ive had enough Results

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OK... scenario is, I have a dual boot system... strangely enough its 2 versions of Vista Business 64bit. One for my system, and the other one is for testing.. So I dont scram my good instal.

I am quite adept of backing up important info and re installing all the required software. but... Ive had enough of doing that all the time.

So... can I essentially copy my C: partition to another location (partition or other hard drive) as a backup and make it dual bootable should the worst happen when I upgrade to WIN7 PRO?

If yes, then how? is there a backup/copy software that will do a one for one copy and allow a dual boot into either version.
Then I wish to attempt an upgrade and if all is good..... good. If not then I go into my ''copy'' version and send it back to where it was and do a clean instal option. Now I have dual boot vista and win7 with a virtual xp running as well when required.

Thanks in advance.

Hey guys the fact ive had to sign up and post here is disturbing enough, usually i can find the solution myself or a quick google reveals the fix but sadly no...

I'll apologise now for any swearing that may be included.. extremely stressed atm.

Before anyone jumps in and says just use the install disc to repair, I dont have it, I'd download and burn a new one (yes yes piracy blah blah) and repair from that but in safemode u cant do anything.

So ive had win7 since i was doin the beta testing, got it soon as i could and until now ive had no real big issues windows updates wouldnt run for a while but i fixed that, now i let WU install some new updates on the system includin the worst thing ever that windows live essentials pack not gonna get into that its crap, and as usual WU wants u to reboot so it can install and configure the rest before it logs into windows so i let it do that eventually, so when it came to rebooting it done the usual "installing/configuring updates dont turn off pc" so i let it do that then the bastard froze solid left it for ages and it didnt move a bit so theres only the 1 thing u can do in the end which is turn it off.... turned it back on and it done the normal update failed bla bla and reverted the changes which apparantly worked fine but then it wouldnt boot up, it starts loading gets to the black screen where the windows logo appears then freezes.

Ive done system restore, the repair option without disc everythin i can but it will not boot windows up unless its safemode.

anyone got any ideas? i cannot lose my data i need to get windows up again. this is not the first OS that WU has totally ****ed either for me...

Extra info:

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate
this is not a hardware issue.
the only recent changes is whatever **** WU was trying to install which is the usual rubbish, they are the Dec'10-Jan'11 updates as far as im aware

ill include some log details aswell.

Code: Log Name: System Source: Service Control Manager Date: 02/01/2011 10:11:30 PM Event ID: 7026 Task Category: None Level: Error Keywords: Classic User: N/A Computer: Greg-PC Description: The following boot-start or system-start driver(s) failed to load: aswTdi Null spldr sptd Event Xml: 7026 0 2 0 0 0x8080000000000000 276683 System Greg-PC aswTdi Null spldr sptd ---

Code: Log Name: System Source: Service Control Manager Date: 02/01/2011 10:30:49 PM Event ID: 7001 Task Category: None Level: Error Keywords: Classic User: N/A Computer: Greg-PC Description: The Computer Browser service depends on the Server service which failed to start because of the following error: The dependency service or group failed to start. Event Xml: 7001 0 2 0 0 0x8080000000000000 276520 System Greg-PC Computer Browser Server %%1068
Any solutions please do tell me

Thanks for your reading

Using SP1, by the way.

Ive noticed sometimes that my computer crashes (no! say it ain't so! [img]/forums/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img] it's bad enough that when I ctrl-alt-del and hit T for Task Manager, the taskmanager never shows up. I can ctrl-alt-del til the cows come home, and still nothing. if I click shut down or log off, THEN it takes me back to the desktop and shows the Taskman systray icon and usually sometimes the window of Taskman, but nothing works. no buttons, no nothings... however processes still seem to be running in the background. Almost every time this has happened, there's been some dialog box open, but hidden BEHIND other windows. Sometimes I get the "this application has caused and error and will be shut down" or something, with the send and dont send buttons, but I can't click anything.

