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hi people!

my download post simply disappeared. It was one of the favorites shown on windows explorer. I was working normally on it when i tried to access it and I got an error message. It's properties now show a link file without an address and the folder on C:usersmedownloads also disappeared.

tries file recovery programs without succeeding. and I really don't remind deleting it. And I rarelly use shift+del, so it's really strange it happened.

hope anyone can help!

ah, just registered to the forum. Hope I can help and be helped here!


Been having a pile of problems doing the upgrade to windows 7 , mostly doing with a lack of drivers.
But so far things have been getting better..
I'm currently looking for a few drivers.. something i imagine i will find soon.
But the big problem i'm having has to do with downloading anything from the internet.
Windows update works. However i cannot download anything off the net.
If i say download the newest version of itunes , i get the popup window for selecting download, etc.
When i goto my download folder, while the download is in the process of downloading it shows a .part files suggesting the file is actually downloading. Then the problem occurs once i get to 100%. The file disappears, no drive space is taken up by the file , and i cannot find the file at all.
I have only had this problem since installing windows 7.
I have tried several methods of downloading , including torrents.. none work other then windows update.
Any help is appreciated.

all the items that were under Favorites in the sidebar of Windows Explorer have disappeared.

The link to the Download folder was there - the actual folder is still under users.

what happened?

Hello, everyone!

I really need some help this time.

Last week I've reinstalled my Windows 7 because my notebook was slow and I wanted to went back to the factory setting.

I've picked my Seagate external HD (2TB) and moved everything I had into a folder called "[Acer]".

Well, I had some problems with external hard drives this year, I've lost many information from an external HD, and I found out that it was because I've connected this HD in a Macintosh. I really DON'T KNOW WHY, but every folder that I had opened in my Macintosh went CORRUPTED in Windows 7, with no chances to repair the files.

Since then, I haven't plugged my external hard drives into my Macintosh.

I don't know if it's a Windows 7 problem or a problem with my Seagate HD, but the quantity of issues that I had with this external HD since then was crazy. Every time I disconnected this HD and then connected again, Windows asked me to repair and scan the files. And the amount of time to scan everything was, like, one and a half hour... so it was bugging me a lot.

But the real problem is: yesterday I've plugged my external HD and my backup folder (called "[Acer]" simply disappeared from the drive.

I've tried to run "chkdsk E: /F", with no success.

Now I'm running a "chkdsk E: /R", and it will take me a lot of time, and I'm really not positive to recover my backup folder.

All the old folders are there, everything is fine, but this folder disappeared, only this folder (and everything that were inside of it) disappeared.

I've also tried Recuva (Recuva - Download) to recover my folder, but it haven't found it.

Does anyone have ANY CLUE on this? What I have to do?

I'm desperate! I'm freaking out. I had some very important files in this folder.

I had to re-install and update the 64 bit Windows7. Everything went beautifully including the install of Office 2010 and Quicken 2010 and the Apple drivers. The problem occurred when I tried to download financial information from web sites. There is nothing executable in the Windows Explorer or Downloads folder after I click download.

This happened within Quicken and also trying to download Adobe PDF. I thought the error was due to the financial statement requiring Adobe PDF but when I download that it also disappears.
I've done search on all files and cannot find any downloads. I uninstalled AVG anti virus and disabled Windows Defender.

Advice please?


I am new here. I installed an SSD and relocated some various temp folders to an SDHC card to minimize write operations on the SSD (although I understand this is not necessary). Anyway, I purchased a 16GB class 10 Polaroid SDHC card to be exact and it gets corrupted constantly. In particular, I relocated the user Temp folder, the window's software distribution downloads folder, Internet Explorer's Downloads folder, the Temporary Internet Files folder and the, I guess it is the cache folder for FireFox. I don't really understand why this corrupts nearly every restart. Additionally, sometimes it let's me run chkdsk instantly and other times I get a prompt saying to force unmount or reschedule the disk check. I tried saving a copy of my resume' to this SDHC card and it lists the file size, but when I open the file in wordpad, it's just blank. Also, some folders at the second level just disappear. For example, if I create "WindowsUpdatesdownloads" the downloads folder will eventually disappear while the WindowsUpdates will remain.

