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Windows Update rebooted my laptop (Win7 Home Premium; 32-bit; Dell Vostro 3500) last night after "successfully completing" several updates. Now I cannot login because the login prompt never appears. Black screen "Starting Windows" swirl completes; goes to blue desktop with Windows 7 Home Premium label at bottom and Ease of Access keyboard icon in top left. Mouse pointer is functional. Keyboard is responsive but no interaction with onscreen items. Every 15 seconds or so, the screen very briefly blinks with a Win7 busy mouse pointer. This just continues. Ctrl-Alt-Del does nothing but I can shut down by pressing the power button briefly.

Rebooting in Safe Mode (with or without Command Prompt) does the same; still no login prompt.
"Last known good" does not appear as an option.

Laptop's recovery partition is not present due to a HDD swap last year (my Acronis disk image included only OS partition - my bad!)

Any suggestions beside booting with a live CD, recoverying data and replacing with old disk image?


Yesterday my laptop went on a blink . Anyway, it was working fine during the day, I switched it off and re-started in the evening & that's when all my problems began. I desperately need to get stuff off it. I *do not* get the login prompt. Has anybody seen anything like this before and if so, were you able to sort it out? It stays blank when it should display the login prompt and all I see is the mouse pointer (which I can move btw). It seems my keyboard is somehow disabled.

I don't think it is virus since I ran the virus checker the previous night (as usual). Also, ran Spybot, Malaware, etc previously during the week.

I tried starting in *safe mode* but again same - all I get it 'Safe Mode' in the four corners and the mouse pointer.

I then tried the Dell XP backup CD and tried the 'Repair' option (i.e. click 'R'). Again no difference at the next re-start.

If I plug in a pen drive then I see some activity off the hard disk - as if it recognises it. But, if I plug in my portable hard-drive - then nothing .

I tried solution thrown up by Microsoft (I forget the KB number.), i.e. unpack Kernel32.dll from the backup CD onto the C:WindowsSystem32. Aagain no difference.

Also, when using the backup CD to boot up, it give option to repair Windows or do a fresh re-install. The question is: if I do a fresh install, would it reformat my hard-drive or will it just do a fresh install of Windows XP? I don't mind losing programs (since I can restore them off my original CDs). I need desperately to keep *my* data.

Thanks. Look forward to your suggestions.


I am running Windows 7 on my Laptop and Windows Vista on my desktop in the same wireless network. I want to connect from Vista(desktop) to win7(laptop) via Remote Desktop Connection. On the win7 system, the settings for rdc are all changed. On the vista system I use RDC 7.0. For connecting I type in the IP, username and password of my Administratorprofile, which is currently logged in at win7.
RDC connects, the Administrator at the laptop(win7) is loged off automatically, and loged in via RDC in the same moment. At vista, where RDC runs, I can see the Welcome screen. But then RDC loses the connection, and shuts down after several attempts to reconnect.
When I log in at the win7 system, I can see, that the connection to the wireless network was closed. That means, in the moment RDC logs into the win7 account, the wireless connection closes and RDC fails.

The funny thing: It already worked! Until I installed MS Office 2007 (and maybe some updates). I tried system restore to a point before the installation, but it won't restore, I dunno why. I tried to deinstall all updates and MS Office but that does not help out. I tried to reconfigure all energy options at the win7 system to prevent it from closing the connection. no success.
Can anyone help me?

I accidentaly tripped over my laptop cord while booting. The computer was not harmed, but the adapter unpluged from the laptop and the laptop lost power while booting.

