy script which is difficult to read--especially, say, in a list of fonts.

Any ideas? I'm wondering if I can reinstall FONTS only, either from my Windows CD or Office 2000? Whatever I do, I would (of course) need to READ the prompts along the way!