At that point I usually get frustrated and start hammering ctrl-alt-del. for every two ctrl-alt-dels that I push, one process decreases from the number in the taskman. more than a few times now, Ive had the end program dialog pop up for a program called CiceroUIWND... and the rest of it is cut off. invariable as soon as that one goes, the system then shuts itself down more or less gracefully. Ive tried google searches on CiceroUIwnd and got nothing. CiceroUI and got nothing and Cicero + UI which brings a bucnh of hits about some musical/play starring Arturo Ui. [img]/forums/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]

my questions are this: 1> what the heck is happening to my system that taskman doesnt work and b> has anyone seen this CiceroUI thing before? Ive run NAV and AdAware both to scan for viruses and spyware, and comes up clean. Im rather confused by it all at this point.

Today's crashes came about when trying to import names & email addresses from a csv file to outlook contacts. (O2kSp2)


Please help-desperate.
Im runnig Windows Vista home Premium. My computer continuously restarts itself by taking me to a blue screen that says that windows is shutting down to avoid damaging my computer. For the past 5 months i have been running avg 0.8 virus protection but just recently it has not been operating correctly. it tells me that my virus protection is turned off. I have tried uninstalling it so i can Re install it but it gives me an error. Someone had told me to install a cleaner program to help clear out AVG but it wont download it, actually Ive noticed it wont complete ANY download. I'm aware that this is a lot of information and yet not enough specifics. All I need to know is if this sounds like a virus and if so how do I go about getting rid of it if I cant download programs?


Alright i have a new new laptop and everything trust me the specs are more than good enough for win 7

im running win 7 64bit

i was on utorrent and my whole laptop froze, nothing i could do, i had to hold the power button to power down
then when i turned my pc back up after a couple of minutes it never got passed the starting windows screen
i see the four little balls moving around and forming the windows sign but then nothing
then i tried booting in safe mode and that worked for a while i deleted everything that had to do with what i was doing on utorrent and i ran my anti-viruses, avast and AVG defender and they came up with nothing
after a while i couldnt even get to safe mode
i went in my bios and i changed my boot order so that my hdd is my first choice because it kept searching for cds and didnt find any because big surprise no cd in the drive
and i accidentaly turned off fast boot i dont kno what i was doing there but what ever
and finally now it shows my options before boot
but when ever i press any of them it takes me to a black screen that tallies up the amount of physical memory i have
and a couple more of my pc's specs
then it sends me to a screen that is like white and change to like a bar of black
ive tried lettin that run for a while and it wont do anything
i need to bypass this or get some trick to get me back into windows



Hi guys,

Recently upgraded from Build 7000 32bit to Build 7100 64 bit. Dont ask me why i had 32 bit installed on my system haha. Well anyway. im using the Gigabyte EX58 and have all 3 ram sticks in correct slots but when i go into system properties the space were its supposed to say how much ram i have its just a blank spot. Doesnt say total ram or available ram.

I did a msinfo32 check and sure enough it detects it all, also when i do alt cntrl delete it detects the total ram there also.

Im getting no errors, all seems in perfect order just the blank spot in properties window. Is this a bug or has somthing gone wrong? Ive tried everything, even going through every single menu in the bios incase there was somthing wrong, also tried all 3 sticks in work pcs and also 3 other ram sticks in my motherboard all is in functioning order.

My system specs are
i7 920
Gigabyte EX58
6gb Corsair Dom DDR3 1800MHZ
Geforce 9600GT
1tb Western Digital Storage
80gb Western Digital Sytem drive.

Cheers in advance
- Aden Priest


Ok so i'm not great when it comes to IT, i aplogise now for lack of knowledge or not giving enough information!

