how do i get rid of windows 7 pop up Results

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I am using Windows 7 Ultimate. Each time I open Internet Explorer 9, I get the following pop-up (see attachment) that appears at the bottom of the screen immediately above the task bar. How can I bock it?

Thank you.

Only on Firefox do I get pop up It comes as a blank white screen with that address. I run windows 7 64 bit. How do I get rid of this nuisance from constantly popping up Is there a way to remove it?

thanks for any help

about 2-3 hours ago...but, oh well...if so, I apologize. If not, here it is again:

I installed Microsoft Security Essentials on a new install of Windows 7. It is working fine so far, except Windows Defender pops up at every login to tell me it has been turned off, which I of course know already.

If I go to the Control Panel / Windows Defender applet, it say it is turned off. Good.

So how do I get rid of the message.

Chuck Billow

I updated my Java to 7 update5. Now everytime I open IE9 I get a security window that says ssvagent.exe, author Oracle, Inc, wants to run. I always deny, it always pops up even if I change tabs in the browser. A google search says it's anything from a bug in Java to Malware. What is this and how do I get rid of it?

I have a malware issue on a Windows 7 PC that I've been unable to resolve. When I open a new tab in one of my browsers (I think it is showing up in all 3 of my browsers - Firefox, Chrome, and IE), I get pop-up ads in the lower left & low right of the screen. The ad on the left is a large square, sometimes partially transparent, which makes it very easy to click on accidentally (because you think you are clicking on the text beneath the ad). Those ads are often offensive (borderline porn), or often an ad for what disguises itself as a message about updating Adobe Flash. The ad in the lower left is a large rectangular box with the word "Chitka" and is context sensitive based on whatever content is on the currently open web page/tab.

I use MSE, and that hasn't seemed to help. I also ran CCleaner and did a scan with Malwarebytes. Several sites recommend editing the Hosts file to remove a couple lines of code. I did that. I also deleted & reinstalled Firefox. None of those things have been able to rid my PC of this malware.

Any ideas on how I can finally be rid of this would be most appreciated. Aside from being annoying, it constantly interferes with work my family is doing on the web.

I have Windows 7 installed and up until recently I could read and write files from my hard disk to my usb thumb drive. Now after some updates were downloaded and applied (automatically so I am not sure what was installed), when I insert my drive into the usb slot, the Bitlocker Drive Encryption window pops up and I have two choices. Encrypt this drive to allow write access or don't encrypt this drive but it will be read only. I checked Control Panel -> Bitlocker and it says its off my for C drive and my usb thumb drive. So i'm not sure why its wanting to encrypt it. How do I get rid of this Bitlocker and gain write access to my usb drive?

Ive been trying to downgrade back to XP because Windows 7 runs so slow its not even funny. Well everytime I try to reinstall XP , I click the Install WIndows XP button and then it pops up "This program is blocked due to compatibility issues". I tried going under properties and doing the option:Run this program in compatibility mode for:, and it still doesnt work. Can someone please tell me how to get rid of this message or how to reinstall XP and by the way i am running XP setup not by disc but by .iso. Thank you

As you may know, you cannot make a clean install of Windows 7 upgrade on a formatted disc. You can only install this OS on a hard disc that has a previous version installed (XP, Vista, whatever). So, if you bought a Windows 7 UPGRADE (not the full version), you will have no luck just popping the disc into the DVD drive on a computer with a disc wiped clean.
I bought the Windows 7 upgrade thinking I could do this. I was going to install it on a Gateway computer with Vista 64 originally installed. However, I want to install a new motherboard in this computer, which means that the Recovery Disc for the original Gateway computer will not recognize this new MB if I run the recovery program for the old MB (and halt the Recovery installation).
With this system of installation, you're going to have to have two previous versions of Windows. Luckily, I have the original Windows XP/SP-2 and Windows 98 discs with the installation numbers. So, here's how I solved my particular problem of installing the Windows 7 upgrade on what amounts to a custom-made computer (As far as I'm concerned, this installation can't be illegal because I own the XP and 98 discs used previously on other computers).

