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Im having a big problem with connecting to the internet. It was working fine a couple of days ago but now i cant connect to the internet at all. I have a windows 7 compatible laptop and google chrome is the default internet Im using. I have checked the wireless network connection status which reads "IPv4 Connectivity No network access" "IPv6 Connectivity No network access" "Media state Enabled". The unidentified network is currently set at Public network and cant be switched to anything else. l have spent 4 hours trying to resolve the issue of reconnecting but have had no luck. Any help would be appreciated.


I'm new here and I have a problem with networking connection.
When I open Network and sharing center, isee my computer on the left, unidentified network in the middle and no internet connection on the right.
I tried various methods such as disabling ipv4 or ipv6, enabling auto connectivity, i have no ##Id_String, updated my driver, tcp stack, ip /release ip /reset, netsh int reset etc.
Here's the thing,
I cannot access internet via network on either my or anywhere else that has wifi point or a router. to simplicate matters, i live in an apartment and my roomies share a router. It was working fine for me until suddenly this incident happened on this monday. I have a toshiba laptop; i will update since i am on a public computer. I had this laptop in July and was working properly.
thank you

I am using Windows 7 Ultimate RTM. I have a multihomed PC. One NIC is connected to the internet and has a static IP and a default gateway. The second NIC is connected to my isolated (read: no Internet connectivity) home network with a static IP and no default gateway. Windows 7 sees this second NIC as an unidentified network and will not allow me to set it to the Home or Work profile so I can share things. I understand that this is because the NIC doesn't have a default gateway, but as everyone knows you can't have two default gateways on a single host. Please tell me how to get this incredibly simple setup working. I've spent 2 hours combing this forum and Google to no avail. I understand that the Windows 7 networking management is dumbed down from XP but this is a little ridiculous. Where is the "I know what I'm doing" switch for Windows 7 networking?!?!



Hi All seems am missing something here,, my host pc is connected wirelessly via a dlink air plus usb adapter to my home wireless router and i am trying to connect another pc in my home office via a Ethernet cross over cable to share the internet connection i have changed the settings to share info and allow others etc in the dlink wireless adapter network and i have a unidentified network on the second pc but no internet connection.
the Ethernet card in the host is nvidia nforce and the second pc is a broad com.
Do i have to enter enter any static ip address to either network card and make any adjustment to my main router settings to allow a connection ?¿?¿ Helpppp!!!!

Both pcs are running win 7 ult. host is 64 bit and the 2nd pc is 32 bit. is there any one out there that has had a try at going through this set up?¿? any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards firepin

running windows 7 64, have had zero problems for about 6 months until now after i moved i cannot wire to router i have to use a wireless adapter. Originally bought a d link dwa 130 and it worked great for about a week then out of the blue the net went out for no reason whatsoever, no updates had happened at the time there was no antivirus or firewall anything. tried everything(to my knowledge) and couldnt get it working again.(it was connecting just not allowing me internet access so it wasnt the adapter i dont think). anyways finally gave up uninstalled the drivers for that d link and exchanged it for a netgear adapter which worked great for about 2-3 weeks then the exact same problem started again. I am connected to the public network which has no password, but all of a sudden says no internet access. I have tried disabling/enabling, uninstalled bonjour(didnt have that weird line in services which is apparently related), turned off firewall, turned off windows defender, reinstalled software. Again this happened for no apparent reason, nothing was going on on the comp i hadnt installed anything new in a long time, no antivirus programs making any disruption, no updates just while browsing wikipedia all of a sudden cut out.

forgot to add: i have the same d link adapter i originally had working fine on another computer in the apartment running windows 7 as well and it has never had a problem.(i also tried the d link adapter that i was having problems with on several other computers in the house and it worked perfectly fine.

i have no clue how the d link could work perfectly then conk out, then the netgear worked perfectly for another few weeks and now again (Connected to the network but giving the yellow exclamation warning sign saying no internet access)

appologize if thats too much info but am pretty frustrated at this point any help whatsoever would be great

I have a win7 (x64) platform with VM's to utilize several other OS's (linux based) which worked dandy up until yesterday when I had a short power outage. The win7 has perfect connectivity but the VM's do not.

My VM which has always run as a public access/ unidentified network, has no internet connectivity. I've seen many similar posts but nothing related to VM's. I surfed the VMware forums and found nothing thus far to resolve my issue. I don't believe this is a VM issue at all but rather a win7 or router issue although the Primary OS is running like a champ.

I know it's a simple fix but I'm just not seeing this clearly, any help would be great.

