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I have been asked to look at PC desktop computer belonging to a colleague. Basically he said he has lost a lot of icons from the desktop and some of his short cuts to certain programmes. I have checked and the programmes are still installed so that’s not a problem in recreating some of the short cuts.

When I checked the PC with “Windows Explorer” it rather looks as if some files have been deleted from the original set-up. When I click on “Users” it opens only one folder called “Public”.

I suspect he has deleted the following folders:-

Folder with his name

See a copy of this below.

He does not have a backup, I have checked restore points, the most recent is “Windows updates" and the installation of Service Pack One. I see little point in trying any of the restore points. The rubbish bin is empty. How can I reinstall these missing folders etc. I suspect other important folders may have also be deleted.

I do have the original Windows 7 installation disc (Home Premium edition). Would this do the repairs? Would I have to uninstall Service Pack One first?

I don’t really want to re-format the drive and start again.

Fortunately he does have an external drive with all his important files and photographs etc backed up.

Windows Live seems to operating ok.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Been running Win 7 Pro 64-bit fine for several months; alll of a sudden, many folder icons on the desktop now have the addition of little padlocks. What the heck? What does it mean? What did I do? What am I missing? And, if I move the "padlocked" folder to another desktop folder, the padlocks disappear!

When I receive a new e-mail in any folder (inbox, spam) I don't get the new e-mail envelope icon in the task bar and I don't know how to get it back. I used to get it before and now nothing. I already went to Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsNotification Area Icons and set it to show icons and notifications. I still get the icon in the notification area but not on the large application icon where I used to get the envelope icon. I have tried re-installing Windows Live Mail but nothing. Did something in the registry get deleted if so how do I get it back? This problem seem to start after I downloaded and ran Spybot Search & Destroy.

Any suggestions...


I just recently installed Windows 7 Professional 64 bit, and I can't figure out a way to arrange the folders in my user folder, or my documents folder, etc. The only files I seem to be able to arrange are my desktop. I have a lot of documents folders set up in a very specific way since windows 95 so this is a must for me. Am I missing something or am I really stuck with arranging them in the way windows wants to (by date, name, etc.)?

Using XP Pro with SP2, I lost the menu bar (File, Edit, View, etc.), the
navigation buttons and the address bar on the top of all folder displays for
the primary Admin user. Only the blue line with the folder name is shown.
Everything displays perfectly for the three other users including one other
with Admin rights. No new software has been installed recently, the menus
etc. simply disappeared. No Folder Option helps. The menu bar, etc. does
display when I start with Windows Explorer, but not if I simply click on a
folder icon. Thanks in advance for any help.

a program hung up on me and i had to restart via the shutdown menu of the
windows task manager. When I restarted the system, many of the icons on my
desktop and in various folders had been replaced by the generic icons
windows uses when it doesn't know what association to use with a program.
This includes the my computer icon, the outlook express icon, the internet
explorer icon, and almost all shortcuts to third-party software. It does
not include my documents, recycle bin, my network places, or any folder
icons. for third-party software shortcuts, i can access their properties
and select "change icon," select the old icon (it's right there, i don't
have to hunt it up), and it's fixed. Obviously, however, this doesn't work
with the my computer or internet explorer icons, as their properties option
brings up control panels. What's wrong and what do I need to do to fix it?


Hi all,

Since I've searched the forums for "missing icons" and found threads on this subject, I know this is an issue that doesn't have any easy answers.

I don't hide inactive icons. And this is something that just started a week or two ago with the disappearance of the "safely remove hardware" icon. That didn't make me hyperventilate, but today... I lost a good half of the icons I usually have in the system tray, including One Note, Outlook and mail notification, volume control, Logitech bluetooth program... All have been there until today. To the best of my knowledge, I did nothing to cause this sudden change.

When I check the checkbox to hide inactive icons and click customize, just to look around, the icons look screwy. See attached screen shot.

Other than all the folder icons (!!), the icon that caught my eye is the Google desktop icon -- which I've uninstalled from my desktop. I don't know about other folk, but I've had a world of troubles as a result of installing Google Desktop and Google Toolbar for I.E. If I tried to view add-in toolbars in I.E., that list was also screwy -- if I clicked on one name, it would unload a different add-in. This phenomenon went away when I uninstalled Google's toolbar.