Put the XP disc into the DVD drive. Go through the installation procedure (don't worry if you don't have chipset and RAID discs during this process--unless you want to install them). When the XP installation asks you to provide a disc from a previous version of Windows, put in the Win 98 (or Win 95 disc) Finish the installation process. When you boot up to XP, you'll most likely be in primitive mode screen 'cause you don't have a bunch of drivers needed for your computer. This doesn't matter because the next thing you'll do is put in the Windows 7 UPGRADE install disc (which will format your disc again throught the Custom Install setting), getting rid of XP--thus a virgin install).
Of course, if you have a factory computer with Vista installed, just put in the Windows 7 disc, have the hard drive formatted during the installation process and then install the OS. You're going to have to get drivers not installed during the Windows 7 process--but you will boot into Windows 7. If you have a custom-made computer that you assembled yourself, you'll most likely know what to do from this point forward.

I've had Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista (32 & later 64bit) and now just installed Windows 7 (64bit). I've also tried Macs, which are overpiced trash.

So far, 7 seems to start up and load various items a bit faster than Vista and I also think the transparent or "glass" visual feature looks better on 7 than Vista. Having said that and the fact that I've only had it for about a week, I have found some preferences and features that I am really angry about in Windows 7 and might even switch back to Vista for.

The quick tabs (now called "pinned" items) are a HUGE problem now. On XP and Vista, I hardly ever went into the start menu or any other menu because I had all of the programs I used on a daily basis right there on the taskbar.

#1) They are spaced WAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY too far apart from eachother now. All of my quick tabs on Vista were lined up close to eachother and 6 or 7 of them barely took up an inch and a half on my taskbar. Nice and tidy. NOW on Windows 7, three "pinned" items take up the same amount of space that 6 or 7 used to on Vista. If I had 6 or 7 pinned items on Windows 7, they would take up almost half my taskbar! Seriously, WTF Microsoft????!!!!

#2) You can't place certain items as "pinned" on the taskbar. I used to have games, Adobe software and even internet pages as quick tabs. For example, I listen to the Howard Stern Show online. On Vista, I dragged the Stern Show's site from my favorites bar right onto my taskbar. WINDOWS 7 DOESN'T LET YOU DO THIS. You have to click on the internet icon, then move over to the pinned website. Again, the taskbar is no longer tidy and efficient in Windows 7 for me.

#3) Why can't I switch to the "classic" start menu? In the classic start menu, everything opens up and expands so you can find what you are looking for FAST. In the new start menu, you are confined to a tiny programs list where you have to scroll through it. Why did they get rid of the option to switch to the "classic" start menu?

#4) In Vista, you could click a button to scroll through all of the windows you currently have open. They would pop up in the middle of the screen sideways like book pages and you could use your scroll button to cycle through them. This option is GONE on Windows 7.

#5) If you download a new Windows 7 theme, why can't you delete it? I downloaded one from the Windows site to see what it looks like (you can't even preview it on the website. good job, guys.) and when I didn't like it and decided to delete it, I couldn't. WTF?

Everything else has been fine so far, I just really dislike the things I mentioned above and if they get annoying enough, I might switch back to Vista. Can anyone help me troubleshoot these issues? I really really really want my tidy and efficient quick tabs or the now called "pinned" items bar back. I can't stand the fact that (1) I can't have my internet links on there and (2) I hate how far apart they are spaced. HELP!

IN the process of transferring to a new computer (now WIndows 7), my Outlook 2010 is hopelessly bungled. It gets messages sent from Gmail, and it looks as if Pop and Imap are both enabled. I have 2 profiles, apparently, and surplus calendars and contacts.

There are many of these messages that I do want to keep, current and archived, sorted into folders (this is why I use OUtlook instead of keeping everything in Gmail, whose interface I dislike). So how should I go about getting rid of this mess and getting these messages and the calendar & contacts in order? I don't mind spending time searching and sorting the message to keep/discard as long as I end up with an organized, functional system.

(THe real question is, why can't Microsoft create a program less convoluted? I've tried Thunderbird and others, but none does what I want. Among other things, I get a daily digest of messages from a newsletter, but only Outlook will let me view the message - the others wnt me to save it, which I don't want to do).

After searching around for a couple of weeks only to get more frustrated, I found a solution that worked for me last night. I do see there are many threads about this, but hope you can handle one more.

Funny thing was that in Safe Mode my external disk showed up and I could even go into it like normal.
It was also visible in Disk Management - but I could not open the drive when running in normal mode. It did show up, but the total disk space and free space was not available. When I tried to open it, it just popped up a "warning"
saying "F: Not available".

