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Is there a keystroke that will toggle whether hidden text is displayed?
Word 2007



One of my users is having problems copying information from a Word 2007 document into her Outlook 2007 email message. She is using RTF format for the Email message and is trying to copy formatted text from Word. She does this very often. In some of the documents, when she pastes it into Outlook, the fonts change. So, the original Word document is formatted as all Times New Roman 12, and when pasted into Outlook most of it is Times New Roman, but in unexpected places it changes to Arial. This happens in both RTF and HTML formats. It doesn't happen with all documents, but when it happens with a document it seems to be consistent. My hunch is that it has to do with edits in Word and there are some kind of hidden codes messing this up, but I can't find anything. The same problem seems to be happening in Outlook 2003.

Have recently moved to Word 2007 and can say I am finding it hard to get to grips with.

I have created a document and recorded some very basic macros (e.g. for finding and removing hidden text) and saved the macro within my document. I put my macro on to my quick access toolbar.

A colleague wants to use my document and macro himself. I sent him the document but he doesn't see any buttons I set up although the macros can be found and run via Developer ribbon.

Question - can you share a document with macros and buttons so that the recipient sees the buttons?

Question - can you create a personal toolbar to store your macros on or do they always have to go on the quick access?

Question - what happens if you create macros in a template (rather than document) and want to put them on a toolbar for sharing - do I as the developer, have to put them on my quick access? Where would another user of the template find the macros, in their quick access or under add-ins?

Sorry if these seem straight forward questions to some but this is doing my head in right now and our office support haven't got a clue.

I am looking at a document typed in a much earlier version of Word and updated every year. The current version is Word 2007.

Each page is a section of its own and headers and footers are not being used and I want to insert a draft watermark on every page of the document. I know I have to do this on every page because of the way Word 2007 handles watermarks so no problems there.

The problem is that when I place the watermark on the last two pages, the watermark is partly covered by the body text. Exactly the same thing happens if I try to replace the watermark with WordArt in the header. I've tried sending the watermark forwards, backwards, in front of and behind the text and nothing works - the only way I can see the full watermark is to change the text wrapping so that the text wraps around it!

Any help or suggestions gratefully received!

I had an MS Word 2007 file on my system. I had it opened for a couple days, and during this time, Windows decided to FORCE a restart of my system (beautiful idea to default to this behavior, btw), and while doing so completely lost (how?) my saved copy of the aforementioned file.
This file is quite important to me, and I have tried to recover it by many different means thus far, to no avail. Included:
1) Use of at least six different "data recovery" applications. No luck.
2) Followed instructions of every single "recover lost word files" URL on the internet. No luck.
3) Searched raw disk data for recognizable text. No luck.
4) Repaired target HDD via CHKDSK in hopes of recovery of lost data and/or file handles. No luck.
5) Etc., etc., etc.
Here is some miscellaneous info:
a) The temporary hidden file MS Word creates upon opening a document (prefixed with "~$") remains. This is proof that this file was in fact saved before the disastrous decision by MS to reboot my system without my consent. However, this file merely contains user data.
b) I had previously modified and saved the text of this file several times over several days, as well as copy/pasted it a few times just previous to the loss of data. The hard drive where it resided was 500GB in size. The text (or at least segments of it) is likely to still exist somewhere on this disk. During my fruitless searches for lost files using 3rd party applications, I encountered nearly everything I've ever written on that drive in the past two years, and in particular a group of items that I wrote at around the same time. This is another reason to suspect that significant amounts of the lost data I'm looking for are likely to be on the disk somewhere.
c) Given that none of the 3rd party apps could find any part of the file in question, and in light of whatever EXACTLY occurred during the forced restart that would result in a saved file being dropped simply because it was open at the time of shutdown, it might be safe to say that I will not find it via any search (no matter how exhaustive) that relies upon the file system itself. However, given that MS Word encodes and encrypts documents by default it is not a simple matter to find the data via a scan of the drive for raw data (what do you search for?).
*** SO, IN SUMMARY ***
I am somewhat confident that at least some of the missing data is in fact on this disk. Given the facts above, I am at an impasse as to how I might retrieve any of it. Any advanced advice or suggestionsto help resolve this episode (and/or explain exactly what likely occurred) would be greatly appreciated!
NOTE: please do not ask irrelevant questions - e.g., "why was the file not backed up?"

I am formatting the text of document as follows:

HEADING. Text [in other words, text follows on the same line as the Heading, which is used for a TOC]

I understand I can do this by:

HEADING [Hidden ] Text

Is there a way to attach the [Hidden ] to the Heading style? Is there an easy way to insert it; can it be done by a keyboard entry?


Is it possible to create hyperlinks (preferably in VBA) without applying the character style? If there are already character styles on the text, you lose that formatting. I'd be much happier applying the darn blue underline myself, if I can prevent other character styles from getting trashed.

I've built a clever routine which can slip the tablecloth of the character style out from other character formatting without having to Clear Character Formatting (ctrl-spacebar), but I can't restore lost character styles. (copy the text, paste it into a hidden document and delete the style, copy it back and paste it where it was)

Word's being a bully again. Any suggestions for putting it in its place this time?

Using Word 2007 and the comments in my document are not printing. I can see them, but they don't print.
My print options show to print hidden text.
?????? ----never mind......restarted the computer and now it is printing fine....

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