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Is there a way to change the icon in the title bar of the form? I found something on but I couldn't get it to work!


I'm attaching a stripped down database that I'm working on. It's saved to 97 version since I couldn't get it small enough to upload even after deleting everything that I didn't need.

frmNameLookup opens frmFaceSheet. This can either be done by double clicking the name in the list or or the new record icon. Everything works fine when a name is clicked. My problem is that when a new record is opened, I need to have a status of "inactive" with the date now() assigned. I've tried every which way I know and have worked at this for hours and can't get it. When the forms opens to a new record (as it should) if I assign a status (by clicking the add/edit status button) it works fine, but once I save or exit sfrmStatusTrending, frmFaceSheet goes to a new record. I want it to stay on the record if was on, not cycle to a new record.

I'm finally conceeding defeat. I've worked on this till I'm blind. Everything else is working fine but this has stumped me.

Also, for whatever reason, I'm not being prompted to save forms or queries when changed and I'm not sure why. I don't recall changing any settings.


one of my access users did the following:

filled in a form
clicked on the Save icon
left access open, but in a locked office
came back 2 hours later and discovered that the last record they had entered had dissappeared and the form was blank.

the database is shared, but both users *swear* they did nothing to account for the records apparent deletion.

i know very little about the mechanics of access. has anyone out there encountered this problem?



Okay, It seems like Access stumps me atleast once a day.. Here's the scoop. I've got an e-mail database that I'm working on. This database is simple. The e-mail addresses and other info about the people we e-mail to go into a simple form that links to a table.
I've got a few unbound text boxes in a separate form that the user edits and puts his name, introduction message, and a message into. I then tell the sendmail module to email the content in those unbound text boxes.. I set it up so the mail sends them in a certain order, and viola.. the mail is sent to the folks with email addy's in the stored table.
For all original intents and purposes, the e-mail works fine. We've been pasting copying word documents and pasting them into one of the unbound text boxes to mail documents via this database.
Here is my problem. Now management wants to be able to send a file that they can insert into an unbound object box in the same form. They want this file to appear as an attachment in the e-mail that our clients are recieving. I don't know how to do this. Everytime I try to set it up the same way as my unbound text boxes, I just get a little bit of garble in the e-mail that it sends. Here's the code I'm using (keep in mind this is just the module, it links to other code behind forms and such).

Intro2 is the name of the unbound Ole Object box that Im putting the file into. (FYI: I've tried putting the file in as content, as an icon, and as both linked and not linked. I'm stumped!)

My SendMail Module - modSendMail:

Sub SendEmail()
On Error GoTo Errhandler
Dim DB As Database
Dim RS As Recordset
Set DB = CurrentDb()
Set RS = DB.OpenRecordset("tblEmail")
Dim PersonSendTo As String
gIntro = ""

' SendMsg = gTO & Chr(13) & Chr(13) & gWrittenBy & Chr(13) & Chr(13) & SendMsg

Do While Not RS.EOF

gIntro = gIntro1

PersonSendTo = RS![Email]
gTO = "TO: " & UCase(RS![Contact Name])
SentMsg = gIntro & Chr(13) & gWrittenBy & Chr(13) & Chr(13) & gTO & Chr(13) & Chr(13) & SendMsg & Chr(13) & Chr(13) & gIntro2
DoCmd.SendObject , , , PersonSendTo, , , SubjectLine, SentMsg, False
RS![DateSend] = Now()
gTO = ""


Set RS = Nothing
Set DB = Nothing

Exit Sub

'GoTo Exit_sub
MsgBox Err.Descript

End Sub

What do you think?

Wasting more of your valuable time...

I have a UseForm that prompts for a password and it works beautifully except for one oversight. The close icon (the X at top right) can be clicked and the form closes exposing the works.
I'd be really chuffed if someone would supply the code to prevent this from showing.



I created a form using protected text form fields (created form fields then used Cont' F11 to protect) then protected the file. While protected, the icon for Spell Check is greyed. Even when I unprotected the file, I was unable to spell check more that the Current Selection. Spell check would ask whether I wanted to continue checking the rest of the document but would not let me.
Is there any way I can spell check a protected file? If not, how can I do a spell check on my form?

Hi there!

I have a user in our organisation who has sought me out re a problem that has just occurred re launching a 2000 DB from his desktop.