I have a Verizon USB modem connection to my new dell 8100 desktop with windows 7. I connect to the internet with vzaccess manager. I have this computer connected (ethernet) to a WRT54G router so my laptop (Vista) can get internet connection thru the 8100. This connection worked when I had a desktop with XP. But I can not get it to work with Windows 7.
My desktop shows an unidentified network with no internet access (router), it also will not let me choose public or private. My laptop show a unified connection to my router with local and no internet connection, and I can see both computers but no router. My desktop can see both computers but no router. The router has a static ip address of The laptop adapter is setup with auto configuration. the desktop is setup with auto configuration. It never would let me set up a connection to a network. It would not recognize my router. I updated the firmware on it today. And have tried resetting my router.

I have tried everything I can think of any help would be appreciated. I have worked with this all day and hunted for answer in different forums but could not find the solution.
Thanks for any help you can give me

I have tried everything I can think o,f any help would be apprieated. I have worked with this all day and hunted for answer in different forums but could not find the solution.
Thanks for any help you can give

I was having some wi-fi issues with my ZyXel X-550 Xtreme MIMO router (I have about 10 devices in the house now trying to access the wi-fi), so I installed a new Medialink Wireless-N (150) router that I had purchased a couple months ago. I followed all of the install directions for the router meticulously, but when I started everything up, I had no internet connection on the Windows 7 desktop PC connected to the router (wired connection). I tried accessing the router directly through my browser and still nothing. I was, however, able to connect just fine with wi-fi and complete the router setup. I then tested a wired connection to the router from my network, and that worked fine. I tested all of my ethernet cables and verified that those don't seem to be an issue. As I poked around further on the desktop, I noticed that my network settings showed "Unidentified Network". I tried disabling my Windows firewall, but that did nothing. A Medialink rep had me check Device Manager, but when I go there, the window is completely blank. There are NO devices at all listed. The Medialink rep then said there was nothing further she could do aside from recommending I run CCleaner to clean up the registry. I did that, rebooted, but still no network nor devices listed under Device Manager.

Note that 30 minutes before swapping the routers, everything on my desktop PC, including the internet connection, was working just fine.

I'm desperate to get my desktop reconnected. Any ideas on what to do?

Hello I have a very irritating internet problem, which I just can't seem to go away.

Recently a bought a new Toshiba Toshiba U500-12G laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit installed on it. After putting the Ethernet cable of my pc directly in the Laptop, Windows 7 started to identify the connection and eventually stated that it wasn't able to connect by listing "Unidentified Network", "No internet access". This is the same cable to works just fine when plugged in my Windows XP PC.
After right clicking the Windows tried to address the problem, but was unable solve it entirely since "LAN-connection doesn't have valid IP-Configuration".

I tried to google for a solution and apparently I am not the only one with this specific problem, yet the solutions I read on this and other forums haven't solved my connectionproblem so far:

After checking, I am sure I don't have the Bonjour service on my laptop, nor the string that apparently causes many of these issues.
I have updated my modem driver to the latest version.
I have disable and enable the controller various times without success.
IPv 6 is not checked.

See below for a screen shot of my ipconfig /all results

Does anyone have an idea to solve this problem? I haven't been able to connect to internet with this laptop since I got it a few days ago.

Thanks in advance. Attached Thumbnails   Share Share this post on Digg Technorati Twitter
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Join Date Nov 2009 Posts 5,926 Blog Entries2 You wouldn't normally network two PCs in this manner unless
1. You were running Internet connection sharing on the Desktop or
2. You were trying to setup an adhoc network for internal file sharing
In both cases, such a connection may or may not require a crossover cable, depending on each PC's Network adapter's ability to handle internally crossing over the appropriate wires in the four pair set.
Typically, you would use a router with switch ports or a seperate switch device to handle such connections.

Right... I moved into a hostel that provides 'freewire' in the bedrooms which in a leaflet you receive on arrival says "just plug the Ethernet cable into your laptop and once you're sent to the freewire website create a new user and password to get online!" After moving into my shared room I put an Ethernet cable into the router and connected to my pc, which then gave me the very annoying 'unidentified network'.

This problem occured last Tuesday. After a week of looking on the Internet, phoning the 'freewire' help line, and spending £70 in PC world on them basically replacing my hard drive and doing a wipe of my laptop, still no solutions have been found.

