exchange server 2k problem Results

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Ok, i think i know what the problem is, but not enough to know how to solve it.

Exchange Server 2K, part of SBS 2K install. Working fine and installed mainly for a practical environment as i work my way through my MCSE.

This morning Outlook can't log on to Exchange. I go into the server and discover my Exchange drive is full. I empty out some non-Exchange folders, reboot and everything is fine.

So after searching the forums here and other places i work out it is a log issue, in that they keep growing and growing, so the problem is going to come back at some point.

So my question is:

Is it safe to delete old log files, and if not, how do i solve my problem. (Apart from getting a bigger drive!)

I have encountered a problem using Access 2000 linked to SQLServer 2000 tables using an ODBC string connection

This problem only occurs when accessing the database from some PC's and not others.
On my test network we do not see the problem at all, but on the clients system (Exchange Server 2K and Win 2K pcs) it occurs with PCs connected on the LAN. If the Access application is on the same machine as the SQL Server the
problem never shows.

The Problem: -
1) 2 tables in the SQL Server database have a relationship one to many and triggers that allow
cascade deletes.
2) When adding a new record to the primary table, in table view, the record is added but after moving to the next record (ie Updating the new record and creating the new autonumber) the displayed record is the duplicate of the previous record. ie the records are identical including the auto number! and the added records appears not to be there.
3) If the table is closed or sorted then the added record shows OK.
4) This effect is ONLY seen on tables that a relationship to one or more tables.
5) This problem is not seen when running on terminal services.
6) I can reproduce the problem on my home pier to pier windows 2K network, the only difference between the PCs is the
MDAC version number.

Could I be right in think this might be a version problem with the MDAC drivers?
Has anyone else had this sort of experience?

Any help on this will be much appreciated.


I didn't know which board to post this under as it involves Windows ME, IE 6.0, Exchange Server 2K and the Internet. Sorry if this is in the wrong place.

We just upgraded from Exchange 5.5 to 2K and are having some difficulties with OWA. Specifically, I have a user whose home PC is running Windows ME and she can't get into OWA. She's using IE 6.0. Below is what she has told me she's tried:

"At home I get a pop-up window that asks three things:

username (I input my pre-Windows 2K username)
password (I input my password)
domain name (I input our Internet domain name, the part after the @ symbol in my email address)

When I input all three areas needing info the box goes away, but the OWA e-mail does not come up. I have only gotten this pop-up window twice. All other times I've attempted to log onto the OWA web site I get an error message saying that the page does not exist."

Any help with this would be great. Some ideas, some insights, anything. Thanks.

I am trying to set up exmerge for the first time on a server running w2k and exchange 2k. I can run the exemerge.exe but when it gets to the step that should show me a list of mailboxes, I get an error that I don't have permissions to access the mailboxes. I gave my account explicit permission to access this information (MS KBA Q262054 - method 3). I can see that I have Send as/Receive as permissions, but it's still not working.

Any suggestions or resources to recommend?

I have a problem with an Outlook mailbox when viewed from Outlook 2000 from any machine.

The mailbox concerned has approaching 200,000 messages in it and contains the journalled email for the last year. I was recently asked to search the mailbox for certain messages and found that the best way albeit slow way to locate messages to/from a person was using a filter in one of the message views. Of course it took a very long time (up to 20 mins or more) to display anything. However it always defaulted on restarting to a non filtered view.

Unfortunately now Outlook starts with the flash - displays the Outlook screen behind - eventually displays the folder list behind but then fails to display the message window. I'm guessing that the default view has now been left as a filtered one which is timing out before it has time to complete. Windows upon being given the three fingered salute of course shows Outlook as "Not Responding".

Whilst the same happens when I try and view the mailbox from OL97 I can still view the data on the Exchange 5.5 server via a bare NT Exchange Client.

Does anyone know if there is a way to reset the Exchange views for Outlook for a mailbox ?

Hi everyone. I have a small busines of 3 people for whom i installed and set up Small Business Server 4.5. Exchange 5.5 working fine. They wanted a shared calender, so i set up one in Public Folders, and they can all set appointments and they can all see all the appointments. So far so good.

The problem comes when anyone wants to set an alarm. Outlook returns the following error message: "The reminder for xyz will not appear because the item is not in your calendar or tasks folder. Is this OK?"