The filesystem is currently FAT32 and when I used NTFS the occurrences of corruption was even worse.

Any ideas? I never seemed to have such problems when I relocated folders to an HDD, but this is a netbook and an SD card is my only option.

Edited by HansV to provide link to MSKB article

Once upon a time the Outlook pst backup tool was installed. It has disappeared from the File menu. I read the Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 886589, and followed the instructions, to no avail. It is not in the Disabled Items list under Help/About, nor is it listed in the Tools/Options/Other/Advanced/COM Add-Ins. I found the pfbackup.exe in my Downloads folder and try to reinstall it. I got an error msg that it is already installed! Did I want to uninstall the old one? Sure, says I, which sent me into a loop that told me to go to Add/Remove programs and uninstall it. Hah! It's not listed there. Where do I go from here?

All messages in all folders disappeared. I am running Win2K/SP4, IE6, OE6, and all available patches. Messages downloaded from ISP go into the Inbox but disappear when I open another folder and then return to the Inbox. If I move messages from the inbox to another folder, they disappear when I open the folder.

I have removed OE6 (per MSKB instructions) and reinstalled it from the MS IE website. The messages still disappear!

I have checked for all kinds of malware and find my system to be squeaky clean.

Could this be related to any of the security patches?

-- ChuckD

Kinda gave up trying to find some sorts of support on the issue.
But been having some stupid errors on my computer since i upgraded to windows 7.. i know i should of done a clean install, but at the time i didn't know.
But everytime i try to download something off the net.
An example of say i want to go onto and try a demo out for a new program.
The download starts , and does download, if i open the folder that the file is downloading into.
It shows both the download and the .part file in the folder. However when i get to 100% and windows does it scan for viruses, the file disappears and isn't actually downloaded.
I have tested firefox, IE 6 , 7 and 8. All do the same thing. I can't seem to find any reason why there would be a problem with downloading. I am the only user on the computer.
This works wonders with the fact that my usb ports are not working, the drivers must be reinstalled over and over just to get the troubleshooter to disappear, and when i do finally plug something into the usb ports after the reinstall has been "done".
The computer gives me the error noise while connecting the usb device and then the drivers are saided to not be installed, and the registry is missing or corrupt. I have run a reg cleaner with nothing turning up , i have uninstall the drivers completely and reinstalled, nothing.
Any help is very much apprecaited.

Hi Guys...asked a similar question back here with no outcome.

1 This time another brand new computer, Win7 Professional, 64Bit with SP 1, 1TB HDD with 2 system and an OEM recovery partition.

2 Decide to shrink main system partition to create two equal sized partitions using Win7 Disk Management Tools.

3 Do so...format the new partition and new 'Drive' letter automatically allocated.

4 Place data in new partition, manipulate, create new folders etc....great no problems.

5 Shut computer down...restart next day....partition including drive letter not visible in Explorer...go to disk manager...partition visible but no drive letter and when 'Right Clicked' only option is 'Delete'

6 Delete partition and extend volume back to the Forum and see mention of "great tool"...'MiniTool Partition the same results, just uses a more graphical interface.

The big question is Why is this thus?.... am running out of hair.

Hi all:

I have a bit of an unusual issue. I am trying to prevent Win 7 from deleting files from the temp folder (C:UsersAppDataLocalTemp) when I close a program (in my case Firefox). I believe it is the OS, and not the program or my AV, which is deleting the files, though if folks think otherwise please let me know. Does anyone have suggestions on options to change to prevent files from being expunged from my temp directory?

Here are the specifics:
I am trying to prevent Firefox from deleting files which I download using the Download Manager using the "open with" (rather than "save as") option.