I really have no idea what else to do or who else to ask. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Currently I've tried:

8Disabling and enabling my 'Local area connection'
Turning off firewalls
Using different browsers

I did at one point have a weird conversation with the freewire helpline. After going through some steps with one of the call centre helpers I was told to read out my physical address, which reads as '00-00-00-00-00-00'.

The person on the other end of the line was honest and said this address meant it was a problem with my computer, not the network (I.e its not his problem). Hence why I went to the computer shop pc world for a very expensive computer make over.

I'm sorry if this thread seems like one very mixed rant, however it is 1:47am and I am having to write the entire thing from my iPhone using a 3G connection.

Once again any help would be appreciated


Hi all.

I am trying to connect my notebook - HP Compaq 6730s to my desktop.
I have ASUS Striker 2 Formula motherboard, nVidia 780i SLI chipset, 2 network adapters, and windows XP Pro SP3, x86 Edition.
On my notebook I haveWindows 7 Ultimate RC 7100 Build.
I couldn't find Win7 drivers for my notebook so I installed VISTA drivers in compatiility mode.
Everything works fine, including the network and internet access.
Right now I am trying to connect 'em using a crossover cable. When I pluged in the cable I was expecting windows to detect my network automatically, in the same way it did when I connected VISTA to XP but it didn't.
I tried to configure the network, I used IP address on my desktop and on my notebook and subnet mask.
Windows 7 popped up a message: "Unidentify network - no internet connection".
I created a new Local Network Connection but again, the same message popped up.
Used ping to test the connection - 100% Loss.
Any ideas?


Hi, I know there are a lot of these posts, but I can't find a solution to my problem. I am running on a dell inspiron with a 64-bit windows 7 OS. It worked fine for about a month then my wireless connectivity started getting all fritzy. When I attempt to connect to my home network (Linksys router), I get a screen that pops up saying "connecting to [network]". Then, when I click on the wireless networks icon, it says "identifying... [network]" and under that "no internet access". It will try to identify my network for some time, then it will say "unidentified network", with a park bench icon next to it. I have called dell and talke to tech support. They have walked me through all sorts of command prompts, winsock fix, and ipconfigs, but none of that worked. Eventually, I reset the computer to factory settings, but that still didn't fix it. This is my first laptop and i am heading off to college soon, so if there's anything I can do to fix this, please help me. (Oh, and the IPv6 and IPv4 are set to automatically obtain the address, and that still didn't fix it.)

So yesterday in the early AM's I was browsing my internet and all the sudden, bam.
I lost my internet.

No reason at all, it just happened. This is only my computer, everything else works fine (If internet is out, our TV's don't work)

When I go to my little internet icon in the taskbar, it says Unidentified Network and I have no internet access what so ever.

When I run CMD and use ipconfig /release I get this:
"An error occurred while releasing interface Loopback Pseudo-Interface 1 : The system cannot find the file specified."

I also got this error before:
"An error occurred while releasing interface Local Area Connection : An address has not yet been associated with the network endpoint."

Tech support kept telling me to use ipconfig /flushdns but whenever I entered it into CMD it gave me an error saying something along the lines of "command unrecognized"

I cannot give you guys the full text of what CMD says since it's on a different computer.

This has been going on for two days straight and it's just one giant headache, so please help me guys.

NOTE: People keep assuming I'm using wireless, I am using a direct ethernet cord, not wireless.

/EDIT: I'll tell you what I've tried.
* ipconfig /release and /renew and /flushdns
* Turn off firewall
* Update and Reinstall Driver
* Restarting my modem/router
* Restarting my computer
* Unplugging my ethernet cord and replugging it (also leaving it unplugged over-night)
* Manually assigning the 12 code I'm assuming IP


I have a MSI wind Notebook 100U (Realtek wireless card) that connects perfectly in my WEP home network. It also connects nice with others WEP networks and with most cabled network. I had installed Windows 7 three month ago. When it ran Windows XP I had no problems to connect with WPA and WPA2. But in my job, the Wireless network runs WPA or WPA2 with TKIP encryption and now I can't connect anymore. I found a lot of similar problems, but none of them brings me the solution. I follow the administrator instructions:

WAP2 - Enterprise; TKIP
Unchecked the Server certificate box under configurations.
Authentication methods: EAP-MSCHAP v2 and unchecked Windows username and password at the properties.

This configurations were reviewed by the administrators and are OK. He also tried the WPA - Enterprise and It didn't work too.

The message I received when I try to connect is "Unidentified Network" and I am not able to switch "local network" or access point among home, corporative and public networks. I have no access to the internet and no IP (just APIPA on "ipconfig /all").