I am presuming it has something to do with Outlook looking in the user's Personal Folders Calendar, and not in the shared Public Folders Calendar.

Can anyone help here????

Many thanks


I am going to try to give enough detail without going overboard, so bear with me here!
Outlook XP, windows 2k Professional. Outlook has 3 mail accounts defined. 2 email accounts are isp pop accounts, one is work, accessed via pop but is an exchange server. (read receipts not delivery receipts are my problem)
I have 3 accounts in my Outlook. I have "never send a response" checked and always have.
I have many many folders with tons of messages I need to keep. (2 pst files, 1st = 1.9 gig, 2nd = 1.3 gig) (Thanks to woody for this ability from an old Woodys Watch)
I recently selected some old folders and "marked all as read". (rules wizard puts messages in here, and this way I will see bolding if a new message goes there.)
I am now generating thousands of read receipts to myself and a coworker who always asked for a read receipt.
I thought I'd wait for them all to send and be done with it, but they keep re-sending. example: one read receipt has ben sent 20+ times.
I deleted all three accounts, exited Outlook, reopened Outlook and then re-added the accounts in hopes that would break the receipt chain.
No luck. If anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear them. My coworkers are ready to hang me!
Thanks, Chris

We're trying to implement Windows Messenger using Exchange Server 2000 and are having an interesting problem. So far only four of us have had the service enabled in our user accounts and we've installed the appropriate Messenger programs on our PC's. When we run the program and tell it to use our Exchange server (in the Connect to Messaging Services window) we are asked for our Exchange email address. We put that in (which is actually our username@servername instead of and we click OK. It logs us in no problem, but only two out of the four of us can chat with each other. The other two users can send us chat messages but we cannot reply. The message it give in the chat window is "The following message could not be delivered to all recipients". It's very strange and it's happening on one XP and one 2K PC. The two who work correctly are on 2K. Any ideas what might be wrong?

Over the past several months, I have experienced great difficulty in sending picture messages from my cell phone to my computer. I have sporadically been able to send and receive picture messages over the past six months. Of late one or two out of 30 picture messages have been successfully sent and received on my desk top computer....1ghz pentium, +750 MB ram, windows 2k professional. I have to my satisfaction trouble shot the problem through T-mobile and the problem is not with the phone or the T-Mobile server. I must resolve this issue ASAP as I am exchanging my present phone for a new one due to other issues. I have five business days to return the old phone and the pictures contained therein to T-Mobile. The pictures must be sent from the old phone to my desk top computer prior to returning the old phone. OE security settings appear to be in order. Any suggestions??

I have a client with 2 new Dell OptiPlex with Win 2k SP2.
They are workstations on a Win NT SP6a+ network.
They are both used by the same user.

I setup the local 'Administrator', then logged into the network as the 'Domain Administrator'. I downloaded & installed all Windows critical updates & restarted.
I made the 'User' a member of the 'Domain Admins' group on the file server & 'Power Users' group on the workstation, then installed all the application software, eMail (Outlook Exchange Client), printers, etc. I shutdown the workstation, removed the 'User' from the 'Domain Admins' group on the file server & restarted the workstation. I tested ALL functions & everything worked fine. I setup the second workstation EXACTLY the same.

At this point, on both workstations, in C:WINNTProfiles I had 'Administrator', 'User', 'Default User' & 'All Users'. They each had the usual subdirectories - life was good (not for long).

1 week later I was called back to the site due to a printing problem. After 6 hours of total frustration I went to look at the 'StartUp' folder for 'All Users' to find a file that the printer tech support guy thought might be causing us trouble. There was ONLY 1 subdirectory of C:WINNTProfiles and that was 'All Users' - it had ONLY 1 subdirectory and that was 'Adobe' - it contained NOTHING! I checked the other Dell and found it to be in exactly the same condition. I checked the event logs on both Dells and found nothing unusual.

This is a very simple network - it doesn't use any profiling on the server or workstations. Computers are dedicated to particular users, so we don't even use multiple accounts in the eMail client on any computer. We run McAfee MyCIO - it self-updates daily. The network sits behind a tightly configured SonicWALL firewall. I've checked the event logs on the servers - nothing. I've checked the logs on the SonicWALL - nothing unusual.

Can anybody give me a clue as to what happened and HOW TO FIX IT without a total reinstall of Win 2k?