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Hi All!
I have a disk defragment utility that can defragment and consolidate files based on the Last Accessed Date. However, it gives me a message that the Last Accessed Date function is not set. I can't seem to find any Help that tells me how to set the Last Accessed Date. Does anyone have any input?
Mike Rapp (foureyes)

Problem SOLVED...I dicovered that it was temporary internet files which were too long. Not that that fixed my problem, I was still unable to access my copied files in the new account I created, kept giving me an access denied message.

So I decided to just do a system restore instead. None of my important files were lost.

So I try logging onto my laptop today and instead of logging in the usual way a message that windows is creating new desktop settings appears. When it does finally log me on I get a speech bubble message saying I have been logged on to a temporary profile, I restart a few times and the problem persists. After a little google search I realise my old profile is probably corrupted...I have not downloaded any new software/hardware.

I have followed miscrosoft's steps to copy user files from my old profile to a new one, everything in the file transfer went fine until the last few files are to be copied. I then get this error message saying "The file names would be too long for the destination folder", only two options are available skip and cancel. Neither of which are helpful.

I don't recognise these folders which are too long (the names are random letters and numbers), I tried searching for them to no avail. And to be honest I really don't understand what this means.

What the heck do I do??

(At my office) I am using Windows XP and Office XP and suddenly yesterday which I attempted to open a file I received a message saying the file had caused a serious error the last time it was opened and did I want to continue. Regardless of whether I click Yes or No, I then receive a message saying "Microsoft can't load the Dynamic Link Library msjet40.dll; resolve the failure and try again". I tried another Access file and got the same message so it's obviously not a single file but that particular dll file.

Does anyone know what is happening here or how I fix it?



We use Outlook 2000/Exchange Server 5.5 and had our address books set to "File As" so our contacts would be in last name, first order. Our address book now enters new contacts as First, Last even though our settings are correct (Tools/Settings/Outlook Address Book/Properties/"File As" AND Tools/Options/Contacts/Contact Options/Default "Full Name Order" First Last, Default "File As" Last, First). The only change we made is that we recently installed Norton Anti Virus Corporate Edition and enabled Outlook Web Access.

Any ideas on this?

I want my File Open dialog to always default to the folder I have set in Tools..Options, File Locations, Documents, however Word seems to always display the folder that I last accessed. What should I change so that File..Open always defaults to the same folder? Is this a Word or Windows setting?

I am transferring data to a new PC (at last !).

I cannot simply copy my .mdb files as the new PC thinks they are replicas and will not let me re-design them.

How do I copy files as a Design Master ?

Thanks for the help

I need to be able to track if a document was opened. If I look at properties it shows last accessed by me but I need to know if it was opened while I was on a trip last week. This is a stand alone, no network system. Is there a way to see if the doc was opened?

I brought my new laptop and router home last night. I am able to get to the internet via my laptop but I can't figure out how to set it up so that I can each computer can see the files stored on the other. Both are XP. From the My Network Places screen, I went through the Setup home network wizard and named the laptop and the desktop and the network. The name I gave for the network doesn't stay on the laptop - when I went through the wizard again, it was back to the default MSHOME. When I click on My Network places on the laptop, all I see is "Shared Docs on Laptop". On the desktop, via My Network Places, I see "Shared Docs on Desktop" and "Shared Docs on Laptop" but I get a network path not found error when I click in the latter. When I view my connections on the desktop all I see is LAn enabled. Whe I view connections on the laptop, I see wireless network and 1394 enabled but LAN says network cable unplugged.
Do I need a an actual cable connecting the 2 PCs to be able to access files on both from both? Do I need to designate the files as shared in their properties? What is a 1394 connection?

I know there are a million questions within this post and that I'm missing huge chunks of important info. Thanks for any help or liks to other posts in which these questions have already been answered.

Thanks again and have a good day.

I'm using Apache 2.2 under Windows as a local host.

I have a subdirectory in my document directory which belongs to a project that I just finished. I'll call it httpd/xyz. When I tried to archive it I was unable to move some of the files. I found that a directory named httpd/xyz/stats/logs contained a half dozen files with names like ex20091015000002- All of these files appear to be access logs. Apache keeps all of them open as long as it is running, but has not modified them since last October (about the time I started the project).

I tried shutting Apache down, deleting the files, and restarting. Apache failed to start. I had to undelete the files to revive it.

I looked at httpd.conf, and found one customlog directive, which refers to "logs/access.log". Sure enough, there's an access log at that location, with a current time stamp.

I can't find anything in httpd.conf which might be telling Apache to open the access files in httpd/xyz/stats/logs. I see no additional configuration files in httpd or httpd/xyz. There's a .htaccess file in httpd/xyz/stats, but it only contains one directive, "Options +Indexes".

What could be making Apache open these extra files? I want to delete them, but until I can persuade Apache to give them up, I can't.