It's this behavior that makes me suspicious of Google's add-ins and my system tray. Even though I've uninstalled, I wonder if I have any left-over traces (just the lingering icon make me wonder that). Getting information from Google is unsatisfactory at best. Does anyone have any info on how to expunge Google scat from a computer?

Now, it may ultimately not fix my system tray -- that issue looks like a moving target on an active fault line. But it might be a start.

Thanks in advance.

Icons used in my HTML help file are _gone_. Thelink to the graphic is c:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice1033 but there are only two bitmaps in that folder. I checked the Office 2000 CDs but could not find any *.bmp files on them, so i suspect the bmps are in a cab file.

But WHICH cab file, and how do I get them installed.

I already did a repair, to no avail.

Hello friends,

I've been tearing my hair out over this seemingly easy-to-fix problem: in Windows explorer (using WinXP Pro), my left-hand "folders" pane does not display any folder or drive icons. It just shows the name of the folder or drive and + or - next to collapsible folders. All the correct folder and drive icons are displayed in the RIGHT-hand pane, and I can't figure out how to get them on the left. Not having them makes navigation quite confusing.

Any suggestions!!?

Thanks so much,


Has anyone else had trouble getting Woody's Little Green Folder to work? I have tried in in W95, W98, & WNT, and cannot get it to work in any of them. All seems to be going well in the MyProperties utility, but when I have selected the Green Folder as the Open Folder icon, and get back to the MyProperties Icons tab, the Apply button is greyed (grayed?) out, and when I press OK and get out of MyProperties the Open Folder icon remains yellow even after restarting Windows.

For anyone who missed it here is the Woody's article. (For some reason the link for the Green Folder works fine for me at work but not at home, so you may have trouble).

One of the most useful changes you can make to Windows Explorer is to tweak it so that the open folder, the one currently in focus, is displayed as a green folder. The file
to enable this to occur is an .icl file (zipped for carriage) called Greenfolder.icl and downloadable here
. Installation is made easy by a neat little utility called MyProperties .

Some icons no matter where they are located don't display there actual picture but a white paper instead. Most of the time it only happens if I put it in a folder.

And sometimes even on the desktop.

I would really not like to have to set the icon up manually, because Windows is supposed to do that on its own, and also because they are adding up!

Now for the testing done so far. It seems that for the desktop problem if you copy instead of right click "send to" then the icon will show up when you paste it, but it will say "Copy" in the name on the icon, if I edit it and delete the word "Copy" and click out of it to save then the icon reverts back to the paper. This trick has no effect with the folders however.

It actually has "Copy" written in it but the text is to long so you just see the "..."

Also this issue only happens to the shortcuts of the actual file, and only on random files. If I were to go to Program Files and find the folder then "Move" the icon to the desktop then it works fine.

But in the folder that contains the actual file then icon is missing, it only appears when I "Move" it to the desktop

So I don't really understand whats going on? This is really weird. Thanks for all the help guys, I really appreciate it! If you have any questions or need anything from me don't hesitate to ask.


Something that has been bugging me is that Windows 8 on my new computer is slow opening files and folders.

I don't mean that it takes forever but when I click on almost anything in File Manager or on my desktop the waiting icon appears and it takes a couple of seconds for anything to happen.

Same with .exe files there is a longer then expected delay before things stat to load.

Once things are running it works fine, I can run games maxed out at 120 fps, (for 3D) and it doesn't miss a beat.

But it acts like it takes more then a normal amount of time to find the file.

I just found that Indexing is only turned on for drive C:.
This is not where my files or software is at.

Would turning it on for my other drives help?

Anyone have any other ideas?