Heres the deal, my laptop keeps coming up with blue screen, all the time. I find it is only happening when i'm on the internet, which is wireless. When i was at Uni i had to connect it, Dial up style and i had no problems what so ever with blue screens. Now im home i get them all the time, sometimes up to 8 times a day at least if i have my laptop on and am on it all day. The messages are not always the same. I'm afraid i haven't been writing them down but 2 i have had multiple times are:


Ive been researching and found that overheating can cause problems, my laptop gets really hot. But surely if its from overheating i would have had problems when i was a Uni. I even proved that it was something linked to the wireless by bringing it home a few times in between uni and the blue screens would occur, then went back to Uni and nothing. How do i stop them from happening?? Any advice?

Thank u!!!

Most stupid thing to do, but I did it...
I changed ownership of all files on C: (and permissions also -removed SYSTEM, Users & authenticated users from all files-shame on me) and after that, I was unable to get even into win logon screen. Fortunately, I have 2 Win 7 x64 versions installed, so I tried to change permissions tabs & ownership of WINDOWS & Users folders accordingly, as it is set on the "not-messed up" version... at least most of it (general folders & some subfolders, returned TrustedInstaller back as owner etc.)... Yeah, a made it and windows started successfully, but since then, Ive began to experience installed software problems aswell... I had to manually change all permissions etc. on every folder & file of e.g. Office to make it work... Messing permissions & ownership produced many other "bugs" to the system e.g. system does not save folder & other settings during shut down & when I leave my PC idle for 5-10 min., it suddenly freezes, so even crtl+alt+del wont wake it up.... I assume it is because my stupidity & also because system still does not have all the permissions it needs to work correctly... Is there a (quicker) way to fix back all default permissions? Or somebody know which files to change manually to make it work without those "bugs"?
Note1: System Restore function does not working after permission changes...
Note2: Sys specs located in my profile...
Note3: Do not even try to tell me advices like: reinstall windows or sth...every moron can do that... Moreover it is not a good choice for me, cause I do not have enough place to backup all data...
Thanx a lot for your help in advance

Good morning, Ive run into this problem this morning (twice.. trying to make it happen the second time [img]/forums/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img] and im stuck.
On a website, I was filling in a form and clicked submit. it popped up a dialog and said "this form is submitted by email, if a window pops up asking you if you want to send it via email, click OK" so I clicked OK and sure enough another dialog popped up asking me if I wanted to do this. I clicked OK again, and then everything seemed to sort of stop.
I tried ctrl-alt-del to bring up the task manager, and it seems that task manager hung. I called it up again (now I had two performance monitors in the system tray) and clicked shutdown. It started to shut everything down, and hidden behind all the other windows was another dialog box from Outlook that said (something like) "Email is being sent on your behalf, do you want to allow this? If this is unexpected, it may be a virus and you should select no"
I couldnt really DO anything. I couldnt click anywhere, the performance monitor screen was stuck, there was nothing happening and I ended up holding down my power button to restart the system.

I went back and did it a second time, knowing it was going to happen, to see if maybe I could click YES or NO or HELP or ANYTHING, but it was locked up tight and I had to cold-boot once again.

Has anyone else run across this yet? is there a way around it?

ive just renewed one of my HDDs following the sudden death of its predecessor and chose the moment to upgrade to win 2K from 98SE. to my horror i now find that the 2K backup will deliberately not recognise win98 backups, of which i have 7.7Gb, one file is over 4Gb. (Great planning there Bill), the useful help hint in the KB is to use another PC running 98 to restore the files and copy them over. Really useful. So, the question is: can i install my old 98SE OS onto the existing system as a dual OS without uninstalling 2K first, or willi have to do it the hard way, take 2k off, install 98 and then reinstall 2k? I formatted the new drive using fat32 rather than NTFS with compatability with existing software in mind.

Also, do any of you gurus out there know of anyone who has a workaround for the backup incompatability? I have enough bits left over in the box to rebuild my old PC on which i had 98se, and at a push i could do it that way but its gonna be a long job transferring all those files between 2 machines.

any guidance will be gratefully received.

Phil C.