These files remain in my folder, C:UsersAppDataLocalTemp until after I close Firefox at which point they are deleted. Note: I am sure it is Windows which is deleting the files since:
* I have disabled my antivirus and related programs (Malwarebytes real time protection)
* I can see the file disappear from the Temp folder a few seconds after Firefox is closed down
* when I terminate the Firefox process via the task manager the file deletion does not occur

Some other comments:
* I do not believe this is influenced by the Tools>Options>Privacy settings in Firefox, but I have set it to "Use Custom Settings for History" and unchecked "Clear History when Firefox Closes"
* I have experimented with various settings in Firefox's about:config (privacy.clearOnShutdown.* options are all set to false)
* files downloaded during previous sessions are not removed from Temp when the browser is closed (so if I terminate Firefox via task manager it will not be removed when I exit again later)

My set-up:
OS: Win 7 Enterprise x64
Browser: Firefox 3.6.21
AV: Sophos

Dear Friends,

While running IE6 on my Home machine (Windows XP home), I sometimes
see a Process called "nnympb.exe" that runs without notice and causes
popups on the screen. I tried to search for this program on my
computer, and remarkably it is not on my C: drive. Another remarkable
thing about this process is its rather surreptitious nature; it stays
on for only a short period of time when it creates the popup and then
quits by itself. I don't have any other drives on my computer (aside
from C, so it is unclear where this program is being launched from!
Has anyone found this annoying process nnympb.exe creating havoc with
their Explorer? And have you figured out the right "block" for it.
If so kindly help.

I must add that I have the Google popup blocker and also have already
followed Mike Maltby's (MS-MVP

OK, this issue started a month or two ago and it has vexed me ever since. Whenever I download a file from IE or FF, or save an attachment from Outlook 2010 and save to my desktop the file does not show up until I either right-click and choose "Refresh" or hit F5 to refresh the desktop. The same thing happens when I extract a .zip or .rar file to my desktop, it doesn't matter what the contents of the archive are, whether they be files or folders, nor the quantity extracted. It also doesn't matter how many times I download files to the desktop or extract items from an archive, until I refresh my desktop the downloaded files/extracted items remain hidden. This does not happen if I choose any other location as my save to destination - the file shows up immediately upon completion of the download or extraction process. Also this doesn't happen if I copy/paste a file or folder to the desktop. It shows up immediately as normal. Also, if I right-click and create a new folder, or document, etc. it also shows up right away without having to refresh the desktop. If I delete a file or folder it disappears immediately without having to refresh. One of the users over at showed me howI can temporarily remedy the problem by renaming the IconCache.db and letting Windows recreate the file. This will alleviate the problem for 2 or 3 days, maybe 4 and then it happens again. I have also just noticed while writing this post that once I refresh the desktop and the missing file(s) reappear that the problem seems to go away. This is the first time I have noticed this since I usually do not download anything else once I have refreshed the desktop so I don't know how long this will last. While "bouncing" the Icon cache works well it is still only a temporary fix at best. Has anyone else experienced anything like this or have any idea as to why this is happening? Does anyone know of a more permanent solution to the problem?

I don't use any download managers, this is a relatively new install of Windows 7 Professional Retail, only about 6 months old, all updates have been installed, and I'm not sure what other information you might find helpful to solve this issue. My user folders (Documents, Downloads, Music, Videos & Pictures) reside on a different HDD other than the OS drive and I have changed the properties to point to their locations on the other drive but that was done immediately after installation of the OS. The Desktop folder and its contents still resides on the OS drive. I'm not sure what other information I may be forgetting to include in this post that you may find useful but please let me know if I can provide you with any other details.

Thanks So Much,


Help! Suddenly, all my personalized sub-folders and their messages have disappeared! They are also gone from My Documents where I save them. Do not know what I did: one minute, everything was there; I minimized the program to work on something else and, when I opened OE up again, only the original default folders were there, all of them empty, too.

The only thing I had done differently today was download a trial version of Trojan Remover, turn off Norton AntiVirus for the 2 minutes it took to run a TR scan and then turn it back on. TR said there were no malicious items on the computer. I had set a Restore Point before installing TR, but the PC would not restore itself to that point when I tried to do so (actually it has refused to do any restoring lately, come to think of it, when I've tried for other things).

I've also tried closing and reopening OE; switching identities (there are 2 on the PC only one of which is regularly used); restarting the computer (which was done by System Restore).

All our criticial business emails are in those folders and I truly am puzzled about what happened. I am also frantic hoping someone here can help me get them back!



Last night I was receiving mail in Outlook Express. All of a sudden two months of emails disappeared and stopped receiving mail. I tried copying the directory of OE from another computer to my laptop and it still didn't work. I then downloaded Thunderbird and entered all the data in accounts and it started downloading all the emails that were left on the server but it duplicated all my emails so I now have duplicates and sometimes triplicates. It did import all the folders from Outlook Express properly.

