incoming pop3 and outgoing smtp Results

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Call me Old Mr Thicky but I have a problem with a remote user who's just switched to broadband. Previously they dialled a Freephone number which would allocate them an IP address on our network and they'd carry on as if they were in the office. Should they ever come back into the office the DHCP server would dish them out a number and they'd still be fine. Only thing is now they're on Wanadoo broadband at home i'm not sure how to get Outlook to recognise the two different connections. I've got them sending and receiving mail by setting the POP3 to the public IP of our mail server and SMTP to but the problem will arise tomorrow when they call into the office as we're behind a firewall and the only way I can see to get it working internally is if they set the incoming and outgoing mail server addresses to the private IP it was previously set to. This'll work but I just wondered (as I finally get to the point ...) if there's a simple way to setup separate Home & Office profiles but with everything coming into the same PST file as I'm sure they'll get in a mess if they have to fiddle with settings each time?


I am trying to setup my MS-Outlook 2000 to receive e-mail from a POP3 account, but yet send e-mail suing my Juno account.

The steps I took so far:

1) Setup the Account... Tools | Accounts | Add | Mail...

2) In the Display Name, I put in my name,

3) In the E-mail addreess I put the one from the POP3 account,

4) In the Incoming mail POP3, I put

5) In the Outgoing Mail (SMTP) I put and I provided the account name and password as I use them in Juno.

Now anytime I have an outgoing e-mail, I get the error:

The TCP/IP connection was unexpectedly terminated by the server (Account: '', SMTP Server: ''. Error Number 0x800ccc0f

OK now what?



I have never used Outlook. I just bought MS Office Pro with Outlook 2010, in Windows 7 Pro. I have 3 email accounts: 1 Windows Live Mail with my MS website, which connected in Outlook 2010 with no problem. However, when I have tried to connect my 2 Yahoo email accounts, the connection fails. The Yahoo accounts show up, but nothing shows up in them.
I am entirely new to this setup, so I don't know anything about what type of accounts the Yahoo accounts are; POP? SMTP? I don't even know what those terms stand for.
When I tried to set them up, I first tried the auto account setup. I entered my name, email address, and password. I did not check the Text Messaging (SMS) button, or the Manually configure . . . button. I clicked next, and it tried to configure an encrypted connection, and said it was not available, and to click next to attempt using an unencrypted connection, which I did. Again it tried without success to configure the email server settings.
So I checked the box to manually configure . . .
I entered my name and email address. I don't know the account type, but POP3 was in the box. I'm not sure what they wanted for the incoming server and outgoing server boxes, but I entered "" in each. Was that correct? I entered my user name, which I assume is the name I sign into the Yahoo account with, and my password. I did not check the Remember password box or the Require logon box. I clicked next.
It tried to logon to the incoming mail server (POP3), and send a test message, and failed at both.
So, I went back to the dialogue box, entered my password again, unchecked the Test account settings box, clicked next, was taken to the Finish dialogue, was told I had successfully entered all the information required to setup my account, clicked on Finish, and my email account showed up in Outlook, but with nothing in it.
What am I doing wrong? How can I repair it, or set it up so it works?
Thanks very much for any help you can give me.


No, this is not the exact same problem as the post from 7/01

Last night I 'upgraded' from W98 to W98 Second Ediction. I use MIcrosoft Outlook, so I dumped Outlook Express. When I tried to get my email I got the error message Internet mail not registered, please re-install and try again. I went to the MS Product Support Services and found the following instrcutions to deal with this problem.;EN-US;q242777
You are using Outlook as your mail client. When you attempt to send and receive mail, you receive the following error message:

Internet Mail is not registered properly. Please reinstall and try again.
Additionally, details from the Account status may list error code, 0x80040154.

This error message may occur when either of the following are true:

The wrong version of Inetcomm.dll is installed.

Outlmime.dll, a critical file involved in the mail transfer process, is not registered correctly.

To Verify the Version of Inetcomm.dll
Operating System Version
Microsoft Windows 95 4.72.2106.4
Microsoft Windows 98 4.72.3155.0
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 4.72.3155.0
Microsoft Windows 2000 5.0.2919.6700
If you have any other version, rename it, and reinstall Internet Explorer 4.01.
NOTE : If you installed Internet Explorer 5.0, the specific version of Inetcomm.dll for Internet Explorer 5.0, is 5.00.2314.1300. If the version is earlier than this, rename Inetcomm.dll and install Internet Explorer 5. For more information on where to obtain Internet Explorer 5.0 see the References section of this article.
I'm using Internet Explore 6.0. Since ther eis no version of Inetcomm.dll listed for 6.0 I checked and I have the version listed for 5.0>> 5.00.2314.1300.