He drags this DB from an FTP link to his desktop and double clicks on it to open it up. He has both 2000 and 97 installed on his PC and today it has decided to try and launch unsuccessfully as 97 instead of 2000. I have removed the 97 desktop icon and renamed the .exe file to stop 97 from launching, but the copied DB still thinks it is 97, when double clicked on the desktop. The DB will open if 2000 is launched first and subsequently opened from within. A fix I have put in place is a 2000 shortcut with the path of the DB in the target.

The user is uncomfortable with this (although it works perfectly!) and just wants to drag and drop and double click to go.

I don't have rights to uninstall 97, that has to be performed by the powers that be here after several millenia and forests worth of forms have been completed.

Does anyone know how I can get the desktop to default to 2000? I'm sure I've seen this before and all I had to do was launch 2000 to get Access to remember which version it had used last. It's not working in this instance though...................



A user has complained that his toolbox won't display ! When he clicks the toolbox icon in form design it looks like its going to appear but then nothing happens - no errors.
Tried it on a new blank database and its same problem ! But if I log-onto the same PC - works fine.

Any Ideas ???

Windows NT and Access97Sr2

Thanks in advance !

I have a form that was created by someone else. When you go to the footer and double click, and then try to type, the mouse completely disappears. You can get it back by shaking it vigorously ;-). I've checked the foot, no strange tabs, the margin is set at 7 which is fine. There is nothing I can "see" that would cause this. When you go to Task Manager (using Win NT 4.0) however, the icon for the Word document looks like an exe. You know the square box w/the blue border only at the top? Could it be a virus? I tried to copy and paste, same thing. HELP! - Renee

Here is a macro I made for Word 97 to spellcheck my form boxes in a document. We use W95 and it seems to lockup some people's workstations but not all. Can anyone tell me why? Thanks

Sub FormsSpellCheck()

If ActiveDocument.ProtectionType wdNoProtection Then
ActiveDocument.Unprotect Password:=""
End If

' Set the language for the document.
Selection.LanguageID = wdEnglishUS

' Perform Spelling/Grammar check.
If Options.CheckGrammarWithSpelling = True Then
End If

' ReProtect the document.
If ActiveDocument.ProtectionType = wdNoProtection Then
ActiveDocument.Protect Type:=wdAllowOnlyFormFields, NoReset:=True
End If

End Sub


I need to display photographs on a form and print them on a report. I have to embed the images because the .mdb will be sent to other users who cannot access the source of the photos. I am concerned with database bloat. I have been embedding .jpg files in my .mdb and they are adding roughly 1mb for each 30kb .jpg file. If I embed using Display as Icon the bloat is not nearly as bad, but I need to be able to print the images and I can't figure out how to if they are inserted as icons. Any suggestions? Would other file formats work better? Is there a way to print the image even though it has been stored as an icon?

I copied a database to use as the start of another database. However the icon on the task bar at the bottom of the screen still shows the name of the original database. I did change the caption on the form, and that prints out also. My question, does anyone know where the first part of this name comes from so I can change it. I have search with no luck


I have an MS Graph 97 Chart in a report in an Access 2k database (recently converted from 97). The report is based on a select query and the graph, on a cross-tab query. I can't seem to be able to create a link between two fields in the graph's query and two fields on the report. If I click on the build icon next the LinkChildFields/LinkMasterFields textbox in the properties sheet, I get the message: can't build a link between unbound forms. I tried putting the fields that I want to link to into the query as criteria (e.g. [reports]![rptMyReport].expID) but access won't recognize these as valid fields. If anyone can help, I'm at a loss!

None of the following happens in Access 97/2000:
1. Report --- DoCmd.Maximize in the Open event executes. But then Access executes View | Zoom | Fit to Window (without being asked to), and the report shrinks.
2. Report --- In Design view, the Properties window shows several attributes that apply only to forms.
3. Form --- When a form with subform opens, the subform flickers continuously, and its totals line is missing. Also, part of an underlying form appears on the bottom of the subform. Clicking the control button to print the current record causes a hang. Clicking on the Taskbar icon of any other window (or the Desktop), and then back to Access, "cures" the problem.
4. Form --- When pointer moves across edges of all Labels, on any page of a Tab Control, the entire form "quivers." Labels outside the Tab Control don't cause this effect.