XP group suggested I try here
Finally bit the bullet and moved from 2000 to XP(clean install). In the process I upgraded the RAM to 1G (from 512m). Having now re-installed all my software, I got to run a real application today and am horrified at the speed
Application is an Access file using ODBC to get data from an accounting file. Large and unwieldy, so I am used to some actions taking up to 30 minutes. I have now been running this for 5 hours and it is halfway through. Both the MYOB (accounting file) and the Access file (which uses ODBC to access MYOB) are stored locally on the primary hardrive
Changes since 2000:
Increased RAM to 1Gig ( but no appreciable change in speed when I subsequetly removed second RAM stick and went back to 512 meg)
Installed Office XP as replacement from Office 2000
Task Manager shows only about 200meg ram being used - no improvement if I set priority to either High or real time. Paging file is set to System managed size and is currently 1535 MB - 2 drives each partitioned into primary of 30 Gig and balance for data - second drive is intended to be used for Ghosting C and backing up data from D
CPU usage is not too bad: varies from 6 to 18% with some spikes to 20%
Disk is 7,500 rpm (or whatever the standard number is near that)
Disk is 80 Gig, 30 partitioned for XP and 17gig of that is free space and was only formatted last week to install XP and has been defragged
HELP Please!!

Up until a few weeks ago in any program if you opened the File Menu pull down named Files down near the bottom would be a list of the three or four files you used last, maximum four.

However, those disappeared a few weeks ago from many but not all programs and nothing I have done or found seems able to restore them. Unfortunately the programs they disappeared from like Garmin's MapSource are the ones I used the feature the most.

I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.

I need to save the search results from a Windows Search to a file. For example, I have searched for all files beginning with abc* and have a long list of results. Is there a way to save the results to a file?

Also, I was wondering howI can view the "Date Last Accessed" of files in Windows Explorer. The Search enables me to find all files Last Accessed between dates, but I cannot find where I can view this date.

I was absentmindedly changing a short cut to a new version of Adobie photoshop essentials rather than set one up and somehow managed to allocate file type application to always run photoshop essentials. I did not realise that was possible. Everything ran Essentials. I could not even uninstall it.
I changed it to run windows explorer in the hope I could access file types and alter something there but that does not run so now nothing runs. To add to my woes the photoshop shortcut has removed itself.
I can access the computer through the house network on the computer I am now using. Is there any way I can do something through the network to delete my wrong setting rather than competely re-install windows. I cannot even run regedit of course to check registry or run Help & Support to get to Restore. I tried Last Known Good but it does not help.

Just tried running in Safe mode but still I cannot run anything in order to get to the System Restore wizard



Is there a utility where I can change the date stamp (Saved, modified last accessed etc) of a file?

The network is made up of three XP clients each attempting to access an application based on a 2003 server via a mapped network drive. Each client uses the same user name and password for local access as well as to get access to the server, that is, all three clients use the same user name and password.

This has been working almost faultlessly until just last week. Nothing has changed on the network other than Windows Updates, AVG updates, etc.

When I try to connect using My Computer, the client just sits there with an hourglass pointer. No error messages, no timeouts, nothing. The only thing I can do is click on the Close button of the My Computer window and 'End Now'. Strangely, I can see all the files in this folder when I select 'Open' in Word and browse files that way. This also occurs with any other mapped drive. Again, I can access these files through e.g. Word or Excel.

I have tried remapping each of the clients and I have also recreated the shares on the server. Still nothing. The application works perfectly when run directly on the server.

I tried System Restore on a client the first time this happened, as it seemed to be particular to one machine, but this doesn't make any difference.

I get the feeling I'm just around the corner from a solution, but I've run out of ideas. Can anybody help me with this?

Many thanks.

Hello, as an update to be discussed and dissected over time, here is what we know about the changes in Windows 8.1, formerly referred to as the "Windows Blue" update.


Microsoft will release Windows 8.1 as a free update sometime this year for all Windows 8 and Windows 8 Professional license holders.

New Functionality

The desktop Start Button will be available, like in Windows 7, and may be customized to go to the Start Screen "Apps" view. How much further customization will take place, and whether or not the Start Menu will make a return to the operating system not known. It may actually just be a button that sends you to the Start Screen.

You will be able to boot to desktop instead of the Start Screen.

On the Start Screen, you will be able to select multiple tiles at once to move them, resize them, uninstall them, or rename them.

There is an "All Apps" screen to get Apps off of the tile menu on the general Start Screen.

You hold down right-click to select multiple pieces of content on the Start Screen.

New apps will appear under the Apps view, by default, and not the Start Screen itself.

Renaming tile categories is easier.

You can take pictures from the lock screen without having to log-in.

You can launch Skype calls and perform other functions from the lock screen.

Windows 8.1 will feature an overhauled and aggregated search feature, operated by Microsoft's search engine Bing. When you search for a file, metadata, or other content, a search will be performed through the web, SkyDrive, your files, e-mail, apps, and other locations to try to aggregate the best results. For example, if you search on a celebrity, you can side-scroll through all of the aggregate data that is collected for this search term.