So, then I did the following:
To Register Outlmime.dll
Choose one of the following methods to register Outlmime.dll.
On the Windows Setup tab, clear the Microsoft Outlook Express check box, and then click OK .
After Outlook Express is uninstalled, repeat steps 1 through 3 to reinstall it.
I reinstalled Outlook Express.
After reinstalling OUtlook Express I still cannot get or send email from OUtlook or OUtlook Express. Now, the pop3 and smtp servers aren't recognized. I spent hours on the phone today with Earthlink. We tried everything they knew to get my INcoming and Outgoing servers recognized. No luck.

So then I did the following:

Method 2: Windows 95/98
These steps assume that you installed Outlook in the Microsoft Office default installation path.

To resolve this error message, follow these steps:
Quit Outlook and any other programs that are currently running.

On the Start menu, point to Programs , and then click MS-DOS Prompt .

In the MS-DOS Prompt window, type (including quotation marks)
cd "program filesmicrosoft officeoffice"
and then press ENTER.

In the MS-DOS Prompt window, type
c:windowssystemregsvr32 outlmime.dll
and then press ENTER.
I get this far but the system never responds with DllRegisterServer in outlmime.dll succeeded.
You receive the following message:
DllRegisterServer in outlmime.dll succeeded.
Click OK and then close the MS-DOS prompt window.

I'm hoping you can help me out here.


This is a follow up to my post on 4/15. I can get OE to send and receive on Gmail. I can get OE and Intellect to receive on my business email. But I can't get either to send emails on my business account. The business host has registry hacks and how to set up the account manually. If I use the registry hacks I lose the IMAP folders on OE if I set it up manually I can't send. With the reigstry hack I get this error message:

"Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection. Possible causes for this include server problems, network problems, or a long period of inactivity. Account: '', Server: '', Protocol: SMTP, Port: 465, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800CCC0F".

Here's the manual settings that are listed on the business servers. I question their accuracy since they still are using port 25 for outgoing mail:

Manual Settings
Mail Server Username:
Incoming Mail Server:
Incoming Mail Server: (SSL)
Outgoing Mail Server: (server requires authentication) port 25
Outgoing Mail Server: (SSL) (server requires authentication) port 465
Supported Incoming Mail Protocols: POP3, POP3S (SSL/TLS), IMAP, IMAPS (SSL/TLS)
Supported Outgoing Mail Protocols: SMTP, SMTPS (SSL/TLS)

I have attached screen captures of my settings in a zip file. The setting on OE are labeled:

"OE_Gmail"; Gmail that works.
"OE_Work_Jam" are the registry hack settings for work for OE that have no IMAP folders.
"OE_Work" are the manual setting for work for OE with IMAP folders but doesn't' send.
"Intellect_Work1" are setting I'm using on Intellect. Since the labels for the setting aren't consistent this may be some of my problem.

Hi, I connect to 4 different ISPs from my laptop, plus the office exchange server. I have an ISP I use from home, one for travelling, one in the UK etc. Each of these has a different outgoing mail server, and incoming mail is handled through a pop3 account I can access from anywhere.

The question is, is there any way to set up Outlook (2k, win 2k, corporate WG mode) to switch easily between the smtp servers without having to input the server address every time?

I have the following somewhat complicated problem:
PC-A is located in a remote office, and uses Remote Desktop to connect to ...
PC-B which is located on a local LAN, which has an Exchange Server.

PC-A has its own email address on its own domain (say, at which address it wishes to RECEIVE emails.
PC-B will be used to SEND OUT emails using Outlook and the Exchange server, with the return address being

Consequently I need to set up a POP3 account on Outlook on PC-B which will enable both these operations to take place.

I am looking at the screen shown in the attached graphic, and need to know what gets entered in each field. Will this screen deal with the sending of emails from PC-B, such that their 'reply address' is

Fairly obviously the Outgoing mail server (SMTP) is the name of the Exchange server,
and the E-mail address is
so I am stuck on the Logon Information
and the Incoming mail server (POP3) - because no incoming email is wanted from the Exchange server to PC-B!

I hope my explanation is fit-for-purpose!


I tried to set up a new email account in Outlook (because I've been having problems with OE that no one seems able to fix). I am now running into the same problems with Outlook and get this message:

Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection. Possible causes for this include server problems, network problems, or a long period of inactivity. Account: 'Home Mail', Server: '', Protocol: SMTP, Port: 465, Secure(SSL): Yes, Error Number: 0x800CCC0F.