I run several Access databases without problems. One of them recently fails to open the database object windown, either when pressing F11, when selecting from the menu, or when pressing the icon on the toolbar. No error appears; just nothing happens. An attempt to run the Report Wizard on this datbase returned an error "ActiveX component cannot create object." The basic input form appears without a problem and I can add or retrieve recores. The problem occurs with this one database only both on my PC running WINNT 4.0 and Access 97 and on my laptop running Windows 2000 and Office 2000. I've checked permissions which are fine; I work as Administrator on both machines. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I'm runnin


I have an Access 97 application where the form "SF_PosData" is a subform in another form ("MF_Orders").
Users should be able to sort the subform data with the respective buttons on the icon bar.
But I want all such sorts to be removed, when the form / subform is unloaded. I thought, the OrderBy property of the "SF_PosData" form would be the right place to achieve this.
I tried the following Code for the form "SF_Pos_Data", but it does not seem to do the job

Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer)
Me.OrderBy = ""
End Sub

Any ideas??

Thanks a lot

I am using Access 97.
I have a form which is based upon a query that includes all fields I require from a particular table (Table 'A').

In the header of the form I have a date field which I use as criteria for the ApplyFilter command.

In the AfterUpdate event of the date field in the header I firstly delete all the records from Table 'A' with the same date as the date entered. I then populate Table 'A' from another table (Table 'B') based upon the date entered.
I then use the Applyfilter command and nothing shows in the Detail section of the form, however if I goto the query and run the query I get all the records from Table 'A' that have been added from Table 'B'.
I hope this is clear!!?
Can somebody please help.

[img]/w3timages/icons/frown.gif[/img]I'm using Access 97 and am having trouble in a form. I have a number of fields that I want to be required and have set them as required in the properties. However, I would like an error message to pop-up if the user exits the field without entering any data. Currently the only time the error message shows is when you leave the form. Does anyone know how to make the error occur on leaving the field?

Hi everyone...

I'm new to Woody's but from what I've read in the posts, it looks like everyone is happy to help one another and that is exactly what I need... [img]/w3timages/icons/smile.gif[/img]

I need help from the experts... I have only been using Access for a month now and I have never written in VBA before and although I have searched and read every scrap of information I can find on it, I am still having problems understanding a few things... (I'm using Access '97...not the developer's edition)

1) I have a project involving creating two different reports according to finding records that match different criteria... The first data that I receive through download has approx. 50,000 records... I have created queries to reduce it substantially but now I've gotten to the part where I believe code is required...

2) I have one query (RequiredRecords) that is now only showing 280 records... I now have to check dates...
"If the Business day following the RDate equals ExDate, then generate the reports..."
Ok... I created a table with records for each Holiday (the actual day that we will be closed...)...because that's not going to be a business day... I know I have to extract the day part of the Date fields and say something like...
CheckRDate = RDate + 1
CheckRDay = DatePart("w", CheckRDate)
Then I think I will need a loop... adding 1 to CheckRDate if it equals a weekend or holiday... I have written some spec.s to complete this task... (hopefully they are all right, but I can't test it unless I get it to run...)

3) The part I can't figure out is the declarations ... I have looked at many examples but I can't quite get it to make sense and work for me... I need to use fields from the query "RequiredRecords", fields from the table "Holidays2001", and a couple of new ones... Any idea of the spec's for this?

4) Also... I have only seen examples in the books I have looked at and online, showing code used in forms and reports etc (OnClick events?)... I don't really want a form to open... I don't want the reports generated unless there are records matching the entire criteria... Do I need to create a macro to run this code? ...Basically when I leave I want the people in the department to click one thing and it will either tell them that there are no records to put on the reports... or it will do the work and bring up the reports... Is this possible?

5) What happens to the final records? ... ie. the ones where the NextBusDay (RDate + ?) does = ExDate... I will need all the corresponding fields for the record that matches (from RequiredRecords)

I'm sorry this is so long... but I seem to be stuck... Every day I think I get a little closer... but I can't find the answers I need ... Any help would be greatly appreciated... I'm not as much of an idiot as I sound, I promise... [img]/w3timages/icons/laugh.gif[/img]

Have a great day everyone!