The administrator of the network is not dealing properly with this problems and a lot of Windows 7 users and some Windows vista users are facing the same problem than mine. Interesting is that some Windows 7 and vista users are connecting without problems. The XP computers and Iphone are working fine.

I have tried:

Updated my wireless card drivers.
Disabled the IPv6.
TCP/IP IPv4 is enabled.
Network discovery is turned on.
Printer and files sharing is enabled.
Turned of all firewals (including the Windows one) and antivirus and antispywares.
The Windows solution to vista problem I have tried on 7: DhcpConnEnableBcastFlagToggle on regedit (Windows Vista cannot obtain an IP address from certain routers or from certain non-Microsoft DHCP servers)
On"services.msc", the DHCP client is started (but the logon is running on "this account" not in "local system account" because when I tried to put in this option my home network crushed).
I didn't find Bonjour service in my computer. I didn’t install Itunes or other MAC programs.
I also tested an USB Wireless card, without success. Therefore I think this is a Windows 7 bug.

Some of the solutions will suggest to manually configure the DNS, IP number... But it is impossible to me argue with the wireless administrator in doing that. He explained to me a lot of reasons (that I didn't understand) why I cannot put an IP number manually.

It is not my intent to be abrupt or discourteous. I apologize you for my English because I'm not an English expert. I hope you found the solutions. Thanks.

Hello. I'm completely new to this forum and I feel terrible for posting issues right away, but I'm so desperate and frustrated with this issue that I'm about to throw my laptop out the window. I also apologize because I'm fairly aware that this problem has been posted several times on this forum and a million times on the internet, but I am afraid I may be the first one to wipe my computer and STILL have the problem!!!

So here it is:

I'm operating Windows 7 (of course) on an HP laptop. Everything was working just splendidly for six months straight until a month ago, when I ran into a serious internet/network problem. No matter where I try to connect with my laptop -- my house, ad hoc connections, other wireless routers, public connections, or directly into the high-speed modem that plugs into my desk top, -- the internet connection always shows the same message: "Unidentified Network: Public Network", and I cannot change it, no matter how many steps I take. I've gone as far as wiping my system and starting over with the factory settings, to no avail.

I have tried every trick in the book, from disabling the Bonjour service, to disabling and enabling network adapters, to adjusting TCP/IP issues, to updating the wireless drivers, to running troubleshoot, to ATTEMPTING to contact microsoft and calling HP tech support a dozen times, to erasing my computer's memory all together and restarting from the factory setting, with NO LUCK of repairing this issue.

I'm at a complete loss and really afraid, because this laptop was a gift from my mother to use to communicate with my family while I am miles away from home during the school year. Please, if no one here can help, can anybody at least direct me to a number, a forum, ANYTHING that can help me?

Thank you so much for listening and caring enough to read.

Hi I have windows 7 and a mac airport for my wifi network. I used to be able to connect to the internet just fine but all of the sudden it stopped working. I tried to plug it directly in but still to no avail, My wirless connection manager says unidentified network and LIMITED ACCESS. I've also tried dropping my IP address and getting a new one... still nothing

How can I fix this??

Thanks a bunch if you can help!

My computer has fallen victim to the unidentified network problem.

My computer is a homebuilt desktop running Windows 7 64-Bit Home Premium. The problem has cropped up several times before, however I've always been able to fix it by "just" re-installing Windows (the upgrade option, not the full installation). This time that fix has failed.

A few possibly salient points:
1) My copy of Windows registers as not genuine, since I am unable to connect to authenticate.
2) I was previously running no anti-virus software, and tho I am now, it does not have virus definitions to play with.
3) My network adaptor is onboard, and its model number is a Realtek RTL8168B/8111B. It's ethernet only.
4) I can't offer you information on the network map, since Windows insists on labeling this network as an "Unidentified network", calling it public, and not letting me change it.

I've already tried a number of suggested solutions, so just to eliminate some possibilities:

1) I don't think it's my router. I've tried it on my school's network and my home network, and at home I've used both direct connection to the router and routing the ethernet through my Macbook's "share internet" feature. Nada.
2) I've tried disabling and re-enabling the network adaptor. Zilch.
3) I've tried the fix suggested on MSFT's website which involves modifying the registry to change the "broadcast" behavior of Vista/7. No way.
4) I've tried changing the "Network Address" under Local Area Connections>Connection Status>Properties>Advanced>Network Address, as suggested several times. No change.
5) I've tried un-installing the driver, then rebooting to let Windows install the default driver. No beans.
6) I've tried "ipconfig /release" & "ipconfig /renew". Nothing.
7) I've tried re-installing Windows 7 (upgrade, not a full clean install). NOPE.