When I test the settings in Outlook - as well as OE - it seems to not like my e-mail address (which I've had for years and years and years)

My settings are correct:

General Tab

Include this account when receiving mail or synchronizing is checked

Servers Tab
My incoming is POP3


Remember p/w is checked

My server requires authentication is checked

Connection Tab

Nothing is filled in or checked

Advanced Tab
Server Port #'s
In: 465
This server requires a secure connection (SSL) is checked

Out 995
This server requires a secure connection (SSL) is checked

All of these problems started when ATT/Yahoo started posting this every few days:

Dear Customer:
We noticed that you are accessing email using non-secure settings in your email software.

We would like to ensure that your AT&T Yahoo! Member ID, password, and email messages are transmitted securely between your mail software (such as Outlook or Outlook Express) and the AT&T Yahoo! Mail servers. In order to meet this need, please enable SSL via the instructions that are available on the Help site.

Since multiple email notifications have already been sent out about this, we request that you please make the necessary changes immediately. Remember, you need to make these changes if you want to continue to send/receive email using a mail client.

I have been with their online chat for hours and at the end of every session they tell me everything is working properly - but it really isn't and a day or so later I start having the same problems. I have let the Yahoo Self Help Tool do its thing as well but it goes in and changes my incoming and outgoing servers to instead of and then I have to change them back.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I do not want to use web-based email.


This is a general question at this point in the hopes that responses will save me some time and hassles.

It seems to me that I have a couple of choices for SMTP - Outgoing mail server entries. One is to use the email server associated with my domain name, another is to use the email server associated with my ISP. There may be a third... use the email server of a 3rd party email service provider, but my limited knowledge prevents me from going too far in that thought direction.

In the past, I recall using the email server associated with my domain name and would periodically get various types of errors (e.g., relaying errors, 554 errors (or some other number - not important)).
I then switched to using the outgoing email server of my ISP and that worked fine. Note to Newbies: Your email's Outgoing server does not need to be with the same company as used for your incoming email server. I'm sure this is obvious to most, but it was a big aha! to me many years ago.

Back to my 'issue': One of my PC's is a laptop. When I used Verizon at work and at home, using the verizon outgoing email server worked fine; but now I am planning on switching to Optimum Online for my home ISP and I am pretty sure I will no longer be able to use verizon's outgoing email service from my home (but I will from work).

So, what is the typical approach to resolving this issue? Do you create create multiple email accounts for each email address (i.e., 2 accounts for, one using verizon's outgoing server and one using optimum's outgoing server)? FYI, my email picture is a little more complex than just 1 email account in that I have multiple businesses/brands and multiple email addresses for each; all are POP3 incoming except 1 IMAP). Maybe I should be looking at some 3rd party solution (but then won't I still have those relay- and 554 error-type problems?).

Any thoughts/ideas very much appreciated.

Bug in OL2002 handling of multiple email accounts?

I have my own domain name which I use solely for email. I don't have a web page and I do this for potential portability of my email account, should I wish to change ISP services. At my current ISP, I have a "parked domain". This means that I pay $30/year for essentially email support only. I get 5mb of email storage and 3 possible email addresses. OTOH, the charge for a full service account with bigger email plus web storage is something like $10 or $20 per month.

With this ISP, I have aliased my domain name to my primary email address. Anything coming into the ISP addressed to gets routed through my primary ISP email address (but it will show my domain name and not the my ISP standard address).

I have defined 2 accounts to Outlook. One is the primary ISP email address and the other is for sending email under my domain name (so that the email gets stamped with my domain address and not the ISP standard address). So the primary account is what I have to use to get all email (receiving ONLY) and the second is for sending only.

When I switched to OL2002, I started getting errors with this setup where my sends to my 2nd account (my domain address) wouldn't work. OL2002 kept wanting to send all main through the main ISP receiving account. I tried setting the 2nd account (sending) as the default but this didn't solve the problem completely. Some mail would still go out stamped with the my primary receive address and NOT my domain address. I wasn't sure why yet.

So I went into each account and did some editing on the POP3 settings. On the first account for receiving, I removed the outgoing SMTP server info and zeroed out the port number. On the 2nd account for sending, I removed the incoming POP3 server info and zeroed out the incoming port number. I also checked on the box for my outgoing server requires authentication and to "logon to the incoming mail server before sending email". Btw: Outlook doesn't like having blank entries for POP3/SMTP fields, so I used the word "dummy" where I removed server addresses. Now it is impossible to send from the receiving account or receive from the sending account.

Now everything works (mostly). I've found that even though the 2nd account is set as the default, which should mean that it would be used as the primary account for sending email, OL2002 will still try to send from the 1st account (receive only account) IF I am REPLYING to an email. Apparently, OL2002 ignores (overlooks) the DEFAULT setting in replies and chooses to use the incoming account! This means that in replies, I have to click on the Accounts drop down and choose the sending account or the mail will sit in the Outbox forever generating errors (because I have no SMPT address in that account). Having to remember to click the drop down on replies is an annoying extra step that I really shouldn't have to do (and wouldn't have to do if MS was clear on the understanding of the word default). Hopefully, MS will fix this in Outlook 11 or offer a checkbox to override the default default behavior.