It's not a big issue but I'ts just not as quick and it should be.


my network folder from vista was showing my connected network icons.. it would show icons of each computer connected with computer name underneath, now the icons are not showing in vistas network window...
ive pinged each computer and no lost 0 %, lost = 0 %
they are seeing each other..
on my XP i can run a search and see the vista public folders and transfer.
but from my vista when i go to start and scroll up to network on the start menu, i see no more icons showing my other connected computer.
i dont even see the vistas icons and name either.
network discovery is turned on, file sharing is turned on, public folder tuned on, password protected sharing turned on, set to private network

if i type


I've had Vista on my PC (AMD Athlon64 3000 Skt754 OEM) for over a year and until a week ago my DVDRW drive worked perfectly. Now it behaves not so perfectly and I have tried everything I can think of to fix it.
Upon boot, the DVDRW drive icon appears in My Computer like normal and Device Manager plainly lists the model under DVD drives, but pushing the eject button on the tower (or right click Eject) causes the drawer to open and that's it. The button or right click method will not retract the drawer, the icon has already disappeared from My Computer and Device Manager no longer displays an entry for DVD drives, but instead, further down the list, shows an Other Device > Unknown Device highlighted with a yellow warning sign. Right click > Properties: tells me Code 28 - the driver for this device is not installed. Following the links from this dialogue box, not too surprisingly, solves nothing.
If I restart the system immediately, the boot screen lingers for quite some time at the point where the DVD drive is detected (which never happened before the drive stopped working) and heading straight to My Computer or Device Manager already shows the errors, but if start system after several hours of shutdown, it loads as described above - all fine and normal until I try to engage with the drive and then it gets lost again.

The model of the drive is Sony/optiarc AD 5170A.

I'm told I cannot reinstall the individual driver for this model as it doesn't exist (no CD or file) - Windows apparently is able to detect and support any DVD/CD drive devices that are installed (?). If this is true then I think that the support software might be where the problem lies.

All my other device drivers are intact and the devices work fine.
I've explored the registry key as advised and found no upper or lower filter entries in the drive folder.
The problem is not a hardware problem or a faulty CD/DVD problem as I do not get as far as to actually insert discs.

Can somebody please help me get my DVD drive back!!! thanks

Hi All,
I have W7 running "fairly well" on my HP Media Center. So far I like it. I must admit to everyone first, that I'm a Mac User and have just received a PC. So much differences. So complicated. I'm setting W7 up to run like my PowerMac. Desk drive to allow seeing disks on the desktop. Custom icons for everything, to let me visually recognize what is in the folders. The task bar at the bottom is acting like my Mac Dock but I'm missing the menyu bar at the top of the screen. I had a App that added a top menubar to W7 but after a BSOD and having to reinstall W7 it's gone and I cant remember what the App was called.
I miss color coding folders and files to let me see what is Hot and What is needed etc. Also miss not being able to add pix to the backgrounds of windows to let me know just where I am in the system.
I have been able to find most of the lost SW via Version Tracker but the top screen launch/menu bar is frustrating me. I cant remember what it was called. Does anyone here have a clue from my cryptic rambelings?
I also have a problem connecting my HP to my PowerMac. I just dont understand the cryptic and oft times hidden settings for file sharing on my LAN. The PowerMac (HAL) sees the HP (SAL) but not vice-versa. My LAN hosts 2 Macs and 2 PCs. The HP is the only one I'm having difficulties with. The eMachine (XP) is a willing member of my LAN, sharing files with everyone EXCEPT the HP (W7). Both my iMac and PowerMac see all the others on my "Wired" LAN it's just the W7 machine that I'm having probs with.
Lots of probs here, I understand but the biggest one at the momenrt is the top menu/launch bar. I'll figure out the network thing eventually. I've already had TOO MUCH HELP on the networking thing. None of it any good. SO help with setting up SAL and then I'll get to linking.

DUH...does this make any sense at all?????????????

My system is a Dell desktop running windows 7 64-bit home premium. I have 8 GB RAM, and a 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7 processor. I was fooling around with windows backup and restore and I created a new user account. I rebooted and noticed that in my primary user account, the one I always use (not the new one), a good portion of my desktop icons had disappeared. I also noticed that in the new account I created, only 1 of the many desktop icons displayed. Most, if not all, of the disappeared icons are shortcuts to applications such as VMWare, itunes, YouTube Downloader, etc. But these applications are still there within the start menu under "All Programs". Unfortunately, I'm not sure exactly how long the missing icons have been gone. I just noticed the problem a few days ago.