What I have tried before my solution worked;
- different fixes from both producer (Western Digital) and Microsoft
- updating USB drivers and lots of other drivers "that should take care of it"
- assigning a letter to the disk
- etc

In the end I just did a fresh install to get a new and fresh start and go back to the beginning.
(Note: maybe not be mandatory for you unless you have installed real crappy USB drivers and dont know how to get rid of them).

My disk is Western Digital Extreme Lighted Drive - USB 2/Firewire (Im using USB now) - 320GB.
My Mobo is Maximus II Formula, socket 775 - BIOS 2202

My fix:
- Go to BIOS
- Advanced
- USB Configuration
- USB Mass Storage Device Configuration (see if you can find your disk there and)
- If so, Enter it and look for Emulation Type
- Set Emulation Type to "Forced HDD"
- Other options you might find there (just so you know you are on the right place); Auto, Floppy, Hard Disk, CDROM
- Save BIOS and Restart computer

If you have another type of BIOS try to find something similar like the ones above. It might be found under other tabs than Advanced.

Sadly, I can not guarantee this will work for you, but I really hope so `cause this was getting on my nerves!

Ps! You do not need to download any fixes at all before doing this. Just install updates after Windows 7 is installed and then restart and Enter BIOS.

Good Luck!


Hello, I am new to this forum. I came here because I have spent over six hours googling for solutions to my problem, and no solutions have yet been found.

I have Windows 7 Ultimate installed and need help fixing a problem. I hope my description of the problem is clear and understandable and does not get anyone confused. I will also attach a screenshot at the end of this post. The taskbar on the bottom of my screen keeps randomly displaying textbox tooltips which remain forcibly visible for 5-10 seconds. It happens even when my cursor is nowhere near the taskbar, sometimes when I'm not even touching the touchpad. I have a very small screen resolution on my laptop so these random pop-ups appearing and sticking to the screen are incredibly distracting.

I would like to know how to disable taskbar tooltips completely. I am not having any issues with thumbnails or other tooltips, and I have already disabled explorer tooltips in folder options.

The tooltips I need to disable are the text boxes that pop up when the mouse cursor is placed over application buttons on the taskbar (they appear even when I don't place the cursor near the taskbar) which describe what the application is. This feature is extremely obtrusive, especially on a smaller screen. I know enough about computers to identify a program based upon the icon in the taskbar, I don't need and don't want invasive yellow text boxes popping up all over the place distracting me from my work and telling me what I already know.

I have searched google and microsoft's website, but no solutions were provided. I have already tried every search query possible ("disable taskbar tooltips", "remove taskbar tooltips", etc.) and looked through every result I could, to no avail. I tried editing my registry several times (see list below) but nothing worked. The only halfway solution I could find was a program called taskbar eliminator which completely hides the taskbar, thus preventing the dreadful text boxes from spamming up my screen. The problem with this is I like the taskbar, and it is very useful. The tooltips which display for running applications however, are a severe hindrance.

I would really appreciate a solution or fix which allows me to disable these taskbar textbox tooltips. I enjoy using windows 7 except when it comes to those specific tooltips, and I am sorry but if you do not have a solution for me I will be forced to uninstall microsoft windows from my laptop in place of an O.S. that does allow for disabling of taskbar tooltips.

Taskbar tooltips - major annoyance
This thread identifies the problem, but the only solutions are for removing thumbnails. I have clearly stated that thumbnails are not the problem here, so I hope people are not going to misunderstand my question and provide solutions to problems I'm not having (which is 90% of what I saw on google).

Things I tried that do NOT work:
- Registry Edits
HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerAdvanced: EnableBalloonTips to 0, ExtendedUIHoverTime to 60000, ShowInfoTip to 0
HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelMouse: MouseHoverTime to 4000
- TweakUI (installed/ran using XP compatibility mode)
- Ultimate Windows Tweaker

Possible solutions I don't know enough about to test:
- Create a replacement shell for explorer.exe
- Resource hacker

Please help! If you don't know a solution but know of an operating system that allows disabling of taskbar tooltips please tell me. I am not very familiar with Linux (I read somewhere that Ubuntu has an option to remove them), but I will literally do ANYTHING to get rid of these, even if it requires reformatting my PC (but only as a last resort).
- John