Support for Miracast via blutooth, NFC, and wireless, for screen sharing and projection.

Support for WiFi direct printing, which requires no printer drivers on compatible devices. Additional support for NFC-enabled printers, which will allow you to print using NFC on your tablet or phone.

Support for mobile broadband tethering, which will allow you to form a wireless hotspot with your device and allow multiple devices to share the mobile Internet connection.

The built-in apps created by Microsoft and bundled with Windows 8 are being updated:

The Music app is slated to receive a major redesign and overhaul due to lackluster consumer feedback and usage. It will likely be replaced with the XBOX Music App.

The Photos app will have new editing features for macro-stylizing pictures, much like Instagram. Bring together pictures from your PC, SkyDrive, and phone.

There will be new Microsoft-published apps, like an Alarm Clock.

Improvements in the usage of apps when multiple apps are open.

You can now display up to three apps at once on the same monitor.

Click on an image in an app like Mail, and it will try to open it in the Photos app using a 50/50 split screen.

The SkyDrive app will be updated to let you save files directly and access files offline, like the desktop version has since it was published.

Most of the features in the desktop Control Panel may now actually appear in PC Customization under the Start Screen.

Internet Explorer 11 will allow you to sync webpages across multiple devices like Google Chrome and Firefox have for the last several years.

You will be able to choose directly where the Start Screen goes when it is opened.

You can "change what the corners do". Maybe they are talking about the Charms functionality, which appears whenever you touch or move your mouse to the corner of the screen.

More support for mouse and keyboard (but not specified directly).


The Start Screen will offer more backgrounds, colors, shades, and backgrounds that contain motion visuals. The lock screen background will also be customizable.

The Start Screen is updated to contain new multi-size tiles.

Newly installed apps will be flagged as "new".

The Windows Store has been redesigned.

In addition to the lock-screen, there may be a "kiosk" mode, that allows for limited access to the device while showing off more eyecandy. This may have been a joke or rumor.

Picture frame feature will allow you to turn your computer into an electronic picture frame.


There may be security updates, but no one knows what they are until release notes are made available.


There is actually a bug where, if you do not restart your computer for Windows Updates, and Windows forces the computer to restart, it warns you not to "unplug your tablet". No word yet if that will ever be fixed, or if we are all just assumed to be tablet users now.

Release Date

Microsoft has announced the public preview, scheduled June 26th, 2013 and a general release by the end of the year.



Windows 8.1 screenshots leaked, redesigns showcased | Windows Phone Central

All of this, just so you don't have to use a precision stylus! Do you have any comments? Be sure to comment on your thoughts regarding Windows 8.1, or whether or not you have become aware of new updates.

Hi there folks and I just wanted to ask a question that has been pulling my hair out for the last months of Windows 8 being released.

When Windows 8 was released I was eager to pay the 24.99 and buy it, so I did. Unfortunately though, there is one issue that is driving me crazy. This is slow access to my files on another drive. Specifically, I guess, folders with lots of files in like my Music folder for example.

This folder is located on another drive not on my SSD and every time I open a folder inside there there is a short burst freeze then my files appear. What could be causing this as I don't think my issue is related to some problems on here.

Any help is appreciated.


I am using the Home premium edition of Vista. My computer crashed twice last fall and I had to reinstall everything. Both times it crashed a backup folder was created in my C drive. The backup folders appear to contain complete copies of everything that was on my computer C drive at the time of the crash. The problem is that both folders require about 23 GB of memory and between them they are consuming more than half of my hard drive, which is now almost full. I cannot delete the backup folders. Even though I have full control I keep getting a message saying "Destination Folder Access Denied." I have tried changing the folder's permission settings but nothing works. Any suggestions?

I was asked to help with a network access problem:

(All computers are Windows 7)

They first had 4 computers where one of them acted as a server and all other computers could access the "server's" C:Program Files (Yeah, I know, a suicidal idea). It was required by a dedicated software that was installed on the "server" and could be used by the other computers. They asked me to add another computer (W7) to the network and to map it to the "server's" C drive, which worked fine, but for some reason I couldn't access the "server's" Program Files when all the other computers could.

I couldn't find what is different between the first 3 and the last one.

The "share" permission on the C drive is set to "full" for the "Everyone" group

Any Ideas?



Hi guys,

For security reasons, I had turned off/disable some features on my Windows 7, i.e: Prevent installed programs, disable command prompt and batch files, disable access to registry files, disable snap-in, disable taskmanager, and last disable regedit.

I need a windows script to run these stages :
First, delete some files, assumed C:Program Filesgamingdatalog.txt and then execute the application on C:Program FilesgamingAppsglick.exe

I consider to use a batch file, but it cannot be executed for the accessed is denied. So instead, the windows scripting in vbs will be a solution.

I do need help from the expert.

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