I'm at my wit's end. Any idea on what I can do, short of buying a new network card, re-installing Windows and all my programs, or dropping my PC off a cliff and trying to start a new life as a Mac gamer (HA!)?

I created a Network bridge between my home network (Humax box, PS3, TV, Netbook via Zyxel router) connected to Laptop via ethernet cable and my wireless internet router. Work no problems after entering the IP:
Windows 7 Unidentified Network, Limited Access, No Internet Connection Problem Resolved
Testing on all devices connected to home network and internet was available on all. However after shutting down laptop and restarting, got the dreaded blue screen. Restore point was prior the Network Bridge was created. Closed down and restarted no problems. Recreated the network bridge successfully as before, blue screen again on restart. Can someone help me please?

Friends laptop im working on had Vista, internet stopped working.
Couldnt figured it out so i reformatted. Few days later, I am finally set up with Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit SP 1.
Used a bootable flash drive, which was a task on it own to get working lol.
Its a Toshiba laptop, According to system information it has 4 gigs of ram (3.5 usable) AMD athlon dual-Core.
Now according to the UserManaul it says its a Satellite L300, then Pro L300 ,then L300D, then PRo L300D. So i have no idea why the manual has 4 different names on the cover no idea what exactly this laptop is. just thought i would share this confusing matter.
And i dont have any of the Cd's or software that came with the computer, from what i know, nothing came with the laptop. and it was originally installed with Vista , with multiple partitions.

So after formatting blal blah....Well here I am windows 7 working fine just no net access.
Now i can use the wireless feature, and i can bring up a list of wireless connections i can try to connect to, there are about 8 or 9 random weird names, but they all require a pass phrase or security code to connect to, so that doesnt help me.

Now im just trying to use the NIC card to go straight to my dsl or cable modem or whatever to connect to the net, just like my regular Desktop computer. But it wont work. It will try to establish a connection but will eventually say im connected to an unidentified network with no IP or net access.

I have tried cmd in admin mode to release / renew the ipconfig, and that doesnt help either.
I usually get a Media Disconnected type similar message and sometimes a DHCP error, but more often a media disconnected error.

I have tried that Winsockfix program, that didnt help.

Now in Device Manager, under network adapters i have 2 listenings my Realtek Nic card which i tried updating or changing the driver, didnt work. and my Wireless adapter listening.
There are no Conflicts or problems, UNLESS i go VIEW> show hidden Devices.
Then under OTHER DEVICES, there are 2 Unknown devices, with Exclamation points...

Another point worth mentioning is, when i have my cable plugged into my NIC card, the GREEN LIGHT IS SOLID, and theres an ORANGE light constantly blinking.
I hear it could be a sign that the card is damaged, or most likely the card is just sending/receiving.

I also have a switch on the front side of the laptop i beieve is for the wireless adapter, and it is switched to ON. I even tried having it switched to off, has no effect.

I have also finally went to network connections, and I only have 2 listening one for wireless and one for the realtek NIC.
I have tried disabling or reenabling both or one at a time, with no effect. same problems.

Anyone here have any ideas??
Maybe update the cpu firmware? i doubt that would do anything.
I mean The network card and wire less adapter are both installed problem says there are no problems in device manager, but i just cant connect to the net and then those 2 unknown devices are kinda worrynig me, not sure how to remove them or fix em. I tried uninstalling them both but they just come back as unknown.

Any one here have any help or ideas?

Iv been googling and reading for the last 3 days, and finally get this far. and im stucked. no idea.

Im thinking a Problem with the network card or something maybe its not connected properly but doesnt make sense since the computer is recognizing it.
Then again theres no way to take this lap top apart, with out special tools or anything, the basic 10 screws on the bottom dont loosen anything lol.

Can anyone help/


I have encountered an unusual problem. While I am always able to connect to the internet wirelessly, I have issues when connecting to the internet when wired directly to my cable modem. The computer reports back Unidentified Public Network--no internet

What is odd, it that I can make a wired connection when connected to a port on my router. Also, I can make a wired connection at work and more recently I successfully made a wired connection at a car dealership while having my car serviced. However, if I attempt to connect to the internet with my computer directly connected to the modem, I get Unidentified Public Network--no internet.

Incidentally, if I connect my old Vista Professional machine directly to the same modem there are no issues with obtaining an internet connection.

Thoughts on what to try?


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