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i have vista home premium installed on my acer laptop. now can i merg two partitions with out loosing my data.
plz give me some way to merge partitions.

I have a SATA hard drive that I've discovered has some additional unallocated space. Currently the HD is partitioned into 2 , one partition contains the OS (Labeled OS Drive), the other partition contains programs(Labeled Main Drive).

If I create a third partition with the unallocated space, can I somehow merge this partition into the Main Drive without effecting the intergrity of either of the partitions mentioned as essentially they are a single hard drive (physically).

I would like to know if Windows 7 will let you merge a previously partitioned drive back to a single partition. I had to partition my C: drive to 2 new partitions so that I could match the Corps of previous projects in which I no longer need. I have deleted the drive letters and in the disk management the 2 drives went to free space and the remaining C: drive was not merged with it.

Thank you fo your help.


Installed Windows 7 clean after a botched Ubuntu install. Wiped everything but there's still 15GB of unallocated space that I think is from an old recovery partition that I cannot associate with the 240GB (Primary partition) free space. How can I get rid of this extra 15GB?

Edit: Cannot do this with Win7 Disk Management, or freeware versions of EASEUS.

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I added an SSD to my PC yesterday and have managed to get windows installed on it. As I didn't remove my old HDD with windows on it before there was a little messing around to get windows installed on the SSD and I've somehow managed to end up with the 100Mb of unallocated space that would be taken up by the system reserved partition on the SSD.

Disk management doesn't seem to allow me to expand the partition to take up the unallocated space but would something like gparted allow it. And is it OK to do so.

I have a single HD divided into 4 partiions: C: XP, D: Win2000, E:
and F: data

The system has a dual boot option at startup. I donīt use Win2000
anymore, and would like to get rid of it and then expand the C:

I have read in another post that I can remove the dual boot option by
going to Control Panel, System, Advanced, Startup and Recovery;
Clicking the Edit button and editing the BOOT.INI to remove the
reference to the second installation.

Is it then possible (and straightforward) to merge the c: and D:
partitions - or delete everything on d: and then expand the c:

Thanks in advance,

can you help me with this problem
my anger is with the people who made partition magic

I would like to say with anger and my disappointment with
your software,i had a good working computer with a 80
gb,hard drive and over 300 mb, in memory.the operating
system winxp home edition and a good virus protection
software which i only paid a new yearly subscription to
within thelast mouth or two ( norton sysremworks
2002 ).Today i desided to partition my hard drive so i
could run windows 2000 i came across partition magic 8.0
on sale in pc world.with not alot of knowledge with
computers i paid for it .with the detail on the box i
could run multiple operating system ,organise and protect
your data.fine i loaded the software got as far as it
could go "telling me to load your new operating system or
start over.
I started to load win2000 onto my computer it restarted
and loaded, only when it started i had to pick one off
the two operating system it crash and would not
restart.even when i pick winxp it would not start,then i
used the start up disks partition magic ask when i
install it i was able to uninstall win2000, with shock it
had merger with winxp and i could not use system restore
to restore win xp. and it would not let me reinstall from
winxp disk. so i have a computer that half works and it
disable my internet access to ,so i would like some help
to restore my this stage i have deleted
partition magic 8.0.

yours, dave mc cabe

ps. i am going to email microsoft and computer active to
see if they can help me to.


I recently asked for and received information on using a program to merge partition D back into C. My thanks to those who helped. Everything I had on partition D, I moved to a new HD which the computer assigned the designation G to. Now, that the old "D" has been merged back into C, I want to make the G designated drive into D. How do I do that in Windows 7?


Well, I think I'm sunk... after partioning the ThinkPad's 27GB HDD and ending up with C:4082.7 - D:7626.4 - E:16,005.9 I've somehow managed to run out of room on C:

I'd like to take some space from E: and drop it over to C:, so I tried to Merge. I received the message "The partition you are merging to has too little free space (it cannot be resized high enough to accomodate the merge). Free up some space in the partition before attempting the merge."