Timeline of events:
1) I tripped over the cord
2) laptop lost power while booting up
3) I pluged the laptop back in
4) I pushed the power button
5) Windows said it was loading...and then restarted its self while loading windows (it kept doing this in a loop)
6) I manually restarted my laptop
7) Windows said it was loading...and then restarted its self while loading windows (it kept doing this in a loop)
8) I exited the loop by pressing F1 before the windows loading screen
9) This took me to a screen where I could either choose which operating system I wanted to boot from, or press F8 for advanced options
10) I pressed F8
11) This took me to a screen with many options (repair windows 7, safe mode, debugging mode, boot with last known good configuration)
12) I booted with last known good configuration
13) This time windows loaded me to a black screen where I could see my mouse, but nothing else
14) I restart my computer again and navigate back to the advanced boot options screen
15) I choose, "repair windows 7"
16) windows 7 repair loads
17) I login to windows 7 repair
18) I am given options, (startup repair, system restore, command prompt, system recovery image, memory check)
19) I never made a system restore point, never made a system recovery image, and my windows 7 DVD which I bought over a year ago is now missing, so I choose "startup repaid"
20) Startup repair runs for 5 hours till it finds an error and tell me it needs to restart to fix it
21) My computer restarts, and windows 7 loads...taking me again to a black screen where I can see my mouse but nothing else
22) I restart my computer and re-navigate back to "startup repair"
23) Again I run startup repair
24) Startup repair runs for 2 hours till it tells me that noting can be found wrong and it sends a messgae to microsoft, and tell me to restart my computer
25) So, I restart my computer
26) My computer restarts, and windows 7 loads...taking me again to a black screen where I can see my mouse but nothing else
27) I restart my computer and re-navigate back to "startup repair"
28) Again I run startup repair
29) Startup repair runs for 2 min till it tells me that it is finished and can find nothing wrong (I try this several times with the same results)

What should I do?

The last time my computer was having this problem (same cause), it autostarted a disk check after restarting a few times, and that fixed it..., but I have no idea how to make it do one of those...(it just sort of happened on its own last time)

I already tried taking my computer in to tech support...and they told me that there was nothing I could do without buying an enitre new windows 7 DVD from them. I am kind of hoping that I do not have to do that though...because they are expensive as hell...and Christmas sort of has me tight on funds at the moment. I am, using a public hotel computer, asking for help from the Internetz. :-$

hi, My window 7 Ultimate OS is hanging after logining into to. After desktop and Task Bar appears nothing more works. Even Ctrl+alt+del also not appears. After a long break it says "Failure to Display security and shutdown options". i have gone through all the options from F8 repair options since 3 days. Opened in safemode and checked the event viewer. i found many errors in it but don't know which is causing this problem. after checking all i found this may be responsible and searched it on google and taken what ever measures they said and got an advance from login screen to desktop and taskbar appearance and hanging there (present situation).
Error: Session "ReadyBoot" stopped due to the following error: 0xC0000188, event ID:3, Source: Kernel-Event Tracing.
Plz help me. if any info more needed i'll post. i was able to get into safemode.
Note: I have a backup at the time of installation after which i have so many updates and softwares installed. If backup is restores 10s of software installation i loose. and esp. i want restore IE, Chrome and Firefox pages to restore. I have done restore point use (only 1 i have). Tried "last known good configuration", disabling some services incl. readyboot. no use.


I have a rather infuriating BSOD on wake from S3.

I have a GA-EX58-UD5 motherboard with my system drive 2x500GB Seagests in RAID 0 connected via the ICH10R raid controller.

I'm running Windows 7 SP1 64bit.

I suspect that the HDDs are not restarting when coming out of S3. When I resume from S3 my computer will get to the login screen, I can actually log in, and then my computer decides to die. I'll sometimes get an error that says something along the lines of "The requested data was not placed into memory because of an I/O status of 0xc000000e"

Then I get a BSOD with a F4 error and no minidum is created.

I suspect the HDDs not starting up are the culprit because when if I have resource manager running after return from S3 the IO is 0MB/s, and the minidump fails to write to disk.

In my power options I have HDD sleep set to never.

For "fun" I'm now cloning my RAID to a single disk connected directly (not via the ICH10R) to see if the problem persists.

Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Running Windows 7 Ultimate N x86 on a Dell Inspiron 6400

I used MSConfig to set the computer to boot into Safe Mode - Minimal Services. I did nothing else. That's the only thing I did.

Now when it gets to the login screen, nothing shows up. Just the cursor, the Ease of Access button, and the Shutdown button. No choosing users, no entering passwords, nothing. Which means I cannot log into any accounts. All I can do is shut it down or restart the computer.

I'd also turned off system restore a while back because of an infection there, but forgot to turn it back on and so I have no way to roll the computer back.

I tried hitting F8 and telling it to boot normally, but it continued through Safe Mode, so no luck there.

I can go to the Repair Your System option, but that's the best I can do.

Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

Hi all,

I have a system that has only one option for login: a standard user w/o admin privileges. I'm trying to do a "Windows Easy Transfer" from an XP box. Anyway, in order to do that, I must have admin privileges on the offending W7 box. I have admin privileges for my own account, but I don't get an option to log in as myself. Looking at C:/Users, I see my own profile and an admin account. How can I get around this?