Here's another strange thing. All the previous versions of my desktop folder, dating back to last July, seem to contain only the shortcuts that display now, not the missing icons, and I'm pretty sure that all the icons were present back then. It doesn't make sense. How could all the icons display if they weren't in the desktop folder to begin with? I have no idea of how I could have deleted only some of the shortcuts either. I realize I could just recreate the shortcuts on the desktop, but something weird happened here, and I'd like to know what it is. Also, there is one icon that displays that isn't in the desktop folder but is in the "Links" folder. It's a DVD-making application called Corel WinDVD 2010.

I tried rebuilding the icon cache and it didn't bring back the missing icons. All it did was change my Corel Video Studio application icon from a generic one to the little camera logo like it's supposed to be. There are still no icons displayed on the desktop of the NEW user account that I created, except for the Corel WinDVD 2010 one and a gadget for my Corel Video Studio Pro X application (it's a movie editing software package). Strangely, the gadget does appear in the new user account and so does the Corel WinDVD 2010 icon.

I have a screenshot of my desktop from before the icons disappeared and from that I can see that about 18 icons disappeared. Furthermore, the default desktop folder doesn't contain any shortcuts either, which probably explains why no icons appear in the new account I created. Shouldn't the default desktop folder contain the shortcuts?

I tried running a microsoft utility that's supposed to fix broken desktop shortcuts but that didn't fix the problem. Are there any other locations that might contain the missing icons other than just the "desktop" and "links" folders? Perhaps within the registry or something?

What can I do to remedy the situation and bring back my icons, other than just recreating the shortcuts manually?

Hello, and sorry to have a first post asking for help. I did a forced shutdown when my PC seemed to be incredibly slow then hanging while logging off. On restarting, I got 'disk read error' repeatedly, after the BIOS boot screen but before any of Windows.

I used my Windows install CD to run System Repair, which went like this:
* couldn't identify an OS to fix and since I couldn't find a hard disk driver to install, I just carried on to find Repair
* short first disk repair, then approved a restart
* much longer second repair cycle, accompanied by 'File or directory Windows is corrupt and unreadable' window - very persistent but kept OK-ing it until it stopped. [Is this genuine or malware?]

It was taking a long time (>1 hour) so I went away to do other things and popped back from time to time. Next thing I saw was the normal choice of users login screen, with User and our two named accounts, which I thought was a good sign, but all is not well.

I now have the following situation for my account, which was the one being logged off when I powered it down:
* Logging in the first time, and a second time after a reboot, invoked 'Preparing Desktop', and leads to a default desktop and minimal icons
* I can't see any of my files, either via Libraries or in Users.
* Applications have no history, 'Recent Files' etc.
* But... I do have familiar files in my Recycle Bin!

The User account [administrator] seems OK but we don't leave much there. I can't see the Event Log - a DLL is missing. I can't get our wireless connection to work. Other software installed - Photoshop, Office - seems OK though Office did think to itself a bit. I can't see my files from this account either - Usersusername is just not there.

I ran a disk check on C: as administrator (via Windows, not command line), with the full sector check, and it reported no problems. I don't know how to find any report from the System Repair process.

The other normal user account seems fine - familiar desktop, files present.

In retrospect, no, I probably shouldn't have forced the shutdown; I should have made some restore points; probably other things too... but too late now. I have many of the files elsewhere, one way or another, but I can't help thinking these files are still there somewhere, just disconnected.

I'd be very grateful if anyone could suggest what to try next.


I have moved or deleted a file concerned with desktop and now when I boot up it displays a 'my computer view'. I can see all my drives and folders. If I select desktop it shows a listing of the icons that was on the desktop. Have tried creating a new user but same situation applies. Any ideas appreciated:-)


In all previous Windows I have been able to move the games icons around to put the most frequently played games first. I haven't found a way to do this in Windows 7. You are obliged to sort in some logical order such as file name, date, size etc. Have I missed something?

Just recently got a laptop w/ win 7. have 2 user profiles. We discovered the public desktop icons when I deleted a bunch of icons off my desktop and it affected my husbands as well. But just today when he logged on, he was missing only 4 icons, 1 of which is from the public folder, the others were local to his profile. Any idea what could have caused this? Neither of us deleted or changed anything.

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