Needless to say, I'm 404 on what to do next. I have also managed to come up with an H: drive that appears to be fixed betwwen C: and D:

A DVD is F: and a CD-RW is G:

Please advise

After partitioning the hard drive and installing the Premium edition of MS Office 2000 in D:ProgramsProgram files and trying to do a Mail Merge Contacts I am receiving the following message:

"The program for the attachment may not have been installed properly or may have been moved or deleted. Reinstall the program in which the attachment was created."

What do I need to do to get Outlook 2000's Mail Merge Contacts to find Word in D:ProgramsProgram files...

(?) Would I need to rerun O2k Premium Setup, uninstall Word, then reinstall Word in C: (default) *or* is there an easier/smarter way?

Please advise.

I have Acronis Disk Director 10, an old copy of Partition Expert 2003, and Partition Magic 8. But PM 8 apparently isn't compatible with Vista. When I ran the "Vista Upgrade Advisor" it was flagged as being problematic. I do not know about DDS 10 however, whether it is compatible with Vista or not. And I seriously doubt if PE 2003 would work. I need to merge a couple of partitions on my backup HDD and Vista's "Disc Management" doesn't have that feature. Does anyone know of one that is compatible?



I have an old XP pc with 160 Gb HD with 4 partitions inc. C. Is there any way (within XP only) I can merge all partitions and end up with a 160 Gb C drive.
Or if I have to use partition software, is there a decent freeware program I could use as I'm giving the PC away for free?


How do I merge/remove partitions in WinXP SP3? My PC was set up with 3 partitions, C, D and E. C is now full and cannot take any more data or apps. I no longer need three partitions. I want to reduce things to just C and have C use the whole disk. A "Merge" or "Concatenate" instruction is what I want but my research shows only "Delete" which deletes a partition and anything in it forever, and "Resize" which appears to decrease only the size to free up space for a new partition. Can "Resize" increase the size of a partition?

hi everyone!
my pc system is recovering from a serious crash resulting from a partition chaos (i happened to have been the cause )
so - the pc boots again ... BUT, there are some issues i would be happy to find answers for in this forum:

1) windows 7 boots ... then goes into "starting desktop" and then remains on a light blue screen with the windows 7 build (7100) information in the lower right corner (& something like: "the authenticity of this version has not been validated yet"). nothing else. after waking up from "energy save" mode, the proper user selection tab appeared but when i clicked it, i got the same light blue blank screen - any ideas? windows repair mode does not show me any errors.
2) sorry if this is xp related but in case i will observe the same behavior in w7 also, i think its legit to add this second problem here: after merging some partitions i find several folders "inaccessible" ie: clicking on it gives me "acces denied" . i tried to boot into save mode and adjust the user authorisations - however to no avail. even here i would get the message, that i do not have the authorisation ... / i could think - however i do not know for sure, that it could somehow be related to merging of two partitions. // being in admin mode - very strange isn't it? hmm ... any clues?

can someone think of a solution?

thanks for reading,

Hi All,

I installed windows 7 about a month ago and I'd like to revert back.

I was using Vista, and to install 7, I created a new partition and now have both; 7 on drive A and vista on drive C, as well as a recovery partition on D.

I'd like to merge A & C together, so I have my storage back, and remove 7 from A, keeping my existing Vista running once merged.