Thanks in advance!

Hi folks,

This week (possibly after an automatic upgrade), my Windows 7 PC changed its sleep behaviour. Previously, it would emerge from sleep mode without going to the login screen. As of ~4 days ago, it now does.

I double-checked Power Options' Advanced Settings. For every power plan, "Require a password on wakeup" is still set to No.

What else may be causing my PC to ask for a password on wakeup?

I made my password in Cyrillic [Russian] characters, so when I sign in I have to switch my keyboard layout [it was a little button in the top left with an EN for english and RU for russian] before I enter my password, after installing a few optional updates, the keyboard switcher is no longer at the top left of my login screen, so I am unable to log in....

Any solutions?

This question or a similar one has ben asked on here and other places but no one seems to have any idea. So this will probably go unsolved like many other windows 7 issues but here goes. I'm happy to award 8 internets to anyone who has any ideas about resolving this issue.

Have a windows 7 pro machine which is part of a domain. User ONLY has domin login. ONLY admins have local machine access. When user takes windows 7 machine home and connects to network at home they cannot access any files on their XP "Workgroup". On the XP pro machines browsing the network shows the domain (Because the domain joined machine is now on the same network) and also shows the domain joined machine. All machines can ping each other. When attempting to connect to an XP machine that is sharing both folders that require a login and those that dont (everyone full access) the user is greeted with a login prompt. User has a login in lusrmgr.msc on the XP machine attempting to be accessed. This login works from the other XP machine. Does not work from the domain joined windows 7 machine. No login in lusrmgr on the windows 7 machine or the windows xp machines work when attempting to access that xp machine. Tried various login incarnations as the users login is automatically tried (DOMAINUser(which is in the xp machines lusrmgr users list)) Tried XPMACHINEUser, .User, User, IP.ADDRESSUser XPMACHINEUser IP.ADDRESSUser. All obviously to no end. Using an XP machine joined to the same domain, with the same login credentials, logging onto the same "Workgroup" works perfectly everytime using the users domain login credentials. At this point I'm assuming that microsoft has removed all ability to acces a workgroup share from a domain joined W7 machine and I should possibly be advising the company to roll back all W7 machines to XP so basic required functionality is restored.

BACKSTORY: User works for an accounting firm whose staff visit several customer sites to perform assorted tasks with the customers accounting "company files". Internet access is used at all sites so laptops are joined to the network. easiest option would be to use the same network to access the "company files" as opposed to copying to portable media and then back again once changes are made. The moving process also halts any other users from making changes whilst the accountant is editing their version of the file as the restored file will not have the changes made to the original during that period.

1 fix given was to rename the "Workgroup" to the same name as the domain. This is not practical accross serveral "Workgroups" especially if they are not owned by the user.
link-> Sharing "domain" & "workgroup"

A few similar questions asked on this forum never resolved or answered
Link-> work domain screwing up home network attempt
Link-> Damn you, Microsoft
Link-> switched domain to workgroup and can longer log onto computer


As stated. There is a problem with my GF's windows 7 DELL laptop. When you turn it on, the black screen with white text comes up, with start windows normally or repair windows. Both send you to the LOGIN screen, but there is no LOGIN box. It is just a background of the LOGIN page, you CAN move your mouse, but nothing else works. Is there anyway to system restore this, or fix it?
Also, I've tried most every F key to go to a different spot, but I can't seem to figure it out.

If i press f10, it says:
Edit Windows boot options for: Windows 7
Path: /windows/system32/winload.exe
Partition: 3
Hard Disk: a3f78fd4

Would that be the virus causing the problem? Is there any way to fix it? Please, help!


Flabbergasted and distressed.

I've read several of the related threads such as this one: (1) but none of them seemed to actually hit on the problem that's happening. I'm moderately computer savvy, but am so overwhelmed with other things that I'd really just appreciate the help of someone more experienced at troubleshooting who can just say, "Do this and this, report back until resolved", this time.

Honestly, I think a full restore will be the best solution. However, that takes time and management I don't have for the next 2 weeks, and I need my laptop functional until then.

On another note, I backed up all of my files, and the end result left less than 500MB on my external drive. After rebooting a few times, when I went to move another 100MB more onto it, an astonishing 6.8GB was free??? Wtf. Flabbergasted and distressed.