I have my own domain name. I have 2 accounts defined in Outlook - one called receive and one called send. Incoming mail is retrieved via the receive account. Outgoing mail is sent via the send account. The reason for this is so that my domain name and the email address I want appears in all sent mail. The receive account has a entry DUMMY for the SMTP line so that mail cannot be sent from that account. Similarly, the send account has the POP3 line set to DUMMY so email cannot be received there.

This structure works fine for me and does what I want it to. However, if I want to reply or forward an email I've received, I have to manually change the account to the send account for it to be sent. This is because Outlook/Microsoft believes that if you received an email on one account, then you should reply/forward from the same account. I've tried making the send account the default account but this doesn't change anything.

The problem:
I want to forward a daily email to my work location. I setup a rule to do this. But it won't go because the account wasn't changed from receive to send. And there doesn't seem to be any clear way to do an account switch from the rules engine. There is a function to run a script as part of the rule and I'm guessing that I might be able to do this via that function but I have no idea if this would work or how to go about it. Any ideas?

So I have this problem, when my mail server switched, which wasn't even like a real switch, it changed from "" to "", but all the emails get redirected for a while. And there is no problem. Randomly one day it just stops being able to send anything, it says sending... for like 10000000000 hours, then it doesn't send it does it by percent. Like 10, 20, 30, 99%.... 98% and then stops. I feel like I have to change my outgoing mail server, but I'm not sure what to change it too. Prior to this, my incoming server (POP3) was, and my Outgoing server (SMTP) was as well. But ironically it created another email account called, where the Outgoing server is Mail.Comcast.Net, and the Incoming is I tried changing all the servers to what these servers were, but it had no prevail. What can I do. Sorry If it is a little confusing, i haven't slept in a while. haha, please help.

Well, I've almost got this XP Pro/Office XP Pro machine doing everything it needs to do. The last major hurdle is getting Outlook to connect to my corporate e-mail account. (Early today I finally got into and past what the techs call the RAS server.) As far as anyone can tell, all the settings for this account are correct (account name, password, server IPs for POP3 & SMTP, and there's no Exchange server involved). In fact, I even had the techs reset my password on their end so that we're on a level playing field about that, too.

Nevertheless, when running the "Test Account Settings" for this account, it dials in to the servers through RAS, can "see" the SMTP server, can usually send the test message, but can't log into the POP3 server. Since I've been between laptops for several weeks, I'm sure I've got hundreds of e-mails backed up waiting for me.

Tech is minimally helpful at best, and has come to the point where they're saying, "We don't support XP or Office XP." (The laptop came from another part of the company; too difficult to describe the convoluted relationships.) Bottom line: they've done everything they're going to do and I'm on my own to get this to work on my end. I've even tried various permutations under More Settings | Outgoing Server, but to no effect. (Yes, I know that the POP3 server is the incoming, but there are e-equivalents to various superstitious practices, and playing with completely unrelated settings is one of them.)

All the entries are typed correctly; I've compared them diligently to the setting on my almost-retired Win98 laptop, even had someone else check my spelling. Everything's correctly entered. But it's still not working. Anybody out there see what I'm missing?

Thanks in advance.


P.S.: Yes, the password is case-correct, and I'm told the account name is case-indifferent.

My friend has Win XP with SP3. She has version 3.1.0 of Thunderbird and I set it up for her.

I composed a new message for the first time,and clicked the Send button,but the Sending Message box with the message copying message to sent folder has been running for about 45 minutes now.

In an attempt to sort this out, in account settings -server settings,I changed the IMAP Server port number from the default -143- to 110, which is the incoming mail(POP3) port number for my own mail account.That made no difference.The outgoing server on my friend's Thunderbird account settings (SMTP) is set to port 25, the same as on my computer.

I also deleted the passwords on the Thunderbird account, and entered a new Master password, being the password used to set up her original email account with her ISP. (I could find no reference to passwords in the Thunderbird settings, other than reference to where the passwords were stored, and I deleted those passwords,whatever they may have been-I did not enter a password when installing Thunderbird).

I would add that my friend shares my internet connection via the LAN.

I feel I should probably undo the changes referred to above, but I would appreciate guidance as to how to overcome the problem of the "copying message to sent folder" box progress bar never ending.

Finally, and this seems weird to me,before I made any changes to the account settings the message was obviously sent, because I received an acknowledgement.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and regards,