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I have two computers, a Gateway and an HP, both running Windows 7 64 bit and both running the same version of IE9. The two behave differently when I open a web site by double clicking a link on my desktop, then click on the blank tab. I want them both to work the same.

The HP opens the web site fine. When I click IE9's blank tab, a tab named 'New Tab' opens, and displays ten large icons showing 'Your most popular sites'. I like this.

The Gateway also opens the web site fine. But when I click IE9's blank tab, the tab that opens is one with the home page of the web site I originally opened. I DO NOT like this.

I've looked in vain for some explanations of how to set IE9's behavior upon clicking the blank tab. Maybe I'm not using the right search terms, but the only things I turn up are very general explanations that IE9 can be customized in many ways, with next to nothing about what those ways are, and what are the different options they have.

How can I make the Gateway computer work the same way as the HP? (If the HP way is something provided by HP, how can I make the Gateway open my default home page, which happens to be Google?)

My OS is Win 7 Pro with SP1 and IE9.

In the last few days there have been many occasions when I have clicked a link to open a web page in IE 9, and instead of the page opening I get a blank page and a message saying "there was a problem sending the command to the program". The page will open after the second or third try, but this is irritating,as you will appreciate.

If someone can tell me how to resolve this I would be grateful.

Thanks and regards,Roy

I'm on IE9, Win7 Pro 64-bit

When I click to put up a new tab, I get a blank screen rather than the New Tab page (which displays Popular Sites, re-open closed tabs, etc.)

Now, I know I can go into Internet Options and select "Change how webpages are displayed in tabs" , and then change the "When a new page is opened" option to "The new tab page" - but this is supposed to be the default setting anyway (if you click on 'Restore Defaults" at the bottom of that page). My problem is (and as I said, it's an annyance rather than a massive headache) that, whilst it remains at that setting even if I close IE9 and then re-open it, if I close down my PC completely, when I open up again the setting reverts to 'Show Blank Page'.

Any ideas ?

Whenever a link inside an existing web page tries to open a new tab, IE9 opens a tab that is completely blank. However, links that call for a new page in the existing window work fine. All the latest Windows patches have been installed. I have tried to remove and reinstall IE9 but the installation program refuses to run, saying that a newer version of IE9 is already installed, even after I've removed it in Control Panel. I have no problems with this on the same computer when running Firefox. Any suggestions?

Since about mid-October I am no longer able to open sites ending with a .jsp extension. This often happens when clicking on a link in an email. IE9 connects to the website and attempts to display the page as evidenced by the site name being displayed in the tab and bottom and side scroll bars added to the screen but the page otherwise is completely blank. The pages render and display in Firefox, but I prefer IE9. Does anyone know what settings might need to be changed to get .jsp pages to display in IE9.

Good day to all.

My wife told me yesterday that Internet Explorer on her Win 7 (64-bit) machine isn't working anymore. Apparently, its been broken for a few days but she told me only yesterday.

Upon launching IE, a tab with her home page ( appears but the page itself is blank. The "wait" spinning wheel keeps on spinning but nothing happens. Opening additional tabs do the same thing. Closing the program is also broken - clicking on the close program "X" in the top right corner of the window does nothing. It appears as if the only way to terminate it is to use the task manager and kill one of the two IE processes that are running (the other process terminates when the first one is killed).

My wife likes going to free game websites - my first thought was that she might have picked up something to cause this problem. I have multiple paid licenses for Malwarebytes Anti-malware, so I installed and ran it. However, it says the machine is free from any malware.

My second thought was to go to Tools -> Internet Options to see what is happening - but all of those options under the Tools tab are greyed out.

Hmm, sez me. I wonder if I have a permissions issue.

Right-clicking on the IE shortcut on the desktop and selecting "Run as administrator" brings up IE in all its glory. Everything works correctly, including shutting it down. But I can't find out why it won't run without being in administrator mode.

While I had IE running with administrator privileges, I went to the tools tab and disabled all plugins except for Flash and Java. My wife goes to a lot of free games sites, so there were a few plugins that I didn't recognize. But no help.

I next un-installed IE9 by going to Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> View installed updates, then scrolling down to the IE9 entry and telling it to un-install the update. I then went directly to the Microsoft website (using Chrome) and downloaded and re-installed the program. No help - IE doesn't run unless it is being run with administrative privileges.

For the time being, I've modified the shortcut by telling it to run IE in administrator mode (Rt-click the icon -> Properties -> Shortcut -> Advanced -> tick the box marked "Run as administrator")

However, I don't like that solution in the long term and my wife doesn't like it now - she has to answer a UAC prompt everytime she wants to run IE.

Her computer is set to automatically update when new updates are available and I'm wondering if any of the recent updates might be responsible for this problem.

Any suggestions gratefully accepted.

Many thanks!