Finally, the problem:

System hangs indefinitely (8+ hours) AFTER login screen. Turns black.
-- Pressing CTRL+DEL at this time causes a dialog box to pop, saying something about how the OS failed to launch the procedure securely, and to press ESC or perform a hard shutdown. When I tried to replicate this error in order to get the error code/a phone screenshot of what happened, this happened:

++ I was able to access the computer through normal boot. Before successfully accessing, I did several things, horribly unsystematic as it was. (A) ran CCleaner, clearing temp files and minor registry errors. (B) Ran MSConfig and cleared all the non-Microsoft services, shut down some other Startup options. (C) Logged on using the On-Screen Keyboard, purely as a whim; this makes me extremely uncomfortable.

Eventlog shows a multitude of things, the most relevant being a 1084 coming from DCOM.

"SFC /scannow" results (several hits): see attached
CPU-Z readouts: see attached Attached Files CBS-P1.txt (2.44 MB, 63 views) CBS-P2.txt (2.59 MB, 91 views) CPUZ-Haven.txt (9.8 KB, 27 views) Share Share this post on Digg Technorati Twitter
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Join Date Oct 2009 Posts 6,555 Re: Win7 x64 - Black Screen after Login & Welcome The SFC scan seems to say all problems were repaired. But it was filled with references to a Skyylife, or Biosphere set of files? If you know what that is, maybe your system is trying to access that and not being able to. If you want to look at the CBS log, the SFC entries are usually made with an [SR] in the line entry.

X:Skyylife. Biosphere- FaunaWindows SidebarGadgetsWeather.Gadgetimages"[l:12{6}]"47.png" from store Otherwise, a hang after a log in can be caused by a driver, or perhaps system corruption.

If you get back into Event Viewer, a complete description of what it says about the DCOM error might help. There are some net hits if you look for that error number with DCOM.


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The future

Because DouDouLinux doesn't require an installation, there are both ISO and IMG files available to download in several languages such as English, Arabic, English, French, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and more.


Download DouDouLinux (note: in my test, the Ubuntu Startup Disk creator failed to create a bootable USB so I recommend UnetbootIn for creating a bootable USB - it's available in the Ubuntu repositories and you can also find Windows executable at its homepage).


I have Windows 7 in my Dell Laptop 64 bit version. While working suddenly windows crashed and blue screen appeared.

After rebooting the system the windows initial screen came up but without any user login interface. It was just showing the blue windows screen and not accepting any user id or password to login.

I tried running safe mode with and without networking it works fine. I ran recovery it says no problem. I dont have restoration point / OS emergency recovery kit with me.

Now I am unable to login thru regular mode and I am working with Safe Mode (With networking option). So please help me in resolving this issue.



I have seen this issue on the forum before, but I have yet to find a solution. Hope I'm a lucky one.

I turned on the computer this evening and it gave me the "Windows was not Shut Down Properly" message followed by the options to start in Safe Mode, or Start Normally. I started it up normally, and all looked well.

However, when I went to type in my password, nothing happened.

No response from the keyboard in any way. I tried moving it to different ports, but no luck.

Then I saw that my wife's portable hard drive was plugged in. Since my computer's BIOS is set to try and boot from any CD or USB device plugged in, I'm guessing it tried to boot from her hard drive and something went nuts.

The mouse still works, and the keyboard will work in BIOS and when messing around in Windows System Recovery Options.

Here is a list of what I have tried so far:

- I tried moving the keyboards plug to different USB ports.

- I tried restarting my computer.

- I tried Startup Repair (multiple times).

- I tried a System Restore, but 3/4 the way through it said that one of the backed up files was incomplete, and now I can't find any backups to restore from.

- I tried to use the On Screen Keyboard to get into my account. However, the On Screen Keyboard doesn't work for reasons I cannot fathom.

- I can access the Command Prompt from the System Recovery Options, and get into regedit from that, but I don't want to tamper with something that I hardly understand.

I could reinstall, but I'd rather see what options are open to me first.

I'm using Windows 7 Professional. If you need any other info, please ask.

Xref: microsoft.public.windowsxp.network_web:218617

Yeah, i figured out that the administrator password had to be the same, because it worked when i logged in without a password, since the administrator account on my computer does not have a password (probably time to disable that account).