Is this possible?

new here so firstly, hi to all. i need some advice please, so hope some can help and am posting in the correct place. will try to describe the issues below. if i am not clear enough, let me know and i will do my best to explain better.
anyway, i had win XP and win 7 installed as dual boot on one HDD, all working fine. i used Acronis True Image to take a complete back up of both partitions together because i wanted to change to a bigger HDD. i changed drives and imaged on to the new HDD and all works fine. i can boot into either O/S. what i forgot to do was partition the new HDD first so as to leave all free space (approx 300gig) in one partition at the end of the drive. what happened was that the image partitioned the new HDD approx in half, so i have an XP partition of approx 230gig (i wanted about 75gig) and a win 7 partiton of approx 230gig (i wanted about 75gig as well). how can i get the 2 O/S next to each other and have all the free space behind those 2 O/S partitions? i know i can 'shrink' each partition but that will create separate partitions on each partition that is already there. if i do that, how can i merge the 2 new partitions of free space together, as they are not adjacent to each other? also, i noticed that the XP partition is set to 'Primary' but the win 7 partition is set to 'Logical'. is that correct or should both O/S partitions be set to 'Primary'? if so, why is the win 7 partition set as 'Logical' anyway?

any help greatly appreciated

All right, I just spent the last hour and a half working on this, so hopefully things work out as well for you guys as they did for me.

Earlier tonight I booted up my computer (I'm actually on an Apple iMac, dual booting OS X and Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit) and started up using the Windows 7 partition. Everything was looking fine, my logon screen was the same, same picture, password, etc. When I entered my password and logged in, it displayed the usual "Welcome" screen, but followed it with "Preparing your desktop...". Not something that should have happened during the hundredth time I've logged into Windows. GOt to my desktop, and everything is gone and changed. It's basically back to factory settings. HOWEVER, my programs were still there and able to run just fine. Games, however, would have to be started over as the save files could not be found.

Naturally, I panicked, and probably did some things I should not have. Hence why it took me an hour and a half to fix. But with my simple-version fix, it should only take you guys five to ten minutes.

If you've experienced this problem, DO NOT PANIC. Your files ARE still on your computer (Documents, Pictures, Videos, Music, etc.) they are just not where they are supposed to be.

Restart your computer. This should restore your system back to the way it was before it reset. Your taskbar and desktop should look the same. However, your files may still be missing.

Go to:


Inside that folder should be all your personal documents. It should look like your user folder (C:Users(your username). Simply drag and drop the folders to your specific user folder and merge any folders it asks you to.


Restart your computer to make sure everything stays. If everything stays, you're done.

If restarting your computer either reverts it back to factory defaults, or didn't help in the first place, you can still find your files, but you will need to keep restarting your computer until it gets back to its normal state. It took me about 6 or 7 times until it returned to my normal system state.

This whole problem is most likely caused by the System Protection feature of Windows 7. You have the option to turn this off, however, I don't recommend it. If there are major hardware issues (my hardware issue was an external hard drive) it will revert system settings and files (excluding any programs) to default. Your files will be moved to the above folder (...systemprofile), never deleted.

NOTE: Turning off System Protection also disables System Restore.

Hope this helps!!

I currently have 3 SATA drives. 1.5TB x2 and 1TB x1
Drive partitions as following:
C: 499GB
D: 897GB
E: 499GB
F: 897GB
G: 931GB
I am installing a new 2TB SATA 3 drive, but on SATA 2 mode for now.
New config of drives will be quite similar except for that I will be merging the partition of the current drive which has the OS (C: & D 499GB + 897GB
The new 2 TB drive will have 2 partitions C: 499GB and the rest D:
The other drives will remain the same.

SO for this purpose, will I need to reinstall my OS
I can transfer my Current one to my new drive (backup and restore OR third party software)
I can use the System Image of Windows 7 I had created a while ago just in case my OS went corrupt.

I'm kinda confused and that's why I asked this question.
I'm buying a Seagate drive so can I use DiscWizard


I have a dual boot of Vista and Windows 7. Vista was install first, I partitioned my hard drive and then installed 7 (clean) on the new partition. I have installed my programs everything runs great on the 7 partition. When booted to 7 Disk Management shows the partition of 7 as C: (Boot,Page File Crash Dump, Logical Drive) and the Vista partition as D: (System, Active Primary Partition). Now I would like to remove the Vista partition and merge that to the 7 partition. I have searched around and have read many options of doing this but I can not find a definitive way of completing this.
I have attached what Disk Managment shows.

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