Is there way to get Outlook Express working again correctly ?

Is there a way to have thunderbird delete double and triplicate emails ?

Would it pay to use Thunderbird and forget that Outlook Express is crippled ?

Normally, I use firefox on my computer - but I share my computer with my family, and my dad for some reason cannot bother to learn firefox, so he still uses internet explorer. I recently just installed win7, so he had yet to use the computer until today. I know my system had internet explorer 8 to begin with, because that's what I used to download the setup files for firefox...but today, when my dad went to use the computer, he said he couldn't find internet explorer 8. Puzzled, I thought it might just be the new file system of win7 that led to some confusion. But lo and behold, Internet Explorer 8 is nowhere to be found. It isn't in the start menu, the programs and features menu, and it is also not listed anywhere when I typed in "internet explorer" in the start menu searchbar. The only remnants of it, as it appears, is in the program files folder, where it only lists 2 .exe's: "ieinstal.exe", and "ielowutil.exe". I've tried running both of these files normally, and as the administrator, but nothing happens (I double-click the icons, it seems like the command was registered, but nothing happens).

So my two questions are:
1) how did this even happen? Personally I wouldn't have even noticed it was gone if it weren't for my dad...but I'm curious as to how IE8 could just "uninstall itself"
2) why aren't the .exe files in the program files>internet explorer folder opening? I know I could probably download IE8 again from microsoft, but this troubles me...

~Any help is appreciated!

My daughter was working on my computer and downloaded Google's earth piece. She got rid of it because it wouldn't open. On deleting it she got a restart now or later prompt. She didn't restart it until trying unsuccessfully to remove its desktop icon. Pretty much everything on the desktop disappeared. We did a system restore .
All the application shortcuts came back and seem to work. BUT, all the folders on the desktop that had anything in them, those files are gone. The empty folders are still there All the graphics, pdf, .doc and other files on the desktop are also gone. I can't find them by doing a search through the C: drive. I did another system restore to a date farther back to no avail.
Is there a way to get the files back? Are they really gone?
thanks for any help and/or ideas you can give me.

Any ideas?? While I was going over my email messages from today(all from reputable senders), ALL of my read messages disappeared. Among the 20 or so that disappeared were 3 that I have been unable to delete since about Oct. This is a Vista version, with webroot and nortons 360 running. I then experimented. I marked another message as read....went to sent....came back to inbox, and this message was gone too. Not moved to deleted...gone. I then went in and unchecked the 'mark messages read...' box. I went into inbox, moved an unopened message to a misc. sub-folder, marked as read (opened it), went to inbox and then back, and the message was still there. So I've figured out how to save messages this way, but still any read messages ( i've sent myself a few experimenting) in inbox permanently disappear when closing email or moving out of inbox. I haven't downloaded any Windows Updates since Jan.

I did a defrag on the D drive (Applications) using Defraggler which has the facility for viewing individual files, and noted 6 fragmented files DDn.exe (n=4,5,13,14,16 &17) in my Downloads folder - but when looking directly in the folder, they were not there. A bit of hunting around the web gave me the uneasy feel that these are naughties.

A seemingly approved site I didn't know called gave some information but also a free malware scanner that didn't locate anything on the whole drive. The path lead me to the Recycler folder which I also had to research to fill in the gaps in my knowledge! I then did an empty of the Recycle Bin and ran the Defrag again, and this time these files had disappeared.

Any reassurance or guidance would be appreciated.


I have googled and can't find any answer to this. On occasion over the past few days (not always) the status bar shows email being downloaded but the email never shows up anywhere (any folder, junk, deleted, etc.). For instance, today I had a 6.2 MB email downloading (I watched the progress on the status bar), and it disappeared. These are POP accounts (not IMAP). I have checked rules and there are none messed up, and they usually work fine. I am using MSE with the settings set to check downloads. Not sure what to try here since i don't know what is wrong, and don't really even know which accounts these emails are coming from. As a stop gap, I have changed the settings to leave the email on the server for ten days, so I can check and see what is disappearing. Any ideas where these emails might go? Some temp folder? Anywhere? Thanks for any help

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