What doesn't make sense to me is why I don't even get the login option from the FAMILY computer. It just gives me access denied right away without even letting me attempt to login. Even though the FAMILY pc has no password I should still be given an opti
on to login with an account that exists on the share PC, especially since "Limit local account use of blank passwords to console login only" is set to disabled. What does happen though when I look at the session info on the share pc, it says that FAMILY i
s connected with 0 folders open and under "guest" it says yes. I'm not sure what that means since i definitely wasn't allowed access. This happens to any computer that gets denied access to the share folder, kind of odd.
The only time I WAS able to access the share pc from the FAMILY pc is when I gave Guest NTFS permissions on the share folder so it looks like the FAMILY pc is trying to authenticate as Guest no matter what. Is there a way to turn this off? Simple file sh
aring is not enabled on the FAMILY pc either. I just tried setting a password on the FAMILY pc and it didn't make a difference, it still tries to authenticate as Guest. It is running Windows XP pro not home.

The last thing i'd like to know is how to deny access to users I create for network access, locally. I don't want them to be able to login into my computer from the console, only if they're accessing the share folder. Is this possible?


"Doug Sherman [MVP]" wrote:

If the Administrator account on Server has a password, then the
Administrator account on NAME must have the same password.

Whatever user account/password is used to logon to FAMILY must have a
duplicate user account/password on NAME.

If you want to become familiar with security, use passwords.

Doug Sherman

"Kal525" wrote in message
I'm trying to become familiar with Windows XP Pro networking permissions
and security and I think I have a pretty good understanding except for a few
things I was hoping someone could shed some light on.

The share folder is on my main pc, call it NAME, and I also have a laptop
(NAME2), a webserver(NAME-SERVER), and another PC (FAMILY).

The share folder has share permissions for "Everyone" and read access.
The NTFS file permissions are at their default.

I am able to access the main PC (NAME) from the laptop without entering
any login or password information because both the laptop and main pc are
logged in locally with the same username and password. However, when trying
to connect to the main pc from the server, it prompts me for a login and
password, even though I'm logged in as an Administrator with a password and
the share pc has Administrators as part of the NTFS permissions and is
included in the everyone ACL permissions. Also "Limit local account use of
blank passwords to console login only" is set to disabled because I have not
created a password for the administrator account on the share pc. The only
way I can log into the share pc from the server is by using the same
username and password that I use to log onto the share pc locally(NAME) and
the laptop locally. Also trying to loginto the share with Guest and no
password denies me access for some reason.

Aditionally, the FAMILY pc is not even presented with a login/password
option, I just get a denied access message. The FAMILY pc does not have a
password, but that should not matter with the "Limit local account use..."
option I have enabled.

Any ideas would be much appreciated, Thanks.

Keith Im no expert at all but i too had identical probs to yourself last night and this morning, Ive managed to resolve the hotmail and msn groups sign in through help from aol, the only thing that worked was to use keyword 'securefix' through AOL and clic
k and msn sign in is sorted but still having problems with messenger 6.2 or windows messenger code error 0z81000370...AOL cant help with this unfortunately so I've since written to microsoft with the details of my problem ..this wont help if
u aint got AOL tho cause I did do a lot of the solutions u tried first and they didnt work at all.. good luck

"Keith Vaughn" wrote:

Windows XP Professional "Error Code: 0x81000370"

System: DELL INSPIRON 8100
1 GHZ Processor
512 RAM
20 GB Hard-Drive
40% FREE
Operating System: Windows XP SP1A
Browser: Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1
MSN Messenger: 6.2

Recently I found I cannot;
1.) Browse / Scan for Updates at Cannot find the page
2.) Browse so I cannot Login and retrieve Hotmail
3.) MSN Messenger 6.2 will not connect displays "Error Code: 0x81000370"

What I attempted to Fix / resolve this:

1st: Full System Scan for Virus w/ McAfee (Latest DAT)
2nd: Disabled Anti-Virus
3rd: Uninstalled Sygate Firewall 5.5
4th: Set I.E. 6.0 back to DEFAULT Settings
5th: Lowered Security Settings to LOW
6th: Added to TRUSTED SITES;
*Unchecked https:
7th: Uninstalled Internet Explorer and Reinstalled Internet Explorer
8th: Uninstalled MSN Messenger 6.2 and Reinstalled MSN Messenger 6.2
9th: Within Windows XP desktop, I inserted XP CD and "Upgraded" the OS
10th: Changed Boot Sequence and Booted to XP OS CD and Selected:
1: CWindows
"R" for repair the OS, gave admin password and prompt immediately
changed to:
Not sure what else to do ?
Attempting to get MSN Messenger going tonite by;
a.) Open MSN Messenger 6.2
Select TOOLS
General Tab has 4 Boxes CHECKED
I'm unchecking Boxes: 1, 3, and 4 (Per Msn /Hotmail Telephone Tech Support)

Any input on how I can restore I.E. 6.0 so as to allow me to goto and scan for
updates at:
and to login my account is GREATLY Appreciated
*Note: I can Browse all over the Internet and even Login to my
Online Bank and CC accounts, "Just" Microsoft related sites
I can't get to......I can goto the site and Browse
there and goto the Security Pages

Thank YOU

Keith Vaughn
Modesto, CA

I see people in forums everywhere posting on this, but no resolutions.
Let's find out what this is!

My XP SP1 with full patches was working fine. I booted this morning
and saw a warning that there was an invalid registry key, but that a
prior version of the registry was available and it was going to use
that. I had to OK it. Then nothing.

I hard reset. I have auto-login to a user in group admin. I see the
desktop wallpaper, hear the music, then it goes back to windows logon
and stays there. The only thing active is ctrl-alt-delete which brings
up task manager. The desktop under that shows wallpaper with no icons.
logonui.exe is running and a few other services, explorer.exe is not.
I cannot run explorer.exe manually from FileRun because there are no
program associations. I can't see any recent errors because (no
associations) I can't run control panel (any other way to do this?). I
can't regedit for the same reasons.

ShutdownRestart and ShutdownTurnOff from the Task Manager menu do
not work. I figured a good boot may require a clean wrapup.

If I close task manager, there are no icons on the desktop.
Right-clicking shows no context menu, so I can't "Show desktop icons",
"Arrange icons by", etc. Ctrl-alt-delete again doesn't re-open task
manager, hard reset is the only option.

Safe Boot IS available
F8 does work, and I can select "with Command prompt" from the menu.
While it shows the same logonui issue, I now have a command prompt,
and can execute Notepad, and regedit! I still have no icons or context
menu from the desktop, and browsing with the notepad Open dialog only
shows some folders depending on how I drill down into them.

I did not do any system configuration or installs of new software
yesterday. I have fully updated NAV 2004 but it's possible that I got
hit with a nasty virus (don't know how, this is a development machine
and "surfs safe"). Problem is that I can't do a scan/check in this
condition. I have daily backups of critical data, my last save of the
registry was done a couple weeks ago. I can backup the registry now
but am not sure how to do a check to get a delta and see what

Please provide some suggestions for how to get logonui to finish
whatever it's doing, launch explorer.exe, and otherwise get this
system back to normal. Any tips on what to look for in the registry or
logs are welcome.

I don't know if there is a way to boot into safe mode with a command
prompt AND with networking. I'd really like to be able to extract my
backups off of this system through the network, just in case the
system can't be salvaged.


After the last shut down of my computer the other day, whenever I turn on
the computer, it no longer logs me into Windows XP Home. It comes to the
welcome screen, but it does not display any users to log into. I press the
CTRL+ALT+DEL twice to get the log in window, but I still cannot login as a
user, it says that the passwords are bad, I cannot even login as

When I go to safe mode, the same situation exists, whether I am trying to
log in just safe mode, or with a command prompt., There are no log in's
available and when I press the CTRL+ALT+DEL twice to get the login window,
it will not recognize any of my login's.

I have attempted to use the setup repair console, but it asks for a
Administrator login password, and since I have never set a password for the
administrator, I simply press enter on the blank password, and it refuses to
let me into the repair console.

My next option was to run setup and repair the current installation, but
after doing this, I was faced with the same situation described above. I am
looking at a blank wall.

Last night I installed a fresh new copy of the OS, and it worked, to allow
me into the computer and have access to the hard drive and everything, but
there is nothing installed on the system or registered.

Did I miss something in my attempt to restore my original operating system
to functionality? is there something that I can reset to allow the original
OS to login? When I turn on the computer now, it allows me to choose between
the OS's, the original, which does not let me login, and the new OS which is
devoid of any of my programs.



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